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Goal sportswear is a premium manufacturer in China for custom sublimated polo shirts. we can custom any type of sublimated polo shirt for all kinds of sports teams and clubs.

Whatever for racing team polo shirts, rugby polo shirts, fishing polo shirts or sports polo shirts, etc. Get a quick quote for your new sublimated polo shirts order now!

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Sublimated Racing Polo Shirts

Goal sportswear sublimated racing polo shirts are available with 1/4 zipper polo and 3 buttons polo cut for your racing option.

Sublimated Rugby Polo Shirts

Goal sportswear sublimated rugby polo shirts are made of 100% light weight pro polyester material, it available with adults and youth sizes.


Sublimated Fishing Polo Shirts

Goal Sportswear sublimated fishing polo shirts are made with 100% micro moisture polyester with stand up collar or 3 buttons polo cut.

Sublimated dart Polo Shirts

Goal sportswear sublimated dart polo shirts are made by 100% polyester, lightweight and quick dry. It suitable for outdoor sports and competition uses.


Manufacturing Details of Your Sublimated Polo Shirts

Sublimated Polo Shirts Fabric

100% dry fit polyester material with different weights for your options.


Sublimated Polo Shirts Printing

Full dye sublimation printing allow you go wild imagination on the design and colors.

Sublimated Polo Shirts Buttons

We also provide high quality colorful buttons match to your sublimated polo shirts color.

Sublimated Polo Shirts Stitching

Nice and neat stitching with high-quality thread

Why 1000+ Clients are Choosing Goal Sportswear

Designer Team

With more than 10 years experience of our designer team enable them very professional on design work and color matching and they can accurately produce the required template according to the size chart or customer needs or samples.


Sales Team

Goal Sportswear sales team provide the efficient communicated and reply service, your quote and email can be replied within 8 hours, real time reply of day time for online chat.

Production Team

A average of more than 10 years experience in sewing production skilled workers ensure every piece of your sublimated polo shirts completed on high quality &efficiency standard.

Quality Control Team

Our strictly quality control ensure your custom sublimated polo shirts orders goes out with the competitive quality and correctly. we inspect every piece of size, quantity, name &number before the shipment send out. Fast response on after-sales.


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Custom Your Perfect Sublimated Polo shirts to Rocket Your Business

Goal sportswear is a premium manufacturer in China for custom sublimated polo shirts. We can custom any type of sublimated polo shirts for all kinds of sports team and clubs.

whatever for racing team polo shirts, rugby polo shirts, fishing polo shirts or sports polo shirts etc.

Goal sportswear sublimated polo shirts are custom made with your own specs and style exactly, which means you can provide your own size chart to make it or use our factory size chart, we use US standard size chart for sublimated polo shirts.

You can create your own label and tags for sublimated polo shirts, includingsublimated inside neck tags,custom woven labels and hang tags. We also provide high quality colorful buttons match to your sublimated polo shirts color.

Goal sportswear sublimated polo shirts are available for mens, womens and kids sizes, with short sleeve and long sleeve cut, and 1/4 zipper collar is available too.

Goal sportswear sublimated polo shirts are made of pro polyester with fast turnaround time..

Get a quick quote for your new sublimated polo shirts order now!

Sublimated Polo Shirts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you are looking for a sublimated polo shirt with all the great designs and quality.

Well, in this guide, you will go through all that you need to know to get the perfect sublimated polo shirt.

Let’s dive right in beginning with how to make the perfect design.

How to Design Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

You need to come up with the perfect design when looking for a unique custom sublimated polo shirt.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can come up with the best design for sublimated polo shirt.

Polo shirt

 Polo shirt

Step One: Idea Formulation Stage

First, you have to come up with the most intricate and unique design for your custom sublimated polo shirt.

You have to brainstorm and look at various ideas that will inspire the outcome of your custom sublimated polo shirt.

As you click on various features in your mind, you need to draft them on paper to make the design more visible.

Apart from that, you should adhere to the rules and regulations of making a sublimated polo shirt.

Think of the type of color you need for the polo shirt and the kind of stitching that fits your design as well.

Draw everything on paper and point out all the intricate details.

Step Two: Choose a Design Template

Polo shirt design template

Polo shirt design template

After that, you will choose a design computer software and then select a polo shirt design template.

There are numerous polo design templates that you can choose from as you consider your ultimate design outcome.

You must also make reference to the idea you have on the piece of paper to help you make the best choice.

Step Three: Inclusion of Design Details

At this point, you will include all the design details that you have on the piece of paper.

With the help of the design software, you will include all the details of polo shirt on the template you choose.

Remember that you can use a polo shirt for different purposes so your design must adhere to the main purpose.

Apart from that, you have to play by the rules of making the perfect polo shirt design.

Include all the colors that should match with the theme of your team.

You must all adhere to the sizing details and place the logo and number in the right positions.

Step Four: Reviewing the Design

After completing the design on the computer software, you will review the design.

At this point, you will make sure that you have all the details you need intact.

You can send the design to different polo shirt designers for their personal opinion.

With the feedback that you receive, you will strive to make the changes to rhyme with your custom design interests.

Finally, you will save the design and send it to your manufacturer for further discussion on manufacturing details.

How Sublimated Polo Shirts Should Fit

You need to get all the sizing details of the sublimated polo shirt right to get them to fit perfectly on the body.

Here are the main things that you need to take into consideration.

Sublimated polo shirt

 Sublimated polo shirt design

· Shoulder

In this case, you will make sure that the seam of the polo shirt meets at the corner of the shoulder bone.

You can achieve this by doing proper measurements using a tape measure.

You should check on the part where the sleeve of the polo shirt will attach to the body.

Make sure that the seam sits comfortably near the top of your shoulder without pulling or billowing.

· Collar

You should have a comfortable collar but be careful not to leave much room between the collar and the neck.

You should confirm that you can button up the polo shirt easily without restricting space between the collar and the neck.

Some polo shirts have a button on the collar which should give you enough space to slide approximately two fingers.

· Arm Hole

You should maintain the armhole high enough with caution that it does not restrict easy motion.

· Sleeve

Polo shirts can either have long or short sleeves depending on your design preferences.

You have to make sure that the sleeve is neither billowy nor too tight.

Implying that it should give you enough room allowance to be flexible and move your arms well.

Long sleeve polo shirts should end right at the point where your wrists and your palm meet.

This should be about one inch beyond the wrist bone.

· Torso

You us ensure that the torso does not give a lot of room.

It should not go beyond or exceed 3 to 4 inches of fabric when you pull it away from the body.

· Chest

The best size o the shirt will allow a wide range of motion as it fits well and comfortably around the chest.

Apart from that, it must feel comfortable across your back as well as under your arm pits.

In case you are going for a slim cut shirt, you must ensure that it should be snug but not tight.

Polo shirt dimensions

 Polo shirt dimensions

What to Look for When Choosing Sublimated Polo Shirts

When choosing a good polo shirt, you must make sure that it has special features on them.

Here are the main details that you need to pay close attention to.

i. Size of the Polo Shirt

You need to make all the right measurements of your team members as you go about choosing a polo shirt.

Implying that the polo shirt must fil perfectly when you put it on.

ii. Design of the Polo Shirt

In this case, you have to have a clear design in mind which you will choose from.

If not, you will make your custom design polo shirt and present it to the manufacturer for custom manufacturing.

iii. Color Scheme of the Polo Shirt

The other important factor to look at is the color scheme of your polo shirt.

In this case, you should look at the theme colors of your team or your favorite colors before making a choice.

iv. Material of the Polo Shirt

You must have the right material in mind especially when looking for a custom sublimated polo shirt.

The best materials for sublimated polo shirts are polyester as well as different polyester modifications among other materials.

Sizing Sublimated Polo Shirts

Well, the sizing details of your polo shirt should go hand in hand with the fitting details.

In this case, you will look at specific details about sizing including:

  • Adult sizes for men and women
  • Youth Sizes
  • Kids Sizes

You must know whether is small, medium, large, extra large or extra, extra large depending on the body size.

Here is a sample of a size chat for men’s sublimated polo shirts.

XXXS30 – 3276 – 81
XXS32 – 3481 – 86
XS34 – 3686 – 91
S36 – 3891 – 96
M38 – 4096 – 101
L40 – 42101 – 106
XL42 – 44106 – 111
XXL44 – 46111 – 116
XXXL46 – 48116 – 121

You have to get all the body fittings right by measuring as follows:

· Chest

You will measure around the fullest part of the chest.

You will place the tape very close under the arms.

Apart from that, you must also ensure that the tape will lay flat across the back of the polo shirt.

Difference between Women and Men Sublimated Polo Shirts

Women and men have a slight difference when it comes to the type of polo shirt that they put on.

Here are the main points where you will notice the main difference.

Women sublimated polo shirts

Women sublimated polo shirts

Men sublimated polo shirts

 Men sublimated polo shirts

· Sublimated Polo Shirt Dimensions

This is the most intricate difference that you will notice in women and men sublimated polo shirts.

The polo shirt has special designs that will fit the men and the women frame perfectly.

Implying that the women custom sublimated polo shirts usually have the following:

i. Narrower areas around the shoulder in comparison to that of men

ii. Wider area around the chest in comparison to the narrower chest area for women.

iii. Shorter length of the shirt where is that of men is often longer

iv. Curved bodice of the sublimated polo shirt

v. Flares towards the bottom of the sublimated polo shirts.

· Button Locations

In this particular context, you will place the buttons on the right for men and on the left for women.

Apart from that, the type of button also makes a huge difference as women tend to have more stylish buttons.

Men have simpler types of buttons in comparison to that for women.

· Logo Placement

In this case, a man logo placement is often on the chest with perfect alignment to the most bottom button.

Women often have the logo on the chest that aligns to the middle or top button of the polo shirt.

Choosing Color for Sublimated Polo Shirts

You must have the best color for your sublimated polo shirt according to your custom preferences.

When choosing a personal polo shirt, you must look at the skin tone before you choose a good color.

Implying that the color of the polo shirt must complement your skin tone.

Apart from that, it is very important to have a look at the theme colors of your team.

You should get an inspiration of the polo shirt color from the theme color of your team.

How Sublimated Polo Shirts with Zipper compare to Sublimated Polo Shirts with Buttons

Sublimated polo shirt with zipper

Sublimated polo shirt with zipper

Sublimated polo shirt with buttons

 Sublimated polo shirts with buttons

You will notice the main difference between the polo shirt with the zipper and that with buttons is zipper and button.

Polo shirt with the zipper has a zipper that runs from the mid chest area to the neck area.

On the other hand, the polo shirt with the buttons has the buttons running from the chest area to the collar.

Usually, the polo shirt with the zipper has one zipper while the other one with buttons usually have three to four buttons.

The material, as well as the other aspects that you will use for both polo shirts, is the same.

Color Design for Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

Playing around with the color designs during the designing stage is fun but also one of the trickiest things.

You may experience problems when it comes to the kind of ink that you will choose for the design.

Implying that, you have to confirm the color contrast of the design and choose the best ink for the polo shirts.

Here is a quick guide on how you will choose the right color for your polo shirt design.

  • When you choose lighter colors for your polo shirt make sure that you use darker colors for the designs.
  • Dark color polo shirts will have a special appeal with the light ink colors on the designs and logos.

Files to Format for Sublimated Polo Shirts

You will use computer software to assist you with the designing process of the custom sublimated polo shirts.

The computer software that you will use must have different file types that are easy to maneuver through.

Implying that the file type you choose to use must be compatible with that of the manufacturer for easy and simple printing.

The main file types that you can choose from include AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.

These are the most common file formats for designing sublimated jerseys.

Apart from that, the file types will also assist you in uploading different team design ideas and logos.

How to Get Best Prices on Sublimated Polo Shirts?

The cost of purchasing your sublimated polo shirt will depend on a number of contributing factors.

You can get the most affordable prices for your sublimated polo shirt just by playing around with the determinants.

Here are the main determinants that you need to juggle around with for the best prices.

1. Supplier

You will choose the best supplier that will offer you the best prices in terms of manufacturing the polo shirts.

2. Design

You can opt to make the design on your own to reduce the final cost of making the custom sublimated polo shirts.

3. Material

In this case, you will look for a material supplier who will provide high quality materials at the most convenient prices.

The material includes the fabric as well as other key accessories including ink and stitching thread among others.

In the long run, you will notice that you have the best polo shirts at the best prices in the market.

Types of Sublimated Polo Shirts

You have the freedom of choice among the numerous different types of sublimated polo shirts.

Here are the main types of polo shirts that you can choose from.

· Sublimated Fishing Polo Shirt

The main material for making this polo shirt must be water proof polyester material to protect your skin from splashing water.

· Sublimated Sports Polo Shirts

They have a special design which gives you enough freedom to flex.

Apart from that, the material is breathable allowing maximum aeration as you play.

· Sublimated Rugby Polo Shirts

This type of polo shirt is tough and stretchable thus reducing the chances of damage as you play rugby in the field.

· Sublimated Racing Polo Shirts

You will wear a racing polo shirt in racing events and they usually have multiple decorations and logos on them.

When to Buy Long Sleeve Sublimated Polo Shirts

You should consider purchasing long sleeve sublimated polo shirts depending on the most favorable conditions.

Here are a few factors that will determine the best conditions for purchasing long sleeved polo shirts.

Long sleeve vs short sleeve polo shirts

 Long sleeve vs. short sleeve polo shirts

· Weather

You will need to put on long sleeve polo shirts when the weather is cold to protect your hands from the chills.

At times, when working under direct sunlight, you will need the long sleeves to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

· Type of Sport

In this case, you will look at a number of factors including safety and performance on the field of play.

You will need a long sleeve sublimated polo shirt to protect your skin from the effects of direct sunlight.

The most common type of sport that you will need long sleeve polo shirts for include fishing and racing among others.

Disadvantages of Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

When putting on a short sleeve polo shirt, you might experience a couple of disadvantages.

Here are the main demerits of using the short sleeve polo shirts.

· Inconvenient for Cold Weather

Short sleeve polo shirts are not the perfect fit for cold weather as it exposes your sleeves to cold weather.

· Layering

You will not get the perfect opportunity to put on more than one shirt especially id one is long sleeved.

It exposes the long sleeve polo shirt thus forcing you to match the colors accordingly.

· Safety

Since it leaves the skin on the sleeves exposed, you might experience a lot of injuries from different environmental factors.

You might get sun burns from the harmful ultra violet rays of the burning sun.

Apart from that, you might as well experience different injuries from falling an flying debris.

Best Design Idea for Shorts Sleeve Polo Shirts

You have to consider a number of factors to have the best design for short sleeve polo shirts.

Here are the main factors that should influence your design ideas.

i. Length of Sleeve

You have to make sure that the length of the sleeve remains above the elbow.

ii. Stitching

In this case, you must ensure that you have the best stitches at the helm of the short sleeves.

You must also confirm that the stitches fit perfectly around the waist area of the polo shirt.

iii. Material

The main material for making short sleeve sublimated polo shirt is polyester among other key materials.

Do’s and Don’ts When Wearing Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

When you are putting on your polo shirt, there are a few rules that you need to consider.

Here are the rules that you need to follow.

Sublimated Polo Shirts

 Sublimated polo shirt

  • You should avoid putting on an undershirt when you put on a polo.
  • You should put on a fitting polo shirt which should never be too tight.
  • It is important to size the polo shirt you are putting on with your height.
  • You must remember not to pop your polo shirt colors.
  • Do not include very big logos when it comes to polo shirts.
  • Make sure that the shoulder sim of the polo shirt sits on the shoulder bone.
  • You should also ensure that the polo shirt is not too long when you put it on.
  • Polo shirts must always be fitted and slim on the body but never too tight.
  • You should unbutton just a few buttons of the polo shirt when you put it on.

History of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts designs came into being as one of the garments the British wore while playing horse related games in India.

The British brought the shirt back from India and was hijacked by different shirt designers making a presidential outfit.

It has since become a popular fashion apparel among different ages in the society.

How to Choose Material for Sublimated Polo Shirts

When choosing the right material for the sublimated polo shirt, you must take the following factors under consideration.

· Tolerance to Sublimation Printing Heat

Sublimation printing requires high temperatures that different materials can never withstand.

You have to get a material that is capable of withstanding high temperatures during the printing process.

· Breathable Material

You must also come up with a material that has proper ventilation to allow maximum flow of air through the body.

· Tough Material

You must also be careful and choose a material that is tough enough to beat regular wear and tear.

Temperature for Printing Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

You need to set you sublimation printer at a particular temperature when printing polo shirts.

The best temperature for sublimation printing of polo shirts ranges between 400 degrees centigrade to 450 degrees centigrade.

Disadvantages of Sublimation Printing on Polo Shirts

Despite the numerous advantages of sublimation printing, you will also experience some disadvantages.

Here are the main disadvantages of sublimation printing on polo shirts.

  • You might experience incomplete recovery as the ink fumes might blow away.
  • In case you use non-sublimable agents, they may decompose under heat.
  • Limit in terms of choice of material as the material must be polyester or polyester modification fabrics.
  • You might experience clogs on the printer when you fail to use it for a longer period of time.
  • The cost of sublimation is often higher in comparison to other types of OEM inks.

How Dye Sublimation Polo Shirts compare to Screen Printing Polo Shirts

The most common printing types for polo shirts include sublimation printing and screen printing.

Here are the major differences between the two main types of printing.

· Cost of Printing

Dye sublimation printing is cheaper when it comes to smaller orders but price increases with increase in quantity.

Screen printing is cheaper when it comes to an increase in number of orders but expensive at minimum order requirements.

Implying that, screen printing requires a minimum order requirement which is not available for dye sublimation printing.

· Durability

Dye-sublimation printing often produces more durable prints on the shirts in comparison to screen printed polo shirts.

This is because the printing process involves direct fusion of the ink and material thus becoming one piece.

You will not experience cases of peels, cracks or even fading prints which is common in screen printed polo shirts.

· Type of Materials

You can use different types of materials when it comes to screen printing of polo shirts.

When it comes to dye sublimation, you will only use specific types of materials such as polyester or polyester modifications.

· Efficiency

Dye sublimation printing is more efficient in comparison to screen printing.

It involves the use of one screen top perform different functions which is not possible with screen printing.

This reduces the time it will take for dye sublimation printing in comparison to longer periods of screen printing.

Best Stitching for Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

There are different types of stitches that you can choose from when considering the best stitching for polo shirts.

The main type of stitching for custom sublimated polo shirts include zigzag stitching or the over lock stitching.

The best form of stitching is, however, the lock stitch which makes the polo shirts intact and strong.

How to Identify Fake Sublimated Polo Shirts

You can identify fake sublimated polo shirts through different mechanisms and features.

Here are the main factors to look at when identifying fake sublimated polo shirts.

· Fabric

There are specific types and quality grades of material for sublimated polo shirts that you can choose from.

Original sublimated polo shirts use very high quality and durable materials in the making their polo shirts.

Fake sublimated polo shirts have very fake, cheap and easy to get fabrics.

· Standard Key

You must look at the reverse side which has a security lining that shows that the polo shirt is original.

You must also look at the standard lock color edge which should be specified according to the specific manufacturer.

· Logo

You will notice that original polo shirts have the most distinct and precise type of logo embroidery.

Fake polo shorts have loose and complicated types of logos on them.

· Water Mark

Original sublimated polo shirts have a very particular watermark that differentiates it from the fake polo shirt.

Quality Standards for Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

You must always consider the quality of the sublimated polo shirt before you make a purchase.

Here are the main factors that you need to look at when considering the quality of the polo shirt.

· Quality of the Material

You must consider the highest quality of polyester materials for making the sublimated polo shirt.

· Quality of the Stitching

The best stitching for sublimated polo shirts is the lock stitch stitching to keep the fabric intact.

Apart from that, you must also consider using very high-quality threads for stitching.

· Quality of the Prints

In this case, you must adhere to the quality of the ink you are using for sublimation printing.

Apart from that, you must also adhere to rules of sublimation printing such as printing time and temperature.

· Quality of the Logo

You must also ensure that the logo is properly embroidered with the most distinct threading system.

How to Choose Kids Sublimated Polo T-shirt

When you are choosing kids sublimated polo shirts, the most important factor to look at is size.

Kids have smaller sizes and therefore, you should consider having the kids sizes right.

Apart from that, the polo shirt must fit the kid well and give him/her an allowance to stretch and move around.

Clearly, with this information, you can easily choose a sublimated polo shirt of your choice.

At Goal Sportswear, we strive to give you the best through our sublimation printing for polo shirts.

Talk to us today for the best price on sublimated polo shirt printing.

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