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This guide covers everything about custom golf shirts such as color options, designs, printing options, quality control and many more.

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How Much does Custom Golf Shirts Cost?

Golf shirt

Golf shirt

The custom golf shirt goes for $16.

You can realize different golf shirts opt for the maximum amount as $103.

You should note of the determinant factors of worth are:

  • Style
  • Size
  • The complexity of the look
  • Customization technique

The truth is, the quality of the golf shirt will determine how much you will pay.

What is the Best Fabric for making Custom Golf Shirts?

Polyester is the go-to fabric for manufacturers of custom golf shirts.

This is as a result of its breathable and it efficiently absorbs sweat.

Polyester is additionally elastic and light-weight.

Another factor that makes it appropriate for making golf shirts is its wet wicking.

This merely implies that it moves sweat from the body.

Polyester comes at an inexpensive value compared to alternative materials.

It is the only among the few materials that sublimation dying may be done properly.

It is robust and does not shrink, whereas at the same time being wrinkle resistant.

Polyester conveys a stylish and gaudy look and may be worn off and on the golf course.

What are the available Designs for Golf Shirts?

You will find golf shirts designed by the fit.

Fits take into consideration the physique.

The 3 body varieties are:

  • Ectomorph Slim

Individuals with this physique have slender chests and shoulders.

The golf shirts designed to best suit them are slim fit and tailored fit.

  • Endomorph Rounded

Individuals in this category have rounded contours and speedily gain weight within the abdomen region.

They can comfortably wear golf shirts that are standard fit, regular fit, traditional fit, and performance fit.

  • Mesomorph Muscular

These individuals have muscular body with broad shoulders.

Regular fit, performance fit, tailored fit, slim fit standard fit favor this body type.

You will also find golf shirts designed by the sleeve length.

The most popular being:

  • Long-sleeved golf shirts.

This fit from the shoulder to the thumbs knuckle.

Longsleeve golf shirt

Long sleeve gold shirt

  • Short-sleeved golf shirts.

This runs from the shoulder to the elbow.

Short sleeve golf shirt

Short sleeve golf shirt

You can also choose custom golf shirt with your own logo or popular brand names.

For instance, you may opt for those with Nike, Ralph Lauren, Adidas or Under Armour logos

The designs are also based on the material used.

  • Spandex and polyester golf shirts.

This design blends polyester and spandex to make it stretchy and look trendy.

  • Polyester golf shirts.

This is shirts are sporty and have a nice sheen.

  • Elastane and cotton golf shirts.

This design is breathable and stretchy.

It can be worn both on and off the golf course.

  • Pique cotton golf shirts.

This design is fashionable and eco-friendly.

Golf shirts can also be designed by technology.

The most common techniques are:

The use of breathable technology makes a hard task comfortable.

This is due to quick moisture evaporation from the body through the shirt’s pores.

  • Anti-odor

These golf shirts can be worn several times without the need to wash.

This is made possible by embedding silver nanoparticles to the fabric to inhibit bacteria produced when you sweat.

  • UV protection.

Most golf shirts fabrics have fibers that absorb UV radiation.

This is achieved by reducing spaces and pulling fibers tightly together.

This guarantees health benefits to the wearer.

  • Wicking

Moisture-wicking ensures perspiration leaves the body surface much quicker.

This increases comfort and performance on the course.

  • 4-way stretch.

This technology enables the golf shirt to stretch lengthways.

This aspect creates a much more non-restricted movement.

What are the available Color Options for Custom Golf Shirts?

Golf shirts come in an unlimited number of colors and variety.

You will find the most popular colors are:

  • White
  • Teal
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Aqua

Different colors of golf shirts

Different colors of golf shirts

How does Custom Golf Shirts Fit?

The most common fit for golf shirts are:

  • Regular fit.

This golf shirt allows for the mobility of a smooth swing.

It is characterized by baggy sleeves and large armholes.

This fit favors men with broad shoulders.

  • Slim fit.

This fit is characterized by tighter sleeves and small armholes.

It favors persons with narrower shoulders.

What are the available Sizes of Custom Golf Shirts?

Custom golf shirts come in different sizes for both men and women the most common being:

  • Extra small (XS).
  • Small (S).
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra-large (XL)
  • Extra extra-large (XXL)
  • Extra extraextra large (XXXL)

The available sizes for kids are:

  • Small
  • Extra small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Do you help in Custom Golf Shirts Design?

Yes, we do.

You can choose to work with our in-house designers for the perfect design.

You can also opt to use the design studio for the customized golf shirts.

You can also find unlimited samples for use on our website.

How do you Manufacture Custom Golf Shirts?

You will need to cover the groundwork which involves:

  • Color scheme

Pick the colors to be used on your golf shirts.

You need to note that white colors are cheap to print.

In the event of more than one color use a color wheel.

  • Writing.

At this stage, you should decide on the text and or catchphrase to be used.

You should note the length of text corresponds to the price in most cases.
The more the text length the higher the cost.

  • Artwork

You can use software to come up with interesting graphics to print on your jersey.

Some of the notable software that can be used are adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

  • Feedback

It is important to get how your family and friends input on your design.

You can also consult your retail shop with your artwork to get feedback on the design.

  • Measurement.

You should get a friend to help take your measurements.

The measurements should be inclusive of the chest area, height from the shoulder to the waist.

  • Sourcing.

You basically shop around to get manufacturing quotes.
You can do this either by searching through the internet or walking in on manufacturers.

You can also do background checks on your intended suppliers and get testimonials from previous clients.

  • Proofing.

You will need to submit your design to ensure it adheres to the requirements of the manufacturer.

This ensures that both you and the manufacturer are reading from the same script.

You should bring any objections and or suggestions at this stage.

Once the above process is complete the manufacturer starts to work on the golf shirt.

The manufacturer will undertake the following steps:

  • Make a bill of materials.

This is a document giving the specification of raw materials and quantity needed.

It is generated from the production department.

  • Cutting.

The fabrics are trimmed.

The fabric is then checked for quality standards.

During this process, a piece of the fabric is tested for shrinkage.

Often this is done by the use of a Computer Numeric Control machine to minimize errors.

  • Styling.

Pattern styles and grading are done at this stage.

  • Sewing and stitching.

The pieces of the fabric are stitched together.

After the sewing, the fabric is checked again for stitching quality.

Any defects are rectified at this stage.

  • Finishing.

The garment is taken to the finishing section.

Stains if any are removed and the shirt is pressed with a steam iron.

  • Quality assurance.

The golf shirt is assessed to ensure it conform to the specifications.

  • Shipping

The golf shirt is shipped to the address of the buyer.

The shipping duration varies from one state to another.

What is your Production Lead Time for Custom Golf Shirts?

You will receive your golf shirt within five working days.

Why is Sublimation Printing Custom Golf Shirts better than Screen Printed Golf Shirts?

Sublimation printing is best for making custom golf shirts as opposed to screen printing owing to the following reasons:

  • Customization

You get to choose any slogan, number, and or name you would wish to have printed.

This helps to convey a sense of function and personified fashion statement.

  • Versatility

You can wear them both on and off the field.

  • Longevity

The dye used for sublimation can last for several decades without losing the vibrancy.

This is because it uses digital technology which ensures that the colors are embedded in the fabric.

  • Green

The sublimation process is eco-friendly.

The workers involved in the manufacturing process do not suffer any health risks from it.

With sublimation, there is no waste product.

  • Quality

You get better quality golf shirts because the dye is infused into the fabric giving it a real life-like appearance.

  • Variety

You can print the shirts using unlimited colors, unlike other printing methods.

  • Quick

You can print multiple items in a short duration of time.

It takes 35 seconds to print on polyester apparel.

  • Comfort

Custom golf shirts printed with sublimation are comfortable to wear.

This is as a result of the dye being infused into the fabric, making it more breathable.

What should you Consider when Buying Custom Golf Shirts?

Several factors you should consider when buying a custom golf shirt are:

Custom golf shirt

Custom golf shirt

  • Comfort

Custom golf shirts should not be too tight as this can affect your tee on the course.

Alternatively, they should not hang out so much as to affect your performance.

  • Cost

The cost varies across different suppliers.

You can also find great discounts and or clearance sales.

  • Color

You should choose a color that compliments well with both your skin and attire.

Colors that are dull are often preferred in cold and dusty environments.

  • Purpose.

You should discern the purpose of buying a custom golf shirt.

If you are buying it as part of a team uniform, ensure it is in cohesion with other team members.

If you are buying it for leisure purposes you have leeway on its outlook.

  • Quantity

The quantity you buy has a direct correlation to the price.

You enjoy better economies of scale when you buy in bulk.

Other companies have a minimum order quantity that can be made.

  • Fabric

Custom golf shirts are made from different fabrics.

The most common fabric are

  • Polyester.
  • Mercerized cotton.
  • Pima cotton.
  • Organic cotton.

Each of these fabric has its advantages and disadvantages.

The fabric largely contributes to the durability of the shirt.

You will realize some individuals have allergies towards certain fabrics and it’s worthwhile to do due diligence before any purchase

  • Technology

The technology used to make the golf shirt determines when you wear it.

Climacool technology allows breathability.

Thermafit technology traps heat and insulates the wearer from chilly weather.

Golf shirts made of thermafit technology can be worn during winter.

Dri-fit technology wicks sweat away from the body keeps you dry and comfortable.

Custom golf shirts made of dri-fit technology can be worn during summer.

  • Weather

You can get a golf shirt which works for the area you are playing in.

In humid conditions, a blend of polyester and spandex will do just fine.

In chilly weather a golf shirt made of cotton is preferable.

  • Dress code.

You should buy a golf shirt with a collar and that is well pressed.

You will find most courses have a dress code before one is admitted to play.

  • Wash options

Materials used to make golf shirts are specific on how they are washed.

Some require you to wash them in a washing machine.

Others can be hand washed.

Failure to stick to the wash options might ruin your golf shirt.

How does Custom Golf Shirt compare to Polo Shirt?

The major distinction is how each is made.

You will notice a golf shirt includes a doubled seamed collar.

Golf shirts are created with a mix of 50/50 cotton and polyester or 100 percent polyester.

Whereas the collar on the polo shirt is piped.

You will note a golf shirt includes a pocket on the left aspect compared to a polo shirt that does not have a pocket.

Polo shirts have a protracted tail compared to a golf shirt.

What are the Different Types of Knitting used for Custom Golf Shirts?

The various types used are:

  • Jacguard knit.

This knitting is patterned and can be woven with various colors.

  • Interlock knit.

You will find the interlock knit to be tighter and accompanied by yearns for softness.

  • Ottoman knit.

This weave has more texture.

You will notice that it is distinctively ribbed to produce lines that run in any direction.

  • Jersey Knit.

It is commonly referred to as flat weave.

The yarns on the material are at the same level making it softer to the touch.

  • Pique knit.

You will find it is also referred to as a waffle weave.

In its weave pattern, the yarns are at different levels giving it a geometric shape.

Should Custom Golf Shirts conform to Gold Dress Code?

Yes, they should conform to the golf dress code.

The dress code is gender-specific.

For instance, women may wear sleeveless shirts if the shirts have collars.

Men’s shirts should have a collar.

Tiger woods in golf shirt

Tiger woods in golf shirt

What are the New Trends of Custom Golf Shirts?

The most common trend of custom golf shirts is the turtleneck style collar.

Turtleneck collar design covers the throat and can be turned upside down.

The majority of golf shirts tend to come in a form fit as opposed to the traditional loose fit golf shirts.

You will realize the new trend of production using sport fibers for more room for golf swings.

New fabrics are commonplace in golf shirts to keep up with the ever-changing climate conditions.

New designs of shirts tend to incorporate micro prints of exotic items like birds.

Golf shirts also include cross over fashions that mix golf with everyday streetwear.

The use of bold colors like black and blue is taking shape with newer golf shirts.

Do Custom Golf Shirts come in both Short and Long Sleeve?

Yes, they come in both sleeve lengths.

The long-sleeved golf shirts run from the shoulder to the wrist.

A short-sleeved golf shirt has sleeves running from the shoulder to the top of the elbow.

What are the different Collar Designs for Custom Golf Shirts?

The collar designs are

Cutaway collar (Windsor collar)

Contrast collar

Button-down collar

Rib-Knit collar

How do you check the Quality of Custom Golf Shirts?

The factors to ascertain the quality of golf shirts are

  • Material

Golf shirts are made of different materials.

The most common being

  • Chino cotton
  • Pima cotton.
  • Mercerized cotton
  • Jersey cotton
  • Polyester

A good golf shirt should be breathable and keep you warm at the same time.

You should buy a custom golf shirt with a light material as this has an impact on your performance.

  • Fit

A quality golf shirt fits the wearer comfortably.

The fit should not be too tight nor so much of a loose fit.

  • Aesthetics

You will need to weigh in on the color options and color design.

The look and feel of a golf shirt influence its popularity.

How do Men and Women Custom Golf Shirts compare?

Men’s and women’s golf shirts are cut differently.

This is so that they conform to different body types.

Men’s golf shirts are made to loosely fit.

Women’s golf shirts on the other hand are more fitted compared to that of the males.

Women’s golf shirts have a smaller collar, placket, and its sleeves are tailored.

What Features Can you Print on Custom Golf Shirt?

You can print either of the following based on your preference:

  • Tropical print- has imagery of the tropics.
  • Hawaiian print- has imagery similar to that of Hawaii..
  • Jungle print- has imagery of the jungle.
  • Animal print-has imagery of animals.

Are Custom Golf Shirts Weather Resistant?

Yes, golf shirts are weather resistant.

You will find golf shirts are made of performance tech fabric to aid in weather resistance.

How do you Wash Custom Golf Shirts?

You can wash golf shirts using 2 methods:

  • Machine wash.
  • Hand wash.

When using a washing machine, you should ensure all holes are buttoned on your shirt.

Turn the shirt inside out.

Load your golf shirts into the washing machine.

Proceed to add distilled vinegar and mild specific detergent.

Caution should be taken to use cold water always.

The laundry cycle should be gentle.

After the cycle is done hang them on a clothing line away from direct sunlight.

When washing by hand, soak them in water and soap for 15 to 20 minutes.

Use a gentle rubbing motion on the shirts.

Carefully rinse in cold water.

Drain the dripping water by use of a towel.

Proceed to hang the cloth on a clean surface away from direct sunlight.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, Goal Sportswear offers a range of custom golf shirts.

The best part, we have flexible MOQ and competitive prices in the market.

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