High School Baseball Uniforms : The Complete FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about high school baseball uniforms.

Whether you want to learn about the designs, printing techniques, or material type, you will find all information right here.

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What Do High School Baseball Uniforms Comprise Of?

High school baseball uniform

High school baseball uniform

High school baseball uniforms comprise jerseys, pants, shorts, socks, jackets, and/or hoodies. All of these uniforms come in a variety of sizes, colors, trims, and print quality.

Why Buy High School Baseball Uniforms?

Uniforms are essential in any sport. They define a team and symbolize unity and equality among players.

High school baseball uniforms can boost players’ motivation. It also promotes team spirit, which enhances their performance for the team, school, and fans.

These uniforms help students understand the responsibility of being part of a team and representing the school.

Besides, wearing baseball uniforms, whether for adults or youth, makes players feel equal. It gives them a sense of belonging, allowing them to focus on the goal to win and make the team proud.

What Fabrics are High School Baseball Uniforms made of?

High school baseball uniforms use a variety of materials.

Manufacturers use polyester, spandex, satin, and poly-cotton materials. Usually, the material choice depends on the uniform’s specifications and the printing technique to be used.

Cotton, for instance, makes an excellent material choice for comfort and extended durability. The material is light and soft on the skin, making it an ideal choice for baseball uniforms.

Its ability to withstand the rigors of high school baseball also makes it a good option.

The downside of using cotton for high school baseball uniforms is that it can be printed using select methods only, i.e., screen printing.

If you’re going for high-quality digital printing and decoration techniques such as sublimation, then polyester is the better option.

It allows for high-quality, brilliant, and durable uniform prints. The material itself creates light and breathable high school baseball uniforms.

Note that polyester comes in a variety of forms. There is dazzle, pro-mesh, Air-cool, shiny, semi-cool, micro-mesh, heavy polyester and dry-flex, etc.

Your choice, in this case, should depend on the performance qualities you’re looking for.

Other material options you can consider are poly-cotton, nylon, and spandex.

Poly-cotton is a combination of polyester and cotton, which gives you superior comfort, breathability, and durability.

Nylon is the go-to material for baseball uniforms that are strong, easy to clean, and durable.

It can also be blended with polyester to create highly flexible, moisture-wicking, and durable uniforms.

Spandex is commonly used to make side inserts. The material is also often blended with cotton, nylon, or polyester to make jerseys, pants, and socks.

These come out stretchy, allowing for unrestricted movement on the field.

What Are The Available High School Baseball Uniforms Style Options?

High school baseball players

High school baseball players

High school baseball uniforms come in different styles and design variations.

Baseball jerseys, for instance, can be in a quarter sleeve, long sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, or sleeveless options. The jerseys may come in round or V-neck collar options.

Closure systems may vary from zippered closures, button-downs, or simply pull-over jerseys.

For baseball pants, style options include open bottom, close bottom, and belted or unbelted pants.

These are available in any lengths you may want, i.e., traditional, Clemson cut, or baggy cut.

Basically, there are many uniform style options to make your high school baseball team unique in every way.

How Do You Get Affordable Baseball Uniforms?

When shopping for high school baseball uniforms, getting a good deal should be a top priority. It will save you money and ensure that the entire team is dressed in unique and good-quality uniforms.

The best way to get cheap high school baseball uniforms is to import them.

Manufacturers in hotspot markets such as china offer competitive deals for high-quality sports uniforms.

The prices are usually way below the market price in other places, and shipping is a no-brainer.

Besides, when you make large and repeat orders, the prices tend to reduce significantly.

It, therefore, makes sense to buy your high school baseball uniforms (game, warm-up gear, and practice uniforms) and other sports apparel at the same time.

This way, the order is larger, and you get to enjoy better prices while saving time and the hassle of back-to-back shopping.

What Are The Elements Of Good Quality High School Baseball Uniforms?

When buying these uniforms, only consider those made of the highest quality.

To know about quality, first: check the material of the uniforms. The best baseball uniforms should be designed from top-quality fabrics that can withstand the rigors of the game.

A good choice is 100%polyster, nylon, cotton, or polyester blends. These are light, soft, flexible, and durable.

Secondly, consider the stitches.

These should be appropriately done to secure all parts together.

You don’t want uniforms that start getting torn or stitches getting loose after a few games or practice sessions.

Thirdly, the uniforms should have ample breathability. They should be made of fabrics that allow airflow and keep the body cool and dry.

Extra breathability should come with moisture-wicking ability.

This helps to prevent bacterial growth and premature wear on the materials of the uniforms.

Fourthly, consider the design of the uniforms.

Whether for game or practice, the uniform’s design should guarantee a longer lifespan no matter how often it is used.

Make sure to speak out your concerns on quality with the manufacturer.

Provide detailed specifications with a focus on quality to ensure you get exactly what you’re paying for.

What Is The Cost Of High School Baseball Uniforms?

Most stock uniforms vary from approximately $20-$70 per player.

Custom baseball uniforms may cost anything from $100 per player. The price variation is due to the difference in designs, material, and brand.

As you consider the price, don’t fall for the cheapest uniforms as there is a risk of getting poor quality uniforms.

You can still enjoy premium quality high school baseball uniforms by being smart on how and where you buy.

Take time checking suppliers with a good reputation and experience.  Also, consider buying the uniforms in bulk and other items from the supplier to enjoy great discounts. This will lower the ultimate cost of the high school basketball uniforms without compromising on quality.

How Do You Size High School Team For Baseball Uniforms?

High school baseball uniforms come in a variety of sizes. They are usually referred to as youth sizes and include small, medium, large, and XL.

To choose the appropriate sizes for your high school baseball uniforms, make use of size charts. Most suppliers have these charts that define actual garment measurements for each size.

The suppliers even allow you to choose your allowance for jerseys and other pieces of the uniform.

For instance, if you’re looking for jerseys with a 4″ allowance, you can choose the regular sizing, i.e., boys’ large with a chest allowance of 4″ or boys XL chest 36″ for an allowance of 6″ and so on. This depends on how roomy you want the jersey to be.

Remember, you can always request custom sizing in bigger sizes like 2XL, 4XL, etc. You can also ask for longer inseams and sleeve and pants lengths.

Just be sure to include all your sizing requirements in your order form.

What Is Tackle Twill For High School Baseball Uniforms?

Tackle Twill Numbers

Tackle twill numbers

Tackle twill is a durable decoration option for many custom sportswear, including high school baseball uniforms.

It involves laser cutting patterns, i.e., numbers or letters from one fabric, and then sewing them down onto the garment fabric.

This type of applique has a high variety of patterns and customization options.

It creates durable designs with a 3D look in an affordable way.

What Makes Tackle Twill Different From Other Customization Options For Baseball Uniforms?

For multiple-color designs, tackle twill separately sews down each layer of twill.

A tacking substance is then used to join the upper layers while the bottom layer is sewn down to the garment material.

Unlike other traditional decorating options, tackle twill doesn’t use heat and humidity. These two elements can easily make the twill fall off or worse off “bubble.”

Sewing down each layer of twill creates a high-quality design that will give your uniforms a bold look that is durable and stylish.

What Is Dye Sublimation For High School Baseball Uniforms?

Dye sublimation is a high-quality printing process that uses heat, pressure, and time to imprint designs onto garments.

The sublimation printing process works by printing an image onto a special transfer paper using an inkjet printer.

The paper is then placed between an uncut fabric and a heat press.

Heat and pressure from the heat press activate the dye, transforming it into molecules that sip into the fabric threads and make a permanent design.

After the printing is complete, the fabric is cut according to specifications and sewn together into a jersey or pants.

Is Sublimated Tackle Twill Any Different From Full Dye Sublimation?


Sublimated tackle twill is an alternative to have multiple layers of twill on a garment, which can feel heavy.

You can make unique, multiple-color designs on a layer of twill using the sublimated tackle twill option.

The technique uses sublimation to imprint full-color designs onto a single layer of twill which is then heat pressed onto garments.

This makes the garment feel lightweight and breathable without being too expensive.

Suppose you don’t have the budget for full dye sublimation on your high school baseball uniforms.

In that case, sublimated twill may be a better option. It will create equally vibrant and unique color designs.

What Are The Advantages Of Sublimated Baseball Uniform Packages?

Ordering sublimated baseball uniforms for your whole high school team means that each player will have their name and number printed on their uniform.

The team logo and mascot will also feature on the uniform.

As dye sublimation produces suitable quality sportswear, the lettering, numbers, and other artwork won’t crack or fade.

It creates sublimated baseball uniforms that will last long.

With sublimated high school baseball uniform packages, the number of printed logos won’t impact the cost.

You won’t pay extra for more logos or colors.

Meaning, you can print both the team logo and sponsorship logos in as many colors as you’d like without worrying about budgetary allocations.

Sublimated high school baseball uniforms are of excellent quality and feel comfortable to wear. The material will stay smooth for long and will make the players look and feel great.

If you’re tired of low designs where numbers and names crack or fade, now is a good time to invest in a new package.

Having a good quality uniform that looks and feels good can boost the team spirit and morale. This could enhance team performance and chances of winning.

Can You Embroider Custom High School Baseball Uniforms?

Custom embroidered uniform

Custom embroidered uniform

Yes, adding custom embroidery to your high school baseball uniforms can make your team look more clean, secure, and professional.

Depending on your artwork and logos, embroidery can be done either manually or digitally.

The designs are sewn onto the fabric using an embroidery machine.

This is usually accompanied by minimal fees for each logo design as well as computer disk set up.

So, charges are often based on the thread count, making it relatively costly compared to other options.

Should I Choose Sewn-on Or Printed Numbers/Letters For Custom High School Baseball Uniforms?

Honestly, you can choose either depending on your requirements and budget.

Sewn-on or printed, either option guarantees you superior quality uniforms for high school players.

Though, you should note that sewn-on designs give off a more professional look. It is suited for pro athletes.

On the other hand, printing gives more freedom for customization.

It is better suited for complicated and multiple color designs. Printed designs also leave the end product feeling lighter and more breathable.

What Are The Considerations For Customizing High School Baseball Uniforms?

Good quality custom baseball pants and jerseys should allow players to move freely on the court.

It shouldn’t leave the loose fabric to allow opponents to grab or hold onto the players easily.

Basically, the uniform should be light, flexible, and fit well. It should be breathable, comfortable on the skin, and unique.

That said, there are two key considerations when customizing high school baseball uniforms:

  • Color matching: Sometimes, colors won’t appear the exact way they appear on your digital design.

Usually, this happens because of the fabric used. Many manufacturers are aware of this, and they try to provide the best services for perfect close matching.

You can also use the Pantone matching system for custom uniform designs. The system will ensure you get the exact desired color transfer onto your custom high school baseball uniforms.

  • Style and quality: You should know that style does not impact the quality of high school baseball uniforms and vice versa. You can have a stylish-looking uniform that is also high-quality.

How Do High School Baseball Uniforms For Boys Differ From Uniforms For Girls?

The main difference between high school baseball uniforms for boys and girls is in the sizing and colors.

Boys’ uniforms are bigger than girls’ because boys are generally more masculine with taller statures and broader shoulders.

On the other hand, girls’ uniforms have more room to accommodate specific parts of the body, i.e., bust and hips.

Uniforms for girls are also taken in at the waist to accommodate their smaller waist sizes.

Regarding color, boys’ uniforms come in neutral shades of grey, black, blue, green, etc.

Girls’ uniforms come in a greater color range, which features brighter and vibrant colors such as pink, orange, white, baby blue, and neon colors.

When Are Stock Baseball Uniforms A Good Option For High School Teams?

Usually, the choice between stock and custom sports uniforms will depend on the financial situation of the athletic department.

Stock uniforms are known to be cheaper and readily available. They come in standard factory sizes and colors and can easily be customized on request.

They are not low quality as many belief. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of stock high school baseball uniforms out there made with durable materials and stitching.

Many of these uniforms come with desirable moisture-wicking properties and flexibility, which are essential for any sports apparel.

The main difference between custom and stock options is the decorations that make the uniform unique to a team.

At the end of the day, the choice will depend on what’s attainable within the school budget.

It doesn’t matter what you choose. Stock or custom, there are plenty of quality options out there to suit your needs and ensure the team performs at its highest level.

What Are Pro High School Baseball Uniforms?

It refers to uniforms that are designed to semi-pro league standards.

The fabrics used in these uniforms are more detailed with performance features.

Printing for pro uniforms is also meticulously done for style, quality, and durability.

What Are The Rules Of High School Baseball Uniforms?

Some rules that govern the production and use of high school baseball uniforms include:

  • Baseball uniforms must be of the same color and style for all team members
  • A team should have two sets of uniforms. A white set for home games and a different color uniform for away games
  • Names and numbers shall be displayed on the back of the baseball jersey in solid colors, contrasting the color of the jersey
  • Numbers on jerseys should be no more than 6″ on the back
  • Player uniforms may bear numbers, letters, and logos on the sleeves of the undershirt, except for the pitcher
  • Any exposed undergarments are considered part of the uniform and should be of the same color as the uniform for all team members
  • Sleeve lengths may vary per individual players as long as the lengths are approximate
  • The sleeves may not be rigged, frayed, or slit in anyway
  • Uniforms must not contain any dangerous or reflective buttons and ornaments
  • Different colored tapes or material are not allowed on the uniform
  • No part of the uniform may imitate the shape of a baseball
  • Commercial patches and design are prohibited for display on the uniform

Which Accessories May Be Required For High School Baseball Uniforms?

Sleeves, batting, hats, and belts complete a high school baseball uniform. Accessories may also include baseball bags and jackets for cold weather.

How Do You Care For And Maintain High School Baseball Uniforms For Extended Durability?

Here are a few things you can do to ensure high school baseball uniforms don’t lose their attractive appearance and quality.

  • Read the manufacturer label before washing the uniforms, i.e., if it is machine washable or not. Otherwise, you risk color bleeding.
  • Don’t use hot water to wash these uniforms. High temperatures are also discouraged as this can damage some fabrics. Lukewarm water is better suited for any kind of sportswear.
  • If you must iron the uniforms, use low heat to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Manually remove stains first before machine washing. Repeating washing cycles to remove stubborn stains on baseball uniforms can exhaust the fabric.
  • Avoid chemicals and abrasive detergents.

Many custom sports jerseys and pants don’t do well with chemical substances such as bleaches, stain removers, and fabric softeners.

Regular use of these chemicals can destroy the color and fabrics of the uniforms.

  • Wash colorful uniforms separately to avoid color transfer
  • Avoid soaking for extended periods. While this can help remove stubborn stains, it can also weaken the fabric and accelerate color bleeding.

What Critical Information Do You Need To Provide To Complete A High School Baseball Uniforms Order?

Basically, you should provide all uniform specifications, including the team name, players’ names and numbers, sizes, and other custom requests, i.e., size allowances, longer inseams, etc.

Remember to specify the type of fabric and desired decoration method for custom uniforms.

What Sets Goalsportswear Above Other Companies For High School Baseball Uniforms?

Goalsportswear is a premium manufacturer for high school baseball uniforms and other sports apparel in China.

We offer both stock and customs uniform options to fit your every need.

Our custom baseball uniforms come in dye sublimation prints that ensure your uniforms look good and last long.

Affordable pricing with a variety of customization options is what also sets us apart from other suppliers.

You can design your uniforms and artwork; send them to us and let us print them to the best of our ability.

We will deliver well-stitched and printed uniforms that set your team apart.

What is more is that at Goalsportswear, we use the best quality materials, so your players are comfortable no matter the weather.

Contact us today for more information on high school baseball uniforms.

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