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What Are Knicker Baseball Pants?

Baseball playe rin knicker style pants

Baseball player in knicker style pants

Different styles of baseball pants are available, each with its own benefits.

The custom knicker style pants are shorter and slightly loose around the knee area to allow freedom of movement.

In addition, they are personalized with unique colors, logos, and names to make them unique to the team.

Custom baseball knicker pants are pretty popular amongst baseball players, professionals, and amateurs alike.

This is because they are light, flexible, and breathable.

Moreover, they are pretty sleek and stylish, a look that many baseball players favor.

What Is The History Of Baseball Knicker Pants?

The game of baseball dates back to the early 1840s.

During this time, players wore long and baggy pants similar to today’s baseball pants. However, in the earlier days, the pants were primarily made of wool which made them heavier and uncomfortable, especially during hot weather, i.e., summer.

Besides, the look was not practical as it restricted movement around the ball field. Players kept tripping on the extra length and fabric, which impacted their performance negatively.

Towards the end of the 1860s, baseball officials and players opted for knicker pants. Although still heavy, these pants were shorter; this allowed players to move freely.

The advent of knickers also led to the introduction of high baseball socks. Players wore longer, colored socks that made them stand out from other teams and opponents.

For a long time, knicker-style pants have been the primary look for baseball players. Its prominence lasted for over a century, even when new style pants started coming into play. The look, as you can tell, is still popular to date.

How Do Knickers Vs. Custom Baseball Pants Compare?

Baseball pant style

Baseball pant styles

Custom baseball pants encompass all types of personalized baseball pants. These are available in different styles, each with its own unique features and benefits.

You can customize these pants with open/closed bottoms, relaxed/semi-relaxed fits, different lengths, print styles, and much more.

Knickers are just one of the styles you can consider for custom baseball pants.

Other styles include piped baseball pants, solid baseball pants, classic baseball pants, and pinstripe baseball pants.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Baseball Knickers?

Custom baseball knickers are tailored to your exact requirements and to the team’s unique brand image.

These pants are available in various designs and style options. For example, you can have them pinstriped, in ¾ lengths, knee length, etc.

Additionally, you can request unlimited design elements, logos, and colors for custom baseball knickers.

What is more is that these pants feature superior quality fabric that is light and flexible.

As a result, players can move freely in these knickers without the worry of tripping or getting dragged by heavy fabric.

The pants are also breathable and moisture-wicking. This ensures that players stay cool, dry, and comfortable no matter the weather.

Another advantage of custom baseball knickers is that they make use of the highest quality printing techniques. As a result, printed designs hardly fade, crack or peel. They are very durable and sometimes outlast the garment fabric itself.

The best part is that custom baseball knickers are also pretty affordable and cheap. They don’t sacrifice in quality and appearance, and they can you several seasons without replacement.

What Are Custom Baseball Knickers Made Of?

Custom baseball knickers, as said, are made using high-quality materials.

100% polyester is the most popular material for this baseball garment.

Durable, knit fabrics are used to ensure lasting durability and breathability.

The fabrics are light and moisture-wicking, allowing players to stay fresh and comfortable throughout the match.

The polyester fabrics used in these knickers are stretchy enough.

They adapt to players’ natural movements, thus eliminating any restrictions and discomfort while running, hitting, or pitching on the field.

Other popularly used materials to make custom baseball knickers are cotton, wool, nylon, and polyester blends.

Cotton is used when extra comfort is needed.

The material is warm and soft on the skin. It is also pretty durable.

Nylon, on the other hand, is stretchy, allowing for the much-needed flexibility in baseball. It is also soft and durable.

Wool is commonly used for winter wear. The fabric ensures players stay warm and protected when playing baseball or practicing in cold weather.

In other instances, polyester is combined with other fabrics such as cotton, nylon, or spandex to enhance its features.

For example, polycotton blends provide superior durability and comfort.

It also makes it easy to print the pants using high-end techniques such as dye sublimation.

A combination of nylon and polyester improves the pants’ flexibility, durability, and feel on the skin.

Spandex and polyester simply enhance a garment’s stretchability.

It makes baseball knickers form-fitting and well suited for free movement around the field.

Spandex is also an excellent material for inserts and undergarments.

What Design Options Are There For Custom Baseball Knickers?

Custom baseball knickers come in three main design options.

These are:

  • Pinstripe design: This design is suitable if you’re going for a more vintage look.

Pinstripe baseball knickers feature a solid foundation, usually white or gray, with multiple stripes running from the waist to the hem.

  • Solid design: Knickers in this design come in simple solid colors with no stripes.

The pants give a simple, sophisticated, and modern look.

Their advantage is that they can be worn with a variety of baseball jersey styles and colors.

  • Piped design: this is the standard look for many baseball players.

It features a solid foundation with a single stripe on either side of the pants.

Like the solid design option, piped knicker pants come in many color options and can be worn with jersey styles and colors.

Why Are Most Custom Baseball Knickers Fitted With Reinforced Knees?

Baseball is a rigorous game that involves lots of running, sliding, and hitting the home plate.

Many custom baseball knickers are made with reinforced fabric at the knees to avoid the risk of injury.

The reinforcement helps in absorbing impact when hitting the ground.

It also prevents the material from wearing and tearing out faster than it should.

So basically, a reinforced knee in custom baseball knickers is for added durability and protection.

What Are The Sizing Options For Custom Baseball Knickers?

Custom knicker pants come in adult, youth, and kids sizes ranging from S to XL sizes.

XS, 2XL, 4XL up to 7XL sizes are also available depending on your needs.

Note that these are considered custom cuts that you have to specially request for in your order.

Apart from the average sizes, these pants are available in various length options.

There are ¾ length, knee-length, and above-the-knee length options.

To get the proper size custom baseball knickers, consider the waist and inseam length.

First, measure the waist, giving a little room depending on how you want the pants to fit.

As for the inseam, this refers to the area from the crotch to the hem of the pant.

When sizing the inseam, consider the rise of the pant.

This is basically how snug or lose the crotch area fits.

So as you measure the crotch, make some allowance for the rise.

How Custom Baseball Knickers For Women Supposed To Fit?


Female baseball player

Female baseball player

Women’s baseball knickers should be tailored specifically for the female form.

They should fit snugly and comfortably with additional reinforcement on the knees and slide zones for proper protection.

Well-fitting knicker pants for women shouldn’t come with the worry of constantly pulling the back of the pants while in the ball field.

Instead, they should fit well enough to allow players to move freely and concentrate on the game instead of the pants.

Are Custom Baseball Knickers Supposed To Be Tight?

Not exactly!

How tight baseball knickers should be is dependent on individual preference.

Although, the level of skill may also determine the best fit to choose for custom baseball knickers. This is because fit has an overall impact on performance.

Professional players, for instance, are better suited with well-fitting knickers.

Meaning, the pants should be snug enough to not get twisted or bunched up while playing and flexible enough to allow freedom of movement.

Amateur or casual players can do with slightly looser fitting baseball knickers as long as the pants don’t feel heavy or uncomfortable.

Is ‘Too Big’ Ideal For Custom Baseball Knickers?

While we recommend loose-fitting knickers for some players, overly baggy custom baseball knickers can impact players’ performance negatively.

Besides the obvious discomfort, knicker pants that are just too big will get in the way of free movement.

Teammates need to be able to steal bases, field fly balls, and generally make plays.

Otherwise, they’ll be riding pine while watching their teammates play.

Overly baggy pants are just not ideal, and using tapes to hold the pants in place or rolling up the legs won’t help.

Instead, it adds to a player’s worry causing them to lose focus and increase their risk of injury.

Must Custom Baseball Knickers Be White?


Custom baseball uniform

Custom baseball uniform

Only if the team is playing on home turf; otherwise, white baseball knickers or uniforms, in general, are not mandatory.

Note that baseball rules require that teams have two sets of custom baseball uniforms, one of which should be white for home matches. The away/road matches can be any color of the team’s choosing.

Apart from that, many teams prefer white pants because they are simple and less distracting. Colorful pants can be pretty ‘loud’ for both the players and fans. Thus, white pants bring in some kind of uniformity and order during games.

Another reason baseball teams like white knicker pants is their suitability to be worn in any kind of weather.

Especially in hot weather, white knicker pants tend to be advantageous. They don’t absorb heat, thus ensuring players stay cool and dry throughout.

What Are The Hem Options For Custom Baseball Knickers?

When it comes to custom baseball knicker hems, there are two options: open and closed.

The closed hem is made of stretchy materials and is often preferred when players need to secure the knicker pant at a certain length.

This style hem is also a good option if the custom baseball knickers run a bit long, i.e., ¾ lengths.

On the other hand, open hems are meant to sit over the cleats.

Although not popular, this hem style gives a more comfortable and casual look to a player.

The downside of open hem knickers is that they are not easy to hike. Players have to master the art of securely rolling these pants up, which can be tedious at times.

Are Softball And Baseball Knickers The Same?

No, but the difference between the two is very minimal.

One can say that softball pants are just a re-engineered version of baseball pants, especially for the men’s styles.

When looking at the differences, softball pants generally come in baggier cuts.

Also, baseball knickers have back pockets and a belt loop. On the other hand, softball knickers may or may not have a back pocket.

They also replace belt loops with a string to tighten and secure the waist.

What Is The Point Of Stirrups For Custom Baseball Knickers?


Baseball stirrups

Baseball stirrups

Baseball stirrups are long socks without toes and heels.

They only cover the calf. These stirrups were invented as a protective measure for players while on the field.

As you know, custom baseball knickers go just below the knee.

Unfortunately, this leaves a big part of the leg exposed. As a result, players wear colorful socks for coverage.

The problem, though, is that in the event of a spike, the dye in the socks could easily infect the wound, which can be fatal.

This is why many professional ballplayers wear stirrups over their socks.

Another thing is that stirrups are more traditional to the sport.

They are not mandatory, but players who wear them are considered to be more professional and with an admirable drive.

Such is said to be more serious about the game and are loved by diehard baseball fans and enthusiasts.

Besides, baseball stirrups are designed to reflect the team colors along with logos through the stripes.

As a result, they provide an excellent aesthetic appeal that is essential in any custom baseball gear.

How Do You Choose Custom Baseball Knicker Socks?

Typically, baseball knicker socks should be the same color as the baseball jersey.

If you’re looking for stripped socks, go for those whose foundation color is the team’s theme color.

Apart from color, good custom baseball knicker socks should be comfortable.

Choose socks made with good cushioning material and with an integrated mesh.

This will not only ensure enough support for the ankle but also provide airflow.

Good quality material and workmanship also ensure that the socks perform well and last long.

Other considerations when choosing these socks are fit and size.

Well-fitting socks are not only comfortable but also secure. Socks made of elastic material are ideal as they fit well and stay in place even in intense activity.

What Are The Features Of Youth Baseball Knickers?

Apart from sizing and a few other things, a custom youth baseball uniform is no different from adult ones.

Youth knicker pants are made using the same quality, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics as adult pants.

They are super light and flexible, allowing youth players ease of movement while playing.

Another thing with youth baseball knickers is that they are available in stock and custom options.

You can personalize these pants with various design elements, numbers, logos, and colors.

Also, you can have request performance features for the youth knickers such as UV protection, stain resistance, and anti-odor and anti-bacterial technologies.

When buying baseball knickers for youth, go for youth specific sizes i.e., youth S, youth L, youth M, youth XL, etc.

What Is The Best Belt Style And Material For Custom Baseball Knickers?

Belts are considerable for custom baseball knickers because they satisfy both function and style demands.

They are preferable over drawstrings because they are reliable, unique, and easy to customize.

Regarding material, knicker belts are primarily available in either elastic material or leather options.

For youth and casual players, elastic belts are an excellent option.

Players can wear them for many seasons before they can outgrow them.

Elastic belts for baseball knickers are also available in many different styles and colors, making it easy to match the team uniform.

Unlike elastic belts, leather belts are more suited and preferable for professional ballplayers. They provide a more personal fit and come in a variety of colors too.

What Are The Customization Options For Custom Baseball Knickers?

Several options are available for incorporating logos, letters, and numbers onto custom baseball knickers.

They include:


Screen-printing is more like using a stencil to print designs.

The process involves painting the design onto a screen and forcing the ink onto the fabric to create designs. This printing method is suitable for vibrant designs with single or no more than two colors per design.

Dye Sublimation

If you’re looking to print intricate designs with multiple colors, this is a more cost-effective option.

Sublimation printing involves transferring designs directly onto the fabric using heat, pressure, and time. It transfers the dye by turning it from solid to vapor, whose molecules then sip through to merge with the fabric fibers. The result is a natural-looking design that doesn’t fade, crack or peel.


Embroidery uses thread and an embroidery machine to sew on designs onto the fabric.

Depending on the design complexity, designs can be embroidered manually or digitally. Costs for this decoration option vary depending on the thread count.

Tackle Twill

This involves twill designs cut from heavy, colorfast fabrics and sewn directly onto the garment fabric.


Applique designs combine both tackle twill and embroidery techniques.

For this, twill designs are sewn onto custom baseball knickers using an embroidery machine. This results in a unique, stylish, and high-quality custom design.

Other printing options that you can consider for custom baseball knickers are heat press and direct-to-garment printing.

What Are The Benefits Of Sublimation Printing For Custom Baseball Knickers?

Dye-sublimation printing is the most popular printing technique for high-quality custom sportswear.

Unlike screen-printing, sublimation doesn’t use changing plates thus is cost-effective.

You can print 50 baseball knickers at the price of one.

Given that it doesn’t use screens, sublimation printing is also fast.

Another advantage of sublimation for baseball knickers is the fact that it allows for full-color printing.

You can print texts and images in high-quality and vibrant full-color layouts.

The printing method also offers endless customization options.

What is more is that it uses little ink and yields minimal waste, making it highly environmentally friendly.

Not to forget that dye sublimated prints don’t fade, crack or peel.

So they can be used for many seasons and washed many times without losing their appearance and quality.

Do You Provide Custom Baseball Knickers With Pockets?

Yes, we provide custom baseball knickers with pockets in three options: back pockets, side pockets, and combination pockets (side and back pockets).

Pockets are ideal for storing batting gloves, additional braces, or wraps.

The pockets should come with closure, i.e., a button, snap closure, or zip to keep contents in place while playing.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Dye Sublimation Printing For Custom Baseball Knickers?

Before choosing sublimation for custom baseball knickers, the printing method is only suitable for polyester and poly-blend fabrics.

When used on other materials that don’t contain polyester, the printing dye won’t be permanent.

Also, the technique isn’t ideal for all printing requirements. Therefore, it is only recommended for complex and artistic designs with seam-to-seam demands.

In addition, keep in mind that dye sublimation causes white screening and has no color limitations.

This makes it unsuitable for block-color designs.

How Does Stock Vs. Custom Baseball Knickers Compare?

Stock baseball knickers are factory-ready sportswear that comes in standard materials, colors, and sizes.

These don’t have any special designs and are not specific to any team.

You can buy stock baseball knickers and have them customized with the team logo and numbers.

In contrast, custom baseball knickers are personalized to the team.

They feature high-quality materials with special performance features.

Custom options are also customized with team and sponsor logos and other design elements specific to the team.

What Makes A Great Custom Baseball Knicker?

A great custom baseball knicker features high-quality printing that doesn’t fade or wear out quickly.

It should also be well-fitting and not cause any discomfort or movement restrictions.

Additionally, an excellent custom baseball knicker features a light and breathable material that feels good on the skin.

The fabric should be of exceptional quality to last you more than one season. It should also wick away sweat.

Cost also matters when considering good custom baseball knickers. They should be affordable without compromising on quality.

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