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Custom youth team basketball jackets
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Custom youth basketball jackets
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Custom womens basketball jackets
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Custom womens team basketball jackets
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Custom womens 1_4 zipper basketball jackets
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Custom basketball warm up jackets
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Goal Sportswear is Your World-class Manufacturer of Custom Basketball Jackets in China

Goal Sportswear can provide you excellent services and premium quality products for your business or team. As a professional manufacturer, we can manufacture different styles of basketball jackets. Goal Sportswear is an expert in most types of customized basketball jackets manufacturing. We can also incorporate your logos, design, label, and more for your team. You can choose our designs from our online template or send your own design. Our expert designers will help and guide you.

Goal Sportswear offers wide selection of custom basketball jacket sizes. For over 5 years, Goal Sportswear is committed to provide great services, on-time delivery, quality-guaranteed products and reasonable rate.

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Boom Your Business with Goal Sportswear Custom Basketball Jackets

Goal Sportswear is a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality custom basketball jackets. We will provide you excellent services and premium quality products for your business or team.

As a professional manufacturer, we can manufacture different styles of basketball jackets. Goal Sportswear is an expert in most types of customized basketball jackets manufacturing.

We have college style basketball jackets, full zipped basketball jackets, hooded basketball jackets, varsity basketball jackets, and more. Choose among our wide selections of designs that suits your needs.

Additionally, Goal Sportswear offers wide selection of custom basketball jacket sizes. These are suitable for men, women, and youth. Our basketball jackets will fit both kids and adult perfectly. We can customize your sizes according to your needs. Just send us your specific details.

Goal Sportswear also offers custom basketball jackets with vast color options. Choose from our red, black, blue, maroon, gray, and more. You can use our online color palette and check for colors that will suit your preference.

Other than that, Goal Sportswear is a manufacturer of basketball jackets made from premium quality fabrics and materials.

You can assure that our custom basketball jackets are breathable and lightweight. Our basketball jackets feature weather-resistant coverage. It can shield elements such as water and wind.

Moreover, it has a jersey lining that features gussets and mesh insets for an additional breathability. It is also designed with front-pouch pocket and some with drawcord hood.

Our custom basketball jackets are also equipped with durable twill and fleece lining. Plus, it is manufactured with insulated sleeves for a cozy warmth.

These lightweight custom basketball jackets are suitable for mild temperatures. Goal Sportswear custom basketball jackets are also perfect for fans, coaches, player, and anyone who loves basketball. You can wear basketball jackets for your training, practice, or in a tournament.

If you are a distributor of custom basketball jackets, choose Goal Sportswear as your trusted manufacturer! Through our extensive lines of manufacturing and production equipment, we can suffice your custom basketball jacket needs.

For over 5 years, Goal Sportswear is committed to provide great services, on-time delivery, quality-guaranteed products and reasonable rate.

Other than custom basketball jackets, we also have custom basketball hoodies, custom basketball singlets, custom team jackets, basketball warm-up jackets, women’s basketball jackets, and more. Goal Sportswear is your one-stop-shop for your sportswear uniform needs!

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Custom Basketball Jackets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re planning to import custom basket jackets from China read this guide.

It has all information you have been looking for such as design, printing technology, material type, color options, sizes and many more.

With this guide, you will be an expert in basketball jerseys.

How does Custom Basketball Jacket Compare to Custom Basketball Hoodies?

Here are critical aspects you need to know:

Similarity between Custom Basketball Jacket and Hoodie

Both the apparel (basketball Jackets and Basketball Hoodies) are short in length, usually reaching upto the waistline.

Both the apparels are suitable for cold climates, including during the winter seasons and also appropriate for basketball sports.

You can always wear the two sportswear interchangeably for whatever reason.

Such reasons include warm-ups, training, traveling to games, and even for team support.

Both of the custom sportswear is good for uplifting your team’s spirit.

They are also an appropriate way of showing your support and pledging alliance to your club.

With both, you can always incorporate whatever graphic, logo, and colors you require.

Differences between Basketball Hoodies and Jacket

You should note the following:

i. Custom Basketball Jackets

Basketball jacket

 Basketball jacket

The custom basketball jackets have got collars at the neck region and a fully open front.

We can liken their appearance to that of a coat.

Besides, it comes with buttons, hooks or zippers up the forward-facing section of the jacket and the sleeves.

They typically have got full sleeves.

The garments are appropriate for shielding you from extreme cold weather conditions such as rain and snow.

Even to enhance its performance in freezing weather, you may opt for a battery heated jacket to deliver instantaneous warmth.

The material is slippery and would slide off the raindrops, thereby ensuring it does not become a dump.

Traditional basketball jackets do not have hoods. However, modern ones may have a hood or miss. It all depends on your choice.

Custom Basketball Hoodies

Basketball hoodie

Basketball hoodies

The custom basketball hoodies are the sports sweatshirt that has hoods.

It implies that they are collarless but instead have an extension of a hood that can fully cover the wearer’s head.

They also feature laces along the neck region that assists in adjusting the size of the hood appropriately.

Unlike basketball jackets, the hoodies do not have an open front.

Mostly, the basketball hoodies are pullover type with a center pocket that fits the hands.

However, since they are custom apparel, you can still order for the zip-up styles.

This sportswear has a crisp and soft material.

It is, therefore, comfortable to carry around.

Nevertheless, the hoodies also provide little protection from snow and rain.

Usually, they do provide warmth.

Are Custom Basketball Jackets similar to Custom Basketball Sweatshirts?

3 Basketball sweatshirt

Basketball sweatshirt

No, the two are dissimilar.

Even though both are outworn, which are very crucial for the provision of warmth.

Custom basketball jackets are usually appropriate for wearing over other clothes.

That way, they provide adequate warmth, keep you dry from rain, and do have full sleeves.

Basketball Jackets come in any kind of material, including suede, denim, leather, corduroy, fleece, and cotton.

Jackets also do have zippers or buttons for fastening.

However, the custom basketball sweatshirts are mostly of cotton material or a blend of cotton material.

They are typically loose compared to a sweater and often useful for any kind of exercise due to their breathability.

The basketball sweatshirts are usually pullovers, which implies that you wear them from over the head in a similar way to the t-shirt.

Mostly, they have got full sleeves though others are sleeveless.

Sweatshirts and sweatpants are usually of the same material and, when worn together, form a sweatsuit.

What are the Classifications of Custom Basketball Jackets?

We can generally classify custom basketball jackets into several categories and groups as follows.

Custom basketball jacket

Custom basketball jacket

Custom Basketball Team Jackets

The team jackets are solely appropriate for the whole team member squad.

These jackets should conform to team standards and specifications.

Regardless, they have to be of uniform designs, styles, colors, and types.

The team can always wear them during their designated time and places.

Generally, the design and customization of the custom basketball jackets are solely reliant on the decisions of team management.

The jackets are, however, not allowed for wearing in the field during gaming.

Custom Basketball Coaches Jackets

The coaching team does have to look unique from the rest of the team members.

That is why in the same manner, they do have distinct basketball jackets.

Besides, the coaching team jackets are very comfortable, provides adequate warmth and water resistance.

They are to cushion the coaches from extreme chilly weather even as they stand at the pitchside.

Ladies and Men Custom Basketball Jackets

Both genders have got their corresponding custom basketball jackets.

The jackets conform to the different sexes by their structural appearance to suit the different physiques of ladies and men.

Apart from the ladies and men’s jackets, you may opt for the intersex jacket.

However, fashionists highly discourage people from picking intersex apparel.

Zipper Design.

Custom basketball jackets have different designs of zippers.

The common types include full zip and quarter zip.

Your choice of either should only depend on your convenience and comfort.

The zippers can as well be on the left or right but mostly entirely rely on the designer’s choice.

Hoodless or Hood Jackets

Though not conventional, you may still choose to have a hood on your custom basketball jackets.

A hooded style is suitable for climatic regions that often experience rain showers so that you can help cover your head.

Neck Design

During customization and designs of the basketball jackets, you are at will to select a neck design from a variety.

Typical ones include the mock neck, round neck, etc.


Additionally, you may opt for a custom basketball jacket with a front pocket or pocketless.

For pocketed one, you may choose any of the pocket designs including; pouch pockets, zippered pockets, open pockets,

What are the Features of Custom Basketball Jackets?

Basketball jacket

Basketball jacket

Moisture-wicking: during strenuous exercises, it will be standard for one to break a sweat frequently.

The custom basketball jackets efficiently wick away the sweat to leave you feeling fresh and crisp.

Water and U.V Resistance; usually, the custom basketball jackets are resistant to water primarily to rain.

Therefore, whenever there is rainfall or light showers, the drops will slide off, never coming into contact with your skin.

You thus maintain a dry and comfortable feeling without any form of dampness.

They also resist excessive ultraviolet rays from the sun, thus protecting you from sunburns and other U.V related issues.

Durability: Even though basketball sports do not involve grappling and holding, you still need sportswear that will last long.

Custom basketball jackets are stretchable, durable, elastic, resistant to abrasion, tear-resistant, and no color fading.

Comfort: The jackets offer both tactile and thermos-physiological comfort.

Tactile comfort is a consequence of the interaction between the apparel and the skin.

Therefore, you may select a loose fit, tight fit, or intermediate fit.

Moreover, the jackets offer considerable thermoregulation or thermal adaptability aspects.

Identity and Recognition; you will identify a basketball jacket by merely looking at them.

They have characteristic fancy colors, styles, and designs together with logos.

The team custom jackets have uniform appearance and styles.

Why do you need Personalized Basketball Jackets?

It could be stressful having to go through the hustle and bustle of searching for a perfect basketball jacket.

Thanks to the custom basketball jackets, you can now translate the ideas you have in mind to the actual basketball jacket you need.

That said, here are the reasons why you should go for personalizing basketball jackets.

Basketball jacket

Basketball jacket

You choose your design protocol and styles: With custom jackets, you get to design your apparel by including every single aspect you need.

Such elements include but are not limited to fabric choice, logos, colors, sizes, graphics, etc.

You get your prescribed quality and order: Customizing your basketball jackets means that you would precisely order the right quality and get exactly that.

Besides, the jackets come with the correct measurements specified by you.

You save much time and effort: It can be tiresome to peruse through numerous stock basketball jackets; you end up wasting time and lots of energy.

Much more comfortable, you can go the customization way and obtain precisely what you want effortlessly.

It is affordable without hidden charges: Personalization means that you receive a quotation for every aspect, design,and specification phase.

Ultimately, you will not receive any scrupulous fee; the result is affordability.

How do you Design Custom Basketball Jackets?

Coming up with your unique design of the custom basketball jackets from scratch is possible and straightforward.

But first, you need to decide on the manufacturer or the supplier you want to engage in.

Not every manufacturer is reliable, and that is why you have to first evaluate some issues before settling on any.

Always ensure that the supplier has the right resources to serve your order.

Issues to evaluate include customer reviews and ratings, quality certifications, referrals, etc.

Here is a quick procedure for the designing process:

Step one: Pick a Specific Style

Considering that custom basketball jackets come in a variety of styles and classifications, you have to settle on one form.

Even much more accessible, most manufacturers and suppliers have numerous styles pre-loaded on their websites so that you get to pick one.

Better still, pick any style and modify it.

Step Two: Select a Design Template

Again, with several pre-loaded templates on the platforms, select one and modify it to suit your specifications.

In case you miss out on the appropriate model, you can still negotiate with your manufacturer.

Step Three: Add the Artwork

At this moment, you only need to add graphics, prints, texts, logos, and every kind of art you need to be included.

If whatever reason you do not have any artwork available, you can still contact the manufacturer’s designer.

Step Four: Choose a Color

Proceed to specify a color or a combination of color for your basketball jackets.

Step Five: Preview and Quotation

Once everything is complete, it is time to re-evaluate your whole design.

Check for faults or errors and rectify them.

Later on, you can print, share, and submit it to the manufacturer for a quotation.

What is the Best Material for Custom Basketball Jackets?

For basketball games, you need a combination of agility, flexibility, and strength to be on top of your game.

Similarly, your custom basketball jacket should reflect such properties while also enhancing your gaming experience.

Below are some of the outstanding materials you may consider for having in your jacket.

1. Fleece

Fleece is a wholly synthetic material made from polyester.

It may be incorporated with other natural selective fibers such as hemp, wool, or rayon to enhance the texture and vibrancy of the material.

Basketball jacket made from fleece is soft compared to wool, light in weight, warm and breathable, which makes it fantastic for any kind of exercise.

Besides, it is durable and water-resistant, therefore suitable for raining periods.

2. Heather

Heather fabric is an interwoven yarn of a blend of colors into a single thread which then becomes soft and produces muted color.

Heather consists of blended fibers, which, when combined, create a marbled effect.

The fabric usually consists of three types of fibers: polyester, cotton, or rayon.

3. Nylon

Nylon is another synthetic material, specifically a thermoplastic linear polyamide.

The fabric is strong, durable, quite resistant to moisture absorption and abrasion.

It is as well chemical resistant while being elastic and easy to wash.

4. Polyester

Polyester is a prevalent material in sportswear clothing, including basketball jackets.

The material is breathable, warm, quite elastic, durable, and resistant to abrasion.

It is also fancy due to its resistance to wrinkling and deformation.

5. Spandex

Most manufacturers do use spandex material in combination with other fabrics.

For example, polyester and spend ex effectively wick away moisture, breathable, and also elastic.

What are the Available Sizes of Custom Basketball Jackets?

One of the milestones of the custom apparel is the ability to customize them to fit whatever kind of measurement you require.

It does not matter whether you are oversize or undersize.

Nevertheless, you still want to check up the manufacturers sizing chart or instructions.

The size chart should cater for everyone.

So typically, it does not lock out anyone.

In case you are stuck in between sizes, it is advisable to go a size up.

Why import Custom Basketball Jackets from China?

China is outrightly one of the destination points of several suppliers and buyers for sportswear.

Below are reasons why you should consider sourcing your basketball jackets from china:

i. Outstanding quality; China has got several manufacturers with a wide range of expertise. You will undoubtedly acquire a perfect variety of custom basketball jackets.

ii. Chinese products are usually relatively low costing compared to other nations. Often, Chinese prices are not more than 30 % of the other nation’s local costs.

iii. Chinese manufacturers have got excellent manufacturing capabilities and technology.

iv. Chinese companies are prompt in production and rate of supply due to their vast available source ofthe workforce.

v. Chinese firms are innovative and continuously amaze with a wide variety of stylish designs and techniques. You get to pick a perfect design of the basketball jackets selectively.

How Much Does Custom Basketball Jackets Costs?

Custom basketball jackets are affordable for everyone.

Though the best jackets have a higher than usual price tag, however, it does not necessarily mean that a bit expensive jacket translates into high quality.

Regardless, the prices vary according to quality, authenticity, material, and brand.

Why choose Sublimation Printing for Custom Basketball Jackets?

Sublimation printing is a prevalent technique for use with custom basketball jackets because of the following:

  • It produces durable graphics that are not susceptible to fading, cracking, or peeling.
  • Sublimated basketball jackets are breathable since the fabric pores remain open, thus comfortable even ina hot climate.
  • The process is cost-effective; despite the continual addition of unlimited graphics, the initial costs remain constant.
  • With sublimation printing, your design considerations are endless.
  • Sublimation printing does not attract any minimum quantity restrictions for re-orders.

How do you Check the Quality of Custom Basketball Jackets?

Basketball jaket

Basketball jacket

Consider the fabric quality; a top-notch material would, in turn, produce quality jacket.

Stitching; the best available stitching techniques are flatlock and overlock.

Seam; confirm the integrity of the seams. Appropriate seams include double seam, plain seam, turn over the seam, and bound seam.

Aesthetic value: by touch, you should feelgood material, assess the graphics’appearance.

Ensure it does not crack, peel off or fade.

Confirm the printing technique if it is a sublimation technique.

Where should you Print the Logos on the Custom Basketball Jackets?

You can choose to place the logos on the following precise locations on the jackets.

Front: print it at about 9ʺ to 10 ʺ below the back collar seam on either the left or right chest.

Back: it should be about 5ʺ down from the base of the neckline and center.

Is there MOQ for the Custom Basketball Jackets?

Yes, manufacturers have varying quantities for their MOQ.

Conventional one being about ten pieces.

What is the Best Level of Fitting for Custom Basketball Jackets?

The level of fitting will entirely depend on your taste and preference.

Nevertheless, you would not wish to dorn a buggy jacket that would restrict your movement during training.

A suitable one should be a jacket that fits you appropriately to guarantee your comfort.

Nonetheless, you can select a tight-fitting, semi-fitting, or loose-fitting.

Which other Sportswear can you Wear alongside the Custom Basketball Jackets?

You can have a pair of trousers together with footwear.

Besides, a pair of gloves would also fit.

Remember, the jacket fits over other apparel so that you can have a T-shirt on or a club’s jersey.

What are the Available Color Options for Custom Basketball Jackets?

With the personalized sportswear, your color options are unlimited.

You can always pick on a single color or multiple colors depending on your preference.

Nonetheless, always confirm with your manufacturer the available colors on offer.

Which are the Available Zip Options for the Custom Basketball Jackets?

The popular zip options for the basketball jackets are a full zip and a quarter zip. The zipper can as well be on the right or left side.

Are there Custom Basketball Jackets with Hoods?

Yes, some of the custom basketball jackets incorporate the hoods in their designs.

That extra feature provides shielding from rainfall or excess sunlight even though that is purely an optional feature.

Clearly, there are many aspects you should consider before importing custom basketball jackets.

The best part, today’s guide has outlined everything you need.

At Goal Sportswear, we design and manufacture high quality sports jerseys at affordable prices.

We can customize sports jerseys and support your OEM business.

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