Custom Board Shorts : The Complete FAQ Guide

This guide will help you choose custom board shorts for your business.

Whether you want to learn about material type, printing technique, designs or features – you will find all information right here.

So, before investing in the next custom board shorts, read this guide.

What Is A Custom Board Short?

A custom board short is sportswear especially meant for surfing and can be worn casually. You might use the custom board shorts also to swim.

custom board shorts

 custom board shorts

Well, custom board shorts usually come with the advantage of being comfortable, flexible, and drying faster after being used in water.

Which Designs Do You Offer For Custom Board Shorts?

We do have various custom board short designs to choose from in some of they may include;

  • Roxy custom board shorts
  • Billabong custom board short
  • Carve designed Bali custom board shorts
  • Quicksilver custom board shorts
  • Gotcha custom board shorts
  • Von zipper custom board shorts
  • Beach custom board shorts
  • Stripped  women custom board shorts
  • Sublimated custom board short
  • Kurt custom oars shorts
  • Sythyee women custom board shorts
  • Vintage custom board shorts
  • Adoretex custom board shorts

Which Fabrics Do You Suggest For Custom Board Shorts?

Custom board shorts typically need a high level of comfort. While wearing shorts, you need to feel relaxed.

Thus, why anything tight makes you feel uncomfortable is not allowed by surfers.

Okay, we recommend fabrics such as polyester for custom board shorts.

Polyester fabric is often used to manufacture custom-board shorts that are comfortable and light.

Polyester is also known to be one of the best quality fabrics worldwide and breathable.

Nylon is also another fabric that we do recommend for custom board shorts. This fabric is usually lightweight, flexible, and transparent.

Custom board shorts with nylon material gets to dry easily after surfing. Nylon fabric has the advantage of being the cheapest in the market.

Spandex is another fabric known to be of good quality and stretchy.

Spandex is mostly blended with polyester material to bring out comfort and flexibility on the custom board short.

Which Features Should You Consider While Buying Custom Board Shorts?

When you need to buy a custom board short, consider the following features to help you get the right custom board short.

Weight Ability And Drying

Custom board shorts are supposed to be made with the best quality material, which will allow them to be lightweight and extra flexible.

When a surfer comes out of the water, the custom board short needs to dry quickly not to get cooled.

The Length

This is another feature to look at while purchasing custom board shorts keenly.

Generally, the custom board shirts should fit three inches in most cases.

This usually gives comfort to surfers when lying on the board.

Stretching Ability

Surfers need a custom board short to allow free movement in any direction. It would be best to consider this factor.

This will enable you to buy a custom board short that can not easily tear apart any moment and allows movement in any direction.


While you need to consider closure as another feature, there are different closures to choose from. You may choose a string tie closure or Velcro closure.

Another option you might use is both, and you may get some custom board shorts with buttons that are not recommended,

since it makes surfers uncomfortable when they are lying on the board.


While buying a custom board short, consider the number of pockets.

Most custom board shorts have one or two pockets secured with Velcro closure and are front and center on one thigh.

For custom board, shorts pockets, the Velcro closure is most common.

On the other hand, brands with more than one pocket custom board shorts are available. Mostly they come with zippers on the pockets.

If you consider buying them, choose the custom board shorts with plastic zippers and ensure they do not contact your skin.

Note that the custom board shorts with zipper pockets are not recommended.


You may consider the style of your custom board shorts while buying since they come in every different color and print.

Consider custom board short that may suit your preference and makes you feel gone while wearing it.

Another option is classic black custom board shorts, and it’s ever in style if you’re not sure about the style.


Custom board shorts should fit easily, especially around the waist. The same fit as the one of a pair of jeans.

If you are unsure, you can use a tape measure to get the right circumference of your waist for the custom board.

Are Custom Board Shorts Supposed To Be Tight?

No, for custom board, shorts should fit the size of jeans, not too tight but make sure they fit around the waist fits perfect and secure.

Are Custom Board Shorts Water Proof?

No, custom board shorts are not waterproof.

They only dry super-fast with some water resistance, though this will not prevent you from getting wet when running down the sea.

Which Colors Do You Have Available For Custom Board Shorts?

Custom board shorts do have all colors available for you to choose from. We do not have any color limitations for our clients.

With us, you get an opportunity to wear your preferred color of choice.

We will work on the custom board shorts if you need the custom board shorts to be designed in different colors.

What Factors Go Into Determine The Cost Of Custom Board Shorts?

Generally, the cost of custom board shorts is usually determined by factors like;

  • The design of the custom board shorts, if you need a trendier fashionable design, will cost you a lot compared to the old fashion custom board shorts.
  • If it’s of high quality, the quality of the custom board shorts will be expensive, while the lower quality custom board shorts are cheaper.
  • The type of fabric used to make the custom board shorts; if it is an expensive fabric, we charge more than cheaper fabrics that cost less.
  • The color also usually determines the cost of the custom board shorts.

If you opt for a plain color for your custom bard shorts, you will spend less than the one with prints of more than one color.

  • The size of your custom board shorts also will determine the cost.

Typically, adult’s custom board shorts cost much higher than the kids custom board shorts.

What Is The Best Way To Print Custom Board Shorts?

Well, custom board shorts can be printed in various ways. Some of them are;

You might use embroidery printing on your custom board shorts. You use threads to print on the artwork on the custom board shorts.

embroidery printed short

embroidery printed short

This is one of the best prints to use on your custom board shorts, but not that it comes with a higher price since it is of high quality.

You may also opt for digital printing for your custom board shorts.

There is a modern printing method whereby custom board shorts are printed directly from the computer to the fabric.

Well, it comes with the advantage of being cheap for many custom board shorts, and it’s a faster way too.

modern printed board short

modern printed board short

Sublimation printing is also another way of printing a custom board short. Go for sublimation for the best quality print for your custom board shorts.

It’s usually a process whereby ink and heat are infused directly into the custom board shorts fabric.

Trust me, sublimation prints are typically durable and make the custom board shorts look more attractive than before.

sublimation printed board short

sublimation printed board short

For us, you will get to select which print will suit your custom board shorts and will do the rest as a team.

Which Custom Board Shorts Sizes  Do You Have?

We have different sizes of custom board shorts. Below are some of the sizes available to pick from;

Extra-Extra-Large   – XXL

Extra Large – XL

Large – L

Medium – M

Small – S

Extra Small – XS

What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Custom Board Shorts?

Custom board shorts are cared for as per the below guides to help keep them in good condition and last longer.

  • We recommend hand wash for the custom board shorts. Using a washing machine may temper with parts like a Velcro closure.
  • Avoid using detergents or, if necessary, use less of the detergent.
  • After washing the custom board shorts, hang them on a plastic hanger to avoid the rust stains from the metallic hangers.
  • Do not iron your custom board shorts, and if a must, we recommend you use the lowest heat possible.
  • Please do not use any bleach on your custom board shorts, and their color may be dull.
  • In case of any stains on your custom board shorts, you will sock them overnight and wash them the following morning to easily remove stains.
  • Wash your custom board shorts separately from other clothes to avoid staining them.
  • To avoid rust stains on your shorts, use a plastic hanger and avoid metallic ones.

How Do You Place Custom Board Short Order?

If you want to make an order for your custom board shorts, you go to our website.

Click on the “Place Orders “icon, then fill in your details and the amount of custom board shorts need then submit.

We will get back to you via telephone call and discuss all the details concerning your orders.

Another option is to go to the website and contact our customer care team via email or telephone and make an order.

Our contacts are always available on the company website.

How Long Will It Take To Process Custom Board Shorts Order?

Okay, we generally take 15 – 28 working days to process our client’s orders, depending on the number of custom boards shorts you need.

It will take 7- 10 working days if you have a small order.

But we always make sure we deliver your order as agreed upon without any delays.

Do You Have A Return Policy For Your Custom Board Shorts?

Yes, we have a return policy for the custom board shorts, which must be strictly adhered to accept the custom board shorts back.

Some of the policies as our customer needs to be aware of is;

  • When returning the custom board shorts, make sure they are on their original package.
  • We have a return period of custom board shorts within 30 business days after receiving the shipment.
  • To accept back the custom board shorts from the customer’s side, they must be worn at any given time.

As a customer, if you follow the policies correctly, we assure you of the refund or exchange of the custom board shorts.

Do You Provide Custom Board Shorts Samples?

Yes, we provide a free sample of custom board shorts to all our clients, one of our company rules.

After placing an order, the sample will be sent to you and paid 60% of the order amount.

We send you the free sample before we manufacture the custom board shorts as our policy.

You will be required to feel and touch the custom board short and inspect everything on it.

If it’s exactly what you need, you will give us the go-ahead to process your order.

And if you feel to make some adjustments on the custom board short, feel free to make them.

All you need to do is communicate where and how you need the adjustments done.

We aim to give you the best quality of custom board short and up to your standards.

Is It Possible To Cancel My Order For Custom Board Shorts?

Yes, you may cancel an order for custom board shorts, but you will be required to give a notice of 14 working days.

You will contact the customer care team to cancel your order, and they will be able to give you a way forward.

Do You Have A Flexible MOQ For Custom Board Shorts?

Yes, our MOQ is quite flexible, which as our customer, if you come to us with a good reason, we might negotiate the MOQ for the custom board shorts.

In this case, you need to keep in mind that no one needs to get any losses in the business for both parties involved.

We will discuss the MOQ for your custom board shorts while considering the following.

  • The fabric to be used
  • Customization
  • The color for the custom board shorts
  • Printing technique
  • The design
  • The sizes

Is There a Difference Between Custom Board Shorts And Fishing Shorts?

Custom board shorts and fishing shorts are quite similar.

The only difference is that custom board shorts are used by surfers, while fishing shorts are usually used while fishing.

 custom board shorts

custom board shorts

 You might decide to use the custom board shorts for fishing without any discomfort.

Both custom board shorts and fishing shorts are comfortable, flexible, and lightweight.

fishing shorts

fishing shorts

Do Custom Board Shorts Have Pockets?

Yes, custom board shorts do have side pockets bags on them which helps in water drainage,

Also, there are some internal pockets on the custom board shorts, which are for the storage of small personal belongings.

The pockets are typically spandex fabric to allow slight stretch for comfortability fitting.

Can I Get Custom Board Shorts With Draw String?

Yes, custom board shorts with drawstrings are available in various colors. All you need is to order, and we will deliver them to you.

Is There Recommended Length For Custom Board Shorts?

Custom board shorts usually come in various lengths.

But usually, there is the atypical standard of around 22″, putting the bottom of your custom board short just above the knee.

It’s the popular length known as the fabric in the way while standing to catch the wave.

How Does Custom Board Shorts Compare To Swim Trunks?

Some of the comparisons between a custom board short and a swimming truck are;

The Length

This is one of the most prominent comparisons between the custom board shorts and swimming trunks. The custom board shorts are usually a bit longer than the swimming trunk. While on the other hand, swimming trunks are always designed to stop above the knee.

 swim trunk

Trunk swim


Custom board shorts are specifically designed for surfers.

They are put in mind while making them. On the other hand, the swimming trunk is designed to be worn around the beach or pools.

But you might find some people wearing the custom board shorts even if they are not surfing, which is okay.


You can also tell the great difference between custom board shorts and swimming trunks for the waistband.

In swimming trunks, you will be able to find that their waistbands are typically made of elastic, and also, some strings help them to put the trunk in their right position.

The elastic usually are meant to pull the swimming trunk on and off for the skinner people.

While on the flip side, custom board shorts usually take a different approach.

You will need to get a custom board short that fits properly without any adjustments with the drawstrings.

Custom board shorts come with Velcro flaps and a static band instead of the normal drawstring.

This means you can take on any wave size without worrying about your custom board short falling out.

Are There Unisex Custom Board Shorts?

Yes, unisex custom board shorts are available for every design, but mostly we make them as special orders since not many people go for them.

unisex custom board shorts

unisex custom board short

Who Should Wear Custom Board Shorts?

Custom board shots are specifically designed for surfers to wear. But anyone can choose to wear them anytime so long as you feel comfortable on them.

What Is The Difference Between Men And Women Board Shorts?

Generally, it’s an obligation for us to produce both male and female custom board shorts.

In the process, while comparing custom boards for both males and females, you will find that the female physique is not the same as for the male.

women board short

women board short

Some of the difference between the two of them is;


For women, you find that appearance matters a lot to them.

They normally prefer custom board shorts with brighter colors and flower prints. These make them good and sexy on the custom board shorts.

While on the other side, males like dull colors on their custom board shorts, with no or few prints.

Fitting Sizes

If you compare the features of females and males, they are very different.

Male custom board shorts are made with the allowance to feel comfortable during surfing.

As for the female, their custom board shorts come with extra allowance to accommodate their hips.

Should You Wear Trunks Under Custom Board Shorts?

Mostly if you wear custom board shorts, you may not need a truck.

So those who feel uncomfortable, especially males, have the option of wearing a truck under their custom board shorts.

Do Custom Board Shorts Stretch?

Yes, custom board shorts do stretch. The latest custom board shorts are usually polyester and elastane or spandex fabric.

Which allows the material to stretch easily allows movement all around comfortably.

Do You Have Reversible Board Shorts?

Yes, reversible custom board shorts can be worn on both two sides.

It is like a two in one custom board short. They are available too for whichever design you may like.

Are There Custom Board Shorts With Velcro Closure?

Yes, the modern custom board shorts, we make them with a Velcro closure it makes them look more attractive, comfortable, and flexible at the same time.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Board Shorts With Built-in Mesh Brief?

Well, custom board shorts with built-in mesh usually have the following benefits;


Custom board shorts with built-in mesh always make surfers feel extremely breathable and help absorb sweat.

It also gives you the benefit of keeping you cool throughout the long day at the beach.

Comfortable Fit

Surfers need to be always comfortable while in water without any form of distraction.

Built-in mesh in a custom board short also comes with the benefit of protecting the surfer’s skin from getting chaffed.

It protects the skin from rashes caused by damp materials, allowing them to enjoy themselves without suffering.


For male custom board shorts with built-in mesh provide them with great support to their genitals while surfing.

By built-in mesh hugging close to the body, it keeps them warm and out of harm during surfing.

Which Are The Available Waist Designs For Custom Board Shorts?

The commonly known available waist designs are;

Fitted Waist

They are also now fixed waist which comes with no stretching and rigid waistband which provides a secure and firm fit.

A fitted waistband is the best type for custom board shorts or any other water sportswear as it grips better on your waist.

For their fly fastening is generally comprised of zips Velcro or buttons.

Elastic Waist

The elastic waist custom board short design has a complete elastic waist or semi elasticized.

Mostly is not suitable of the custom board shorts, preferable used for casual beach days.

Elastic waist design does not provide the surfers’ comfort since it might need to be pulled up at some point while surfing.

You can also get our MMA board shorts.

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