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Goal sportswear is a professional manufacturer for the sublimated hoodie.

The most common style is a sublimated pullover hoodie and sublimated zipper up hoodie. We also do sublimated sweatshirts. Goal sportswear offers fast turn time 2 weeks for a sublimated hoodie, rush order service is available.

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Strictly quality inspection before the package, and double quantities counts before the shipment.

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The production time is 12-13days after payment received & proof approved

Sublimated Pull Over hoodie

Goal sportswear sublimated pull over hoodie are made of heavy poly fleece, with kangaroo pocket and double layer hood.

Sublimated Zipper Up Hoodie

Goal sportswear sublimated zipper up hoodie are used YKK zippers, with 2 pockets, available with kids, youth and adult sizes.


Sublimated Sleeveless Hoodie

Goal Sportswear sublimated sleeveless hoodie are available with pullover style or zipper up style with hood..


Sublimated Sweatshirts

Goal sportswear sublimated sweatshirts are made by 100% polyester fleece, with crew round neck and knit ribbed cuff &hem.

Manufacturing Details of Your Sublimated Hoodie

Sublimated Hoodie Fabric

Heavy polyester fleece material keep you warm and comfortable.

Sublimated Hoodie Printing

Full sublimation printing ensures the color and design never wash out or peel.

YKK zippers
Sublimated Hoodie YKK zippers

We use the high-quality accessory YKK zippers to make you look good.

Sublimated Hoodie Stitching

We use high-quality thread to ensure the nice and neat stitching.


Why 1000+ Clients are Choosing Goal Sportswear

Designer Team

With more than 10 years experience of our designer team enable them very professional on design work and color matching and they can accurately produce the required template according to the size chart or customer needs or samples.

Sales Team

Goal Sportswear sales team provide the efficient communicated and reply service, your quote and email can be replied within 8 hours, real time reply of day time for online chat.

Production Team

An average of more than 10 years of experience in sewing production skilled workers ensures every piece of your sublimated hoodie completed on high-quality &efficiency standard.


Quality Control Team

Our strictly quality control ensure your custom sublimatedhoodieorders goes out with the competitive quality and correctly. we inspect every piece of size, quantity, name &number before the shipment send out. Fast response on after-sales.

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100% polyester fleece sublimation printing custom team hoodies
100% polyester fleece sublimation printing custom team hoodies
Custom made poly fleece sublimated printing pullover hoodies
Custom made poly fleece sublimated printing pullover hoodies
Custom made sublimation printing mens pro 1_4 zipper hoodies
Custom made sublimation printing mens pro 1_4 zipper hoodies
Custom wholesale sublimated printed mens team hoodies
Custom wholesale sublimated printed mens team hoodies
Dye sublimation custom design team hoodies with front pockets
Dye sublimation custom design team hoodies with front pockets
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom made 1_4 zipper hoodies
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom made 1_4 zipper hoodies
Full sublimation polyester custom design pullover hoodies
Full sublimation polyester custom design pullover hoodies
Pro quality Custom design sublimated printing full zipper hoodies
Pro quality Custom design sublimated printing full zipper hoodies
Sublimation high quality custom design youth 1_4 zipper hoodies
Sublimation high quality custom design youth 1_4 zipper hoodies
Wholesale high qualtiy sublimation custom made kids hoodies
Wholesale high qualtiy sublimation custom made kids hoodies
wholesale pro polyester custom sublimated printed team hoodies
Wholesale pro polyester custom sublimated printed team hoodies
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Custom Your Perfect Sublimated  Hoodie To Rocket Your Business

Goal sportswear is a professional manufacturer for sublimated hoodie.

The most common style is sublimated pull over hoodie and sublimated zipper up hoodie. We also do sublimated sweat shirts. Goal sportswear offer fast turn time 2 weeks for sublimated hoodie ,rush order service is available.

Goal sportswear sublimated hoodie are made with polyester fleece material, the fleece keep you warm and comfortable.

In Goal sportswear, you can create individual player name and number foryour sublimated hoodie. and we do super big size such as 6XL,7XL.etc. kids and youth sizes are available too.

Goal sportswear produce high quality sublimated hoodies, we use the full dye sublimation printing and Ykk zippers for it. The printing will never wash out, it makes you look good and keep warm. Get a instant quote for your sublimated team hoodie today!

Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies: The Ultimate Guide

This guide covers tips and tricks that will help you choose the best sublimated custom team hoodies.

Whether you want to learn about the benefits, design ideas, printing logos or checking quality – they are all here.

So, if you want to be an expert in sublimated team hoodies, this guide is for you.

Let’s get started.

Best Fabric for Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

When it comes to making sublimated custom team hoodies, the best material that you will use is polyester.

Polyester is the best material that you can use because it can withstand the high sublimation printing temperatures.

Apart from that, it will form clear and distinct prints, which will last as long as the durability of the polyester material.

Despite the fact that polyester gets stained quickly, it is elastic and will not deform quickly thus increasing the durability.

Team hoodies

 Team hoodies

Other materials that you can use in making custom team hoodies include:

· Cotton

It is the most common material due to the ability to prevent moisture and allow entry of fresh air into the shirt.

· Wool

Wool comes in handy with numerous features including elasticity and insulation.

· Nylon

Nylon is a perfect fabric which you can comfortably use in sublimation printing of sublimated custom team hoodies.

It is also capable of resisting stains, fungi, mildew, moulds, moisture and flame thus increasing durability.

You may also decide to use pure nylon or a combination of different fibers such as cotton and wool.

· Fleece

You can obtain this material for your custom team hoodies from hydrocarbon resins including polyethylene terephthalate.

How Sublimated Hoodies compare to Sublimated Sweat Shirts

Hooded sweatshirt

 Hooded sweatshirt

Sublimated custom hoodies are just different types of sweatshirts that have hoods.

Implying that sweatshirt are just the same with hoodies except for the fact that it does not have a hood.

Sublimated hoodies often feature muffs that are sewn on the front end as well as a drawstring for adjusting hood openings.

Apart from that, you can make both hoodies and sweatshirts using the same material under similar conditions.

How to Design your own Sublimated Hoodie

Designing a sublimated custom team hoodie, is a simple process that you can easily follow.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can design a sublimated custom team hoodie.

Designing sublimated custom hoodies

 Designing sublimated custom hoodies

1) Step One: Formulation of Ideas

First, you have to visualize the type of hoodie that you need in the mind.

You have to create a design with all the different types of prints and colors that you would like to have.

As you contemplate on the design, you should consider drawing it down on paper to make it more visible.

Ensure that you place everything intact including placing the prints in the right places for easy reference.

2) Step Two: Choosing a Design Template

At this point, you will choose a proper designing software that you can easily manipulate to give you the best results.

Using your computer designing software, you will go through the numerous hoodie design templates.

You will choose one that best fits your design and then begin the designing process.

3) Step Three: Inclusion of Design Features

With the design template in position, you will include all the design features to the template.

This includes juggling around with the coloring system until you come up with the best colors for your hoodie.

You must also include the logos and any other type of prints in the right positions of the hoodie design.

4) Step Four: Final Stage

In the final stage, you will preview the hoodie design with the help of another designer and make the necessary adjustments.

Finally, you will submit your design to your manufacturer for further processing.

Benefits of Dye-sublimation Custom Team Hoodies

Dye-sublimation custom hoodies will warm you up especially when you are working out in low temperature conditions.

Apart from that, you will experience numerous other benefits of using the custom dye-sublimation hoodies such as:

· Durability

Once you have your sublimated custom hoodie, you can use it for a very long time without experiencing wear and tear.

Implying that, sublimated hoodies last longer due to the high quality of polyester material as well as sublimation prints.

Sublimation ink fuses directly into the polyester material thus reducing the chances of fading, peeling or cracking.

· Comfortable

Sublimated custom team hoodies materials are very comfortable for you to wear when doing your exercises.

Since the prints do not peel off, or crack, you will not have cuts or bruises on your skin thus increasing comfort.

· Cheap to Produce

The cost of producing custom sublimated team hoodies is low and you will pay less especially for minimum orders.

The cost of sublimation printing is also low as you will only require one screen and minimal labor to produce.

Advantages of Wearing Sublimated Team Hoodies

You will wear a hoodie for one reason or another depending on how it fits your applications.

Here are the advantages that you will experience when you putting on a hoodie.

Wearing hoodies

Wearing hoodies – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

· Numerous Designs and Styles

You can come up with your own design or choose from the numerous styles and designs of hoodies available.

· Extreme Comfort

You will experience extreme comfort due to materials that you use in making hoodies such as cotton or polyester blends.

It feels good against the skin and it is light in weight thus giving you more room to flex and be comfortable in it.

· Great Choice for Men and Women

Just like other types of clothing items, you will find hoodies for both women as well as men.

Apart from that, there are hoodies for all age groups including kids as well as the youth.

Hoodies are also interchangeable as women can put on men hoodies and men can put on women hoodies.

Despite that, men and women do have their personal preferences which is also available for them to explore.

· Perfect for Exercising

It is the perfect clothing for exercises especially in the chilly morning weather as you keep warm but not extremely warm.

Hoodies will fit you comfortably and loosely thus giving you maximum room to flex and move around.

· Perfect for Different Weather Conditions

You can use hoodies all year long irrespective of the weather conditions that transpire during that period.

The materials for making hoodies are neither too thin or thick thus making them more comfortable for different weather conditions.

Due to versatility in the color scheme, you can put on dark hoodies in cold weather and brighter colors in warm weather.

Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies Styles and Designs

You can choose from the numerous designs and styles of sublimated custom team hoodies available.

Here are the main designs and styles that you can choose from.

· Sleeveless Sublimated Custom Hoodie

Sleeve less hoodie

Sleeveless hoodie

This hoodie design has all the features of a normal hoodie except for the fact that it does not have sleeves.

It is the best type of hoodie that you can put on during warm weather conditions as it allows more breathing space.

You can include any color or print design on the sleeveless sublimated hoodie to meet your custom specifications.

· Custom Team Long Sleeve Hoodie

Long sleeve hoodie

 Long sleeve hoodie

This type of hoodie has long sleeves that extends all the way to the wrist of your hands.

It is warmer and more comfortable to put on in the chilly or cold weather as it protects the hands.

· Over the Head Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

This is a type of hoodie that does not have zippers or buttons and you will wear it over your head hence the name.

They are more comfortable due to the fact that they are a little bit thicker hence warmer.

Over the head hoodie

Over the head hoodie

You will put it on in more informal settings and do not involve many decorations even though you ca customize them.

· Polo Sublimated Team Hoodies

You will put on a polo sublimated team hoodie when you are looking for elegance and comfort at the same time.

It has the polo emblem on the front which gives it the necessary ambiance to the overall look and feel.

It can either be in the form of pullover a hoodie or a zippered hoodie depending on your preference.

Polo hoodie

 Polo hoodie

· Slim Fit Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

Slim fit hoodie

Slim fit hoodie

Slim fit hoodies are the type of hoodies that will fit your body perfectly at all angles of the body no matter the type.

Materials for making slim fit hoodies are less elastane with a little more grip at the bottom of the hoodie and sleeves.

It hugs the body giving you a lighter feel and allowing you maximum flexibility especially when you are working out.

· Zip Up Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

This type of hoodie features a zipper that you can zip up at any length provided it fits your preference.

These features make it the most convenient type of hoodie for different weather conditions such as summer or winter.

You may also choose this type of hoodie with different types of zippers such as thick, thin or quarter zippers.

Zip up hoodie

 Zip up hoodie

· Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies with Fur

This type of hoodie has a layer of high-quality fur around the hoodie thus making you warm during the cold season.

You will also look as stylish and attractive in this kind of hoodie as it comes in a variety of shades and designs.

The fur usually covers the neck and the hoodie region thus giving it maximum comfort and warmth.

Hoodie with fur

 Hoodie with fur

· Pullover Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

This type of hoodies does not have a zipper and you will put it on or take it off by pulling it over your head.

There are numerous designs and styles of pull over hoodies that will fit your custom pull over hoodie preferences.

Apart from the above, you can also choose a hoodie depending on the classification in terms of function.

Here you can choose depending on the purpose with sublimated custom team hoodies such as:

  • Skating Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies
  • Baseball Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies
  • Rugby Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies
  • Running Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies
  • Softball Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies
  • Football Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

What’s more, there are popular designs that you can use to classify the type of custom sublimated hoodie you need.

Here you can choose from different design labels such as:

  • Skull Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies
  • Polo Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

CharacteristicsCustom Embroidered Team Hoodies

Custom embroidered team hoodies are the type of hoodies where specific logos are embroidered onto the hoodie.

It involves carefully sewing the logo onto the hoodies with a strong thread.

For instance, the polo logo on the polo sublimated custom hoodie is an embroidered type of hoodie.

How Screen-Printed Hoodies compare to Dye-sublimation Hoodies

Screen-printed hoodies and sublimated hoodies are the most common types of custom hoodies you can choose from.

Implying that when you want to choose a printing method, you will have to choose between the two types.

Here is how a screen-printed hoodie compares to a dye-sublimation hoodie.

i. Type of Material

Screen-printed hoodies are available in different materials such as cotton, nylon, or polyester among other types.

Dye sublimated hoodies are available in specific types of materials such as polyester or polyester blends.

This is because the dye sublimation process involves high temperatures that certain materials cannot withstand.

ii. Cost of Hoodies

In this case, the cost will vary in terms of the quantity of hoodies that you need.

Screen-printed hoodies are cheaper when you purchase them on a larger scale than dye sublimated hoodies.

Dye sublimated hoodies are cheaper when it comes to printing minimal orders of hoodies.

It is the reason why there are no minimum order requirements for dye sublimation hoodies.

iii. Comfort

Dye Sublimated hoodies and screen-printed hoodies are extremely comforted when they are in good condition.

Screen-printed hoodies, however, do not exhibit the same type of conforming especially when the prints crack or peel off.

It might cause a lot of discomfort as it might scratch and cause injuries and bruises to your skin.

iv. Durability

Well, both screen-printed and dye-sublimated jerseys are durable if you take good care of them.

However, dye sublimated jerseys have more durable prints that will not crack, fade, or peel off.

Screen-printed jerseys usually experience fading, peeling and cracking of the prints after a long period of use.

Adding Logos and Graphics on Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

When you are designing a custom sublimated hoodie, you must include the logos and graphics at that stage.

After choosing the design and the template of the type of hoodie you need, you must add the graphics and logos.

There are plenty of graphics and logos that you can choose from online in different stock logo libraries.

Apart from that, you can also come up with your own logo and graphics by sketching one up on paper.

After that, you will use a designing software on your computer to make the logos and graphics.

You will select and add the type of graphics or logos that you need and add them to the hoodie design.

You have to adhere to the sizing specifications in order to get them right.

Finally, you will print the whole design on transfer paper before sublimation printing on the hoodie fabric.

Alternatively, you can use an embroidery machine to add the logos on the sublimated custom team hoodies.

How to Choose Color for Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

When choosing the right color for your sublimated custom team hoodie, you must take some factors under consideration.

Here are some of the factors that will influence your choice of colors for your custom sublimated hoodie.

Sublimated team hoodies

Sublimated team hoodies

· Gender

Women are more accustomed to brighter colors in comparison to men who like darker colors.

Implying that you should choose brighter colors when making sublimated custom team hoodies for women.

There are instances where either gender might prefer the color of the opposite gender but that is purely custom.

· Weather

In respect to the weather, most people tend to have brighter colors for warm weather and dull for cold weather.

Bright colors tend to reflect heat away thus making it suitable for warm weather.

Dark colors are better for cold weather since it absorbs more heat thus making you warmer.

· Team Theme

Despite the above conditions, you should also adhere to the theme of your team in color selection.

In case the theme color of your team is purple and gold then you must play within the confines of that.

You must also take note of the boldness of the color scheme by choosing the color to make bold.

Features to Look for when Buying Sublimated Custom Hoodies

When buying sublimated custom hoodies, there are specific features that you need to look at.

Here are the features that a complete sublimated custom team hoodie must have.

1. Drawstrings

You must confirm that the hoodie has drawstrings around the neck and the hood area.

The drawstrings will ensure that the hoodie fits you well in the most comfortable manner.

You can adjust the drawstrings tight enough to prevent the entry of snow or rain inside your hoodie.

2. Grip of the Hoodie

The grip of the hoodie you are looking for can either be tight or loose at the bottom of the hoodie or sleeves.

You will make a choice depending on personal tests even though most of them have both fitting styles.

3. Pockets of the Hoodie

Sublimated custom team hoodies came with or without pockets according to your personal preference.

You have the freedom to choose where you will place the pockets and the number of pockets that you need.

It can either be on the upper area, lower part, back or front of the hoodie with various designs.

4. Reflective Tapes

You will choose a hoodie with reflective tape around it especially when you will use it in the dark.

The reflective tape will improve your visibility and other road users will be able to see you well.

5. Shiny Bling and Images

You can also include shiny 3D like images on the hoodie which make your imagination come alive.

Apart from that, you can also decide to include bling on your hoodie to make it as stylish as you feel.

6. Logos

You might prefer purchasing designer hoodies with special logos on them.

In that case, you will make sure that it has the logo of the designer you are purchasing it from.

For instance, you must ensure that the hoodie as an embroidered polo logo in case you are purchasing a polo hoodie.

Factors Determining Cost of Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

You will pay a certain amount of money when purchasing hoodies according to a number of factors.

Some of the factors that will affect the amount of money that you will part with include:

· Quality of Sublimated Custom Team Hoodie

The best quality of sublimated custom team hoodies is often the most expensive.

You will pay high prices for high quality hoodies because of high quality materials for making them.

· Quantity of Sublimated Custom Team Hoodie

In this case, the more sublimated custom team hoodies you purchase, the more money you will pay.

You might as well benefit from the economies of scale if you purchase sublimated custom team hoodies in bulk.

· Material of Sublimated Custom Team Hoodie

The higher the quality of the material, the higher the amount of money you will part with.

· Design of Sublimated Custom Team Hoodie

There are specific designs of sublimated custom team hoodies that are more expensive than others.

This will also affect the brand of the hoodie you are looking for as certain brands are costly.

· Authenticity of Sublimated Custom Team Hoodie

You have to know that fake sublimated hoodies are cheaper than the original type of hoodie.

This is because the fake hoodie manufacturers use substandard materials in making the hoodies.

Benefits of Importing Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies from China

China offers the best types of hoodies and other services that will appeal to you.

Here are the main reasons that should compel you to look at china as your importing destination.

· Low Cost of Production

The cost of manufacturing sublimated custom team jackets is low due to the low cost of inputs.

The inputs for making sublimated custom team hoodies are also readily available with low cost of labor.

· High Quality Products

Despite the low cost of products, you will get very high quality custom sublimated hoodies with the best materials.

· Versatility of Products

You will also have the chance of choosing from the wide variety of products available in China.

You can get the best custom sublimated team hoodies that will fit your budget accordingly.

·  Flexible Services

You will also get the best services from China in terms of flexible delivery time and design assistance.

They will also make sure that you get the right quantity of goods due to their thorough inspection routine.

How to get Best Prices for Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies in China

You can get the bets prices for sublimated custom team hoodies in China through proper outsourcing information.

This includes doing a proper study on the different manufacturing companies and requesting for quotations.

You will compare the quotations and match them with the kind of services that they offer.

In the long run, you should consider the company that will offer the best services at the most affordable rates.

Checking Quality of Custom Sublimated Hoodies

As soon as you receive a sample of the sublimated custom team hoodie, you must check the quality.

Here are the main features that you will pay very close attention to.

Custom sublimated hoodie

 Custom sublimated hoodie

· Quality of Material

You will look at the type of material in use and ensure it matches the quality of the material you need.

It has to meet the highest quality specifications as possible.

· Stitching Technique

There are numerous stitching techniques that you can choose from.

You should confirm with your manufacturer and agree on the best stitching technique for your custom sublimated hoodie.

· Type or Quality of Stitching Thread

Apart from the stitching technique, you must ensure that you have the best stitching thread.

It has to be strong enough to hold all the pieces of the sublimated custom team hoodie in place.

· Design Specifications

You must also confirm that the manufacturer was making the custom sublimated hoodie according to specific details.

You will compare all the details according to the design details which you had provided.

· Quality of Prints and Colors

You should make sure that the colors and the prints of the design are also as visible as possible.

Apart from that, you should look at the printing and color details to ascertain that they are in order.

Uses of Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

You will use sublimated custom hoodies for a number of different purposes.

Generally, you will put on hoodies to help in the retention of heat within your body and keep you warm.

Here are the applications where you will need sublimated custom team hoodies.

· Exercising

Whenever you are exercising in chilly weather, you will need a sublimated hoodie to keep your warm.

This includes exercises such as running on tracks or training on the pitch.

· Warm-Up Sessions

You will also use a hoodie, when you are warming up to play in chilly weather conditions.

· Travelling

You can also put on a hoodie for your daily activities such as travelling around among other functions.

How to Manufacture Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

You can manufacture your custom sublimated team hoodie by going through the following simple steps.

Step One: Designing Stage

First, you will come up with a proper design of the sublimated custom team hoodie.

Make sure that you include all the details including proper sizing details for proper manufacturing.

Step Two: Transfer to Transfer Paper

After that, you will transfer your design to transfer paper using a printer.

Make sure that the color scheme on the transfer paper is of the highest quality from proper visibility.

You can use KIAN ink which is water proof and produces proper prints.

Step Three: Actual Sublimation Printing

Position the transfer paper directly above the pieces of fabric that you would like to print on.

Make sure that you get the sizing right and do not miss any point when you are printing.

After that, you will place the transfer paper on the fabric and then apply heat and pressure.

You will apply about 400 degrees centigrade of heat for about 30 seconds using the sublimation printer.

During this period, the ink will melt and turn into gas which fuses directly into the polyester fabric.

It will form a lasting print on the fabric which you should allow to cure for a while.

Step Four: Cutting and Stitching

Lastly, you will cut all the pieces apart and then stitch them at the right point to make a complete hoodie.

Do not forget to include the pockets, zippers and buttons as well as the drawstrings.

You must also include an embroidery logo or names if need be

Choosing Zipper Types for Custom Sublimated Hoodies

Hoodie with zipper

Hoodie with zipper

You can either decide to have a full zipper running from the neck to the waist or a quarter zipper.

A quarter zipper runs from the chest area to the neck of the hoodie.

Despite the size of the length of the hoodie, there are different types of hoodies that you can choose from.

Here are the main types of zippers that you can choose from:

  • Closed Bottom zippers
  • Separating Zippers
  • Coil Zippers
  • Molded Plastic Zippers
  • Metal Zippers
  • Invisible Zippers

How Custom Sublimated Hoodie with Button compare to Hoodies with Zipper?

Hoodie with button

Hoodie with button

In this case custom sublimated hoodies can either have buttons or zippers.

The buttons and the zippers differ in terms of sizes, number, and styles.

You can also have a hoodie that has both buttons and zippers.

Custom sublimated hoodies with zippers vary in terms of length and type of zippers.

You can either have the quarter length or full-length zippers for your custom sublimated hoodie.

The number of buttons in custom sublimated hoodies also varies depending on your hoodie design.

How to Size Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

You can size sublimated custom team hoodies according to the size of the team members.

In that case, you will have to take measurements of the following:

  • Shoulder length of the hoodie from one shoulder to the outer
  • Circumference of the neck with proper allowance
  • Length of the hoodie from the shoulder all the way to the waist
  • Chest of the hoodie.

Parts of Custom Team Hoodies

Parts of hoodie

 Parts of hoodie

A complete hoodie must have specific parts which include:

  • Cuff and Waistbands

You can either have a tight or a loose cuff or waistband according to your preference.

  • Elbow Pads

You will include an elbow pad on the hoodie to protect you from uncertain injuries.

  • Zippers or Buttons

These features allow you to restrict or allow the flow of air in and out of the body depending on the weather conditions.

  • Shoulder Panels

The shoulder panels will give the sublimated hoodie the right shape and increases its durability.

  • Draw code or string

You can adjust the draw codes or string accordingly to allow or restrict the free movement of air.

  • Hoodie

This is the part that will cover your head to keep you warm and dry.

  • Internal Herringbone tape

It varies in size according to the size of the sublimated custom team hoodie.

  • Logos

You will include a logo by either printing or embroidery on the sublimated custom team hoodies.

  • Prints or Graphics

You will also include graphics and print designs of different shapes, colors and sizes to fit within the hoodie material.

  • Sleeves

Sublimated hoodies can either have long, short or no sleeves at all depending on the type of hoodie you choose.

  • Pockets

Your sublimated hood can either have or miss pockets on different parts of the hoodie depending on your preferences.

How to Clean and Care for Sublimated Hoodies

You should take good care of your custom sublimated hoodie for it to last longer.

The mode of cleaning will depend on the type of material for the sublimated custom hoodies.

Implying that the type of material will dictate the type of detergent that you will use in the cleaning process.

In that case, you have to make sure that you do not use strong detergents that will bleach and fade the colors.

You will soak the hoodie and machine wash it using cold water.

After that, you must rinse it thoroughly to remove all the soap and detergent within the hoodie fabric.

After that, you can either tumble dry it under low heat or on a line away from direct sunlight.

Sublimated Team Jersey to Wear with Sublimated Custom Team Hoodies

Wearing hoodie and t shirt

Wearing hoodie and T-shirt

You can put on different sublimated team jerseys with the sublimated custom team hoodie.

Here are some of the sublimated team jerseys that you can put on with sublimated hoodies.

Benefits of Unisex Custom Sublimated Hoodies

You can choose to put on unisex custom sublimated hoodies without worrying about gender.

Both men and women can put on unisex custom sublimated hoodies to keep them warm at various instances.

They often come in uniform colors and designs which a woman or a man can comfortably dress in.

Difference between Men Sublimated Hoodies and Women Sublimated Hoodies

Men sublimated hoodies and women sublimated hoodies differ in terms of size and color.

Women prefer to put on brighter colors for their sublimated team hoodies.

Men sublimated team hoodies are often available in more dark colors which men often prefer.

Apart from that, the design of the women sublimated hoodies take the shape of the women’s physique.

It is often wider towards the chest and waist as it gives room for women’s hips and breasts.

Men often have broader shoulders that manufacturers design hoodies with broader shoulders foe men.

History of Hoodies

The idea of having a hoodie came from the idea of an English hat hence the name hoodie.

The ancient users of the hoodie were the monks in the Medieval Europe.

It has gone through a series of developments and uses in different countries to a point where it is universal.

With the information in this guide, you should be able to choose the right sublimated custom team hoodies.

And in case you find it difficult to make a decision, Goal Sportswear Team is here to help.

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