Camo MMA Shorts : The Complete FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for high quality Camo MMA shorts for your business.

A reason this guide will answer all your questions on Camo MMA shorts.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Makes Camo MMA Shorts Unique?

The camo shorts have aggressive and attractive designs.

Also, they are made of fabric that is durable and has a fitting which is anatomical.

They are the best shorts for MMA fighters who use alternating standing and grounding techniques of fighting.

Again, they do not restrict your freedom of movement any way.

They can be coordinated with camouflage gloves.

Fully camouflage MMA shorts are available in two colours; green and camo grey.

The colours make the MMA shorts a comfortable product that is perfect for training in every discipline.

Unique Camo MMA Shorts

Unique camo MMA Shorts

Why Buy Camo MMA Shorts?

These shorts are made of ultra-lightweight microfabric which makes the camo MMA shorts durable.

They have reinforced seams for unparalleled durability.

Besides, they are designed with a pro-engineering flex system with multiple stretch fabrics to allow maximum movement ranges.

Are There Limitations Of Camo MMA Shorts?

They are expensive to purchase as compared to standard MMA shorts.

Again, they do not offer above bar protection of the fighter.

How Do You Choose Camo MMA Shorts Colors?

The most dominant and traditional colours for MMA shorts are green and grey.

For standard camo MMA shorts, you can only choose from the two.

However, for other customized camo MMA shorts, you have a wide range of colours to choose from.

The choice of colour depends on your taste and preference.

Grey Apart From Green Is One Of The Most Dominant Colors Of Camo MMA Shorts

Grey Apart From Green Is One Of The Most Dominant Colors Of Camo MMA Shorts

Do Camo MMA Shorts Fade?

The technique of printing used in the manufacture of MMA shorts plays a major role in determining whether they will fade or not.

Sublimated camo MMA shorts do not fade at all.

Most top brands and high-quality MMA shorts tend to use the sublimation method in their manufacturing process.

Screen printed camo MMA shorts, on the other hand, fade easily.

How Do You Choose Best Camo MMA Shorts Material?

When choosing the material for MMA shorts, you should consider materials that;

  • Stretchable
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Absorb more sweat
  • Dry quickly.

Always Choose A Material That Dries Quickly And Is Stretchable

Always Choose A Material That Dries Quickly And Is Stretchable

Do You Help In Camo MMA Shorts Design Process?

Yes, you can help in the design of camo MMA shorts.

The design criteria needed for every MMA fighter varies from one person to another.

The color, the fabric, the size needed, and the overall design are but a few factors that must be considered.

You can help in the design by recommending the MMA standards of MMA shorts design.

You can also help in choosing the color that best matches the fighter’s colors without clashing with the set standards.

Which Waistband Designs Should You Choose For Camo MMA Shorts?

The camo MMA shorts should have large waistbands that are elasticated.

They should also have drawstrings to ensure that the shorts are fit securely.

Which Printing Techniques Do You Use For Camo MMA Shorts?

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is the process of using heat to permeate into a fabric.

This process creates a product that is looking nice.

It is the most preferred technique in making camo MMA shorts.

Sublimated Camo MMA Shorts

Sublimated Camo MMA Shorts

These are the benefits of sublimated wrestling singlet

  1. They are of high quality and they last long.

They have excellent resistance against tear wear.

  1. They are easily tailored to your desire in terms of size, colour fabric and design.

The letters and graphics are made according to your desire.

  • The fabric used is very light, stretchable and highly breathable.

This will allow you to be more flexible when training or competing

  1. The sublimated MMA shorts are very durable and do not fade.

Screen Printing

Screen-printing helps in heat transfers and decoration on the camo MMA shorts.

These screen-printed camo MMA shorts do not last long without fading.

They are prone to easy wear and tear.

How Can You Verify Quality Of Camo MMA Shorts?

The MMA shorts should allow freedom of movement.

They should have mesh panels that are ideal for providing optimal ventilation during training exercises.

Again, they should have an elastic waistband to provide an efficient and precise fit.

The patterns of the MMA shorts should be done by sublimation to improve their durability.

They have a split insert between the legs which increases flexibility and mobility during a fight.

Do Camo MMA Shorts Have Pockets?

Yes, camo shorts do have internal pockets inside the shorts.

This is to prevent the opponent from taking advantage of you during a fight or training.

These pockets are good for keeping a shin gum shield.

How Should Camo MMA Shorts Fit?

MMA shorts are a very essential part of MMA fighting gear and equipment.

The fitting of MMA shorts is looked at in terms of length, compression or traditional and waistband.

There are different length sizes for MMA shorts.

The length should not affect the sporting ability of the fighter or your style.

Compression type MMA shorts are very light and comfortable.

Furthermore, the compression type camo MMA shorts use non-restrictive and flexible material.

Traditional fight shorts are loose-fitting but have a drawstring to adjust the short.

The waistband is often not considered.

The type of waistbands used in camo MMA shorts are;

  1. Fixed or solid waistbands
  2. Elastic waistband
  • Hybrid waistbands

Camo Short With Hybrid Waistband

Camo Shorts With Hybrid Waistband

Is There Recommended Length For Camo MMA Shorts?

There is no specific length of shorts that is recommended.

You are free to choose the specific length that will fit you well.

The length you select should not in any way affect your fighting, be it movement or flexibility.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Camo MMA Shorts Order?

It is also difficult to give a clear timeline that the order will take.

The ordering process is long and involves.

Each stage has setbacks that could arise.

The duration upon which this ordering process takes varies for various reasons;

  1. The design of the camo MMA shorts.
  2. The material required to make the shorts
  • The number of camo MMA shorts ordered
  1. The complexity of the MMA short design.
  2. The artwork involved

The ordering process should start early to prevent any setback in case the MMA event comes before delivery.

Stock designed shorts take a shorter period compared to customized designs.

Do You Have Flexible MOQ For Camo MMA Shorts?

The minimum order for camo MMA shorts varies depending on the various reasons.

It can depend on the design type of MMA shorts that you have ordered.

Stocked camo MMA shorts have no MOQ.

The cost of producing a single unit of customized camo MMA shorts design is very high.

Sublimated custom camo MMA shorts vary between 5 shorts and above depending on the complexity of your design.

This will help you in case you need to replace a camo MMA short after the initial order has been delivered.

It also helps you make an order for another camo MMA short while preventing you from meeting the MOQ for MMA shorts.

How Do China Camo MMA Shorts Manufacturers Support Small Businesses?

These MMA manufacturers from China offer;

  1. Competitive prices

Many manufacturers in China offer very competitive prices for purchasing camo MMA shorts, unlike other regions.

  1. Varieties of camo MMA short design

China manufacturers have a wide range of designs for camo MMA shorts that you can choose from or modify.

  • Product return policy

Manufacturers from China cab allow you to return the shorts in case they are damaged or not up to the needed standard.

  1. Use of high-quality manufacturing material

They use high-quality materials to make camo MMA shorts.

The shorts are durable and of higher standards due to the high-quality materials used.

  1. Sample services

China manufacturers provide a variety of samples of MMA shorts to their customers upon inquiry.

  1. Shipping services

The manufacturers provide shipping services to the client either at a fee or free of charge depending on the manufacturers shipping policy.

  • Flexibility and low MOQ

China manufacturers are very flexible to meet your MMA shorts requirements.

They have very low MOQs which allows you to order depending on your business capabilities.

Will Camo MMA Shorts Supplier Help In Shipping Process?

It is possible to ship MMA shorts.

Stock type shorts do not require many details before shipping.

Sublimated shorts, on the other hand, require contact and detailed discussion between you and the supplier.

This is so that they can agree on the design of the MMA short.

The manufacturers send samples of the agreed-upon design specification.

You will have to ascertain that the correctness of the sample design sent to you.

Production of the MMA shorts then follows only when the sample is of the correct design.

Why Should You Buy Camo MMA Shorts Directly From Manufacturers?

Buying camo MMA shorts directly from the manufacturers has numerous advantages for you.

Direct purchase of camo MMA shorts from the manufacturers allows access to;

  1. Competitive prices

Buying from the manufacturers directly eliminates the middlemen in the chain of supply that would increase the cost of the MMA shorts.

  1. Camo MMA short design varieties

Manufacturers have different designs of camo MMA shorts that you can choose from or modify.

  • Product return policy

Manufacturers are more likely to provide product return policies in cases where you are not satisfied with the quality of the MMA shorts supplied.

  1. Use of high-quality manufacturing material

The shorts are durable and of higher standards due to the high-quality materials used.

  1. Sample services

Manufacturers provide a variety of samples of MMA shorts to their customers upon inquiry.

  1. Shipping services

The manufacturers provide shipping services to the client either at a fee or free of charge depending on the manufacturers shipping policy.

  • Flexibility and low MOQ

Manufacturers are very flexible to meet your MMA shorts requirements.

Will Camo MMA Shorts Sell My Designs To Competitors?

The design of camo MMA shorts cannot be sold to other competitors.

Your design is protected in three ways;

  1. By using the trademark

Trademarks help in protecting product names, logos and jingles for MMA shorts.

You are free to do the following once your registration is complete.

  • Take legal actions against competitors that will infringe it.
  • Sell your brand
  • License your MMA short brand
  • Mark your camo MMA shorts brand with the ® symbol to warn and deter counterfeiters.
  1. Registered mark

Registered mark protects your MMA shorts designs for;

  • Physical shape
  • Decoration
  • Arrangement of different parts
  • Appearance
  • Patent

You can also patent your MMA shorts design for about 20 years.

Patents help you in recognizing the uniqueness of your camo MMA design.

They however take too long to process.

Do Camo MMA Shorts Have Product Return Policy?

The return policy applies when you are unsatisfied with the shorts we have supplied.

Camo MMA short return policy, however, has a set of conditions to meet for it to be effective.

Also, the notification of return must be done within a seven-day time frame from receiving the short.

The return is effective once the return authorization is issued.

Camo MMA shorts must be in their original packaging.

You must also provide proof of purchase.

The conditions are at times too tough to meet.

Which Features Should You Look For In Camo MMA Shorts?

Looking for camo MMA shorts can sometimes be tedious.

Some of the features that you should look for when choosing MMA shorts are;

Type Of Shorts

The first decision you make in selecting camo MMA shorts is usually selecting the type of shorts you will use for the fight or training.

The shorts come in different design styles;

  • Board style
  • Hybrid, or
  • Compression

Each MMA short design is different from the other and has different benefits of wearing them.

Sometimes you will be required to combine two or more styles to increase some sense of protection during the fight.

Short Size

You should make sure that you get the right size of MMA shorts for your body.

Your MMA short should be from a brand whose sizing of camo MMA shorts fits your body well.

The sizes from different brands and types of shorts will vary.

You should get your MMA shorts from a company that provides an accurate waist and length chart.

The size chart will help you in choosing the right shorts.

The Style Factor

You want to look great in whatever style and design of the short you choose.

You should consider the design graphics and the quality of print on the shorts

Hers, it is a matter of personal taste.

Therefore, make sure you find something that speaks to you.


Ultimately, it comes to the price of the shorts.

You should look for shorts that are affordable to you.

Do not spend too much either just to get the quality gear.

The short of the right quality and also fits your budget.

Stretch Material

High-quality camo MMA shorts are made using stretchable material to be able to expand.

The fabrics help in sprawling by avoiding takedowns and improving your mobility during the execution of different moves.

Flex Panels

Flex panels are sometimes located in the groin area to provide the fighter with a wider range of mobility and prevent the short form from ripping apart.

The Non-slip Adjustable Waistband

Non-slip adjustable waistbands are common in high-quality and top brand MMA shorts.

The waistband has a thin and soft rubber grip which ensures that the MMA short you are wearing is securely on your waist and will stay there during the fight.

A shortcoming off during a fight can be very embarrassing.

The Durable Design Of Construction

MMA fights are very intense and the shorts must be in the best state to withstand the intensity.

Apart from being made of flexible material, MMA shorts have seams that are reinforced with stitching.

The stitching helps in increasing the strength of the shorts.

It also improves the ability of the short to prevent rips and tearing.

Side Seams With Splits

MMA shorts have notches and split on each leg at the sides.

They prevent your knees and legs from being stuck during the execution of moves.

They improve move execution by making the kicks more effective.

Moisture-wicking Drying Fabric

This feature keeps your MMA short fabric in a dry state as well as keep you cool.

Anti-microbial Treatment

The best quality camo MMA shorts are treated with anti-microbial processes.

The treatment prevents growth of bacteria such as staph.

Such staph infections can prevent you from training and achieving set goals.

Always Look Out For The Features Mentioned Above When Selecting Camo Shorts

Always Look Out For The Features Mentioned Above When Selecting Camo Shorts

Do Camo MMA Shorts Have Slits?

The MMA shorts typically have a slit on each of the short’s thighs.

The small slits help the fighter to kick easily without being constricted.

Also, they eliminate the worry of the short being in the way of your movement.

They also improve your movement during training and fights.

How Do You Customize Camo MMA Shorts?

Minor customization of MMA shorts may be done by adding the names or screen-printed logos.

Customizing MMA shorts can be done with the help of the manufacturers.

This can be done through the following steps;

  1. Choosing one among the variety of designs available to the vendor to be customized
  2. Select the primary, secondary and accent colours for the shorts.
  • Personalizing the camo MMA short design.

On the other hand, you can customize shorts on your own by;

  1. Make your design short.
  2. Select the appropriate colour and artwork for the design.
  3. Choose the fabric that best matches your design.
  4. Provide your design to the vendor for production.

Do Camo MMA Shorts Stretch?

Yes, camo MMA shorts stretch.

The material used in making quality MMA shorts is stretchable to be able to expand or stretch.

The fabrics help in sprawling by avoiding takedowns and improving your mobility during the execution of different moves.

How Do You Fasten Camo MMA Shorts?

The fastening on MMA short is the hoop and loop type.

MMA shorts are made of elastic waistbands and drawstrings.

To fasten these drawstrings, you have to hoop and loop for a secured fit of the MMA shorts.

How Do You Classify Camo MMA Shorts?

MMA shorts are classified into various groups;

The Board Style MMA Shorts

They are most commonly used in the ultimate fighting championships.

They have an inside drawstring, an elastic waistband and a Velcro strap.

They are knees length long.

The Vale Tudor MMA Shorts

Helpful in making fighters move faster and without any resistance.

These shorts are however very revealing.

The Hybrid MMA Shorts

They are a masterpiece of comfort, practicality, and superb quality.

They are a combination of the advantages of vale Tudor and board style brands.

How Much Does Camo MMA Shorts Cost?

The cost of MMA shorts vary for various reasons;

  1. Brand of the camo MMA shorts
  2. Quality of the camo MMA short
  • Design requirement of the MMA shorts
  1. Sizes of shorts

The Brand Type Size Or Quality Of Camo MMA Shorts Affects The Cost

The Brand Type, Size Or Quality Of  Camo MMA Shorts Affects The Cost

Is Silicon Anti-slip Inner Waistband Necessary For Camo MMA Shorts?

Yes, it is necessary.

The anti-slip inner waistband helps in securing the shorts around the waist.

It is also comfortable and does not affect you during the fight.

Whys Should Camo MMA Shorts Have Multiple Flex Panels?

The multiple flex panels are used to enhance the mobility of the fighter.

They also help in preventing the MMA short from ripping apart during intensive fights.

They help on preventing the opponent from escaping.

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