Custom UFC Shorts : The Complete FAQ Guide

This guide will help you choose the best custom UFC shorts in the market.

Whether you want to learn about fabric type, design, or any critical elements about UFC custom shorts – you will find it right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Custom UFC Shorts?

These are fighting wears worn by Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) inside the Octagon besides the mouth guards, Mixed Martial Arts gloves, and the groin guards.

custom UFC short

custom UFC short

It became common when the UFC signed a deal with Reebok in 2014 with Venum as the second party.

What Factors Should I Consider While Purchasing Custom UFC Shorts?

Consider the following tips before buying a pro wrestling singlet:

  1. Heavy-duty to withstand heavy training sessions and the championships without losing its structural and aesthetic appeal
  2. One that is free from bacteria growth
  • Choose a perfect fit that gives you some breathing space we’ll discuss below how to choose a goods size
  1. One that is long-lasting
  2. Comfortable without restrictions
  3. One that is affordable remember not to compromise on the design and quality you want
  • One that is soft to touch
  • Lightweight- you can easily move around the competition
  1. Choose one that has a goods stretchability
  2. One that is you will look beautiful in
  3. One that has a mesh-like material on the inside to make it breathable.
  • One that comes with antimicrobial and antifungal treatment to avoid bacterial and sweat buildup
  • One that has your desired finished look whether its plain, tie and dye, screen-printing sublimation printing name them

Are Custom UFC Shorts Tight?

The answer is yes and no, it narrows down to your taste and preference.

Some fighters prefer baggy one’s others tight ones. Both have pros and cons.

Baggy UFC shorts can easily be grabbed by your opponent, or swirl around.

Remember any form of discomfort during the match can result in failure, and that’s not our main aim here.

Tight shorts put all of you together, you literary feel like you are not wearing anything hence you are able to focus on the goal.

Whichever your option is don’t choose too baggy or too tight. Comfort is key

How Do Verify Quality Of Custom UFC Shorts?

Good question.

Delivering quality is the name of our game. We have our own rules that ensure we deliver consistent products to our customers.

Our quality inspector always checks goods before during and after the production process. They touch the fabrics and even feel their density.

We counter-check your order before sending them to you in terms of quantity, size, etc.

We also allow our customers to visit the factory and supervise the process.

If you are not able to you can send a person you trust to keep an eye on your behalf.

Is There Difference Between Men And Women Custom UFC Shorts?

Yes, there is a slight difference between men’s and women’s UFC shorts.

Women’s shorts have an additional flap on the front sometimes even at the back. The short looks like a skirt but in real sense, it’s short.

 men UFC short

men UFC short

This kind of UFC short design is called a skort.

Skorts cover up women, hide their curves, and gives them a decent look.

Other designs look like men’s shorts but shorter than men’s UFC shorts to flatter their looks give them an illusion of long legs.

Men’s shorts have a lower cut than women’s shorts. Also, men’s shorts come in cool colors some plain others printed.

Women’s shorts on the other hand are floral, mostly in bright colors.

women UFC short

 women UFC short

What Designs Do Custom UFC Shorts Come In?

Custom UFC shorts have the following designs:

  1. Waist designs- some have a rubberized waistband, dual Velcro fastening, and drawstrings
  2. UFC shorts have high and low cuts- low cuts are for men and high for women
  • The mesh side panel on the inside- makes the shorts breathable and comfortable
  1. We also have reversible UFC shorts- you can wear them in two ways as there is no wrong or right side.

They come in different solid colors

  1. Printed UFC short- undergo sublimation, tie and dye or screen printing to give them a unique finish
  2. Tight and loose shorts choose whichever you like
  • Color changer UFC shorts- Colors look different when hit by light
  • Plain solid colors- they are simple but elegant
  1. Striped UFC shorts have vertical stripes that go down the legs and around the legs
  2. Some UFC shorts come in vibrant colors others have muted colors

Which Colors Do Custom UFC Shorts Come In?

When it comes to UFC shorts we have a wide color pallet to choose from which include:

  1. If you are taking part in the championship, ensure you adhere to the indicated color that’s different from your competitor
  2. You can choose a color according to the county you are representing
  • Warm colors like orange, red and yellow will psych you up for the fight
  1. Plain solid colors are also common like navy blue, black, grey, etc.
  2. Decorated star series for the printed shorts
  3. Combined colors and color changer
  • Reversible singlet may have different colors and patterns on either side that will make you look different

What Can I Wear Under Custom UFC Shorts?

If you are taking part in a championship, ensure you adhere to the rules approved by the athletic commission in charge of the fight.

Either way comfort and safety are important. Some materials are forbidden also extra padded materials are not acceptable.

Wear groin guards under the tight UFC shorts. If the shorts are baggy you can wear compression shorts.

Note don’t wear tight UFC shorts with compression shorts underneath you won’t breathe!

If your shorts are tight wear groin guards if loose choose compression shorts.

Most women don’t prefer wearing groin guards although some wear groin pads for their safety. Remember it’s a fight and your opponent will throw kicks anyhow just to conquer you in the process they may strike your groin areas unintentionally.

The main aim of wearing something underneath is to ensure you are not hurt after the fight.

In as much as it may be uncomfortable especially with tight shorts, just hung in there the match won’t take 24 hours.

How Much Do Custom UFC Shorts Cost?

I can’t really give an exact price however the custom UFC shorts range from $50-$150.

Prices can be expensive or cheaper depending on the following factors:

  1. Whether you buy online or visit an actual store.

You have to pay a shipping fee or transportation for goods bought online, if you are importing or buying from within respectively.

  1. You will pay more for personalized shorts say for example if you want your name or logo on the shorts
  • UFC shorts are made of different materials that differ in density and texture hence they affect the price
  1. The design of your shorts for example shorts with sublimation printing are expensive than screen printing or tie and dye
  2. If you buy them during peak seasons during the competition, you’ll end up paying more. If you want to participate in a fight competition, purpose to purchase your shorts before such season
  3. Prices differ according to gender. Men UFC shorts are expensive than women’s shorts. Maybe because the fighting was initially meant for men so now they charge women less to encourage them to venture into the game
  • Sale can really save you; who doesn’t like a discount. Sometimes sellers have huge sales like 50% off, take advantage of such opportunities.

Equally, you can get great discounts when you buy UFC shorts in bulk.

As a team you can decide to buy your shorts together you will get them at wholesale price.

What Is The Best Material For Custom UFC Shorts?

Most UFC shorts are made from blended material which includes:

  • Polyester and spandex
  • Silk satin and spandex
  • Nylon and spandex
  • Micro-stretch and spandex

The above materials are high quality, lightweight and flexible.

They are mixed with spandex to make it stretchy and able to withhold pressure when applied. The stretch helps to prevent the ripping and tearing of the shorts

Spandex has a few percentage of 15% and the other material 85% to prevent overstretching of the fabric.

Are There Rules And Regulations For Custom UFC Shorts Design?

Yes, there are.

Most rules are according to your fight coordinator in terms of the color of the shorts to wear, groin guards, mouth guards, etc.

Other rules include how to clean UFC shorts. Always check the tag on your shorts on how to clean the shorts.

  1. Use cold water and salt or baking soda to soak to shorts.

Will help get rid of the sweat and any stains. Let it sit for 2 hours if it has a stain

  1. Use a mild detergent to clean the shorts. Harsh ones will make the shorts fade
  • Lightly scrub them clean then rinse them gently
  1. Avoid using a dryer, instead, hang away from direct sunlight for a few hours bearing in mind it dries faster.
  2. Clean the UFC shorts alone to avoid stains from other clothes
  3. Don’t iron after drying instead fold it nicely and store it in a cool dry place

Do You Have a Product Return Policy For Custom UFC Shorts?

Of course, we do. We aim to ensure you are satisfied with our service so yes.

If you are not satisfied with your order or you received a wrong order or sizing, don’t panic; we can fix it. Contact us within 30 days of the date of issue.

Return the order together with any other item that is on your original order.

Ensure the shorts are unwashed and unworn, don’t remove the tags, and remember to include the receipts, not a photocopy

We will work on the order and deliver it within 7-14 days as long as the products are in a good state.

Note if you tampered with the product we won’t help you.

Once we are done, we will deliver the package to you.

Which Sizes Do You Recommend For Custom UFC Shorts?

We are very keen to ensure everyone in their body size can fit in our UFC shorts. So don’t feel left out here are the sizes we have

  • 5XS
  • 4XS
  • SXS
  • 2XS
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL

Bear in mind different brands have different sizes. You may be a size small in one brand and medium in the other.

If you are not sure which size is which contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

How Does Tie And Dye Compare To Screen Printing On Custom UFC Shorts?

Both are used to create interesting finished looks on UFC shorts. Here’s the difference:

Tie and dye is a method used to decorate fabric.

 tie and die UFC short

tie and die UFC  short

Fabric is tied in different designs for example spiral, strips.

Patterns are created by dipping the fabric inside a dye the tied area doesn’t absorb dye hence making a really interesting design.

Screen printing on the other hand is a printing method where a screen is prepared, artwork placed on the screen then ink is pressed through the screen onto the fabric.

The dye lays on the fabric; it doesn’t sink hence it closes the pores of the garment it becomes not unbreathable.

The more the designs you make the longer it takes to dry and the thicker and heavier the fabric feels.

screen printed UFC short

screen printed UFC short

What Is The MOQ For Custom UFC Shorts?

Before making an order, remember to indicate how many UFC shorts you need per size.

We have a low Minimum Order Quantity of 10 pieces.

You will definitely pay a low cost per item if you order in bulk.

Are Custom UFC Shorts Same As Custom Wrestling Shorts?

Yes, they are. They have the same structure and also serve the same purpose.

How Long Will It Take To Produce Custom UFC Shorts?

The duration we’ll take producing your Custom UFC shorts depends on:

  1. Season-fight seasons are peak seasons many people are making their orders. if you want your shorts in good time avoid such seasons
  2. Your order quantity- the more shorts you need the longer it takes
  • Kind of design you want- finished looks like printing takes time more than plain shorts
  1. How fast you and settle and pay for a design- we can only start working on your order after payment so how long you take affects the production time

If all goes well our production process takes 12-13 days after confirmation and receiving the payment.

However, we have rush services priced differently

Do Custom UFC Shorts Have Pockets?

No, they don’t.

I know how wearing shorts with pockets feels but if we design UFC shorts with pockets we are giving your opponent an opportunity to grab you.

A pocket is an opening that they can use to hold you and conquer the match.

Our aim is to ensure you win so we make UFC shorts as tight as possible it feels like your skin so you can easily maneuver without any inconveniences.

How Do You Choose Waistband For Custom UFC Shorts?

Waist designs include:

  1. Drawstrings- these are two strings coming from a short opening. They are made of ribbon, cording, or fabric.

The material used is strong enough to hold the shorts in place

  1. Button and zipper is also another option
  • Velcro which adheres to each other when pressed and sits on your waist
  1. Elasticated waistband

Back to our question;

We know how tight waistbands can be to an extent that they leave marks on our waist. Who likes that, no one I assume.

In order to get the right waistband size, take waist measurements with a skirt, t-shirt, or a pair of trousers on not on the bearskin.

That way you will leave an allowance

It’s advisable to leave a ¼ or ½ inch send that measurement as your waist measurement to us.

What Are The Benefits Of Sublimation Printing Custom UFC Shorts?

Sublimation printing is so far the best printing method done on custom UFC shorts. Reason being:

  1. It is long-lasting because the artwork is transferred from the fibers of the garment using heat hence it doesn’t crack peel or fade.

Meaning 5 years from now your UFC shorts will look the same

  1. The process manages moisture. Despite printing on the fibers of the fabric, the pores remain open hence the material is breathable and suitable for the shorts
  • You are can print any design you think of flawlessly as it doesn’t smudge
  1. Sublimation prints seam to seam hence your prints come out perfectly

sublimation printed custom UFC short

sublimation printed custom UFC short

Do Custom UFC Shorts Have Side Cut?

Yes, they do.

UFC shorts have cuts on the sides some high others low to ensure mobility and flexibility.

Women’s shorts have higher cuts than men’s shorts.

Do You Help In Custom UFC Shorts Design Process?

Yes, we do and you can take part. We have a lot of designs on our gallery most of them inspired by famous fighters.

However, if that’s not your style, design your own; be one of a kind.

Use the drawing tool on our website to sketch and select a style from the templates. It is simple than you think, trust me.

Ensure you include everything you want say logo, name etc. choose colors from our color pallet, indicate the size and how many pieces you want.

Send it to us we shall review and send it back to you to review.

Once all is done and you have made the necessary payment, we will start the production process and deliver within the indicated time.

For all your custom UFC short orders, contact us now.

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