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Goal Sportswear is always responsive to my inquiries. They keep me updated in every process of my orders. The staff is very friendly and easy to deal with. Plus, the quality of the products is superior. Thank you, Goal Sportswear for your amazing job!”

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Skyrocket Your Business with Goal Sportswear Custom Beach Shorts

Goal Sportswear is a trusted manufacturer in China specializing in the production of custom beach shorts. We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. As a professional manufacturer, we can supply you with the broadest selection of custom beach shorts.

Goal Sportswear aims to help your business by providing quality products. We also offer value-added services and professional assistance. Aside from that, we are offering low MOQ starting from 10 pieces per product to help your starting business.

We also offer fast packaging and shipping processes. We will ship your orders via DHL. For more information, you can contact us directly.

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Goal Sportswear – Your No.1 Custom Beach Shorts Manufacturer and Supplier

Goal Sportswear is a popular manufacturer and supplier of custom beach shorts in China. We have over ten years of experience in the production industry. Our goal is to help your business to skyrocket with our consistent quality products.

You can assure full production capabilities through our advanced and high technology manufacturing line. Our team is composed of an expert design team to help with your design and a professional sales team to cater to your needs.

Our custom beach shorts are available in different colors. You can purchase both solid color or multi-color designs. For more accurate color selection, you can use our Pantone Solid Color Coated color book or send us your color specification.

Aside from that, we have different sizes available for kids and adults. You can check our size chart for your size options. However, if you have specific size needs, you can communicate with us and tell us your requirements.

We manufacture custom beach shorts with unique styles. Here are some of the features and advantages of Goal Sportswear custom beach shorts:

  • Functional drawstring
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Maximum breathability
  • Side seam pockets
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Trim options

Whether you need custom beach shorts for your business, Goal Sportswear can cover your needs. We are offering low MOQ starting from 10 pieces per product and a fast turnaround time to help your starting business.

Other than that, Goal Sportswear offers a fast design process for your custom beach shorts that takes 3 to 4 days. Plus, we guarantee 8 to 10 days fast production process and 3 to 5 days fast shipping and packaging process. Thus, you can guarantee on-time delivery.

We manufacture your custom beach shorts using our imported sewing machines, digital printing machines, and more. Our complete production line allows us to cater to both small orders and bulk quantity orders.

If you purchase your custom beach shorts from Goal Sportswear, you can assure order samples. We also accept rush orders and orders with deadlines. Also, our professional sales team will cater to your needs 24/7. If you have inquiries, you can contact us immediately.

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Custom Beach Shorts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing custom beach shorts can be challenging without the right information.

A reason this guide will answer all your questions about custom beach shorts.

Let’s dive right in.

What Are Custom Beach Shorts?

These are unique personalized shorts that serve multifunctional purposes.

custom beach short

Custom Beach Short

How Much Do Custom Beach Shorts Cost?

We can’t really give an exact figure; however, prices are affected by the following factors:

  1. The design used whether its embroidery or printing
  2. The fabric used- a quality, aesthetically pleasing fabric that is soft and comfortable is costly
  3. Features such as lace ties, a zipper flier, waist design, back pocket with a flap, and one that doesn’t have, differ in prices.
  4. Different sites or shops sell beach shorts differently
  5. When the demand is high say during holiday or summer seasons, the price tends to shoot. It’s advisable to buy them during winter, then the price will be fair
  6. Once in a while sellers have promotions. Keep an eye on the available sales; you can buy the beach shorts at a low price

What Is The Difference Between Custom Beach Shorts and Swimsuit?

Custom Beach shorts are a multipurpose cloth that covers the lower part of the body.

You can wear them in the pool, around the pool, or even outside while doing other activities.

custom beach short

Custom Beach Short

They are long and decent to walk around in. Shorts are unisex.

Swimsuits are mostly worn in the pool or just around while chilling.

You can’t walk in them unless you throw in a cover-up.

They cover both the top and bottom part of the body and come in different designs one-piece, two-piece, etc, and are mostly worn by women.



Which Custom Beach Shorts Designs Do You Have?

Our beach shorts have an array of designs which include:

  1. We have beach shorts with pockets on the sides, one side or both sides, and at the back
  2. Some pockets are open while others have a flap.
    If you put your keys in they will be locked in hence they’ll be safe.
  3. Our waistbands have elastic while some come in a drawstring.
    This ensures the shorts fit perfectly hence they can’t fall while focusing on your activities.
    The wearer can easily adjust the shorts
  4. Some shorts have black others have a white seam
  5. Shorts come in different colors both warm and cool colors are available.
  6. The material used includes- denim which is durable, fleece for comfort, polyester, nylon, etc
  7. The finishing look can be embroidery, printing, or just plain
  8. Shorts differ in length. Some are knee-length others are thigh-high

How Do You Customize Beach Shorts?

Finally, there is an opportunity for you to participate in your design; sounds good, right?

Yes, we customize beach shorts any way you want them. You order we deliver!

First thing first it is important to have a clear picture of how you want your shorts to look like. You can sketch it.

Details are very important, after all, that’s what will make your design stand out.

Use the online design tool on the website to sketch, draw the design and remember to include all the features.

These may include the material, logo, name, numbers, with or without pocket, etc.

Alternatively, you can sketch and send the design to us. We will make your dream come true.

What Are The Available Color Options For Custom Beach Shorts?

Imagine wearing a beautiful customized beach short in your favorite color, you’d look chic!

Beach shorts come in the following colors:

  1. Warm colors – like orange, yellow, red
  2. Light warm- peach, beige, cream
  3. Cool colors- grey, white, black
  4. Light cool colors- dark grey, light pink, plum
  5. Color changer shorts

Dark colors give an illusion of a slim and well-toned body as opposed to light colors.

So if you have added some weight or have skipped the gym dark colors are the best way to cover all that up.

What Are Uses Of Custom Beach Shorts?

You can wear beach shorts on the following occasion:

  • At the beach
  • At the pool
  • For road trips
  • Best for summer
  • Vacation
  • Cycling
  • Sports or exercise
  • Backyard staycation
  • For areas with a tropical climate

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Beach Shorts With Drawstring?

I understand not everyone likes beach shorts with drawstrings.

Nevertheless, they’re very functional in that; they are elasticated to ensure your short fits perfectly

They come through especially when you make your order online or when you gain or lose weight; you can easily adjust.

Is There a Difference Between Beach Short For Women and Men Beach Shorts?

I know when you hear of ‘beach shorts’ the picture that comes to your mind is that of a man in a beach short.

Even though beach shorts were originally meant for men, today we have women’s designs.

beach shorts for women

Beach Shorts for Women

There is no significant difference between men’s and women’s beach shorts. They are more or less the same.

However, men’s beach shorts are longer hence they provide more coverage, looser on the legs and most of them come in plain muted colors.

Women’s beach shorts on the other hand are shorter; they provide less coverage, are tighter on the legs, and come in bright colors with fancy patterns.

men beach shorts

Men Beach Shorts

Women use beach shorts for swimming when they want extra coverage than the standard swimsuit.

Which Are The Available Sizes Of Custom Bach Shorts?

Custom beach shorts come in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra larg
  • Extra-extra large

Designs with elasticated waistband or drawstrings allow size adjustment.

How Do You Choose Best Material For Beach Shorts?

Beach shorts come in many different materials; you may get confused.

Here are some qualities of the main materials used to make beach shorts:

  • Polyester-it’s a soft sturdy, wrinkle-resistant fabric that dries very quickly.
    It preserves its original shape after being exposed to Chlorine or UV rays.
    It offers sun protection on the covered area and has a matte finish.
  • Nylon is similar to polyester, but it absorbs more water and dries slowly. It has a shiny finish and is stretchy.
  • Blended fabric is another material option for your shorts. Either a mixture of nylon and spandex or polyester and spandex.

Spandex adds the stretchy ability to the beach shorts.

Consider the following tips while choosing material for your beach short:

  1. The activities you’ll do in them- yes beach shorts are multipurpose however some materials serve best in certain places than others.
    For example, polyester dries faster than nylon hence it’s best for swimming, equally shorts with spandex are best for sports.
  2. Choose a waterproof and breathable fabric, to keep you dry all-day
  3. Lightweight material
  4. One with a soft mesh-like fabric on the inside for comfort.
  5. A material that offers sun protection on the covered areas of UPF 50
  6. Choose a material that you appreciate and you’ll enjoy being in
  7. One that is affordable; get value for your money

PS; Whichever material you settle for don’t compromise on the quality, easy to clean and comfort.

Why Is Sublimation Printing Best For Custom Beach Shorts?

The term might sound strange but it’s a high-tech printing process that transfers an artwork to fabric using heat and ink.

It allows a whole garment print that goes seam to seam. Heat is used to bring ink and the fabric together.

The process is like a tattoo now fabric is used instead of skin.

Artwork is printed on a piece of paper, the ink turns into gas when heated, it combines with fabric to form a permanent print.

Back to our question. Sublimation printing is preferred because:

  1. The result is permanent, it doesn’t fade, peel or crack.
  2. The ink is fixed on the fabric instead of resting on top like the normal prints
  3. Prints go seam to seam

Do You Have Screen Printed Custom Beach Shorts?

Yes, we do.

We normally use special ink to screenprint our beach shorts.

What Is Your MOQ For Custom Beach Shorts?

Our Minimum Order Quantity is 100 pieces.

How Long Will It Take To Produce Custom Beach Shorts?

Delivery time may vary depending on the order quantity, design, and payment duration.

If all these are on check, then it might take 10-14 days

Do You Offer Samples For Custom Beach Shorts?

Yes, we do, I mean if you are a first-time customer or you have send design details to us.

It’s only fair for us to send you a sample before we proceed to produce the rest.

If you are not satisfied with the sample feel free to reach out to us. We will make any changes you want.

Will You Help In Designing Custom Beach Shorts?

Sure, we got you.

After you send your sketch to us, we will advise you what can or cannot be done.

we will review your design and recommend the best material and print for your design.

That said, it’s advisable to review your design and personalized information such as size chart, date, name, etc.

carefully so that we can produce a perfect, error-free end product

Do You Sell Clients Custom Beach Short Designs To Competitors?

No dear!

We can’t invade your privacy. Your design is yours and yours alone.

In addition, we’ll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). So relax! And send all your creative ideas to us, they are safe.

How Can You Check Quality Of Custom Beach Shorts?

The quality of a material can make or break the design of your custom beach shorts.

First and foremost we have set our standards to ensure we deliver consistent products to our customers.

We have a well-designed process that involves quality inspectors who survey the factory before, during, and after the production process.

Our inspectors have clear specification requirements which include;

  1. Measuring the dimension and testing the density of the fabric
  2. Physically touching the material and testing zipper or waistband
  3. Checking the stretch ability and GSM of the fabric
  4. Inspecting the final packaging of the beach shorts

Do You Have Reversible Custom Beach Shorts?

Yes, custom beach shorts in reversible design are available.

They have an added advantage in that you can wear the same shorts consecutively and still look different.

Do Custom Beach Shorts Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, they do.

They can allow you to exchange products that are not similar to your order.

You need to report errors i.e. miss picks, quantity errors either more or less within 2 business days.

For pricing error report within 10 business days after receiving the invoice.

Returns are accepted if you retain your receipt, return the goods in a re-sellable condition without removing tags or labels and remember to use the original packaging.

If you have no receipt you will have to pick a similar item or change the color or size of your shorts.

No returns are accepted after 30 days from the purchase date.

Are Custom Beach Shorts Durable?

Yes, they are. However, durability highly depends on how you handle your beach shorts.

While cleaning them using a washing machine, use 30°C, low tumble dry heat then hang to dry. Don’t wring the shorts and while ironing, use low heat.

Beach shorts are made from breathable fabric hence they are quick to dry; don’t leave them under the sun the whole day.

Alternatively, you can use a mild detergent to clean the shorts. Scrub gently in a circular motion, rinse, squeeze and hang.

Use a dry towel to squeeze the remaining water then hang under the shade. Avoid direct sunlight due to color fading.

Remember to clean dark and light colors separately.

Is Custom Beach Short Same As Swim Shorts?

No, they are not the same.

There is a thin line between Custom beach shorts and swim shorts. Here is the contrast between the two:

  1. Beach shorts are longer they go all the way to the knees or below swim shorts on the other hand go above the knee
  2. Beach shorts are buggy and less restrictive compared to swim shorts which are tight
  3. You must wear something underneath while wearing beach shorts.
    Women wear bikini bottoms while men prefer a waterproof support garment.
    You don’t need any under garment while wearing swim shorts.
  4. Beach shorts can be used for both swimming and casual wear.
    It’s best for in, out, and around water. Swim short is worn in and around water only.

What Is The Recommended Length Of Custom Beach Shorts?

We can’t really give an exact figure because of the different body types we deal with.

What is good on a six feet tall individual might be too overwhelming for a 5 feet tall person.

Again there is personal preference where some people prefer mid-thigh shorts others knee-length shorts.

Back to you, what do you prefer?

What Are The Available Waist Designs For Custom Beach Shorts?

Beach shorts come in the following styles on the waist:

  • Elasticated waistband- some shorts have a strip of elastic on the waist area that ensures they fit snugly
  • Velcro- this is a short fastener that has 2 strips one with loops others with tiny hooks.
    To close you join them together, to open you disattach them
  • Lace ties- it’s similar to shoelace but now on beach shorts
  • Zipper fly- it’s similar to a trouser fly. The fly covers the short opening
  • Functional drawstring-here a cord or a string passes through the eyelet with two loose hanging ends.
    The wearer can use the ends to adjust the waist size

For all your custom beach shorts from China, we offer custom designs and competitive prices – contact us now.

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