MMA Fight Shorts : The Complete FAQ Guide

MMA fight shorts are a type of clothing worn during mixed martial fights.

MMA fight shorts come in different types, textures, sizes, and designs which allows you to choose that which best suits you.

What Makes MMA Fight Shorts Unique?

 MMA fight short

MMA fight short

MMA fight shorts come with unique features that make them more suitable than any ordinary fight shorts.

The following are the most unique features you will find on MMA fight shorts. They include;

  • Mama fight shorts have a high tolerance to wear and tear.

This makes the MMA fight shorts ideal for the long duration of the MMA fights competition. More so, MMA fight shorts are very flexible which allows you to move freely without a single tear.

  • Additionally, MMA fight shorts also have Velcro and drawstrings which acts as fasteners on the shorts.

This helps keep the shorts up all the time during the fighting competition.

  • MMA fight shorts have split seams that appear on both sides of the MMA fight shorts.

Split seams enhance mobility while making any kind of movement from free kicks to sidekicks.

  • MMA fight shorts also have gussets that allow flexibility around the waistline area.

This brings about ease of movement while the fighter is making kicks.

  • MMA fight shorts do not have any pockets or zippers to reduce the chances of injuries to both fighters.
  • MMA fight shorts contain a rubberized waistband which provides an extra grip on the waistline during the fights.

This waistband may be a solid, elastic waistband, or a hybrid waistband that combines fixed rear with elastic zones on both sides of MMA fight shorts.

What Is the Best Material for MMA Fight Shorts?

The kind of material you use in making MMA fight shorts is very crucial as it determines the durability and comfortability of the shorts.

Not only a good MMA fight shorts results in high quality but also provide excellent resilience features such as resistance to wear and tear.

The kind of material used in making MMA fight shorts should not in any way restrict the movements during the fighting session.

Again, when it comes to flexibility and ease of movement good choice of fabric is very important. For instance, how else can you make those free kicks?

The following are the most common materials we use in making MMA fight shorts. They include;


This kind of fabric is very stretchy which eases mobility hence enhancing motion.

It has the capability of compressing the muscles which results in increased blood circulation around the body.


Polyester fabric is a very ideal material when it comes to making MMA fight shorts.

Polyester does not shrink when washed even with the use of a machine, provides ease of movement, and is more durable.

Also, MMA fight shorts made of this fabric absorbs sweat easily which ensures you stay dry all through the fight.

Polyester material also has the anti-odor feature, this means you can use the same MMA fight shorts all day long with no odor.


Cotton fabric allows free circulation of air making it excellent for breathability.

The cotton fiber allows the air to move all around which means the body always stays dry despite sweating.

How Much Do MMA Fight Shorts Cost?

Among other factors, the cost of MMA fight shorts is one of the major considerations you should always factor in.

The cost of MMA fight shorts varies greatly depending on the following factors such as;

  • Type of MMA fight shorts you want to acquire.
  • The size of the MMA fight shorts
  • Type of fabric used in making the MMA fight shorts.
  • Quality and quantity of MMA fight shorts.

How Do You Print MMA Fight Shorts?

Ideally, there is quite a wide range of printing techniques that you can use to print MMA fight shorts which have different outcomes.

The final results of the printing method determine how durability and appearance of the MMA fight shorts.

The following are the most common printing methods we use while printing MMA fight shorts. They include;

Dye-sublimation Printing Technique

This technique involves printing the designs on a thermal transfer paper which is normally used to transfer the designs onto the MMA fight shorts fabric.

To achieve these designs on the fabric both pressure and heat is necessary as it presses the ink permanently on the fabric.

This technique is suitable as it leaves the printed MMA fight shorts with the original softness as it was.

Benefits of Dye Sublimation Printing Technique

  • There are no textures left on the fabric once the printing process is complete.
  • This technique is environmentally friendly.

There are no remains or any peels left since a permanent bond is achieved by heat and pressure on the fabric.

  • Excellent results of permanent quality images.

Sublimated MMA fight short

sublimated MMA fight short

Limitations of Dye Sublimation

  • This technique is costly.
  • Requires a lot of skills and expertise especially while mixing the dyes.
  • You will require special dyes and equipment to achieve the dye sublimation.

Screen Printing Technique

This technique uses a mesh and stencil to print the desired designs on the MMA fight shorts fabric.

Only the parts that you block using a waterproof material will get the ink hence the designs. With this printing technique, you can only use one color of ink at a time.

Benefits Of The Screen-Printing Technique

  • Its cost-saving especially if the printing is meant for the long run.
  • The images you achieve using this technique are excellent and the prints are durable.

Limitations Of The Screen-Printing Technique

  • It’s not suitable for multi-color usage. You can only achieve one color at a time.
  • There is a lot of wastage left behind in terms of ink usage.
  • It’s not suitable for small runs as it requires extensive labor.

screen printing MMA fight short

Screen printed MMA fight short

Stamping Printing Technique

This technique involves cutting out the designs you want for your MMA fight shorts which you will dip into the ink.

The design will be pressed against the MMA fight shorts fabric to achieve the design you desire.

Benefits Of Stamp Printing Technique

  • Its cost saving
  • It’s easy to achieve the same design you desire on the MMA fight shorts.
  • No machine requirements
  • It’s suitable for only small runs.

Limitation Of Tamp Printing Technique

  • Not suitable for large runs. Small output quantities.
  • Only design is achievable per every stamping.
  • There are not many details are achievable using the stamp printing technique.
  • There is high inconsistency in terms of quality since you can only stamp one design at a time.
  • Transfer printing technique

This technique involves the use of a special transfer paper, where you get to print the design, you want onto the transfer paper.

To transfer these designs onto MMA fight shorts fabric, you use heat to press the design onto the fabric.

Benefits Of Transfer Printing Technique

  • It’s easier to print and transfer designs onto MMA fight shorts fabric.
  • No special equipment is required. You can use an ordinary printer to print your preferred designs.
  • It’s suitable for only small runs.

Limitations Of Transfer Printing Technique

  • There is a high possibility the design of the MMA fight shorts will have a low-quality resolution.
  • This kind of printing will result in peeling and fading of the design after some time.
  • During the transfer, process textures will be left on the MMA fight shorts fabric.
  • You can only use the transfer paper just once.

Pigment Printing Technique

This technique is ideal as it only involves applying the ink dye on the location of the MMA fight shorts fabric you only desire.

The design is achieved by slowly applying the ink over and over until you achieve the choice of design you want.

Benefits of Pigment Printing Technique.

  • There is less need for heavy machinery to achieve printing on MMA fight shorts fabric.
  • Results to high-quality color matching hence improve the appearance of the design.
  • It’s one of the leading high-speed printing techniques.
  • Results to permanent bond on the MMA fight shorts fabric. More so, the colors are very bright.

Limitations of Pigment Printing Technique

  • The ink dye normally sits on the fabric rather than embedding it into the fabric.
  • It leaves residues on the fabric due to the usage of binders to perform the printing.

Do Your MMA Fight Shorts Fade?

No, our MMA fight shorts do not fade or peel off the original designs.

Ideally, the kind of printing technique we use determines the quality of the designs and how long they will last on the MMA fight shorts.

We use the most ideal printing technique to ensure that we have quality designs on the MMA fight shorts which do not fade off.

Dye sublimation is one of our ideal techniques for printing different designs on the MMA fight shorts with an assurance of durability.

How Do You Check Quality of MMA Fight Shorts?

With regards to the Unified Rules of MMA fight shorts flexibility, ease of movement, comfortability are paramount aspects in MMA fight shorts.

While picking on your MMA fight shorts ensure the shorts have mesh panels that allow easy circulation of air thus increasing breathability.

The MMA fight shorts should also have a rubberized waistband which provides ample fitting and elasticity to ensure you are comfortable.

To ensure the designs on the MMA fight shorts do not fade off, ensure to use the best printing technique such as dye sublimation.

Ensure that the MMA fight shorts have split seams which enhance movement during the fights.

How Should MMA Fight Shorts Fit?

When it comes to fit, it does not necessarily entail the comfortability you get while wearing MMA fight shots.

Categorically, fit revolves around the length of the MMA fight shorts, traditional or compression, and the waistband.

The length of MMA fight shorts varies widely depending on style, preference, and also the kind of fight you are involved in.

You will find from short to long lengths of MMA fight shorts.

There are no limitations in choosing long MMA fight shorts over short MMA fight shorts, you get to enjoy similar privileges.

There is a difference between compression and traditional MMA fight shorts. For compression, they are comfortable and lighter.

Not only do they provide un-restrictive movements but also, they are very flexible. They also enhance the smooth flow of blood by relaxing the muscles.

Traditional MMA fight shorts, on the other hand, have a loose-fitting hence availability of drawstrings around the waistband for tightening.

The waistband is a very essential element on MMA fight shorts. In most cases, this waistband varies from, fixed, elastic, and hybrid waistband.

What Are the Available Sizes of MMA Fight Shorts?

MMA fight shorts come in different sizes depending on what our clients request.

It’s therefore important to know which size of MMA fight shorts you need to be made for you.

We have sizes varying from large, medium, and small sizes for MMA fight shorts.

Are There MMA Fight Shorts with Pockets?

Although their rules prohibit the availability of pockets on MMA fight shorts, there are those MMA fight shorts with pockets.

This however depends on the location of the pockets. The external pockets are prohibited as they may result in injuries on both fighters.

It’s allowable to have internal pockets as they facilitate the storage of your shin gum which acts as a shield to your gums.

Do You Help in Designing MMA Fight Shorts?

Yes, we do assist in designing MMA fight shorts, however, this entire process depends on the information you provide to us.

The choice of designs varies from one client to another from the complexity of design, color, type of fabric, and the desired size of the MMA fight shorts.

It’s also important to consider and adhere to the MMA standards regarding the suitable designs of MMA fight shorts.

Again, we will work in handy with our clients to ensure we meet the desirable designs as per the specifications they provide.

Which Types of MMA Fight Shorts Are There?

The following are the most commonly available type of MMA fight shorts. They include;

Compression Shorts

Compressions MMA fight shorts are almost similar to vale tudo shorts but are more revealing.

compression short

compression short

Benefits Of Compression MMA Fight Shorts

  • Have the ability to retain heat which results in muscle relaxation.
  • Compression shorts are lightweight and more comfortable.
  • It has non-restrictive material which allows you to make any type of kicks.
  • Compressions shorts are very flexible and durable.

Limitations Of Compression Shorts

  • Compression shorts tend to be more revealing and you may require to use a cup to protect your modesty from injuries.

Board Style Mixed Martial Arts Fight Shorts

These MMA fight shorts are traditionally longer to knee length. They are suitable if you are performing all-purpose fighting events.

Benefits Of Board MMA Fight Shorts

  • They are breathable, their ease of air circulation allowing it to dry up the moisture.
  • They have an elastic waistband which ensures the shorts stays up even during rolling.

Hybrid MMA Fight Shorts

Hybrid shorts are normally a combination of compression and board style features of MMA fight shorts.

Benefits of Hybrid MMA Fight Shorts

  • These shorts are of high quality
  • They provide excellent comfort during the fighting sessions.
  • They provide practicality and flexibility to the fighter.

What Should You Consider While Buying MMA Fight Shorts?

There are quite a several factors you should look out for while buying MMA fight shorts. Some of these factors include;


MMA fight shorts are made from different materials depending on the client’s preference.

The kind of material used in making MMA fight shorts should provide ample comfortability and flexibility during movement.

In other words, the material should be stretchy.


Different types of MMA fight shorts come in varying sizes. It’s therefore important to choose a size that will meet and fit your body.

You can check your size as per the chart we provide you with to avoid oversizing or under-sizing as both will have effects your comfortability.


The price of MMA fight shorts varies greatly depending on which type you choose and the material.

High-quality material tends to be more costly but the most durable.


The design of MMA fight shorts is very crucial as it determines the overall performance of these shorts.

It’s important to look out for designs with features such as drawstrings, Velcro straps, closure, elastic waistband among other features.

Type Of MMA Fight Shorts

We have different types of MMA fight shorts available which you can use for the fighting sessions.

These shorts vary from compression board MMA fight shorts to highbred shorts. Each of these shorts has different features and benefits which allows you to choose which MMA fight shorts best suits you.


Graphics designs and prints bring out the style you will want to have on your MMA fight shorts. It’s therefore important that you make your choices well for ideal results.

Our MMA Fight Shorts Moisture Wicking?

Yes, MMA fight shorts are moisture-wicking.

This is one of the basic features you should look out for while buying your MMA fight shorts as it allows the shorts to stay in a dry state at all times.

This keeps off microbial activities.

How Do Loose and Compression MMA Fight Shorts Compare?

Loose MMA fight shorts are designed freely to facilitate easy movements during the MMA fighting sessions.

Not only do they allow free circulation of air but also ease mobility all around.

Compression shorts on the other hand are tighter and more revealing, unlike loose MMA fight shorts. Compression MMA fight shorts are lightweight and assist in muscles recovery.

What Are the Closure Options for MMA Fight Shorts?

The most common closure options you will find in MMA fight shorts include;

  • Loop closure
  • Velcro hook
  • drawstring

Do You Help in Shipping MMA Fight Shorts?

Yes, we can assist in shipping MMA fight shorts to our client’s location.

The most important thing is to provide us with necessary and accurate information about your active location.

Do You Have Custom MMA Fight Shorts?

Yes, we do have custom or can achieve customization of MMA fight shorts depending on what our clients want.

custom MMA fight short

custom MMA fight short

We can add the logo or fighter’s name on the MMA fight shorts. To achieve this, we work for a hand with our clients to ensure we meet all the requirements.

At Goal Sportswear, we offer high quality and affordable MMA fight shorts, depending on your unique requirements and specifications – contact us now.

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