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  • Small MOQ :10pcs to start your sublimated sportswear order
  • All-in price (design, production, and shipping), no extra charge fee.
  • Fast turn around time:11-13days after the proof is confirmed to go.
  • Easy Payment terms: Paypal, wire transfer, credit card
  • Bartack for sublimated wrestling singlets
  • digital printing sublimated baseball jersey
  • ironing sublimated wrestling singlets
Sublimated Wrestling Singlets
  • 80% polyester 20%spandex material, different weights for options
  • Small MOQ:10pcs
  • Custom label /tag service
  • 4-way stretch material, heavy 220gsm and light 125gsm weight for options.
  • Small MOQ:10pcs
  • Custom your own design
  • 88% polyester 12%spandex material
  • Short sleeve style is available
  • Custom design
  • 100% polyester breathable knit material
  • 7 collars options including V neck and drawstring neck
  • All-in price (design, production, and shipping), no extra charge fee.
Sublimated baseball jerseys
  • 100% polyester interlock material
  • Full buttons and 2 buttons
  • Full dye sublimation printing
Sublimated football jerseys
  • Polyester spandex material with stretch mesh
  • Small MOQ:10pcs
  • Men’s, women and youth sizes are available.
Sublimated soccer jersey
  • 100% polyester dry fit light weight material.
  • Custom size and neck style
  • Long sleeve goalie jerseys available
Sublimated lacrosse jerseys
  • 100% polyester micro mesh fabric
  • Custom/private labels and tags
  • Fast turnaround time
Sublimated basketball jerseys
  • 100% polyester micro mesh fabric
  • V neck and round neck style
  • Reversible jerseys and shorts style available
Sublimated cycling jerseys
  • 100% polyester moisture-wicking mesh
  • 1/4 zipper,3/4 zipper and full zipper styles
  • Made with Ykk zipper
Sublimated darts shirts
  • 100% polyester performance material
  • 1/4 zipper and polo collar styles
  • Custom design
Sublimated motocross jerseys
  • 100% polyester performance mesh material
  • Kids, youth and adults sizes are available
  • Neon color options
sublimated pit crew shirts
  • 100% polyester breathable durable material
  • Kids, youth and adults sizes are available
  • Button up and 1/4 zipper styles
sublimated rugby jerseys
  • 100% polyester durable material
  • Various collar options
  • Sublimation printing
sublimated softball jerseys
  • Polyester moisture-wicking material
  • Custom labels &tags
  • MOQ: 10pcs
sublimated fishing jerseys
  • 100% polyester moisture-wicking material
  • Stand up collar and polo style collar
  • Short-sleeve & long sleeve styles

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We do 100% inspection on every jersey in including logo & color, player name & player number, quantity & quality…and so on details.

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Goal sportswear do custom design sublimated sports team shirts for club, team, colleague and school for event, competition and fan

Goal sportswear do sublimated polo shirts with your own designs and your own size specs, long sleeve style is available.

Sublimated Hoodie

Goal sportswear do sublimated hoodie with 100% polyester warm fleece, pullover style and zipper up style with pockets

Sublimated Jacket

Goal sportswear do custom design sublimated jackets, it made with shell material with mesh lining and YKK zipper. 1/4 zipper pullover style is also available.

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Goal sportswear always stocks more than 50 kinds of fabrics for various team uniforms and diversified options for customers.

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Sublimation Sportswear: The Ultimate Guide

What is Sublimated Jersey

Sublimated jersey is a digital type of sportwear fabric with the entire designs directly fused on the clothing.

Features of Sublimated Team Sports Uniform

Sublimated team sport uniforms must have special features that will assist in proper identification.

Sublimated jerseys have infusions of everything that you might need to print on the jersey such as:

Sublimated sportswear

Figure 1

This is the pattern that makes the Jersey unique from other types of Jerseys.

It assists in distinguishing a team from another making it easy to identify them while on the pitch.

There are different types of stripping that you can print on the jersey depending on the team requirements.

Logos of the Team and the Sponsors

You will also need to have team logos on the jerseys that will help in easy identification of the team.

It will also assist in identifying the authenticity of the jersey.

Apart from that, a sublimated jersey also includes logos of the sponsoring companies for advertising purposes.

Names of the Players Putting on the Jersey

All the sublimated jerseys must have the name of the player wearing the jersey.

It will assist in identifying the player in different positions of the pitch.

Number that Represents the Player

You must also include the number that represents the player putting on the jersey.

The number will also assist in proper identification of the player as well as his playing position.


Most of the sublimated team sport jerseys are from a material that is comfortable, breathable and supports sublimation.

The most common material that you can use for proper sublimation is polyester fabric that provides the best results.

Why Teams should Choose Sublimation Jerseys

Teams should choose to use sublimation jerseys because of the following advantages:

Sublimation jersey sizes

 Sublimation jersey sizes

i. Sublimation Jerseys offer Higher Value than Screen Printed Jerseys

You should consider using sublimated jerseys because the logos, designs, player names and numbers are permanent.

The pints do not crack, fade, or wear out because sublimation directly infuses them into the fabric.

ii. Durability of the Sublimated Jerseys

You will also be able to save a lot of cost by using sublimated jerseys because of the durability it offers.

Sublimated jerseys are durable and you can easily wash and reuse the jerseys thus saving on cost.

iii. Pocket Friendly Technique

You will also save a lot of money by employing sublimation technique.

This is because the number of artworks, logos, and prints do not have a great impact on the overall cost.

This provides you with more opportunities of having multiple sponsorship deals.

iv. Sublimation Jerseys are also Nicer and Comfortable to Play in

You will experience more comfort from using sublimation jerseys as the fabrics will remain nice and smooth.

The printing is often within the fabric and will not cause any form of discomfort to the player.

Apart from that, the jersey is nicer to play with since it is lighter than stitched-on or embroidered jerseys.

In the long run, the player will have boosted performances on the pitch.

v. Sublimation offers Variety

Sublimated jerseys will offer you the luxury of choosing different forms of artwork to print.

You can feature different deigns that are more complex through digital designs with artwork such as:

  • Pin-stripes and gradients
  • Camouflage patterns and different textures among others.

Apart from that, you can also choose from the wide array of colors such as sunset, fuchsia, lime green and tangerine.

vi. Minimum need for Minimum Orders

Sublimation jerseys can accommodate minimum orders due to a reduction in the amount of set up it requires.

You never worry about the number of orders your team should place as the process is suitable for any number.

vii. Individual Customization

Your team will also have the luxury of customizing the type of unique jersey that they need.

The process uses a different screen for every jersey you will need to print thus allowing for individual customization.

Drawbacks of Sublimation Sportswear

Despite the numerous advantages, sublimation team uniforms also has a few disadvantages.

Some of the drawbacks associated with sublimation sportswear include:

Sublimated sportswear

 Sublimated sportswear

· Sublimation Sportwear is Limited to Small Batches

You will only have the option of ordering small batches of sublimation sportwear at a time.

This is because the process can only handle a particular number of jerseys at a particular time.

· Limited Materials

You may not have the luxury of choosing different types of materials to print as the process works best on polyester.

Polyester is the best fabric that can expand due to heat and can take in the color of the print.

· Expensive Option for additional Prints

You may pay more in case you need to add more designs on the jersey after providing an original design.

This is because the designer will have to go back to the drawing board and include additional designs.

Why Trust Shenzhen Goal Sportswear for Sublimation Jersey Printing

You should trust Shenzhen Goal Sportswear for Sublimation Jersey Printing because of the following reasons:

· Provides Design Assistance

With a team of designers with enough experience, Shenzhen Goal Sportwear will assist you with the designing process.

You will work hand in hand with them, sharing different ideas to a point where the design satisfies your needs.

· Offers After Sales Services

You will also receive after sales services from Shenzhen Goal Sportwear after a complete printing process.

The company will make sure that it packages your order well and deliver it to your door step at your convenience.

· Cheaper Option

You will receive a discounted price on the sublimation jerseys if you choose to work with Shenzhen Goal Sportwear.

In the long run you will pay less for better quality of jerseys to the satisfaction of your needs.

· Guarantee of Quality

The company will also make sure that you receive jerseys of the best quality.

It has the latest form of sublimation technology that it employs in the process of jersey printing.

Part of the technology that Shenzhen uses include:

i. Imported ink for printing especially from Italy

ii. Imported machinery such as printers and sewing machines

It also uses the highest quality of polyester fabric allowing you to get the best quality product at low cost.

It also places the jerseys under 100% inspection before allowing it for transport to your destination.

· Guarantees Diversity

Apart from the high quality of products, you will also have the luxury of choosing from a wide array of options.

You can print jerseys of every kind on any type of polyester fabric including tank tops, T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts.

· Provision of Timely Services

You will receive service delivery at the right time as the company will make sure that it adheres to time limits.

This is inclusive of the time it takes to print the jerseys as well as the delivery time which is always on schedule.

History of Sublimation Jersey Printing

Sublimation printing dates back to the 20’s and 30’s when you could use it for commercial purposes om acrylics and plastic.

After that, advancements in technology led to sublimation printing on polyester and nylon fabrics in the 40’s and 50’s.

Britain and France were some of the first countries to embrace sublimation printing on jerseys though on a smaller scale.

During the mid-70’s, Wes Hoekstra came up with a computer driven system for sublimation printing.

He developed the concept at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories thus becoming the father of computer imaging sublimation.

After that, the idea spread to the apparel companies in the 90’s and 2000’s where you could print on different clothes.

This was inclusive of sport jerseys allowing for additional developments and improvements on the technique over time.

How Sublimation Sportswear Printing compare to Screen Printing Jerseys

Screen printing of jerseys is an analogue system involving pushing ink with squeegee through stencil on fine mesh screens.

You can either perform screen printing by hand using manual screen-printing press or with automatic machines.

Sublimation sportswear printing, on the other hand, is a digital printing process requiring special printers such as inkjet printers.

First, you will need to have a mirror image of the print design on special transfer paper.

You will then transfer the design on the sportswear using the process of heat press.

The heat will sublimate the ink straight into the sportswear fabric preferably polyester.

Here are some of the factors to consider when comparing screen printing to sublimation printing of jerseys.

Sublimated vs screen printed jersey

Sublimated vs screen printed jersey

· Order Volume

Screen printing is the most appropriate method for higher volumes of jerseys where it will cost less.

The higher the volume of jerseys, the cheaper it is to print using the process of screen printing.

It is, however, more expensive to print a smaller volume of jerseys through screen printing.

In contrast, you will spend more time and resources on printing a large volume of jerseys through sublimation printing.

It is highly impractical to print jerseys trough sublimation process on large batches but appropriate for smaller batches.

In many cases, printing companies will have a minimum order volume for screen printing of jerseys.

Sublimation printing will, however, allow you to print any number of jerseys and does not have a minimum requirement.

· Substrates: Limitations and Versatility

Screen printing is highly versatile and allows you print on any fabric that you will use as a sportwear jersey.

Sublimation printing, on the other hand, will only work on polyester or any other types synthetic fabrics.

Apart from that, you can only use sublimation printing on white and very light colored sportwear.

You may not have proper visibility of the designs and logos on darker jerseys by using sublimation printing process.

You can use screen printing on any type of material with a wide range of colors for proper visibility.

· Job Setups

Screen printing is labor intensive and you will need more employees to handle the multiple screens for multicolored prints.

By contrast, you will not need a high number of staff for sublimation printing of sportwear jerseys.

Sublimation printing is capable of combining all the colors you need to print and printing them all at once.

You can also customize individual designs more readily through sublimation printing in comparison to screen printing.

Al you have to do is change the artwork file for sublimation printing in comparison to changing an entire screen.

· Intricate Designing

Sublimation and screen printing have the capabilities of reproducing photorealistic images and fine details.

Sublimation printing employs a combination of CMYO ink to produce the color you need thus eliminating additional screens.

Screen printing is more suitable for simpler designs and uses simulated printing or four-color printing process for the images.

Sublimation printing will also limit your designs to flat prints on the jersey and does not allow variety of effects.

Screen printing, on the other hand, will allow you to have a variety of effects such as 3D prints and shiny metal flakes.

· Creation of Lasting Prints

Sublimation printing as well as screen printing will leave you with a more comfortable print on the jerseys.

You will, however, need to be very careful with the prints to make lasting impressions that will not crack or fade.

Sublimation printing will automatically cure long lasting prints on the jerseys through the heat printing method.

You will, however, need to heat the jerseys under specific temperatures to cure the screen-printed jerseys.

To achieve this, you might need to use a conveyor dryer for screen printing of sportwear jerseys.

Recommended Temperature for Sublimation Sportswear Printing

Sublimation printing will take place under special conditions such as specific temperature conditions.

You will have to set the temperature conditions to 400 degrees Fahrenheit over a period of 30 seconds.

Apart from that, you will also need very heavy pressure to achieve the best results with sublimation printing.

All the printing of the design and peeling process of the paper process must occur at the 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember that the printing temperature will also depend on the type of material you are printing on.

The longer the dwell time on the fabric, the lower the temperature that you will employ.

Environmental Impacts of Sublimation Sportswear Printing

 Sublimated jersey

Sublimated jersey

Sublimation printing team uniform is an eco-friendlierprocess in comparison to other printing methods.

All the processes use chemicals in screen printing but sublimation has the most appropriate disposal method.

There is very little waste of materials as you will have to recycle and reuse the transfer papers.

It is a safer process for both the environment as well as the workers.

Since the process involves turning solid straight into gas, you will not need to use water for the dyeing process.

Lack of water limits wastage of water on dyes and ground contamination thus making it safer and environmentally friendly.

The only concern of the sublimation printing process comes at the heat pressing stage.

During the heat pressing process, steam is usually created and you may inhale the chemicals in the dye inks.

Best Material for Material for Sublimation Team Uniforms Printing

You can use specific materials for sublimation team uniforms printing in comparison to other printing methods.

Polyester is the best material that fits the requirements for sublimation team uniforms printing.

Sublimation ink will only bond with polyester or polymer coated jerseys thus eliminating other materials.

You may also use particular mixes of poly-cotton on sublimation printing.

Other materials that can work well with sublimation printing include:

  • Microfiber materials
  • Synthetic silk materials
  • Synthetic satin materials
  • Nylon which will require sublimation printing at lower temperatures.

Types of Sublimation Sportswear from Shenzhen Goal Sportswear

There are numerous types of sublimation team uniform that you can get from Shenzhen Goal Sportswear.

Here is a list of the different types of sublimation sportswear you can get from Shenzhen Goal Sportwear.

How Sublimation Printing for Sportswear Works

Sublimation printing for jersey works on the principle of sublimation where a solid turn straight into gas.

The process does not involve any changes into liquid thus making it more efficient for fusing into fabrics.

The sublimation printing for sportswear goes through the following steps:

Step One: Loading Dyes into Printer

First you have to ensure that the machine is in proper working conditions before commencing the printing process.

After that, you will load the dyes into the printer under the CMYK color space.

Step Two: Printing Images on Paper

You should have an image of the design that you would like to print on the jersey.

With the proper image at hand, you will print the image on the transfer paper.

It is among the most appropriate methods as it does not have limitations designs and colors.

Using the right computer technology, you will be able produce the exact design on the paper.

Step Three: Sublimation Process

At this stage, you will transfer the paper with the print onto the sublimation machine.

The garment, preferably polyester, will also be ready at the printing point.

Through heat treatment, the paper is pressed onto the garment at specific temperatures under high pressure.

At this point, the heat will change the state of the solid ink on paper straight into gas state.

The gas will then fuse into the pores of the fabric thus creating an impression of the image on the garment.

It will transfer the whole image according to the design and color scheme straight to the garment. s

You will allow the heat press on the garment for about 30 seconds and then peel of the paper at the same temperature.

Step Four: Cutting and Sewing

Finally, you will cut the garment panels from the reels of the fabric.

After that, you will then sew and piece the garments together to form a complete jersey.

The final stages also involve proper inspection of the garment before packaging and shipping.

How to Design Sublimation Sportswear

 Designing process

 Designing process

First, you will need to come up with a proper design in mind and then execute the design on paper.

You can also create a design of the sportswear using different computer applications for designing.

At the same time, you will ensure that you create the logos as well as the numbers and names of players.

Remember to position them appropriately so that they can fit accordingly at the printing stage.

You should also take into consideration the size of the fabrics you intend to print on.

With the proper design in place, you should include the color scheme on the design and ensure that it fits well.

The color scheme must be visible after transferring it to the garment so you have to consider the garment color.

With the help of appropriate ink, you will be able to create a great color scheme background for the jerseys.

After that, you will print the design on the template paper before sublimating it on the jersey.

How to make Personalized Sportswear with Sublimation Printing

You can also make a personalized sportswear with sublimation printing by going through the following steps.

Step One: Idea and Concept

You need to come up with a proper idea of the design that you would like to have on the jersey.

After that you need to have a concept on how you are going to successfully execute the idea that you have.

This involves having a plan on how you will take care of the risks involved in the process.

Make sure that you have all the factors involved such as pricing in check.

Step Two: Factors Involved

At this point, you need to consider the things that will be involved in making the design a success.

It involves proper consultations and finding the right people who will assist you in making it a reality.

You will also look for a company that will produce the personalized sportwear for you to use.

Most companies have their own designers and design assistance who will help you with the design.

Alternatively, you can consult a designer privately without involving the company’s designers.

Step Three: Design and Material

At this point you need to consider the design of the garment that you need to print on.

Apart from that, you should also consider the material that you are going to use for your personalized sportswear.

Polyester is the best material that you can use for making garments especially with sublimation printing.

You should also set the standards of quality that you desire for your personalized sportswear.

Step Four: Prototypes and Production

You need to ask the company to produces a prototype of the design that you need on the garment.

In short, the company will produce a sample of how your sportwear will look like.

You need to approve the prototype and allow for mass production according to the number you require.

After that, you will allow the company to mass produce the personalized sportwear in the specific quantities.

How to Verify Quality of Sublimation Printing for Team Uniforms

 Quality sublimated jersey

Quality sublimated jersey

It is important to verify that the jerseys are of the best quality according to international set standards.

This includes 100% inspection of features such as logos, number and name of players, color and quantity checks.

You will verify the quality of sublimation printing straight from the raw materials to the point of completion.

This involves making sure that the ink, printing paper, garment materials and the machines are of the best quality.

You should perform tests on every sample of the products you intend to use in sublimation printing.

After confirming the quality of the raw materials, you will proceed with the printing process.

You have to perform the printing using high quality machines for high quality results.

After that, you will inspect the final product and compare it to the original design.

How Sublimation Jersey Printing compare to Other Printing Technologies

Sublimation jersey printing compares considerably well with the types of printing technologies.

The main printing technologies that you can compare with sublimation printing technology are screen printing and DTG printing.

Here is how sublimation jersey printing compares to the two other printing methods in different terms.

Sublimated football jersey

Sublimated football jersey

· Definitions

DTG which stands for direct to garment printing involve the use of a printer to print on fabric.

It is capable of supporting some of the most detailed designs with a wide range of colors.

It is only capable of printing one garment at a specific time.

Screen printing is the process that involves pulling ink layers over particular screens to produce different designs.

You have to come up with special screens on every design to make it work perfectly.

The printing process is bets for a huge number of orders of the same type.

Sublimation printing, involves printing on special paper and heat transferring the design on polyester garments.

The heat will sublime the ink straight into the fabric thus leaving the design impression on the garment.

It has a long-lasting effect with zero problems on cracks or peeling off.

· Choosing a Printing Method

You will choose the right printing method depending on design as well as quantity to sell at a go.

i. Quantity

You will use DTG printing technique in case you are printing a small quantity of jerseys.

Screen printing is suitable and cost effective for a large batch of jerseys.

Sublimation printing is the most cost-effective method for printing Jerseys of a moderate quantity.

ii. Design

DTG is the most appropriate method for printing designs with intricate details such as photographs.

Screen Printing will require you to have plenty of screens before executing intricate designs and photograph prints.

Sublimation printing can handle all the above features and designs but it will limit you to the type of fabric to use.

Challenges in Sublimating Premade Jerseys

You can easily sublimate premade jerseys but you will have to face some challenges in the process.

Spot sublimation will depend on the premade garment and the design that you would like to print.

For instance, you may face a lot of difficulty in perfectly printing graphics that cross over wraps or seams.

You may experience higher chances of creases during the process of heat pressing around the seams.

You will run a high chance of missing the print in case you use a premade garment.

To take care of this problem you can do the following:

  • Restricting the size of the design
  • Avoid seams for spot sublimation.

How to Wash Sportswear with Sublimation Printing

Cycling jersey

Sublimated cycling jersey

Despite the fact that sublimation prints on jerseys are permanent, you might experience some unnecessary reactions.

You need to be very careful with the detergents and soap you will be using for cleaning and maintaining sublimated jerseys.

It is important to use cold water in hand washing or on delicate cycles using a washing machine.

Apart from that, you should use gentle detergents and tumble dry under low heat.

In case you are line drying, make sure that you place the jersey away from direct sunlight.

You should also avoid using hot water, bleach, harsh chemicals, as well us industrial wash and dry cleaning.

Sublimation Printing for Sportswear Turnaround Time

The length of time that it will take for sublimation of the garments will depend on the fabric and polyester coating.

Each substrate has its own dwell time whenever you are printing through the process of sublimation.

The harder the coating of a fabric, the longer it will take you to print through the sublimation process.

Other factors that will affect the sublimation time include:

  • The heat press equipment that you will be using
  • Ink Saturation
  • Types of paper for use in the printing process

The actual turnaround time will, however, depend on the project scope but it usually takes a week.

With the right information at hand, you will be capable of proper estimation of the turn around time.

Size Limitations for Print in Sublimation Sportswear Process

You can also have different sizes of sublimation prints on your jerseys.

You can print a design with a minimum width of 57 inches.

The maximum size that you can print using sublimation is also varied on the size of the machine.

You should consult on the minimum and maxim size limitations and ensure your order lies in between.

Recommended Artwork Quality for Sublimation Printing

You should make sure that you have the highest quality of artwork that you need to print.

You can achieve this by using proper design software which will bring out the right quality of the artwork.

The higher the quality of the artwork, the better the image that the machine will print through sublimation.

Cost of Dye Sublimation Jersey Printing

The cost of dye sublimation printing of the jerseys will depend on the following factors:

  • Linear yard for the roll to roll or panel printing
  • Quantity as well as the size of the sublimation prints
  • The cost of the fabric in case you do not come with your own fabric
  • The company charges on the process of sublimation printing
  • Whether you need to preshrink the fabric before sublimation printing

The greater the size and quantity of jerseys to print, the higher the cost of sublimate printing.

Requirements for Sublimation Jersey Printing

To go through a proper sublimation process, here are some of the things that you must have.

  • A sublimation printer that will print the artwork on the jersey
  • A jersey that should fit the right sublimation substrate requirements preferably polyester fabric
  • Saw grass sublimation or the most appropriate ink for the system
  • Sublimation paper where you will print the artwork before transferring it to the jersey.
  • Heat press
  • Sublimation blank

How to Choose Sublimated Sportswear

There are specific aspects that you need to look at when choosing sublimated sportswear.

Some of the factors to check include:

  • Type of material

You should consider buying the polyester sublimated team uniform because the prints are more permanent and durable.

The other material might have sublimated prints but will was away after a few washes.

  • Comfort

You should go for the most comfortable sportswear that allows you to play comfortably with no irritations.

  • Design

One of the greatest factors that you should consider is the design of the sportswear.

You should make a choice depending on your taste and preferences of color schemes.

  • Cost

The cost of sportswear will vary according to a number of different factors including design and quality.

You should purchase a sublimation jersey according to the cost you can afford.

  • Quality

You should go for a sublimated sportswear of high quality that can serve you for long without fading or cracking.

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