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Goal Sportswear is a premier manufacturer of custom sublimated dart shirts in China.We are proud to provide quick production time, on time delivery and product quality for our customers.

We only take 11-13 days after the payment is proceeded and the design proof is approved. If there is a date or special event that you need your sublimated dart shirts orders in time, we can almost always make sure to deliver in the time you need it.We also offer quick rush service for your urgent orders,

Fast Response

All your inquiry and feedback will be replied within 8 hours.


Quality Manufacturing

We have the strict quality inspection before the package for every order.


Fast Delivery

Our turnaround time is 12-13days after payment received & proof approved

Sublimated 1/4 Zip Polo Dart Shirts

Goal sportswear sublimated 1/4 zip polo dart shirts made with 1/4 zipper style with dry fit knitted poly material, super big size like available.

Sublimated Full Zipper Dart Shirts

Goal sportswear sublimated full zipperdart shirts made with full button down style with dry fit knitted poly material.

Sublimated V-neck Dart Shirts

Goal sportswear sublimated V neck dart shirts are made with lightweight 130gsm high performance knitted polyester, V neck style.


Sublimated Dart Hoodies

Goal sportswear sublimated dart hoodies are made with poly fleece, keep you warm and cool. Available with pullover and zipper up style.

Manufacturing Details of Your Sublimated Dart Shirts

5 sublimated dart shirts Fabric
Sublimated Dart Shirts Fabric

Our sublimated dart shirts are made with lightweight 130gsm high performance knitted polyester.

sublimated dart shirts Printing
Sublimated Dart Shirts Printing

We use the unique sublimation printing process for sublimated dart shirts, it offers the freedom for your custom design with unlimited colors and logos.


sublimated dart shirts Ykk zippers
Sublimated Dart Shirts Ykk zippers

We use YKK zippers for every of 1/4 zipper dart shirts

sublimated dart shirts Stitching
Sublimated Dart Shirts Stitching

Durable and neat stitching come from our experienced sewing team.


Why Goal Sportswear is Trusted by 1000+ Clients

Designer Team

Fast Design Process:Our designer team with over 9 years experience in Sublimation Sportswear,the design proof will send to approval within 2 days , 3-5days completed the design proof ,printing proof and layout process.

Sales Team

Our experienced Sales team have working on Sublimation sportswear filed with more than 8 years. They can understand the needs of customers well, and can provide necessary assistance to customers according to their own industry experience.

Production Team

Goal Sportswear sewing team who have been working in Sublimation Sports apparel for more than 10years averagely, the rich experience, practiced skills, and long teamwork makes them achieve production high quality and high-efficiency.

Quality Control Team

We ensure the quality of the final product including the design, name& number andstitching by quality inspection before the package, and double quantities counts before the shipment, to ensure the accuracy of customer orders


Custom Your Next Sublimated Dart Shirts

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Over 500 Sublimated Dart Shirts Manufactured in Our Factory

100% polyester sublimation mens custom dart jerseys
100% polyester sublimation mens custom dart jerseys
100% polyester sublimation printing custom made dart hoodie
100% polyester sublimation printing custom made dart hoodie
Custom made sublimated printing pro quality dart shirts
Custom made sublimated printing pro quality dart shirts
Custom wholesale sublimated printed dart polo jerseys
Custom wholesale sublimated printed dart polo jerseys
Dye sublimation custom design team dart hoodie
Dye sublimation custom design team dart hoodie
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom design dart jerseys
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom design dart jerseys
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated dart jerseys
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated dart jerseys
Sublimation printing 100% polyester custom dart jerseys
Sublimation printing 100% polyester custom dart jerseys
wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed dart shirts
Wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed dart shirts

Size Chart

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Custom Perfect Sublimated Dart ShirtsTo Rocket Your Business

Goal Sportswear is a premier manufacturer of custom sublimated dart shirts in China.

We can custom any styles of sublimation dart shirts including sublimated 1/4 zip neck dart shirts, sublimated 1/4 zip polo dart shirts or with button, sublimated full zipper dart shirts, sublimated V-neck dart shirts and sublimated dart hoodies.

The sublimated dart shirts can be made with pockets or without a pocket as your needs.

Goal sportswear is proud to provide quick production time, on-time delivery and product quality for our customers.

We only take 11-13 days after the payment proceeds and the design proof is approved for all the sublimated dart shirts orders.

If there is a date or special event that you need your sublimated dart shirts orders in time, we can almost always make sure to deliver in the time you need it.

We also offer a quick rush service for your urgent orders, it only takes less than 10 days for rush orders.

Goal sportswear professional team can ensure quick and easy communication for our sublimated dart shirts customers, your quote and email can be replied within 8 hours.

Goal sportswear use technologically advanced equipment of printers and laser cutting machine with our highly skilled workers which allows us to produce large quantities of sublimated dart shirts.

That means we have the flexibility to take both large orders and small orders.

There is no extra cost to add sponsor badges and individual player’s names for sublimated darts shirts. Also no setup fees for all custom design dart shirts.

Goal Sportswear can custom made any mix of sizes from kids to adults and supper big sizes like 7XL-9XL.

Or totally customized size measurements.

We also do womens cut dart shirts.

Goal sportswear sublimated dart shirts are made from lightweight 130gsm high performance knitted polyester or 160gsm breathable micromesh fabric to ensure comfort and durability when you’re playing.

Goal sportswear uses the unique sublimation printing process for sublimated dart shirts, it offers the freedom for your custom design with unlimited colors and logos on high quality moisture-wicking fabrics.

we use the best sublimation inks KIAN which imported from Italian to ensure vivid and vibrant colors in every of your sublimated dart shirts design.

You also can choose fluorescent ink for your design to make your sublimated dart shirts more outstanding.

Goal sportswear pursues strict quality inspection process to ensure every piece of sublimated dart shirt goes to customers correctly and supper quality.

For the shipping, we use the DHL express for all of our sublimated dart shirts orders, it’s just take 3-4 days for global shipping.

Ask a free quote of your next sublimated dart shirts order now, you will get the instant quotation within 8 hours.

Sublimated Dart Shirts:The Complete Guide

If you’re planning to import sublimated dart shirts from China, then today’s guide offers a perfect solution.

It will take you through the ins and outs of the details to consider before placing an order.

Let’s have a look:

Dart shirts

 Dart Shirts

Benefits of Dye Sublimation Dart Shirts

There are numerous benefits of choosing dye sublimation dart shirts, which include;

i. Durability

Sublimated Dart Shirts are considerably longer lasting than most of its alternatives.

This is, for the most part, due to the heat-pressing technique of sublimation printing that turns ink into a gaseous form.

The vaporized ink permeates the fabric and solidifies it.

This creates quality images that cannot fade, crack, or peel no matter how often you use and wash the shirt.

ii. Visually Appealing Finish

One of the most significant advantages of dye sublimation printing is that it produces a continuous tone of output on fabrics.

This creates smoother and vibrant color transitions and variations than alternative printing methods.

Dart shirts that have been dye sublimated will often have a more superior and striking finish.

iii. Affordable

With dye Sublimated Dart Shirts, you don’t need to worry about minimum order volumes.

This is because the process is generally quick and cost-effective.

For custom Sublimated Dart Shirts, you can print as many designs as you want on fabric at no additional cost.

The cost of printing one design is usually the same as the cost of printing several designs on a single material.

So you can go as wild as you want and sublimate as many dart shirts as you want without worrying about the cost.

iv. Easy to Customize

There are no changing plates in dye sublimation printing.

This provides limitless possibilities as far as color and design of dart shirts are concerned.

You can customize your dart shirts any way you want without any reservations.

Dye sublimation allows the freedom to customize names, numbers, logos, and brand images on your dart shirts.

You can go as wild as you want with the designs and choose as many colors as you like.

The best part?

You won’t be spending any extra pennies on additional color.

v. Very Easy to Maintain

Sublimate apparels are the easiest to care for and maintain.

They don’t require expensive detergent nor sophisticated washing techniques.

All you need is warm or cold water and the simplest detergents that you can get to wash the shirts.

Besides, you can always hang dry the shirts on the sun without any worries of the print fading or cracking.

And, you can wash your Sublimated Dart Shirts as many times as possible.

The shirt will not wear nor tear; both fabric and print are of high quality.

How Sublimate Men Dart Shirts compare Ladies Dart Shirts

The main difference between sublimate men dart shirts and women’s dart shirts is usually in the darts.

Men dart shirt designs rarely feature rear darts as opposed to women’s dart shirts, which always have darts on the back.

Also, you will find many women’s dart shirts having darts on both sides of the bust, which is never the case with men’s shirts.

The addition of bust darts on women’s Sublimated Dart Shirts is to give the shirt a better shape and fit.

So generally, it’s all in the darts when it comes to comparing sublimate men’s vs. women’s dart shirts.

The overall design of the shirts may vary, mainly based on designer intent.

Some shirts are designed to be form-fitting, while some are loose-fitting etc.

A lot of the sublimate men’s dart shirts are loose-fitting; very few are designed with a snug fit.

Please note; a lot of these differences are functional, and by and large, they relate to the gender differences between males and females.

Men don’t have breasts.

They also have typically narrower and broader shoulders.

That is why most of the men’s shirts are designed with a relatively loose fit.

Women, on the other hand, have breasts, and their clothes are typically designed to contour their shape.

That is why a lot of the sublimated ladies dart shirts are form-fitting.

Otherwise, apart from the functional differences, sublimate men’s and ladies’ dart shirts are similar in so many.

They are made using the same material and feature the same stitches and seams.

Both sublimate dart shirt options are also printed using the same dye sublimation printing technique.

Sublimated Dart Shirt Designs

Dirt shirt designs

Dirt shirt designs

Sublimated Dart Shirts can be found in a range of design options.

These include;

  • Sublimated ¼ zip polo dart shirts
  • Sublimated V-neck dart shirts
  • Sublimated full zipper dart shirts
  • Sublimated dart hoodies. These are available in both zipped up and pullover designs.

These shirts are all available in both men’s and women’s cuts, as well as in kids and adult sizes.

They are also available in stock and custom options depending on your needs.

You can request for pockets or no pockets when ordering for custom Sublimated Dart Shirts.

How long Goal Sportswear takes to make Sublimation Dart Shirts

It depends on your order, but generally, we take 11-13 to deliver custom Sublimated Dart Shirts.

Sizing Sublimated Dart Shirts

Sublimated Dart Shirts are sized according to the wearer’s size, which includes chest/bust size, armhole, and sleeves.

Sizing is also based on the cuff size, and shoulder and back length.

Generally, Sublimated Dart Shirts are available in a mix of both kids and adult sizes.

There are also super big sizes of Sublimated Dart Shirts for those who are taller or shorter and more muscular.

Here is a size chart to guide you when sizing Sublimated Dart Shirts.

Dart shirt sizes

 Dart shirt sizes

How Sublimated Zip Polo Dart Shirts compare to Sublimated V-neck Dart Shirts

Sublimated zip polo dart shirts and V-neck dart shirts both offer the benefits of Sublimated Dart Shirts equally.

They are both comfortable, durable, and stylish, with the only difference being in their design.

While both styles allow you to show your chest and stay cool during warm weather, they don’t provide the same look.

Zip polo dart shirts are often associated with class.

They tend to provide a suitable alternative when you don’t want to wear a full-on suit.

That’s why they’re common in golf courses, tennis courts, and Yacht clubs, etc.

Polo dart shirts are versatile, and when worn in the right color, they bring out a warm, charming, and upscale style.

Sublimated V-neck dart shirts, on the other hand, are a lot more casual than the zipped polo shirt designs.

If you’re looking for something edgier, then the V-neck dart shirt style may be the right fit for you.

The good thing with V-neck Sublimated Dart Shirts is that they can be worn as an undershirt and still manage to stay invisible.

Cost of Sublimation Dart Shirts

The cost of sublimation dart shirts varies depending on two main things, the manufacturer and design.

Different manufacturers offer different prices for Sublimated Dart Shirts.

It all depends on who you are dealing with and how good you negotiate.

Besides that, the cost of custom Sublimated Dart Shirts is often dependent on the design.

Intricate designs tend to cost more since their implementation may require more time and resources.

The quantity of your order may also influence the cost at which you get custom Sublimated Dart Shirts.

Most manufacturers, especially those from China, tend to base their prices on MOQ.

In this case, the more you buy, the lower the cost per piece, and the more discount you can get generally.

How to Choose Sublimated Full Zipper Dart Shirts

Just like any clothing, you have several choices as far as buying sublimated full zipper dart shirts is concerned.

You can go for one based on your taste and needs.

Aside from this, there are many other factors that you may consider when making a choice.

· Zipper Type

Consider the type of zipper used on the shirt when you want to play darts.

Is it visible or invisible?

Does it have a lock mechanism or not?

· Placement of Darts

You don’t want to buy Sublimated Dart Shirts with bust darts when you’re a man or shopping for males, right?

So it is essential to specify the placement of darts to ensure that you’re getting the right product.

· Size and Fit

You must look for a full zipper dart shirt that fits well. In other words, look for the right size.

Bigger may be comfortable, but it is not always the best choice- remember that.

· Quality

Irrespective of the shirt’s design and price, quality is something that you must not overlook.

Best Stitching for Custom Sublimated Dart Shirts

Dart shirt

Dart shirt

Generally, double flatlock stitching is the best suited for custom Sublimated Dart Shirts.

This is because flat lock stitching lays flat on the fabric and is thus comfortable.

It doesn’t cause chaffing nor irritate the skin like most other types of stitching.

The stitch is sawn using quality thread that creates durable and neat stitches.

How to Choose Sublimated Dart Hoodies

There is an overwhelming range of options when it comes to buying sublimated dart hoodies.

And while purpose/need is an important consideration, don’t forget style.

After all, the best clothing is the ones that can make a fashion a statement.

Apart from style and need, comfort is something that you may want to consider, especially during cold weather.

You can also get a zipped or pullover sublimated dart hoodie depending on your needs and preference.

Please note that both zipped and pullover hoodie options are great and useful.

However, they each have distinct features and benefits.

For instance, zipped sublimated dart hoodies offer a more casual air and can always be worn with the zip open.

This makes the zipped hoodie designs more comfortable during warm weather as one can enjoy fresh air a bit.

Compared to the zipped sublimated dart hoodies, custom sublimated pullover dart hoodies are more comfortable.

They offer better warmth in chilly weather and are generally more comfortable as you can cover the head with the attached hood.

The only drawback of sublimated pullover dart hoodies is the lack of flexibility.

You cannot open the hoodie and enjoy the fresh air when you need it.

Last but not need, remember that whether zipped or pullover, a suitable sublimated dart hoodie should feature quality fabric.

Look for comfort, durability, and flexibility in a sublimated dart hoodie fabric.

How to Check Quality of Dye Sublimation Printing Dart Shirts

When buying sublimated dye dart shirts, you need to ensure that the quality matches your requirements.

One way to do this is by checking all the elements of the shirt that determine its strength, comfort, and durability.

These elements include;

  • Stitching, which should be high-quality stitching, doesn’t chaff nor irritate the skin. Stitches should also be sewn using tough and quality thread
  • Sublimation print, which includes names, numbers, logos, etc. should be smooth and vibrant. The design of the print should also be distinct and precisely as you wanted it
  • The fabric should be of the highest quality and possess all the right features that include comfort, durability, and breathability
  • Color of the material and print should also be what you requested for when making your order

You may want to count the shirts once you are done verifying the quality.

This is to ensure that you’re getting not a piece less of what you ordered.

Best Material for Sublimated Dart Shirts

Several qualities define excellent material for Sublimated Dart Shirts.

These are comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

Polyester and polyamide fabrics are the best fabric options for Sublimated Dart Shirts.

These are super comfortable, flexible, and have excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Also, polyester is preferred as it is well compatible with most of the sublimation printing dyes.

The fabric effortlessly expands to accept sublimation dyes when they change into gaseous form and are inducted into the open polymer pores.

Other reasons which make polyester and its polyamide fabrics a good option for Sublimated Dart Shirts are; availability, ease of use, and cost.

Dart Hoodies

 Dart Hoodies

How to Choose Zipper for Sublimated Dart Shirts

Zippers are elemental in sublimated zipper dart shirts.

They come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

You need to carefully sort through this variety and choose the best zipper for your Sublimated Dart Shirts.

Here are some of the things you may need to consider:

· Type of Zipper

There are two main types of zippers; vislon and coil zippers.

Vislon zippers are the most common type of zippers, and they feature plastic teeth that are closure structured.

This type of zipper comes in sizes #5, #10, and #15. The vision zippers feature a strong construction that is highly durable and weatherproof.

As the name suggests, coil zippers have teeth that look like coils.

The teeth are made of plastic and are commonly sewn onto the tape using polyester thread.

Coil zippers are equally strong and durable.

They’re, however, more flexible than the vision zippers.

· Zipper Size

Zippers come in a range of sizes that you need to select, depending on your project requirements.

The best way to do this is to measure the area of the dart shirt that you need to enclose.

Then, select a zipper that is suitable for it.

Note that zippers are numbered based on set criteria that are determined by the width of the zipper teeth when closed.

There are zip sizes #4.5, #5, #10, and #15, whereby the larger the size number, the bigger the teeth of the zipper.

Other parts of the zipper, such as the slider, also come in a variety of sizes.

· Length and Style of the Zipper

There are two options here: continuous and finished zippers.

Finished zippers have a starter box and pin on one end and a stop on the other.

They also come with sliders.

This type of zipper is ideal for applications where the complete separation of the zipper sliders is required.

Unlike the finished zippers, continuous zippers don’t have a beginning nor an end.

Their style is continuous. They also don’t come with sliders.

Other zippers’ styles available are visible and invisible zippers.

Visible zippers are designed so that its elements are laid out open and above the tape.

Invisible zippers, on the other hand, hides its elements under the tape.

· Zipper Sliders

There are locking and non-locking zipper sliders.

Locking sliders are designed with a locking mechanism that keeps the slider in place.

Non-locking sliders don’t have a lock mechanism.

They allow the zipper to separate by pulling on any part of the zipper slider.

Zippers with locking sliders are suitable when you need the shirt to stay closed throughout.

Non-locking sliders are ideal for applications where you need to able to separate the zipper quickly.

When choosing zipper sliders, make sure that you go for the one that is compatible with your zipper chain.

Other factors to consider when choosing a zipper for sublimated dart shirts include quality, cost, and color. These must be in line with your needs.

How Sublimation Printing on Dart Shirts compare to Other Printing Technologies

Sublimated Dart shirts

 Sublimated dart shirts

Sublimation printing, as a technique, is far more superior to most fabric printing alternatives for the following reasons:

  • Sublimation printing provides a continuous tone of output. This allows you to create images that are more vivid and vibrant
  • Most fabric printing technologies tend to lay down dyes into the fabric like a painter does with a brush.

However, sublimation printing, unlike these other methods, is more thorough.

It infuses ink into the fabric, thanks to changing of ink from solid into a gas, which results in a more natural-looking print that doesn’t fade, crack or peel

  • The fact that sublimated dyes permeate and solidify into the fabric allows for the creation of numbers, letters, and images that are much sleeker and superior looking
  • Compared to other printing methods such as screen printing, sublimation is far more cost-effective. Usually, the screen printing will charge you for every color that you include in print design.

But with the sublimation printing technique, you can incorporate as many colors as you want in design at no extra cost.

  • The process of sublimation is easy and quicker than that of other printing options. It is a Create- print-press type of technology that can be completed within a few minutes.

Set up of equipment and materials is also easy and quick in sublimation printing processes.

This allows you to print large batches of Sublimated Dart Shirts faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Also, since it doesn’t need a change of plates, sublimation printing is deemed more suitable for the creation of a large number of design variations. This feature also makes it a cheaper option for printing small dart shirts batches

Choosing Ink for Sublimation Dart Shirts Printing



The ink you use for sublimation printing will define the quality and longevity of the print.

As such, quality ink should always be used for sublimation dart shirts printing.

The ink should also be compatible with the shirt fabric to give desirable results.

Currently, KIAN and Fluorescent inks are popularly used in the fabric sublimation printing process.

These inks are known to be well compatible with lots of fabrics, including polyester and nylon.

The inks are also of excellent quality and come in so many color variations.

KIAN is imported from Italy.

It is popularly used for sports dart shirts as it doesn’t fade quickly and also creates visually appealing prints on fabric.

Fluorescent ink, on the other hand, is an opaque type of ink.

The ink, when sublimated on fabrics, can reflect light.

It is also available in fantastic neon colors.

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