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More than 500 Custom Wrestling Tights Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed wrestling tights
Wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed wrestling tights
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom wrestling tights
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom wrestling tights
High school custom design sublimated reversible wrestling tights
High school custom design sublimated reversible wrestling tights
Full polyester Custom made durable mens team wrestling tights
Full polyester Custom made durable mens team wrestling tights
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated wrestling tights
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated wrestling tights
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom wrestling tights
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom wrestling tights
Dye sublimation custom design team wrestling tights
Dye sublimation custom design team wrestling tights
Custom wholesale sublimated printed wrestling tights
Custom wholesale sublimated printed wrestling tights
Custom made sublimation printing mens pro wrestling tights
Custom made sublimation printing mens pro wrestling tights
100% polyester sublimation mens custom wrestling tights
100% polyester sublimation mens custom wrestling tights

Goal Sportswear Can Be Your Top Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom Wrestling Tights in China

Custom wrestling tights from Goal Sportswear are made with the combination of high-quality fabrics and premium grade technical materials. With that you can assure that custom wrestling tights from Goal Sportswear are durable and can maintain its aesthetical appearance for many years. We manufacture your high-quality custom wrestling tights with precise stitching to assure its quality. At Goal Sportswear, we are able to produce your custom wrestling tights with superior quality. Goal Sportswear’s design team can manufacture your custom wrestling tights in line with your specifications to suit your needs. Different sizes, designs or printed graphics will be provided by Goal Sportswear.

At Goal Sportswear, we highly offer the most competitive prices for your custom wrestling tights order. We are also providing the fastest and on-time delivery of your orders. Through our wide range of custom wrestling tights, you can choose the best that suits your needs! You can have whatever you want at Goal Sportswear!

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Boost Your Business with Goal Sportswear’s Custom High-quality Wrestling Tights

Goal Sportswear is a professional manufacturer of premium quality custom wrestling tights in China. Throughout the years, we are consistently providing our customers quality and efficiency guaranteed products as well as excellent services.

We are a manufacturer of professional quality custom wrestling tights made from ultra-strong yet lightweight materials. Moisture-wicking and compression fabrics are also used to ensure quality.

Goal Sportswear is also a top supplier of the best quality custom wrestling tights with multi-panel construction. For optimal durability and fit, we manufacture custom wrestling tights with an innovative waistband dual-clock.

Flat-lock high-density stitching is also equipped into our excellent quality custom wrestling tights for an extreme additional durability.

Goal Sportswear’s superior quality custom wrestling tights are ultimately breathable. It consists with sweat-wicking capability which ensures extreme dryness.

Also, Goal Sportswear is a manufacturer of custom wrestling tights with overlock-stitch for a 360˚C freedom mobility. With all of the materials used, you can assure that Goal Sportswear’s custom wrestling tights will last longer.

At Goal Sportswear, we have a team for quality control who check your custom wrestling tights to ensure that every single detail of your orders is accurate and correct.

Plus, Goal Sportswear employs a rich-experienced designer who can customize your wrestling tights. They can customize the size, design, graphics and more of your custom wrestling tights. They can also help you create your own design.

For over 5 years, Goal Sportswear engaged itself on offering you the best quality services and products. Along with that, we are only the supplier who offers factory prices and fastest delivery of your orders.

Bulk orders of custom wrestling tights for your business is highly appreciated at Goal Sportswear! We will be your best business partner!

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Custom Wrestling Tights: The Complete FAQ Guide

In today’s guide, you’re going to learn how to choose high quality custom wrestling tights.

Whether you want to learn more about design ideas, printing techniques, material selection, features, best printing ink or check quality; you’ll find everything here.

Take a look:

Which Wrestling Attire Ideas can you recommend?

As a wrestler, you must look the part by putting on the right uniform when you step to a wrestling match.

Here are some if the wrestling attire ideas that you can explore when you step on to the mat or ring.

Custom Wrestling Singlets

This is a one-piece attire that is cut lower on the front and the back to the level of your armpits.

It also has underarm cuts which are cut not lower than half the distance between the belt line and the armpits.

Wrestling singlet

Wrestling signlet

Custom Wrestling Tights

This type of attire can either be long all the way to the ankle or just a little bit past the level of the knee.

It hugs tight to the body and gives you room for extreme flexibility and agility to perform technical styles.

Wrestling tights

Wrestling tights

· Custom Wrestling Shorts

You can also opt for the custom wrestling shorts which do not exceed the length of the knee.

The custom wrestling shorts can either be tight on the body or have a smaller allowance for more breathing space.

Wrestling short

Wrestling short

· Custom Wrestling Pants

This type of attire is almost the same as the custom wrestling tights except for the fact that they may be baggy.

You can opt for the baggy custom wrestling pants or the tight body-hugging custom wrestling pants.

Wrestling pant

Wrestling pant

· Custom Wrestling Underwear

Custom wrestling underwear are briefs that are even shorter than the custom wrestling shorts in height.

They offer more comfort to the wrestler and no room for the opponent to grab and tackle you down.

Wrestling underwear

Wrestling underwear

· Custom Wrestling Kurt Angle Stuff

These are quite similar to the underwear especially when you get rid of the straps that hold them from the shoulders.

Why Do Wrestlers Wear Custom Wrestling Tights?

Most of the wrestlers in the modern world prefer putting on tights when they step on the mat or ring.

Here are the main reasons why wrestlers prefer to wear custom wrestling tights.

  • It will enhance your looks as a wrestler thus drumming up more support and increases attraction from more supporters.
  • Apart from the fact that the tights will make you look cool, the tights will make you look mobile and fast.
  • It enhances the level of athleticism in you thus spreading some kind of fear to your opponents.
  • Tight also hug tightly to your body and give you enough room to flex while performing different stunts.
  • Additionally, since they are so tight, your opponent will find it extremely difficult to grab and tackle you.
  • Most of them are slippery as well, thus increasing the difficulty of tackling you down.

Which Materials are Custom Wrestling Tights made of?

The best material for making custom wrestling tight is an elastic material which can either polyester or cotton-polyester blend.

Apart from that, you can use other materials such as spandex, and nylon which have the ability to stretch.

All these materials are capable of withstanding the high sublimation heat preventing them from burning or melting.

Additionally, they are breathable and light in weight thus increasing your comfort whenever you put the tights on.

How does Custom Wrestling Tights compare to Baggy Wrestling Pants?

You can put on the baggy wrestling pants or the custom wrestling pants when you are wrestling.

Here is a comparison between the two main types of pants you can choose from.

Baggy wrestling pants

 Baggy wrestling pant

Wrestling tight

Wrestling tight


The custom wrestling pants are, however, tighter and hugs to your body.

On the other hand, the baggy wrestling pants give more allowance and space for breathing.


Custom wrestling pants offer more advantage on the sense that they are lighter thus giving you more flexibility.

Baggy wrestling pants tend to increase your weight with the additional materials that makes it extra big.

Apart from that, the custom wrestling tight are slippery and tight as well thus making it difficult to grab on.

On the other hand, it becomes easy to grab on the baggy pants since they offer more room to grab on.

Material or Fabric

You will use specific types of materials such as spandex, lycra, nylon, polyester and cotton- polyester blends for wrestling tights.

On the flip side, you can use any other type of soft material to make the baggy wrestling pants.

Your choice of material is unlimited as long as they are strong and offer enough comfort when you put them on.

Cost of Pants

You will pay more for the custom wrestling tights in comparison to the money you will pay for baggy wrestling pants.

This is because the cost of fabric and technology of making the custom wrestling tights is very high.

What is the Best Ink for Printing Custom Sublimated Wrestling Tights?

Well, the best ink that you can use in the process of making custom sublimated wrestling tights is KIAN ink.

KIAN ink is a very rare type of ink that exhibits the best printing properties especially through sublimation printing.

Apart from that, it is capable of sublimating from the solid state after printing into gas.

This allows it to fuse directly into the custom wrestling pants fabric thus creating a permanent print.

What’s more, it will produce prints of very high quality that do not fade if taken care of well.

What are the Features of Custom Wrestling Tights?

When you are designing custom wrestling tights, you must adhere to the stylistic and comfort features.

Here are the main features that you need to have a closer look at.

Length of the Custom Wrestling Tights

In many cases, the custom wrestling tights are long and extend all the way to the ankle level.

You can also opt for the custom wrestling tights that extend a little bit past the knee length.


You must also make sure that the you use special materials that have the capability of stretching while maintaining strength.


You must also ensure that the tight are comfortable enough to allow more space for your skin to breath.

It also exhibits very high levels of comfort as the materials are soft and light in weight.


You can print any types of design that you so desire on the custom wrestling tights.

Your design will include the color as well as the picture or pattern that you want on your custom wrestling tights.

What Can I Wear Under the Custom Wrestling Tights?

Under your custom wrestling tights, you can opt to put on nothing as they are comfortable enough.

In case you feel that would be too revealing, here are some of the underwear you can put on.

  • Jock Straps
  • Compression Shorts
  • Regular Briefs

You must, however, note that there are certain wrestling competitions that enforces you to have underwear.

For instance, high school wrestling competitions will require you to put on jockstraps under your custom wrestling tights.

What is Sublimated Custom Wrestling Singlet?

Sublimated custom wrestling singlets are one-piece wrestling uniforms that cover most of your body.

They often have cuts around the back and front shoulder and also around the arm pits as well.

What’s more, the custom wrestling singlets are tight enough to reduce the possibility of opponents grabbing and tacking you.

How Much Do the Custom Wrestling Tights Cost?

Well the cost of the custom wrestling tights will vary according to your custom wrestling tights supplier.

Apart from that, you must also note that high quality custom wrestling tights cost more than low quality tights.

This is because they are authentic and they use high quality materials and techniques in making them.

What’s more the cost of custom wrestling tights will also increase with an increase in the quantity.

You can benefit from the economies of scale depending on the supplier and quantity you purchase.

In a nut shell, you can purchase custom wrestling tights between 10 to 40 UD Dollars.

How do you make Custom Wrestling Tights?

Did you know that you can actually make your own custom wrestling tights?

Well, you can do that just by going through the following step by step guide.

1) Designing Your Custom Sublimated Wrestling Tights

First, you need to have a proper design of your custom wrestling tight be exploring different design avenues.

You can also chat with your team members to get their thoughts on the design they would want on the tights.

As you gather more information from different avenues including other website, you need to have a draft copy.

You will scribble every idea on paper with the bid of finding out if they fit your requirements.

2) Choosing a Template

As soon as you have the final design on paper, you will choose a designing computer software.

From the computer software, you will choose a design template that will resemble that of your custom wrestling tight.

After that, you will replicate every design detail that you have on paper back on to the designing template.

Make sure that you get all the details intact including details on the size of custom wrestling tights you need.

As soon as you complete your designing process, ask for approval from other designers and make the necessary changes.

3) Printing the Transfer Paper

As soon as your design is ready, you will move to printing your design on a transfer paper.

You will use a printer which will print the image on the transfer paper.

The image on the transfer paper should be an exact copy of your design with all the colors intact.

4) Sublimation Printing

At this point, you will transfer the image from the transfer paper onto the custom wrestling tights uniform.

You will use a sublimation printer where you will place the fabric and then place the transfer paper above it.

After that, you will set the machine with the right sublimation printing parameters such as:

i. 400 to 450 degrees centigrade of sublimation printing heat

ii. Printing time ranging between 30 to 45 seconds

iii. High pressure that will ensure proper fusion between the fabric and the paint.

As soon as you complete the printing, you will allow the fabric to go through an incubation period.

This involves leaving the fabric idle for a while to allow the paint to properly dry and fuse into the fabric.

Cutting and Stitching

After that, you will cut the fabric into different sizes making sure that you do not interfere with the print design.

Stitch the pieces using the numerous stitching techniques while maintaining the high-quality requirements.

Finally, you will confirm the quality of the complete custom wrestling tights before proceeding to delivering the order.

When should you use Baggy Wrestling Shorts?

You can opt for the baggy wrestling shorts instead of custom wrestling tights due to different reasons.

Here are some of the circumstances where you can opt for the custom baggy shorts.


You can opt for the baggy wrestling shorts when you feel that the tight wrestling shorts are uncomfortable.

In many cases, you might feel like the tights are too tight on your skin and may also be too revealing.


Baggy wrestling shorts offer more space between the fabric and your skin thus giving you skin room to breathe.

Apart from that, it has more air space that give you proper aeration.


Despite the fact that they might tangle during the wrestling match, they also offer a lot of freedom.

It gives you enough room to move around as flexible as you want to be.

How do you Determine the Right Size for Custom Wrestling Tights?

It is important to take care of the size issues to avoid too tight custom wrestling tights on you.

You can know the right size by taking measurements of waist, hip, in seam, thigh, rise and leg opening.

Here is a sample of a size chart that you can refer to get the right size.

WAIST22 – 424 – 2626 – 2827 – 3029 – 3231 – 3433 – 3635 – 3837 – 4039 – 42
IN SEAM4.555.55.566.577.588.5
Leg Opening21.522.523.527293132333435

What Wrestling Accessories will you Wear Alongside Custom Wrestling Tights?

You need to have a complete custom wrestling look by putting on all the custom wrestling accessories.

Here are the main wrestling accessories that you can put on alongside custom wrestling tight.

Wrestling sports

Wrestling sports

· Custom Wrestling T-Shirts

You can either fight in a t-shirt or bare chest depending on the rules of the game you are participating in.

· Custom Wrestling Shoes

To protect your feet, you will need the custom wrestling shoes for better comfort during the game.

· Custom Wrestling Knee Pads

It is important to have your knees well protected and guarded against any injury using the custom knee pads.

· Custom Wrestling Jackets

This is an important accessory that comes in handy during the cold season especially when travelling or waiting on the bench.

· Custom Wrestling Hoodies

You can put on custom wrestling hoodies to keep you warm while you are training, traveling or waiting on the bench.

What is Compression Custom Wrestling Tights?

Compression custom wrestling tights are special type of tights with increased comfort and flexibility.

The main material for making custom compression tight is spandex which will take the shape of your body.

It will emulate every muscle structure on your body and move with the motion of your body parts.

It does not cause any form of restriction against the skin thus making it extremely comfortable.

How Should Custom Wrestling Tights Fit?

Just from the name, you will note that the custom wrestling tights should fit tight and hold on the skin tight.

You will ensure that the custom wrestling tights fit well by taking the right measurements of the body.

Here are the main body parts which you will take proper measurements of.

· Waist

The custom wrestling tights should fit well around the waist with no allowance between the fabric and skin.

· Hip

You must make sure that you take measurements of the fullest part of the hip to ensure it fits you perfectly.

· Inseam and Outseam

In this case, you have to make sure that the length of the custom wrestling tight reaches your ankle.

Apart from that, make sure that it has a small allowance around the groin area for men.

· Leg Openings

The leg opening must also be tight enough to for proper constriction between the leg and the tight.

What are the Different Types of Waistbands for Custom Wrestling Tights?

There are different types of waistbands that you can choose from.

Here are the main types of waistbands that you can consider for your custom wrestling tights.

Thin Flat Elastic Waistband

This is a smooth and flat band that is very comfortable as it reduces the pinchy nature of normal waistbands.

Wide, Flat Waistband

This type of waistband will rise further up above your waist thus increasing the comfort especially for women.

It lays flat on the skin thus providing you with a wide layer of moisture wicking materials.

Super-wide Control Top Waistband

In this case, you will take the wide and flat look of the waistband to the max as it rises higher above the waist.

It will hold very tight against the skin thus giving you enough freedom to wrestle without worry of falling.

What is the Difference Between Men and Women Custom Wrestling Tights?

Men and women have different features when it comes to the type of custom wrestling tights.

Here are the main differences between the men and women custom wrestling tights.

Women tight wrestling signlet

 Women tight wrestling singlet

Men wrestling tight

Men wrestling tight

i. Design

Women custom wrestling tights have wider hips and longer in seam in comparison to that of men.

This is because the woman physique is usually wider around the hips while men have narrower hips.

Apart from that, men custom wrestling tights usually have an allowance around the crotch area.

This is the reason why the in seam is often shorter in comparison to that of men.

ii. Color

When it comes to color, you will realize that women use brighter colors on their tights.

On the flip side, men will use the dull colors on the custom wrestling tights such as black and brown.

iii. Print Design

You will also realize that women like more of floral print designs that are more attractive to the eye.

Men, on the other hand, like using block patterns and shapes on their custom wrestling tights.

What are the Advantages of Wearing Custom Wrestling Tights?

Putting on custom wrestling tights come with a number of benefits.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience by using the custom wrestling tights.


Custom wrestling tights hold tight onto your skin thus allowing you to move freely with the fabric on the skin.

This increases your flexibility as they can also stretch as much as you are willing to stretch them.


The fabric for making custom wrestling tights are durable enough and do not wear and tear faster.

Apart from that, the print on the fabric does not fade, crack or peel off easily thus increasing the durability.


Apart from being durable, the fabric is also breathable thus increasing comfort and allows your skin to breath.

Moisture Wicking Properties

You will also enjoy the moisture wicking properties of the custom wrestling tights.

It will be able to absorb enough sweat from your body even as you engage in increased vigorous activities.

Why Should you Wear Stretchable Custom Wrestling Tights?

It is important to put on stretchable custom wrestling tights to reduce the constriction it has against your skin.

If it is too tight and not stretchable, then it would constrict and suffocate your skin.

Apart from that, the stretchable custom wrestling tights will allow you to flex as much as you can.

You can stretch your body as much as you want and perform all the stunts that you need to perform.

How Strong are the Custom Wrestling Tights fabric?

Custom wrestling tights are not only stretchable but they are also super strong.

You can stretch your custom wrestling tight five times more without worrying about rapture.

Apart from that, it also has elastic stretch bands around the waist and the leg opening that can accommodate any size.

How should you care and maintain Custom Wrestling Tights?

To increase the durability of your custom wrestling tights, you have to take very good care of it.

Here is how you need to wash and take good care of your custom wrestling tights.

  • Wash it alone without mixing it with other clothes as the clothes may stain it.
  • You should use mild detergents on the fabric as strong detergents will affect the ink prints and cause them to fade.
  • Make sure that you rinse your custom wrestling tights in fresh clean water.
  • Do not use a dryer to dry your custom wrestling tights as the heat might affect the prints and material.
  • You should hang the wrestling tight under a shade where there is very little reach of the sun rays.
  • You must not use metal hangers which might leave corrosion marks on the wrestling tights.

What are the benefits of Sublimated Custom Wrestling Tights?

Sublimated custom wrestling tights have a lot if benefits that you can enjoy.

Here are the main benefits of using custom sublimated wrestling tights.

· Cost

The cost of sublimation printing of custom wrestling tights is very low in comparison to other types.

You will spend less in sublimation printing of few wrestling tights but the price will increase with increase in quantity.

· Durability

Custom sublimated wrestling tights are more durable in comparison to other types of wrestling tights.

This is because the prints do not fade, crack or peel thus increasing the durability of the wrestling tights.

Apart from that, spandex is a durable fabric and does not wear and tear easily.

· Comfort

Custom sublimated wrestling tight are also very comfortable as the fabric is soft and does not scratch the skin.

Apart from that, the prints also do not peel or crack thus reducing the chances of cuts and bruises on your skin.

What is a Pro Wrestling Long Tight?

This is a type of custom wrestling tight that you will use as a professional wrestler.

You can make it from a combination of different materials and your favorite designs on the side.

It has special features that make it durable and safe for use especially for professional athletes.

It is capable of maintaining the same appearance for a long time as the print does not fade, peel or crack.

It has precise stitching all round that maintains the pieces of the fabric together.

Apart from that, it has an elastic waistband which has drawstrings which makes it more of a custom fit.

Why import Custom Wrestling Tights from China?

You should consider China as the main source of the custom wrestling tights because of the following reasons.

Produces High Quality Custom Wrestling Tights

You are sure of getting very high-quality custom wrestling tights from China.

Offers Proper Customer Services

You will also receive the best customer care services as you make enquiries about you custom wrestling tights.

Affordable Prices

You will pay a considerable amount of money for the high-quality custom wrestling tights.

Efficient Transport System

The transport system in China is also very efficient with numerous sea port and air ports for transporting cargo.

Is there MOQ for Sublimated Custom Wrestling Tight?

No, custom wrestling tights do not have a minimum order quantity because you can produce very few at affordable costs.

Sublimation printing of custom wrestling tights is very cheap and does not allow for minimum order quantities.

How do you check Quality of Custom Wrestling Tights?

You can confirm if the custom wrestling tight you are purchasing is of high-quality by:

  • Looking at the type of materials
  • Checking the type of stitching which includes counting the number of stitches.
  • Looking at the types of design in terms of its durability

With the information in this guide, am sure you can choose the best tights for your wrestling sports.

At Goal Sportswear, we offer a perfect solution for your wrestling sweatshirt, singlets, shorts, jackets or any sports jersey.

Talk to us today and we will give a secret to skyrocket your sports jersey business.

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