Women’s MMA Shorts : The Complete FAQ Guide

Women’s MMA shorts are made for women who practice martial arts, especially mixed martial arts.

They are exactly like men’s MMA shorts, except they fit a woman’s body.

They typically have the same features as traditional shorts, such as an elastic waistband and drawstring, a gusset, and plenty of ventilation.

These shorts look very similar to boxing shorts.

We’ll explore the differences in colors, printing techniques, comfortability, and materials used.

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How Do Women’s MMA Shorts Compare To Men’s MMA Shorts?

women MMA short

women MMA short

Whether you are training for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or doing self-defense training, it is vital to wear the proper clothing.

This includes wearing the correct type of shorts.

It is essential to find comfortable MMA shorts while providing the appropriate support and coverage.

Here is how women’s MMA shorts compare to men’s MMA shorts:

women MMA short

women MMA short

Tighter Fit

Men’s shorts have extra fabric around the waistband, making them wider and less fitted than women’s shorts.

Consider women’s MMA shorts if you want a tighter fit.

They also usually come with several added features, such as adjustable waistbands or tie bottoms, making them far more comfortable.

Women’s MMA shorts are available in various styles, including baggy, tight-fitting, or even traditional Muay Thai shorts.

The style is really up to you; however, they all provide the same quality and comfort.

Color Patterns

Many women like to match their clothes with their gear.

Women’s MMA shorts offer a wide range of color patterns that will surely please your taste for style and fashion.

Some of these include floral designs, solid colors, and stripes. If you want something different from men’s, go for women’s MMA shorts.


You can use both Women’s and Men’s MMA Shorts for training purposes, but each can also be used in competitions such as UFC, K-1, etc.

The only difference would be how they fit on the waistline and other body parts.

There are a lot of advantages of wearing Women’s MMA Shorts rather than Men’s MMA Shorts, especially if you are a female fighter.


Women’s MMA Shorts are more comfortable during training because they will allow you to move.

It is a good idea to try on several women’s MMA shorts before you settle on the one you like best.

You will notice that with some brands, the material tends to bunch up around your hips or stomach area when you move around in them, which can make things uncomfortable when training.

Price Comparison

Men’s MMA shorts are usually cheaper than women’s MMA shorts.

Women’s MMA shorts tend to be smaller and less bulky than men’s,

making them cost more to manufacture freely with no restriction on your leg movement, unlike Men’s MMA Shorts.


For women’s MMA shorts, the design caters to the female athlete with a tapered fit throughout the leg openings, waistband, and hip padding.

That provides greater mobility and more comfort in high-pressure situations.

Men’s MMA shorts are designed to have a looser fit to allow more mobility during training.


Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties make the material ideal for women’s MMA shorts.

That helps keep you cool and dry during training sessions so you can push yourself harder without worrying about discomfort or feeling weighed down.

men MMA short

men MMA short

How Much Does Women’s MMA Shorts Cost?

One of the most important things you have to consider when buying women’s MMA shorts is the price.

Most MMA shorts can range from $20 up to $60.

Can You Recommend Best Women’s MMA Shorts?

Finding the best women’s MMA shorts can be challenging if you’re unsure what you are looking for.

You may want something that provides comfort while still giving you a good look,

or you might want something more form-fitting to provide you with that sleek figure.

That’s why we recommend Best Women’s MMA Shorts anytime.

How Should Women’s MMA Shorts Fit?

Women’s MMA shorts are the essential equipment for female fighters.

These should fit comfortably but snugly with no excess fabric so that you can move around freely when fighting.

It’s important to note that women’s MMA shorts are scaled down from men’s MMA shorts, as women tend to have narrower hips and waistlines.

Tighter is better for women in terms of MMA shorts because you’ll want to be able to move.

However, this means that you will want your gear (especially your gloves) to be well-fitting so that you aren’t hampered by loose clothing when working out.

That is why it is vital to seek out larger sizes if necessary. You want to feel the freedom of movement, not constriction.

How Do You Choose Best Women’s MMA Shorts Material?

Finding the best women’s MMA shorts material to wear on the mats can be challenging.

If you look around, you’ll find that many of the brands out there claim they use the best materials.

Here are some tips for choosing the suitable material for your women’s MMA training shorts:

Material Type

You should think about the material first when picking out the best MMA training shorts for women.

A few different materials are used for MMA training gear, and each has its ups and downs.


This is probably one of the most common types of materials that you’ll find in women’s MMA training gear.

It offers excellent breathability while still highly durable and resistant to tears or rips. It also dries quickly so that moisture doesn’t build up while you’re working out, making it ideal for those who sweat a lot.

How Do You Choose Best Women’s MMA Shorts Size?

The best MMA shorts for women are a great way to support the sport and stay active. However, before you start training in them, you must ensure that they fit correctly. Below are a few factors to consider;


If you are looking for the best women’s MMA shorts, make sure that it has a size that fits you well.

Shorts need to be comfortable, so you don’t want them too loose or tight.

Too big shorts means that your legs move freely, which can be dangerous during sparring sessions.


The material matters a lot as it keeps your body cool in the summer and warm in winter.

So, while choosing the best women’s MMA shorts, make sure they have suitable material that gets easily damaged.

Also, remember that they should be stretchable so they won’t hurt your legs while practicing.


Remember that pockets are significant to keep your stuff like keys, wallet, and other property safe if you don’t have a bag with you.

Nothing is more frustrating than losing something valuable when you need it most.

How Can You Verify Quality Of Women’s MMA Shorts?

Wearing quality MMA clothes is an excellent way of showing that you are a true MMA fighter.

One way to do this is by wearing the best MMA shorts, and there are various types of these shorts available on the market today.

It’s essential, however, to understand what makes them different, and it’s just as important to know how you can pick the best one for your needs.

Length And Design

When looking at women’s MMA shorts, one thing to consider is the length and design.

It would help if you chose shorts explicitly designed for your body type as this will make all the difference in your performance.

If you doubt the sizes, it might be a good idea to go for clothing that is slightly bigger than usual.

So that they fit you well while you are doing any martial arts or other physical activity.

There are also many designs you can choose from, and this will depend on your taste and whether you prefer short shorts or longer ones.


Another aspect to consider when looking at women’s MMA shorts is comfort.

This will make the difference between training hard or stopping due to discomfort.

Women should choose shorts made from high-quality material, soft and comfortable but highly durable to last.

Comfort is essential when you’re training hard in your MMA gym.

Please don’t settle for a pair of shorts that don’t feel good on your skin or leave uncomfortable marks on your body after taking them off.

Consider The Fit

Your MMA shorts should be long enough to stay out of your way while you grapple or kick, but not so long that they get in your way.

Are Women’s MMA Shorts Durable?

The short answer to this question is yes; there are plenty of women’s MMA shorts that are durable.

However, there are also some things you should consider when shopping for a pair of women’s MMA shorts.

Many women’s MMA shorts are made of tougher fabric due to the difference in body types between men and women.

In addition to this, some women’s MMA shorts are more durable than others.

How Do Women’s MMA Shorts Compare To Regular Women’s Shorts?

Women’s MMA shorts do not come in many colors like regular shorts.

Usually, they come in plain colors like white or black and some with small attractive prints.

 women MMA short

women MMA short

You can choose the colour that you like best based on your preferences. Do not forget to check for its quality before you buy it!

There is one big difference, and that is about the length.

However, it is not just the length but also the cutting of this short that makes it different from regular women’s shorts.

Another difference between Women’s MMA Shorts and regular women’s shorts is the thickness of the material used in their construction.

Most women’s MMA shorts use a thicker, cotton-like material to protect you in case of an accidental knee or kick to your leg while sparring or grappling with a partner.

This material also helps absorb shock, which can help less experienced fighters feel less pain after being hit in a vulnerable area with a hard strike.

Surprisingly, this thicker material makes you feel more relaxed while training.

 regular short

regular short

MMA shorts have front and back pockets to keep your essentials safe and close.

These pockets are ideal for keeping your phone or other valuables close to you during training sessions.

They make it easy to check the time or listen to music during your workout sessions.

They offer improved mobility and flexibility because they offer a different range of motion than regular short pants.

This means that you can move freely when doing cardio exercises, weightlifting, kickboxing, martial arts, or even yoga workouts.

You can find a pair of MMA shorts with a drawstring enclosure;

To ensure that your pants stay in place when moving around or performing, kicks that require your legs to be closer together instead of wider apart.

How Should You Care For Women’s MMA Shorts?

Women’s MMA shorts are a long-term investment, so it is essential to care for them properly.

The following are several tips that will help you maintain your women’s MMA shorts to ensure they last as long as possible:

  •       Loose clothing can get caught on things and rip or tear during training. Additionally, loose clothing can cause accidents when caught on something during sparring or grappling.

Make sure all of your clothing is tight-fitting, including Women’s MMA Shorts and other pants that you wear during training.

  •       Every time you train or spar, wash your Women’s MMA Shorts immediately after training.

This will help keep the shorts in good condition.

  •       Always hand wash your MMA shorts in cold water with a mild detergent in a basin.

Gently squeeze out any excess water and hang them up to dry.

  •       Never use bleach or fabric softener on your MMA shorts, as they can damage the material.
  •       Do not machine wash your MMA shorts.

The impact of the spin cycle will cause unnecessary wear on the garment, making it less effective than before.

  •       When drying your MMA shorts, make sure that there are at least two inches between them and the dryer’s heating element.

Excessive heat can damage the product if you are not careful.

  •       Avoid wearing your pairs of MMA shorts while cutting weight before a match,

as this can wear down the garment more quickly than regular activity would.

  •         Always wear an athletic cup underneath your women’s MMA shorts while sparring or competing in a match.

That will protect you from injury if someone accidentally hits you in the groin area, which could cause severe damage to your internal organs.

Can You Customize Women’s MMA Shorts?

Not only can you customize the color and size of your shorts, but you can customize any aspect of them.

That includes any logo you want added and the color of your name if you wish to add personalization.

You can customize women’s MMA shorts with logos or patches by having small pieces of fabric sewn onto the waistband or sleeve cuffs.

These pieces of fabric can come from your sponsor or your design or logo.

You can also customize Women’s MMA shorts with a name or number sewn into them for identification purposes during tournaments throughout the day.

custom MMA women short

custom MMA women short

Because contest MMA athletes can wear multiple pairs of shorts during the day.

They rely on these patches and numbers to help identify each other during matches, which may co-occur.

What Makes Women’s MMA Shorts Comfortable To Wear?

The first thing you have to do is check out the material used in the construction of the shorts.

It would help if you made sure that these are made from a durable and flexible material at the same time.

MMA is all about movement and flexibility, so a pair of pants that does not allow this will not be ideal for training purposes.

Next, you should check out the pockets. It will help if you look for a pair of MMA shorts with ample pockets.

These pockets will allow you to hold your keys, cell phone, and other valuables while on the move.

There is nothing worse than having to stop mid-fight because you lost your cell phone or your keys somewhere inside the gym or at home!

These two elements are essential to any good pair of women’s MMA shorts.

So you should never compromise on them when it comes to picking one out for yourself.

You also have to remember that there are many brands and companies.

Are There Women’s MMA Shorts With Pockets?

Yes, there are.

There are several different brands of MMA shorts for women available today that offer an inner pocket.

This is an important feature to look out for when purchasing your next pair of MMA shorts.

How Do You Choose Women’s MMA Shorts Color?

You will want to pick out a color that matches your personality and lifestyle.

If you like to be noticed, you might want to choose something bright and colorful such as blue or purple.

If you want something more subtle and calming, choose black or gray.


If you do not want to stick out in any way, then select something neutral such as white or tan for better options of coordinating with other workout clothes.

You should consider the location of where you are going to wear them.

The color of the belt is important because it shows your level of experience and skill in a specific martial art.

Which Printing Techniques Are Best For Women’s MMA Shorts?

It is essential to get the proper printing technique for your Women’s MMA Shorts.

If you are looking to print on fabrics, various printing techniques can be used.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing transfers dye onto a material, usually a textile product like women’s MMA shorts.

The process works by heating the dye under pressure and then applying it to the surface.

This creates a highly resistant print that does not crack or fade in the wash.

Thereby, making it efficient and cost-effective for manufacturers and consumers.

The right combination of image quality, equipment, and media needs to achieve an effective print.


 Lasts Longer – Since sublimation prints with heat and not ink, the design will not fade or run overtime.

It will stay vibrant as long as you wash the shorts properly in cold water with detergent and not bleach them.

Is More Colorful – Sublimation uses pressure to transfer color from a heat plate to the fabric.

The plates can make up to 8 different colors.

So, you can create more vibrant designs with sublimation than you can with other methods like direct-to-fabric printing or screen printing.

Great For Special Designs – Sublimation allows you to use artwork that would be too intricate or detailed for other types of printing methods, like screen printing.


 The sublimation process cannot print on dark color fabrics or dark shirts.

Some other fabrics like wool, silk, and spandex will not work well with this technique either.

The second limitation of this technique is that it will get distorted when applying heat to the transfer if the fabric does not have the proper elasticity.

Digital Printing

 Digital printing is an approach used by many companies and individuals to create printed products like t-shirts, sweaters, and even MMA shorts.

The design is uploaded onto a computer and then printed using plates made from silicone—the ink transfers from the plate to the fabric via heat.


Digital printing gives you many options because you can print on almost any fabric as long as it isn’t too thick.

Digital printing can also be done in small quantities and on-demand when needed, so there is no need to keep stocks of finished products.


If you’re designing your own MMA shorts, you need to make sure that they’re designed with digital printing in mind.

Since each color will require a separate plate, each plate must be made individually; this can get very expensive quickly.

Another downside of digital printing is that if one color in the design becomes too popular (red).

It can run out of ink more quickly than other colors.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of using a mesh screen to apply ink to a garment.

This method is most widely used because of its speed, ability to print on any garment, and the wide color spectrum produced.


Great detail can be achieved with this technique, allowing very intricate designs to be printed onto the material itself.

This is particularly important for smaller prints or designs that require fragile lines.

Screen printing is also outstanding for multi-colored designs.

As each color can be applied separately and then blended using techniques like overlapping images.

It’s easy to print different styles on the same piece of fabric if you’re using screen printing techniques.

This means that you can create very diverse products from a single piece of material.


Screen printing is not suitable for creating large quantities of products.

This type of printing is challenging because each item needs to be done individually by hand.

It is also challenging to create vivid colors with the technique.

It requires you to choose your ink colors and color palette carefully.

How Do You Choose Waist Design For Women’s MMA Shorts?

There are many things to consider when you’re choosing the right waist design for women’s MMA shorts.

Here are some of the most important:

·       Coverage You Want

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want full coverage or half-coverage.

Full-coverage MMA shorts will cover your bum completely and provide extra support for your stomach and backside.

Half-coverage shorts tend to be lighter and more flexible, leaving your bottom half exposed.

·       You Prefer A Looser Fit

If you prefer a looser fit, choose a pair of MMA shorts with an elastic waistband or drawstring.

These will be easier to put on and remove, which is good if you prefer to fight in loose clothing.

On the other hand, if you like a pair of MMA shorts that fits more snugly.

Choose those with a non-stretchy waistband and minimal lining, so they stay in place during rigorous training sessions.

Are Women’s MMA Shorts Same As Women Compression Shorts?

Women’s MMA Shorts are no different from women’s compression shorts. The materials used are different.

Women’s MMA shorts are made up of high-quality stretchable and lightweight cotton fabric.

Whereas Compression Shorts are made of spandex which improves blood circulation and reduces muscle strain.

women compression short

women compression short

MMA shorts are longer than Compression Shorts, making them suitable for grappling.

If For example, if you want to buy MMA shorts for your BJJ or Judo class, go for the ones with a length of 18 inches or more.

For martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate, choose compression shorts instead.

How Do Women’s MMA Shorts Compare To Women Grappling Shorts?

The main differences between women’s MMA shorts and women’s grappling shorts are the length and the weight of the fabric used to make them.

Women grappling shorts are usually longer since they cover the knees more.

Women’s MMA shorts also tend to be thinner than women grappling shorts so that they aren’t as heavy to wear in competition or training.

Most women prefer to wear them underneath their gi or rash guard for additional comfort and safety during exercise.

women grappling short

grappling women short

Do Women’s MMA Shorts Have Draw Strings?

Most people think that women’s MMA shorts don’t have drawstrings, but this isn’t true.

While most fighting shorts generally don’t have them, some companies out there sell them with them.

Just make sure that whatever pair you buy has a drawstring so that you can adjust the waist size for a better fit.

However, some women prefer shorts with drawstrings that allow them to adjust how tight or loose they feel their shorts are.

While others find them unnecessary.

Is There A Recommended Length For Women’s MMA Shorts??

There is no standard length for women’s MMA shorts. Tailored women’s MMA shorts tend to be between 16 and 18 inches long.

The former is the most common, especially among amateur fighters.

While the latter is a bit longer and more commonly seen in professional bouts.

How Do You Classify Women’s MMA Shorts?

Women’s MMA shorts are designed specifically for women.

They are shorter in length than men’s MMA shorts and have a higher elastic waistband to fit the female body shape.

Women’s MMA shorts also have wider legs for more movement and better comfort.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Women’s MMA Shorts?

When searching for the perfect pair of MMA shorts for women, you should consider a few things.

women MMA short

women MMA short


MMA shorts come in various materials, and each material has its advantages. The most common material is spandex.

Spandex is comfortable and lightweight, so that it can be found in many MMA brands.


Everyone sweats when they train in the gym, so the material used to make your MMA short needs to be able to breathe correctly.


The comfort of your MMA shorts is vital. You want a pair that feels good on your skin and moves quickly with your body.


You’re going to be putting this item through quite a bit of wear and tear, so it needs to be able to handle all of your hard work.


Make sure that your MMA shorts fit correctly.


There are various MMA shorts for women on the market, including full-length, half-length, and booty shorts.

For all your women’s MMA shorts, you can contact us now.

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