Show Your Team’s Unity with Goal Sportswear Custom Soccer Warm-ups

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Set-in sleeves with a contrasting inset
  • Made from 100% polyester

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More than 500 Custom Warm-ups Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

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Goal Sportswear is a Trustworthy Manufacturer of Custom Soccer Warm-ups in China

Goal Sportswear is a well-known manufacturer of customer soccer warm-ups in China. As an expert on this field, we can offer you the best quality products and services available from us! Goal Sportswear manufacture custom soccer warm-ups with the broadest selection of styles, sizes, designs, and colors. We can also customize your soccer warm-ups with your logo, name, team name, graphics, and more. We manufacture your orders with great quality!

Goal Sportswear is the leading manufacturer of custom soccer warm-ups in China. For more than 5 years, Goal Sportswear is a dedicated supplier who offers excellent quality products, on-time delivery, competitive cost, and valuable services.

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Make Your Business Succeed with Goal Sportswear Superior Quality Custom Soccer Warm-ups

Goal Sportswear is a well-known manufacturer of customer soccer warm-ups in China. As an expert on this field, we can offer you the best quality products and services available from us!

We can produce different styles of custom soccer warm-up. Goal Sportswear is known to be professional in manufacturing wide selection of custom soccer warm-ups. You can choose from ourexisting design or send your own.

You can avail Goal Sportswear custom soccer warm-ups with different sizes. We have broad range of sizes for youth and adults. These are suitable for men, boys, girls, and women. They will surely love our custom soccer warm-ups!

We also have different colors of custom soccer warm-ups. Choose from our white, red, blue, maroon, yellow, black, gray, combinations, and more. You can also send us your detailed color preference so we can manufacture your orders of custom soccer warm-ups according to your specifications.

Other than that, we can produce custom soccer warm-up that are made from premium quality fabrics and materials.

Our custom soccer warm-ups are made from cotton, polyester, and more. These fabrics are lightweight and incredibly fast drying.

Additionally, we have custom soccer warm-ups with hood and drawstrings for an adjustment. In order to have a sleek look, we manufacture custom soccer warm-ups with set-in sleeves.

Goal Sportswear custom soccer warm-ups feature an on-seam pockets. This provides a secure storage with an easy access. These are also designed with slight curve and dropped back for an additional coverage.

Moreover, Goal Sportswear custom soccer warm-up comes with an extended zipper above its neck. This assures you a maximum protection against wind.

You can use Goal Sportswear custom soccer warm-ups in your trainings and practice. You can also wear it in your tournament or special event.

Goal Sportswear is the leading manufacturer of custom soccer warm-ups in China. For more than 5 years, Goal Sportswear is a dedicated supplier who offers excellent quality products, on-time delivery, competitive cost, and valuable services.

So, if you need custom soccer warm-ups for your business, you can trust Goal Sportswear! We can also customize your soccer warm-ups with your logo, name, team name, graphics, and more. We manufacture your orders with professional quality!

We always focus on providing you the best quality custom soccer warm-ups that will suit your needs. Aside from custom soccer warm-ups, Goal Sportswear also has the full capacity to manufacture custom soccer tops, custom soccer shirts, custom soccer pants, custom soccer hoodies, and so on. Goal Sportswear is indeed your one-stop-solution for your needs!

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Custom Soccer Warm Ups: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will show you what to look for when importing custom soccer warm ups.

Among the critical things to consider are fabric type, cost, design process, manufacturing techniques, and benefits, just to mention a few.

So, if you want to learn more about custom soccer warm ups, read this guide.

What is Custom Soccer Warm Ups?

Custom soccer warm-ups are complete apparel that you will wear especially during soccer warm-up sessions before a game commences.

How Much Do Custom Soccer Warm Ups Cost?

The cost of custom soccer warm-ups can range between 50 US dollars to 150 US dollars.

This is often the cost of the whole warm-up suit which includes the warm-up pants and jackets.

You can also opt to purchase them differently with the costs on the following range:

  • Custom Soccer Pants range between 25 to 60 US Dollars
  • Custom Soccer jackets range between 30 to 90 US Dollars.
  • Custom Warm-up jersey or shirt ranging between 30 to 70 US dollars

Another factor that will affect the cost of custom soccer warm-ups is the quality and quantity.

The higher the quality and quantity of the custom soccer warm-ups the more money you will pay.

Custom soccer warm up

Custom soccer warm ups

Which is the Best Fabric for Custom Soccer Warm Ups?

The best fabric that you can use to manufacture custom soccer warm-ups is polyester.

You can also use nylon for manufacturing custom soccer warm up as it exhibits the same properties as polyester.

Polyester as well as nylon are the best materials that you can use in making custom soccer warm-ups because:

  • The two materials are heat tolerant thus withstanding the high sublimation heat.
  • The materials are breathable thus keeping you warm and comfortable.
  • They are strong with high tensile strength thus increasing the durability of the warm-ups.

What do Custom Soccer Warm Up Package comes with?

Custom soccer warm ups package come complete with the following essentials.

Soccer warm up kit

Soccer warm up kits

· Custom Warm-Up Tee

This is a t-shirt that you will wear during the training or warm up session in preparation for a game.

It can also come in the form of a custom soccer shirt or custom soccer jersey.

· Custom Warm-Up Shorts or Pants

You can either wear custom soccer pants or shorts when warming up or training on the field.

· Custom Warm Up jackets

You will also wear custom warm up jackets during the training session especially when it is cold and rainy.

It will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the training and warm-up sessions.

Why Do You Need to Wear Custom Soccer Warm Ups?

You should make it a habit of wearing your custom soccer tops especially during training sessions.

You will need the custom soccer warm-ups for the following reasons:

· Unity and Uniformity in a Soccer Team

Wearing your custom soccer warm up as a team is a sign of unity as every member of the team is in uniform.

· Prevents You from Muscle Injury

You will also be in a position of avoiding muscle injury especially when you train in your custom soccer warm-ups.

It is important to keep the warm-ups on after the training or warm-up session to allow your muscle to cool down.

· Keeps You Warm

Another reason why you need the custom soccer warm-ups is to keep you warm especially during the cold season.

You can also wear the custom soccer warm-ups to keep you warm while waiting for your turn on the bench.

How do you Design Custom Soccer Warm-Ups for Team?

You can come up with your own design of the custom soccer warm-ups.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow when designing your custom soccer warm-ups.

1) Coming Up with a Design

You will go through every possible design on the internet or draw your own design.

Apart from the brainstorming sessions, you can also decide to do some consultations with your team members.

Through their recommendations, you can come up with a design that every member of the team accepts.

2) Choosing the Right Colors

After that, you will go through the different color schemes with reference to the theme color of your team.

You can test the different colors with your designs and finally settle on one type of custom color for your design.

3) Deciding on the Prints

Here, you will include the writings that you would like to print on the custom soccer warm ups.

This includes the name of the team, your team sponsors, as well as the team and sponsor’s logo.

4) Choosing a Computer Designing Software

With the computer designing software in check, you will proceed to choosing a designing template.

Your design template should be the same as the final custom soccer warm-up design you need.

After that, you will proceed with the designing process by including the design on to the template.

The process also involves shading the design with the colors that you settled on.

Remember to include the writings as well as numbers if any at this point.

Before you submit the design, you should request for the help of other designers to sight any mistakes.

Make the necessary changes before you save and submit the design for manufacturing purpose.

Why Should You Consider Importing Custom Soccer Warm-Ups from China?

Well, China should be your custom soccer warm-ups shopping destination because of the following reasons.

· Numerous Custom Soccer Warm ups Suppliers

There are quite a number of custom soccer warm-up suppliers in China that you can choose from.

The hi9igh number of suppliers should boost your confidence of getting the right custom soccer warm-ups you need.

· Competitive Prices

Additionally, due to the presence of numerous suppliers, you can be sure of getting the bets deals for your products.

· Original Equipment Manufacturers

You can also leave the country with the most original products of the custom soccer warm-ups.

The manufacturers in China will give you the most original products (Custom Soccer Warm-Ups) of very high quality

· Great Hospitality

You will also receive the best customer services from the custom soccer warm-up suppliers with maximum assistance.

You can have the assistance of the manufacturers designing team and proper consultation services from customer care team round the clock.

· Wonderful Infrastructure

Transporting your custom soccer warm-ups cargo from China is a very simple process especially with the good transport network system.

China has numerous sea ports, railway lines, as well as airports where you can comfortably transport your cargo from.

Do You Supply Custom Sleeveless Soccer Warm-Ups?

Sleeveless warm up jersey

Sleeveless warm up jersey

Absolutely, we also supply sleeveless custom soccer warm-ups at your request.

All you have to do is specify on the type of sleeveless custom soccer warm ups that you need.

You can use the sleeveless custom soccer warm ups to train during the warm season.

How do you Manufacture Custom Soccer Warm-Ups?

The manufacturing process of your custom soccer warm-ups involves sublimation printing, cutting and stitching processes.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow to successfully manufacture your custom soccer warm-ups.

Sublimation Printing of Custom Soccer Warm-Ups

The first step in the whole process is reviewing the custom soccer warm-ups design for approval purposes.

After that, you will print the design on a transfer paper adhering to the printing and sizing details.

Make sure that you use high quality ink such as KIAN ink which will easily sublimate and fuse into the fabric.

After printing your transfer paper, it is time for you to print the fabric usually polyester fabric.

Set up the sublimation printer and arrange the fabric and transfer paper at the right positions.

After that, you will program the machine to work on specific parameters including:

i. High printing temperatures ranging between 400 to 450 degrees

ii. High printing pressure withing 30 to 45 seconds

During this period, the heat will sublime the ink allowing it to sublime and fuse directly into the polyester fabric.

After that, you will allow the ink to blend and dry in the polyester fabric through the incubation process.

Cutting the Polyester Fabric

At this point, you will adhere to the sizing details of the custom soccer warm-ups.

You will cut the custom soccer warm-ups according to the right sizes and place the pieces together.

Stitching the Pieces Together

Finally, you will bring all the pieces of the custom soccer warm-ups together.

This will bring the custom soccer warm ups to the eight shape.

Make sure that you use the best printing technique with the highest quality of threads.

Inspect the outcome and ensure it is perfect before packaging the custom soccer warm ups.

Which Accessories Can you Wear Alongside Custom Soccer Warm-Ups?

You will need other accessories to wear alongside your custom soccer warm-ups.

The accessories that you will wear alongside custom soccer warm-ups include:

  • Custom Soccer Shoes

You will wear the custom soccer shoes to keep you safe and comfortable during the training process.

  • Custom Soccer Socks or Stockings

Custom soccer socks will also increase your level of comfort while wearing your custom soccer shoes.

  • Custom Soccer Protective gear

With the protective gear like shin guards, sliding shorts and caps, you will be free of potential injury.

How Do Custom Warm Ups for Men Compare to Custom Warm Ups for Women?

Soccer warm up jersey

Soccer warm up jersey

Men and women will wear the same type of custom soccer warm up except for a few exceptions.

The main exceptions that brings out the difference between the man and women custom soccer warm-ups include:

Sizing of the Custom Soccer Warm-Ups

When sizing the men and the women custom soccer warm ups, you have to look at the physique of the men and women.

In that case, you will have narrower shoulders, more allowance for breasts, and wider hips for women custom soccer warm-ups.

On the other hand, men custom soccer warm-ups have broader shoulders and narrower hip spaces.

Designing Details

Women often prefer having more beauty oriented custom soccer warm ups designs.

This includes floral designs and brighter colors such as pink and red.

On the other hand, men often prefer simple designs on the custom soccer warm-ups with dull colors.

Most of them may even come plain without designs but with colors such as black, brown and blue.

What Can you Print on the Custom Soccer Warm Ups?

Most of the custom soccer warm ups do not have numerous prints on them.

You can print different types of writings such as:

  • Name of the team
  • Logo of the team
  • Name of the Manufacturer
  • Logo of the manufacturer

How Should Custom Soccer Warm Ups Fit?

Well, before purchasing the custom soccer warm ups, you must make sure that it fits you perfectly.

Here are the main points to look at when fitting your custom soccer warm ups.

Players warming up

Players warming up

Length of the Custom Soccer Warm Ups

Your custom soccer warm up tees and jackets should reach the mid-point of your pant zippers.

Apart from that, your custom soccer warm up pants should extend all the way to the ankle of your legs.

In case of custom soccer warm up shorts, the length should reach just above your knee.

Shoulder Hem of the Custom Soccer Warm Ups

The shoulder hem of the custom soccer warm-ups should fit at the point your shoulder meets your arms.

Sleeves of the Custom Soccer Warm Ups

You should ensure that the sleeves of the custom soccer warm ups reach your wrist for long sleeved custom soccer warm-ups.

You short sleeved custom soccer warm ups should be a few inches above your elbow.

The sleeves must also give you proper allowance to stretch your hands freely.

Tightness of Custom Soccer Warm-Ups

You will choose custom soccer warm ups that are snug fitting thus giving you enough room to comfortably flex.

It must not be too tight or too baggy to an extent where it hinders your flexibility.

Do You Supply Custom Soccer Warm Ups with Hoodies and Drawstrings?

Yes, we also supply custom soccer warm ups that come complete with hoodies and draw strings.

You will use the hoodie to cover your head during warm up sessions in the cold and chilly mornings.

The draw strings will help in adjusting the size of the hoodie as well as the size of the warm up pants.

What are the available Sizes of Custom Soccer Warm-Ups?

Custom soccer warm ups are available in all the sizes that you need depending on the size of the athlete.

The main sizes available for your custom soccer warm ups include:

  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)

Apart from that, we also have soccer athletes who would wear 2XL and 3 XL sizes of custom soccer warm-ups.

You will be able to determine the right sizes of the custom soccer warm ups by doing proper measurements.

In such a case, you will take measurements of:

  • Circumference of the chest by placing the tape measure laying flat around the fullest part of the chest.
  • Sleeve length by ensuring the tape measure starts from the shoulder up to the wrist.
  • Shoulder breath by taking the measurements between the right shoulder and the left shoulder.
  • Waist size by measuring the circumference of the wait where the pants or shorts reach.
  • Length of the pants and the shorts
  • Hip size for the women custom soccer warm-ups

How Do Custom Soccer Warm Ups Compare Custom Soccer Jackets?

Custom soccer warm ups and custom soccer jackets serve more or less the same function of keeping you warm.

Despite that, you will note that the custom soccer warm ups are often lighter than the custom soccer jackets.

Apart from that the custom soccer jackets are bulkier and have more weight in comparison to the custom soccer warm ups.

The main material for making custom soccer warm ups and jackets is polyester.

You may also have the custom soccer jackets with other materials to make it warmer that the custom soccer warm-ups.

Additionally, you will use the custom soccer warm ups for training purposes which is not possible with custom soccer jackets.

Can you get Sublimated Custom Soccer Warm Ups?

Absolutely, the main method for printing custom soccer warm ups is the sublimation printing method.

In that case, you are sure of getting the sublimated custom soccer warm-ups with your custom design.

What are the Benefits of Sublimated Soccer Warm Ups?

Sublimated soccer warm ups come with plenty of benefits such as:

· Durability

Sublimated custom soccer warm-ups are very durable especially with the strong polyester material.

Apart from that, the sublimated prints are permanent and will last as along as the polyester fabric.

· Comfort

Custom soccer warm ups are very comfortable especially with the breathable polyester fabric.

Apart from that, you will not experience cracks and peel offs on the sublimated custom soccer warm ups.

This increases the level of comfort as you will not experience incidences of cuts and bruises on your skin.


The cost of making the sublimated custom soccer warm ups is very affordable coupled with the numerous benefits.

Is there difference between Custom Soccer Warm-up and Normal Soccer Jerseys?

Yes, there is a difference between the custom soccer warm ups and the normal soccer jersey.

You will use the custom soccer warm ups for training purposes only.

On the other hand, you will use the normal soccer jersey for specific games on the soccer field.

In short, if you consider everything mentioned in this guide, you’ll definitely get high quality custom soccer warm ups.

At Goal Sportswear, we design and manufacture high quality and cost competitive custom soccer warm ups.

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