Long MMA Shorts : The Complete FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about long MMA shorts –from material type, design, printing technique, to sizes availbale.

Keep reading to learn more.

When Are Long MMA Shorts Worn?

Long MMA shorts are made of splandex/polyester material and are worn during training or fighting matches.

 long MMA short

long MMA short

Usually, they are a bit longer than normal MMA shorts in terms of height.

Which Features Should You Look For In Long MMA Shorts?

Quality Of The Material Used.

The known recommended type of material used in the manufacturing process of long MMA is Splandex/Polyester.

The material is strong; therefore, quality is rest assured.

The Durability Of The Material.

Since the material employed in the manufacturing process is of good quality, it is going to serve you for quite some time before replacement needs arise.

Comfortability Of The Material.

The use of the best quality and soft fabrics as well as good printing techniques in the manufacturing process ensures maximum comfort of the shorts to the user.

This is brought about by easy movements and turn arounds amidst a match.

Bruises and cuts that could be brought about by cracking of the ink used in printing are also minimized.

Breathability Of The Material

The material should be light to ensure the free flow of air while in use.

Availability of moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties also enhances the performance of the user.

Flexibility Of The Material.

The material used can stretch thus embracing flexibility, especially during movement.

The presence of rubber waistbands and side slits also brings about flexibility.

Lightweight Material.

They should be lightweight since no extra weight is needed during a match for excellent performance.

Polyester makes the best choice as it portrays these properties you would want to see in your MMA shorts.

How Do You Check Quality Of Long MMA Shorts?

Quality control checks are usually part of the manufacturing process of long MMA shorts.

Quality is also verified during packaging just before packaging is done.

This is made possible by our great team of experts in charge of the quality control department.

Quality verification becomes easy with the help of several factors you consider while purchasing the shorts.

The number one determinant is the cost price of the long MMA shorts.

The higher the price, the better the quality and vice versa.

High price goes hand in hand with good quality as opposed to poor quality which is generally cheaper.

Most manufacturers prefer using the best fabrics during manufacturing as far as quality is concerned. For this reason, they will charge highly since the fabrics tend to cost more when compared to ordinary shorts.

Low prices attract poor quality when it comes to fabric selection.

For this reason, you should be keen when it comes to fabric selection with the use of pricing as your driving force.

This way, it becomes easier by helping you avoid some mistakes related to quality.

Another key determinant is the printing techniques applied during the manufacturing process.

Consider the printing techniques and ink employed in manufacturing.

The known widely used and best-recommended technique is sublimation printing alongside Kian ink respectively.

Lastly, focus on the stitching types employed on your long MMA shorts.

Ensure the stitches are one of the best most preferred ones.

Anything less than all these aspects should be put into question

With these aspects in full consideration alongside other small details, quality is guaranteed.

How Much Do Long MMA Shorts Cost?

Price ranges from as low as 14 dollars to a maximum of 30 dollars or more per piece.

The cost price of long MMA shorts could vary for different manufacturers because of different reasons.

Quality is usually a number one factor as far as pricing is concerned.

Good quality comes with higher pricing whereas poor quality goes hand in hand with low pricing.

The type of material used during the manufacturing process.

The quality of fabric plays a huge role in price estimation.

Size of order is another determinant.

Small orders are usually pocket-friendly whereas huge orders are usually costlier.

Which Printing Technique Do You Use O Long MMA Shorts?

Printing of long MMA shorts is done through sublimation printing, screen printing, or digital printing techniques.

Sublimation printing involves the infusion of ink into the fabrics with the help of heat until it gets compacted into the fabric.

It is a common printing technique widely used by most manufacturers for several reasons.

One of the reasons they consider this technique is durability.

The good quality inks used are usually permanent and improve the strength of the fabrics making them durable.

With good quality, user comfort is thus enhanced making it the best technique you can consider for your long MMA shorts.

Alternatively, you may use the screen printing technique which works equally well when it comes to printing.

Even though sublimation printing tends to be more superior to screen printing, screen printing still makes the best choice for your long MMA shorts.

The process involves direct transfer of ink into the fabric of your MMA shorts making excellent printouts.

Digital printing comes last and works best with polyester and not just any material.

The process is less superior to sublimation and screen printing.

It involves employing processes used in sublimation printing to achieve the desired outcome.

Which Material Is Best For Long MMA Shorts?

Splandex/ polyester material makes the best choice when it comes to the manufacturing of long MMA shorts.

The material is best preferred because of the properties it exhibits.

Some of these characteristics include;

  • Lightweight
  • Easily flexible.
  • Efficiency when it comes to breathability.
  • Quality of the material is good.

Are Long MMA Shorts Available In Different Colors?

Yes, they come in several different colors of your choice, both dull and bright colors.

Some of the color options we have are blue, red, green, yellow, black, white, grey, etc.

Color selection is based on your desires and interests.

Getting the perfect color that suits you can be hectic sometimes.

We, therefore, have a few driving forces used towards making an ideal selection.

Your skin tone plays a very significant role here since you may base on that to make a choice.

Alternatively, a choice would be made based on the theme color for your team.

Color selection could also be made based on your gender.

Males prefer their costumes made in dull colors with blunt printouts and patterns

Their female counterparts on the other hand prefer them brightly colored with floral printouts and patterns.

You can always base on this to make a perfect choice when it comes to color.

In case you find difficulties, our team helps in design processes as well as color selection.

Do You Have Custom Long MMA Shorts?

Yes, we have customized long MMA shorts.

 custom long MMA short

custom long MMA short

Customization is done with our/ your brand name, your names, nicknames, or other designs of your interest, etc.

Which Safety Features Do Long MMA Shorts Have?

Consider long MMA shorts very safe for use.

One of the aspects that ensures the safety of the shorts is the absence of pockets and metal loops.

Lack of the two takes care of grappling, a major drawback to safety while in use.

The shorts are also made with a Velcro fastening strip which serves as a safety tool.

The strip also plays an important role in ensuring that your drawstring is well covered to avoid the push and pulls.

Do You Offer Samples For Long MMA Shorts?

Yes, we consider giving out samples of our long MMA shorts.

We have the samples done in both hard and soft copies.

For soft copies, you can have our samples inform of templates on our website pages.

You can always find yourself a hard copy in case you need one.

Which Are The Available Size Options For Long MMA Shorts?

We have a variety of size options for everyone from which you can get your matching size.

This are, extra extra-large (XXL), extra-large (XL), large(L), medium(M), and small(S).

We offer size and waist option charts to help you get your perfect fit even though they may vary for different manufacturers.

With or without measurements, you can always be sure to find something eventually.

How Does Long MMA Shorts Compare To Other Shorts?

Long MMA shorts are made of polyester/ splandex material, unlike other ordinary shorts which could be made from any other material.

They have slits on the sides which is not a necessity for ordinary shorts.

 regular short

regular short

They are made with a proper closure system to ensure firmness while in use, unlike ordinary shorts.

Besides, they have no side pockets whereas ordinary shorts may have or lack pockets.

They have unique types of waistbands ensuring maximum grip which is not the case for ordinary shorts.

Most MMA shorts are branded whereas ordinary shorts could or could not.

How Does Long MMA Shorts Compare To Wrestling Shorts?

These two types of shorts exhibit both similarities and differences.

Long MMA shorts are loose-fitting to ensure breathability whereas wrestling shorts are form-fitting to minimize grappling.

Long MMA shorts are made with side slits to ensure free movement whereas wrestling shorts lack.

The two types of shorts are made with polyester/splandex material.

wrestling short

wrestling short

Both shorts are safe to use since they lack pockets on the sides, eye loops as well as zippers.

Both outfits are sportswear used in training or matches.

How Should Long MMA Shorts Fit?

The shorts are known to be loose fitting to ensure there is unrestricted movement.

The shorts come in several sizes and for this reason, you can never lack your perfect fit.

We use different factors to estimate what fits you well.

Amongst them is your body weight.

For proper fitting of your long MMA shorts when it comes to waste, consider a rubberized waistband.

Besides, we have charts displaying different fittings from which you can be sure of something if at all you have the right measurements with you.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Long MMA Shorts Order?

The manufacturing process takes place in a period of 4-6 weeks, an equivalent of 1-2 months.

This could change at times can never exceed the stated time interval by far especially in cases where we receive large orders.

Usually, you are required to make a down payment deposit of your long MMA shorts if not full payment.

Once your payment is received, we commence with the preparations of your order.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For Long MMA Shorts?

Yes, we have very low MOQ offers ranging from 10 pieces to a maximum of 10,000 pieces for a given order.

The size of the order could vary from time to time for different manufacturers.

Prices for this order could be estimated by summing up the total no. of shorts with the price per item.

Why Is Sublimation Printing Long MMA Shorts Better Options?

Sublimation printing is commonly used and the most preferred printing technique.

It is a number one consideration because of its resilient performance in terms of durability, flexibility as well as comfort.

sublimated printed long MMA shorts

sublimated printed long MMA shorts

Do You Have a Product Return Policy For Long MMA Shorts Order?

Yes, our rules for return policies are:

Items being purchased should not be rummage sale items at purchasing time inclusive of those purchased during the offer period.

Items being returned should be brand new in their best conditions possible.

The items should come with their original tags, not worn or used by the buyer.

Items must be original in their original packaging.

Underwear, groin guards, mouth guards, and groin cups cannot be returned unless faulty.

We do not accept change of mind returns or exchanges on rummage sale items.

In case this happens, we only refund the item amount excluding postage.

Upon returning an item, you must provide the following:

An original MMA Fight Store tax invoice

A copy of the tax invoice or delivery docket

The garments tags are still attached.

All product packages, inclusive of the instruction manuals or booklets about product information.

What Are Hybrid MMA Shorts?

These are shorts designed with a mid-thigh length cutting.

This allows the user to move without restrictions by enabling him to throw high kicks without tear and wear.

Hybrid MMA short

hybrid MMA short

They make a good selection for different sports including grappling arts, kickboxing, MMA fighters amongst others.

They are made with a proper closure system and the best stitching types for enhanced comfortability.

Is There Recommended Length For Long MMA Shorts?

There exists no known recommended length for long MMA shorts.

Usually, their height is said to be knee-high for free movement while in use thereby making you perform with ease.

This, therefore, increases the comfort and flexibility of the user enhancing their performance.

Is There Difference Between Long MMA Shorts And UFC Shorts?

Yes, they have several similarities that outweigh the differences.

For instance, let’s look at pricing these shorts.

 UFC short

UFC short

UFC shorts are normally costly with prices ranging from 75-130 US dollars.

Long MMA shorts on the other hand are very affordable and prices might range from as low as 5-20 US dollars per item.

When it comes to fitting, there is exists no known distinct fitting for these shorts as the selection is highly based on the customers’ desires and interests.

Some would want their shorts fitting snuggly onto your body whereas would prefer the fitting a bit loose.

These shorts are used in both pieces of training and fighting matches.

They are made with slits on the sides for flexibility and comfort for the user.

The material used in construction is lightweight for easy breathability and comfort.

Are Stretching Materials Suitable For Long MMA Shorts?

Yes, this is one of the reasons why polyester/splandex is best recommended for long MMA shorts.

The ability to stretch ensures excellent performance by maximizing on flexibility and comfort of the shorts.

Polyester material, therefore, makes the best MMA shorts when compared to other ordinary materials because of its stretching abilities.

Which Closure Options Do Long MMA Shorts Have?

Long MMA shorts have an advanced closure system.

The system has a loop and hook closure that takes care of slipping to ensure accurate fitting.

Hoop and eye fasteners are rarely used but could serve as alternatives for small areas.

How Do You Choose Best Stitching For Long MMA Shorts?

The most appropriate stitching technique for long MMA shorts is a reinforced T3 stitching type.

We recommend this stitching type because it offers high strength with improved resilience by withstanding an extreme amount of force.

Shorts done with this stitch type would make the best choice.

Which Features Should You Look For In Long MMA Shorts Waistband?

Waistbands are of two types.

These are Velcro fastening and rubberized waistbands.

Rubber wristbands have a fine closure system that provides excellent grip ensuring the shorts fit perfectly onto your body.

Perfect fit takes care of risks brought about by shifts and slipping off of the shorts because of the grip.

Another advantage of this kind of waistband is that they are elastic.

Elasticity ensures the maximum stretching of the shorts at any given angle thus making them comfortable for use.

Dual Velcro fastening waistband is an alternative option to a rubber waistband.

It works equally well by ensuring the shorts are kept firm and intact on your body.

This implies that there is minimal movement of the short thus building up a lot of confidence which results in an outstanding performance.

Frontal and horizontal dual Velcro fastening strips are also known to be a safety measure to users.

In addition to safety, they also cover up the drawstring thus minimizing the push and pull risks.

With these few features put into consideration, be rest assured of a perfect fit for a pair of your Long MMA shorts.

For all your long MMA shorts, contact us now.

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