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  • authentic blend of lifestyle and performance
  • made from 100% polyester
  • loose fit for an oversized and roomy feel

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More than 500 Sublimated Basketball Shorts Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

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Wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed basketball shorts
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Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom basketball shorts
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High school custom design sublimated reversible basketball shorts
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Full dye sublimation wholesale custom basketball shorts
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Dye sublimation custom design team basketball shorts
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Custom wholesale sublimated printed basketball shorts
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Custom made sublimated printing collgeg basketball shorts
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100% polyester sublimation mens custom basketball shorts

Make Goal Sportswear as Your Trusted Supplier and Manufacturer of Sublimated Basketball Shorts

Through Goal Sportswear’s sublimated basketball shorts, players can move freely and feel comfortable. Choose to buy your bulk order of sublimated basketball shorts at Goal Sportswear. We are an expert manufacturer who customize basketball shorts with professional quality. We will help you select the best quality basketball shorts that suits your needs. Aside from that, fastest delivery of your order is offered by Goal Sportswear.

As an expert, Goal Sportswear can customize your sublimated basketball shorts with team design, logo, and more making it really your own. All sizes from men, women, or youth are available at Goal Sportswear. We always make sure Goal Sportswear sublimated basketball shorts will suit your needs!

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Choose Goal Sportswear Sublimated Basketball Shorts to Skyrocket Your Business

In China, Goal Sportswear is a popular manufacturer of sublimated uniforms. As a professional sublimated uniforms manufacturer, we can offer a high-quality sublimated basketball short.

We manufacture an authentic blend of lifestyle and performance sublimated basketball shorts. Goal Sportswear is an expert in manufacturing most types of sublimated basketball shorts.

Goal Sportswear sublimated basketball short comes with wide variety of sizes. We have sizes for kids, adults and plus-size. We manufacture basketball shorts for men, women and children.

Our basketball short also comes in different colors. We have white, red, blue, black, orange, yellow, a combination and more. We manufacture basketball shorts made from sweat-wicking and breathable fabric.

We used 100% polyester in manufacturing our sublimated basketball shorts. Our basketball shorts are knee-length. It features premium details such as zip utility pockets to hold your valuables.

Goal Sportswear’s sublimated basketball shorts is incorporated with Dri-Fit technology that helps in staying comfortable and dry. For style and comfort, we manufacture our sublimated basketball shorts with front-exit drawcord striped waistband.

Aside from that, our basketball shorts are loose fit for an oversized and roomy feel. It also has a high-visibility trim and boldly expressive graphic for an authentic style.

Our sublimated basketball shorts also have lightweight knit fabric for a maximum performance comfort. It has a supple and soft feel for an additional breathability.

Through our extensive lines of advanced production machines, Goal Sportswear can surely suffice your sublimated basketball shorts needs.

Due to our latest sublimation machine, you can assure that your uniforms will not fade, crack or peel. This also allows clarity to your designs and logos. If you are looking for a high-quality sublimated basketball shorts, don’t forget to consider Goal Sportswear!

Moreover, we designed fully sublimated basketball shorts for your entire team. In fact, we can add your team’s logo, number and names of the players. Goal Sportswear is your team’s number 1 manufacturer of sublimated basketball shorts!

Goal Sportswear is also an expert manufacturer of sublimated basketball jerseys, sublimated volleyball jerseys, subliminal jerseys, and more. All of Goal Sportswear’s sublimated uniforms will satisfy your needs!

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Sublimated Basketball Shorts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn about the benefits, printing technology, design, verifying quality and types of sublimated basketball shorts.

So, before you import these sublimated basketball jerseys from China, read this guide.

What are the Benefits of Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

Sublimation is a renowned printing technique that is so much prevalent amongst manufacturers and buyers at equal measures.

Below are the benefits of having your basketball shorts sublimated:

Sublimated basketball short

Sublimated basketball short

They are durable: the printing technique makes the design elements get embedded in the short fabric forming a single entity with the material.

Ultimately, the details never quickly disintegrate, even with frequent use.

Cost-effective; decorating the shorts is very economical.

With sublimation, you may include several logos, design, and graphic images without any extra expenditure.

Consequently, you can obtain a finely decorated short at lower prices.

They are light and breathable; sublimated shorts are quite lightweight compared to apparel printed with other techniques such as sewn decorations.

Additionally, the process leaves the fabric poresexpansive and open, ensuring free air circulation.

They come in a variety of colors and designs; the sublimated shorts come in possibly any combination of colors you need. No matter the color range and models, the sublimated shorts have them all.

Quality fabric; sublimation printing is only feasible with a poly-type material.

Fortunately, such structure, together with the range of finishes, including dry-fit micromesh and interlock fabric, are among the best.

They have no restrictions for re-orders; after receiving your initial order quantity, the corresponding re-orders have no pre-set limits whatsoever.

What are the Features of Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

Some of the main features include the following:

Lightweight and durability; despite being large and extensive, most of the sublimated basketball shorts are quite light and therefore do not weight down the players.

The shorts fabric is light.

Regardless of the weight, you can still use the short frequently for a long duration without them depreciating in quality.

Moisture management fabric; the fabric of the sublimated shorts are good moisture managers; it wicks away sweat leaving you dry and comfortable.

Even under rainy weather, the material does not get damped.

Instead, they exhibit a high degree of water resistance.

Breathability and comfy; even with the basketball shorts, you still require one that allows free air circulation in and out of the body.

With dry-fit technology, the shorts will definitely maintain your freshness while keeping you comfortable.

Trendy designs; sublimated basketball shorts come in all sorts of fashionable styles and trends that would blend well with your team’s spirit and ego.

With the shorts, you will not only improve your performance but also enhance your confidence.

Unrestrained,: you will definitely like the ease at which the short allows you to shoot and pass the ball during gaming.

The sublimated basketball shorts are flexible and elastic, thus according to you free movement.

What is Sublimated Replica Basketball Short?

The replica shorts are counterfeit or mock-up designs of the authentic jerseys.

You would notice the replica shorts by verifying and confirming a few aspects, including color, graphic images, and fabric.

A phony short would have faint or dull images with irregular colors and substandard materials.

Again, such jerseys are always cheap and usually flaunted online by irregular suppliers.

They are as well available in sham stores, so keep watch.

What is Sublimated Authentic Basketball Short?

Custom sublimated basketball short

Custom sublimated basketball short

The authentic shorts are original designs from reliable and approved shops or stores.

They are usually dedicated to selling by the actual custodians in case of the brand shorts.

The authentic shorts may be high priced but are of top quality driven from pure quality fabrics and skillfully manufactured.

The graphic images, numbers, and colors of the authentic shorts are aesthetically appealing and very flawless.

How Do the Authentic and Replica Sublimated Basketball Shorts Compare?

Well, both the sets of basketball shorts serve a similar purpose–for basketball gaming.

However, the difference between the two sets lies in their originality.

The authentic shorts are of pure and approved quality by statutory bodies and corporations.

Whereas, the replica shorts are mock-up or unapproved designs sold and distributed by fraudulently.

To get value for your money, always select the authentic shorts despite their hiked prices.

They will ultimately serve you and accord you maximum benefits with highly peaked performance.

How Do You Design Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

You can always design the custom sublimated basketball shorts quite efficiently and promptly; you only need to follow the below procedure.

Step One: Select your Preferred Manufacturer

You initially have to make sure that you specifically engage a verified manufacturer.

To do that, you should verify the authenticity of the quality certifications displayed by the manufacturer.

Still, you may consider customer reviews and referrals from friends and associates.

Step Two: Specify the Type of Short

Next, pick your correct type of short.

Here you should specify the gender and authenticity.

Your options are, however, minimal here because you have to decide between the women, men, unisex, or youth type shorts.

Step Three: Determine the Colors

You initially have to specify the primary color for short before choosing other secondary colors.

For team uniforms, then the colors should be corresponding amongst each other, whereas you can select your preferred colors for the individual styles.

Step Four: Choose a Design Template

Peruse through the showcased manufacturers templates and pick the right one for you.

Always consider the styles of the shorts when deciding.

Step Five: Edit the Template

Incorporate the more delicate details into your templates according to your specifications, including panels, fabric, colors, etc.

After that, include the design elements as you need.

Step Six: Validate and Submit

Verify the details, then submit the whole design to the manufacturer for approval and implementation.

How Can You Decorate Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

Basketball players

Basketball players

Whenever you are designing the custom sublimated basketball shorts, you should be wary of the whole process.

Failure to do the decoration right may ultimately lead to the discrediting of the short forthwith.

Consequently, to get it all right, you have to consider and evaluate the design rules imposed by your league associations.

Nevertheless, the following are specific design rules and protocols.

  • A team should have two sets of jerseys; home uniform(short) and away uniform(short). So that during play, the home team to wear white or bright shade uniform while the away team dorn a dark shade one.
  • The designs, color, and styles for the team shorts must be consistent.
  • You should print the numbers at the front panels, which in turn has to be consistent with the jersey number.
  • Consider the pre-determined length of the short. For example, NBA restricts the shorts from extending more than 1 inch beneath the knee.

Which is the Best Fabric for Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

Polyester material remains the ultimate choice for fabricating sublimated basketball shorts.

That is so because of the following reasons:

  • Polyester is breathable and considerably light.
  • It has got an excellent moisture management feature, thus consistently exhibits dry performance.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It is very comfortable such that it suits even the players with sensitive skin.

Apart from polyester, you may resort to incorporate the spandex material in the component to result in polyester-spandex fabric.

The spandex fabric has got excellent stretchability, therefore suitable in case you need your short of exhibiting some degree of elasticity.

Finally, to optimize the performance of the fabric, you may opt to incorporate a stretch mesh or wicking mesh altogether.

Which Colors are Available for Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

Remember, with the sublimation printing technique; you have unlimited options for color choice.

You can manipulate the color choices for your shirts by including a variety of mixed colors.

However, you should ensure that the colors are appealing, clear, and distinct.

For example, the primary color of the short should sufficiently blend with the colors for imprinting the graphics.

Precisely the primary color of blue would blend perfectly with white graphics.

In summary, always inquire about the provisional colors from your manufacturer then select your perfect combination.

How Do You Size Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

Reversible basketball shorts

Reversible sublimated basketball shorts

Sizing the basketball short is quite a simple process yet very critical.

Below is a summary of a guideline how you should undertake the sizing:

Basically, for a basketball short to fit you perfectly, you have to take into consideration the sizes of your waist, legs(inseam), and hips.

Besides, you may also choose between long and short sizes.

Now to measure the sizes of your waist and hips, you would need a tape measure.

Alternatively, you may require a piece of string and a ruler.

For the waist: using the apparatus measure the narrowest part (smallest part of the back joined with the part your body bends sideways)of the waist.

Remember to keep the tape horizontally.

Hips, with the available apparatus, measure around the fullest section of the hips.

Again place the tape horizontally.

Inseam: determine the measurement of the top of your innermost leg area to the lowermost section of the leg.

Despite doing all that in case you encounter problems such as partial sizes, then; pick the smaller size if you need a tight fit or a bigger size for a looser fit.

Still, in case you find that the measurements for your waist and hips corresponding to two distinct sizes, then order the size that corresponds to your hip size.

Moreover, check the sizing chart that correlates to the women, men, and youth according to your order.

Nevertheless, a typical sizing chart would incorporate sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Which Styles of Sublimated Basketball Shorts Can I Choose?

Some of the main styles you can consider include:

· Stock

The stock styles are ready to wear and available in a variety of places and shopping centers.

You simply buy and wear them without any stress.

The stock apparels are mostly from global brands and manufacturers.

These shorts are affordable and equally stylish.

· Custom

The custom shorts are the apparels that you buy when blank then personalize them to meet your specifications.

Include your graphics, numbers, colors, and logos with the custom apparel.

Besides, you will be in charge of the whole designing process.

However, you will part with more money to acquire the custom shorts compared to the stock styles.

Reversible; Get the extreme flexibility of swiftly interchanging between home and away colors with a single reversible basketball short.

The reversible style will suit you if you run a tight budget.

Liners, kthe shorts with the liners provide additional support and effective moisture management so that you may forgo wearing underwear.

Elastic Waistband; the shorts with the elastic waistband allows you to fit them no matter your waist size.

It accurately fit you just the way you need it.

Drawstrings; with the drawstring styles, you can easily adjust the short’s waist size to fit you perfectly.

Pockets; the sublimated basketball shorts may also incorporate the side pockets.

Which Sports Apparel do You Wear Alongside Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

The following are some of the sports apparel you may fit with the sublimated basketball shorts: Basketball hoodies, basketball jackets, basketball shirts, basketball wristbands, headbands, and hats.

What is the Pricing of the Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

Sublimated basketball shorts

Sublimated basketball shorts

You definitely would not find a fixed price for the sublimated basketball shorts.

That is so due to the determinant factors such as:

Styles; reversible, custom, stock styles of the sublimated basketball shorts all have a different range of prices.

All the styles, in turn, have got distinct features that separately amass varying costs.

Authenticity; the sublimated shorts also attracts different prices depending on the authenticity of the shorts.

The replicate jerseys cost less while the original ones have higher rates.

Cut; women, men, and junior sublimated basketball shorts all have varied price ranges.

Add-ons; you would pay more if you require additional features such as anti-microbial features.

How do Stock and Custom Sublimated Basketball Shorts Compare?

Even though the two sets of shorts designs share a similar purpose, they are very distinct.

With the stock styles, you only need to select what suits you from several categories; then you can readily wear them.

Meanwhile, you will have to design the custom styles to match your specifications and tastes.

Additionally, stock styles have lower prices compared to custom styles.

In conclusion, stock and custom sublimated basketball shorts are very dissimilar.

Which Stitching Techniques Suits the Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

The fabrication of a superior quality sublimated basketball short usually utilizes a combination of stitching techniques.

And that is helpful since different parts of the basketball short may require distinct adaptability and performance.

For instance, the pockets, waists, side panels, amongst others, may allow requiring different types of stitching.

Therefore, the effective stitching techniques for sublimated basketball short include

Flatlock Stitching; provides minimum abrasion with the most robust possible stitch. Suitable for sections that stretch during movement and wearing.

Reverse Cover-stitch; though the stitch resembles a flatlock stitch, it is bulkier and suitable for stitching bases of the shorts.

Zigzag Stitch; it is also appropriate for stitching stretching seams and hems of the sublimated basketball shorts.

Sewn construction suitable for the side panels.

What is the Difference Between Women and Men Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

The difference between the two sets of shorts differs regarding the physique and physiological performances of every gender.

Men’ssublimated basketball shorts: They fit the male body. They usually have got longer inseam compared to the women type shorts.

The liner or brief of the shorts provides additional support to the groin, thus reducing the need for underwear or jockstrap.

Women’s sublimated basketball shorts: they display the female body frame.

They typically showcase the wearer’s waist, thighs, and hips, thereby giving an appropriate fit and comfortability.

Also, the inseam is shorter to consider players with short legs.

Besides, the shorts accord little spacing around the groin area.

How Do You Verify the Authenticity of Sublimated Basketball Shorts?

As we earlier stated, sublimated basketball shorts come in replica and authentic types.

To determine if the sportswear is authentic, you only have to observe the following:

Material/ Fabric; the polyester fabric is the ultimate choice, and thus, a quality short would utilize the same fabric.

Pricing; authentic basketball shorts are quite expensive due to the involved quality.

However, you still have to engage approved manufacturers.

Stitching; check whether the stitch types are integral ones such as flatlock, cover-stitch, and zigzag.

Graphic Images and Elements; all the design elements together with the visual images, should be clear and defined.

Again, they should form an imprint on the fabric.

Manufacturer’s Credentials,an approved and authorized manufacturer, will consequently fabricate authentic items.

In short, once you consider everything in this guide, you can easily choose the best sublimated basketball shorts for your team.

At Goal Sportswear, we strive to give you high quality sublimated basketball jerseys.

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