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“Goal Sportswear really did a great job in handling my orders. They are very responsive to my questions regarding process and customization. It is very easy to purchase at Goal Sportswear.”

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More than 500 Sublimation Swimsuits Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

100% Polyester Sublimation Printing Custom Youth Team Sublimation Swimsuits
100% Polyester Sublimation Printing Custom Youth Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Design Sublimation Printing Breathable Reversible Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Design Sublimation Printing Breathable Reversible Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Made Sublimated Printing Short Sleeve Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Made Sublimated Printing Short Sleeve Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Made Sublimation Printing Men's Pro Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Made Sublimation Printing Men's Pro Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Wholesale Sublimated Printed Sublimation Swimsuits
Custom Wholesale Sublimated Printed Sublimation Swimsuits
Dye Sublimation Custom Design Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Dye Sublimation Custom Design Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Youth Sublimation Swimsuits
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Youth Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Made Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Made Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Dye Sublimation Wholesale Custom Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Dye Sublimation Wholesale Custom Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Polyester Breathable Custom Design Sublimated Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Polyester Breathable Custom Design Sublimated Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Polyester Custom Made Durable Men's Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Full Polyester Custom Made Durable Men's Team Sublimation Swimsuits
High School Custom Design Sublimated Reversible Sublimation Swimsuits
High School Custom Design Sublimated Reversible Sublimation Swimsuits
Pro Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Design Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Pro Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Design Team Sublimation Swimsuits
Sublimation High Quality Custom Youth V-Neck Sublimation Swimsuits
Sublimation High Quality Custom Youth V-Neck Sublimation Swimsuits
Sublimation Printing 100% Polyester Dry Fit Custom Sublimation Swimsuits
Sublimation Printing 100% Polyester Dry Fit Custom Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Made Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Made Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Sublimated Printed Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Sublimated Printed Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale High Quality Men's Custom Made Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale High Quality Men's Custom Made Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale High Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Sublimation Swimsuits
Wholesale High Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Sublimation Swimsuits

Goal Sportswear is Your Dependable Sublimation Swimsuits Manufacturer

Goal Sportswear is a really great choice if you are looking for a trusted sublimation swimsuit manufacturer in China. We offer the widest selection of sublimation swimsuits that are available in different sizes.

Aside from that, Goal Sportswear sublimation swimsuits come in different vibrant colors. It is also available in a broad range of designs and styles to suit your preference. Goal Sportswear also manufactures sublimation swimsuits according to your requirements.

Here in Goal Sportswear, we can help you find the right sublimation swimsuits. Whether you want sublimation swimsuits for your business, Goal Sportswear is your no.1 manufacturer!

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Goal Sportswear – Your Premier Sublimation Swimsuit Manufacturer in China

Goal Sportswear is a professional sublimation swimsuits manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. As a professional, we have total dedication to providing customers with turnkey solutions and one-stop services.

Goal Sportswear has the biggest factory in China to manufacture all kinds of sublimation swimwear. We manufacture all our products using our advanced manufacturing line and high technology machines.

We manufacture sublimation swimsuits to be worn in a water-based activity. It is suitable for doing water sports, surfing, diving, skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and more. Also, Goal Sportswear manufactures sublimation swimsuits for both men and women.

There are different types of sublimation swimsuits for men and women. These types are shown below:

  • For Women
    • One-piece swimsuit
    • Bikini
    • Skirtini
    • Three-piece swimsuit
    • Leg suit
    • Top-bottom suit
    • Swim dress
  • For Men
    • Swimming trunks
    • Boardshorts
    • Square led swimsuits
    • Swim jammers
    • Swim briefs

For many years, Goal Sportswear is an experienced expert in the sublimation process. We are also equipped with complete sublimation machines. Below are the advantages of choosing a sublimation swimsuit:

  • Durable Printing Design. You can assure that your printed design will never fade off, peel, or crack on your sublimation swimsuits.
  • Prints on different fabric types. Whatever fabric you choose for your sublimation swimsuit, you can assure precise design and efficient prints.
  • The design does not chip or crack. Even after years of use, the design and print of your sublimation swimsuits stay durable.

Here in Goal Sportswear, we manufacture sublimation swimsuits with limitless colors available. You can choose from our existing color or choose to customize it for your specific needs. We can also customize your design and sizes.

For your business, Goal Sportswear can customize your sublimation swimsuits with your logo. Each product is guaranteed durable since we use high-quality fabrics. You can also choose your own fabric. Just send us your requirements so we can cater to your needs.

We also offer competitive prices, on-time delivery, excellent services, low MOQ, and fast turnaround time. Goal Sportswear is surely your reliable sublimation swimsuit manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Sublimation Swimsuits: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide has all information you’re looking for about sublimation swimsuits.

So, before importing sublimation swimsuits from China, read this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Sublimation And How Does It Work For Sublimation Swimsuits?

Sublimation is the transition of matter directly from solid to gas without the intermediate liquid stage.

In custom apparel printing, sublimation is used to transfer digital artwork from paper to fabric. It uses a CMYO (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Overprint) inkjet.

Here is how it works:  First, the digital artwork is printed onto a special sublimation transfer paper.

The next step involves transferring the print to a substrate. Here, we ‘marry’ the paper to substrate, which is the swimsuit fabric.

We then place the paper and fabric onto a heat press with running temperatures of around 400°F.

As the paper and fabric go into the rollers, the heat and pressure create a gaseous ‘explosion at a slow rate speed.’

The explosion causes the dye to transform from solid to gas. It also expands the pores of the fabric and allows the gas to be drawn into the pores.

Just as quickly, the fabric cools as the pores close again, allowing the dye to become solid and permanently embedded into the fabric.

The process creates a photographic reproduction of the digital print-beautiful, vibrant, and long-lasting.

What Is The Advantage Of Sublimation Printing On Swimsuits?

Here is why sublimation printing is quite popular in the sportswear manufacturing industry:

  • Full-color printing: unlike regular printing, sublimation allows eye-popping colors and intense details in your artwork to show perfectly. The full-color images are sure to grab attention instantly.
  • Durable prints: Sublimation printing will give you the longest-lasting colors in your swimsuit fabric. Sublimated prints are guaranteed to last 20 plus years because they are encased in the sealed polymer cells of the fabric.
  • Fabric retains its properties: with dye sublimation, no ink buildup will impact the moisture-wicking ability of the swimsuit fabric. Fabrics remain light, soft, and breathable.
  • Design freedom: sublimation printing allows you complete control over your designs.
    As the process does not require screens or specialist plates, you can customize your swimsuit design with as many colors and elements that you want.
  • No minimum quantities: unlike other printing methods, it costs the same amount to print one swimsuit piece that it does to print 100.
    Meaning, you don’t need minimum order quantities to buy sublimated swimsuits for your team or business.
  • Environmental friendly: The amount of residual waste from dye sublimation printing is pretty negligible.
  • Reduced lead times: dye sublimation can boost production speed and reduce cost through batch printing.
    The dwell time is the same for printing 100 swimsuits as for one, and we can print as many swimsuits as can fit under the heat press.

What Fabrics Do Sublimation Swimsuits Use?

Sublimation swimsuits primarily use fabrics with a polymeric cellular structure. The cellular construction of these fabrics allows the sublimation dye to seep into the pores and hold permanently.

Having said that, 100% polyester is the best and most popular fabric for sublimation swimsuits.

It guarantees superior prints since 100% of the fabric will accept gaseous dyes when inducted into the open polymer pores.

Besides, polyester is pretty soft and comfortable. It is also highly durable than most synthetic fibers. The fabric is shrink-resistant. Meaning, sublimation swimsuits will hold their shape well even after numerous washes.

Polyester makes for the ideal fabric for performance swimsuits with its strong fibers, quick drying, and exceptional breathability.

What is more is that you can blend it with different fabrics such as cotton, nylon, and spandex to improve its properties.

Nylon is soft, lustrous, and abrasion-resistant. When mixed with polyester, it will improve the garment’s feel and durability.

Combined with spandex or Lycra, polyester will have improved stretchability. This makes the resulting swimsuits comfortable and flexible, with a remarkable ability to retain shape.

On the other hand, cotton is known for its softness and high durability. Adding it to swimsuits will make them more comfortable and longer-lasting.

Please note that with blended fabrics, polyester must be at least 50%. Only in this way will you achieve clean sublimation prints that are vivid, vibrant, and long-lasting.

What Are The Features Of Sublimation Swimsuits?

Sublimatio swimsuits

Sublimation Swimsuits

Sublimation swimsuits are:

  • Bright and beautiful
  • Durable, soft, and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying
  • Resistant to shrinkage
  • UV resistant
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Excellent shape retention
  • Fully customizable

What Is The Difference Between Custom Sublimated Swimsuits And Stock Sublimation Swimsuits?

Custom sublimated swimsuits are made to a client’s unique tastes and requirements.

With sublimation printing offering limitless design possibilities, a custom order is a perfect chance to explore your creativity.

On the other hand, stock sublimation swimsuits are pre-made to factory standards. There is no chance to customize the design and artwork.

Stock options are ideal when you have a tight deadline or limited finances. They do not compromise quality or performance.

Businesses can also add customized tags and labels to sell under their brand’s name.

What Are Some Tips For Designing Sublimation Swimsuits?

You should know that not every swimsuit is designed or created equally. Each design has its unique features and characteristics.

In addition, not all designs get approved for manufacture. No matter how unique or trendy, if the design cannot be manufactured, there is no point.

As such, it is essential to design a swimsuit that can actually be manufactured. Look beyond functionality and aesthetics, as this won’t matter if the design is not feasible enough.

With that said, here are three main tips for designing an achievable sublimation swimsuit:

Has An Inspiration

A good design should be inspired.

Whether it is pop culture, tropical weather, emerging trends, etc., a great inspiration will underpin the direction of your sublimation swimsuits design.  It will determine the specific elements you incorporate into the design to make it catchy and bespoke.

Besides, tracing your design elements can be helpful when making changes and adjustments as you progress. It will ensure that you preserve that element of inspiration and make it easy to tweak to meet the manufacturing requirements.

Draw More Designs That Are Needed

Yes! It is advisable to draw more than one design for your sublimation swimsuits because, who knows, the conversation with your manufacturer may change.

You may need to eliminate some designs due to futuristic changes and adjustments. Having a surplus prevents you from going back to the drawing board.

Get A Perspective

Try adding some physical features to your design to get an overall idea of how the final product may look.

For instance, if you want to add a frill to your swimsuit design, you may want to cut out a sample and try adding it to the design.

This should give you a rounded perspective on the final product and gauge its overall feasibility.

An additional tip is to consider your color combinations. Try choosing ink colors that sell. The better the contrast in your colors, the better the final product will look.

Do You Offer Custom Sublimation Swimsuits Design Assistance?


Our custom sublimation apparel design process is simple and fun. It allows you to let your creativity shine without sacrificing quality or performance.

We have an in-house design team ready to help you feature your design and artwork on custom sublimation swimsuits.

Our team can also help you create something unique to your team or brand.

GoalSportswear understands the importance of fusing great style with function.

So you can expect your sublimation swimsuits from us to be comfortable and durable with vivid and vibrant colors that express your team’s/brand’s uniqueness.

Are There Any Design Limitations For Sublimation Swimsuits?

Of course not!

As we’ve mentioned severally, sublimation swimsuits offer endless design opportunities.

You can customize the design with names, numbers, clipart, and artwork unique to your tastes and preferences.

The only downsides to sublimation swimsuits are the facts that they can be costly due to the cost of ink, which is usually factored into the product pricing.

Also, sublimation swimsuits must either be made of polyester or polyester blend fabrics, limiting your fabric choices.

Another disadvantage is that sublimation substrates have to be ideally white or light-colored to give a clean print.

This is because the colors in sublimation dyes cannot be used on dark substrates such as black or dark brown.

Nonetheless, the advantages of sublimation swimsuits outweigh their cons. So this shouldn’t discourage you from investing in them.

What Are Styles And Variations Do You Offer For Sublimation Swimsuits?

GoalSportswear offers a wide range of styles and sizes of sublimation swimsuits for men and women that you can think of!

We can supply everything-form one-piece, two-piece, bikini, backless high cut, and knee-length swimsuits.

As you know, sublimation swimsuits offer endless customization options. So you don’t have to worry about your custom designs.

Simply send us your design and artwork or ideas, and we will deliver to you custom sublimation swimsuits that match your exact specifications.

What Is The Difference Between Screen Printed And Sublimation Swimsuits?

Sublimation vs screen printing technology

Sublimation vs. Screen Printing

There are several differences between screen printed and dye sublimation swimsuits.

They include:

  • With sublimation swimsuits, prints bond with the fabric, whereas screen-printed designs lie on the surface.Sublimated artwork is permanent and will not fade or peel off. But as the ink is pressed on the fabric, there is a chance that screen-printed designs will wear with time.
  • Although the cost of manufacturing and sublimating swimsuits tends to be higher than screen-printed ones, it decreases with time and volume.Screen printing is more cost-effective when you need to customize a large volume.However, it requires changing screens and plates to print multiple colors and design elements, increasing setup costs.Sublimation printing has no setup costs, making it cheaper to print multiple color designs with dye sublimation.
  • Sublimation swimsuits feel different than screen-printed ones.If you run a hand over a screen-printed swimsuit, you will feel the thickness and roughness of the design on the fabric’s surface.This is not the case with sublimation swimsuits, as the designs are embedded into the fabric.
  • The colors on sublimation swimsuits are vivid and vibrant, whereas screen-printed colors may appear dull or distorted.

What Sizes Do Sublimation Swimsuits Come In?

Sublimation swimsuits are not one-size-fits-all.

Whether you need adult or youth team swimsuits, water polo suits, or sublimation swim team suits for kids doesn’t matter.

Having the correct size sublimation swimsuit is vital for ensuring a comfortable fit, flexibility, and maximum performance.

GoalSportswear provides sublimation swimsuits in the fowling size ranges:

  • Adult S, M, L, and XL
  • Youth YS, YM, YM and YXl
  • Kids XS, S, M, and L

We also provide swimsuits in custom sizing. However, sizes above XL, such as 2XL and 3XL, will incur an extra cost due to the additional fabric and ink required for printing.

How Do I Guarantee The Best Fit For Sublimation Swimsuits?

Sample size chart

Sample Size Chart

People have different swimsuit fit preferences depending on their age, function, and general comfort level.

Also, keep in mind that different blends of fabric drape differently. Thus the fit will be varied depending on the type of fabric used for the sublimation swimsuits.

At GoalSportswear, we highly recommend that clients request a free size package if you’re not sure about individual sizes.

If you’d rather order made-order to sizes, please refer to our size chart to ensure you choose the correct size sublimation swimsuits.

What Are The Care Instructions For Sublimation Swimsuits?

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions to ensure the longevity of sublimation swimsuits.

They include:

  • All swimsuits should be washed in cold water after each use
  • Avoid bleach, harsh detergents, and fabric softeners when cleaning sublimation swimsuits
  • Hang the swimsuits to dry out in direct sunlight
  • Do not iron. Sublimation swimsuits fabrics do not shrink, so you don’t need to worry about this when washing.
  • Avoid dry cleaning as it may degrade the fabric
  • Do not wring sublimation swimsuits. It may be tempting to squeeze out very drop of water from the suit, but it can stretch and distort the fabric.

Do You Accept On-demand Orders For Sublimation Swimsuits Manufacture?


Our on-demand service involves customizing sublimation swimsuits as soon as your place an order. Often, we do this without order minimums.

With our on-demand manufacturing service, you can customize a variety of sublimation swimsuit products for your team or business.

Although slightly costlier, an advantage of this fulfillment model is the lack of minimum order requirements.

You can order any number of swimsuits for your team or sportswear brand.

For businesses, on-demand manufacturing eliminates the need for inventories.

Also, there is a lower risk to the business if the products don’t sell as anticipated. It is also easy to diversify products with on-demand manufacturing.

How Long Does Fulfilment Take For Sublimation Swimsuits?

Fulfillment depends on your type of product and the delivery location.

Extensive customization will take longer to produce and deliver than simple designs.

Also, the further you’re from us, the longer it will take for your order to reach you, no matter the shipping method.

Though, air freight is generally faster than sea freight for sublimations swimsuit delivery. You can also request express delivery if it is an urgent order.

In addition to product type and location, the volume of your order will matter. Large quantities will need more time to produce than a small quantity.

Generally, our standard delivery time is 2-3 weeks after order placement and design approval.

But to be sure of when you may receive your order, send us your product requirements with quantities. We will give you a quote with estimated lead times.

This way, you can plan for pickup and distribution accordingly.

How Do You Ensure Sustainability And Quality Of Sublimation Swimsuits?

You don’t have to worry about quality or sustainability when working with us for your sublimation swimsuits.

At GoalSportswear, we ensure that your designs come to life on premium quality materials. We ensure that your orders are fulfilled responsibly and packaged with care.

We only fulfill custom orders after you make a commitment. This way, we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Besides, our machinery uses less water, energy, and chemicals than standard industry printers and sewing machines. This is in line with environmental regulations on garment manufacturing.

Also, we source our materials from ethical suppliers that comply with labor, environmental, and safety standards.

To further assure our commitment to quality, all our products are made with professionals at our factory in China.

We ensure the best sublimation print quality in the sublimation sportswear industry.

Our colors are vivid and vibrant, matching the original design file as closely as possible. We counter-check all orders before shipping them out.

And by providing door-door delivery, we also hope to reduce our carbon emissions from shipping.

Do You Offer Sublimation Swimsuits With A Private Label?

Private labels

Private Labels

We certainly do!

GoalSportswear is one of the leading private label sportswear manufacturers in China. So if you want to launch your own branded sublimation swimsuits, we can help you achieve your dream launch.

We also offer white label services further to improve your brand visibility, recognition, and loyalty.

Not only will we put customized labels and tags on the inside/outside of your sublimation swimsuits, but we will also personalize your packaging.

This will help improve your customer’s unboxing experience.

Our private and white label swimsuits are pretty subtle. Apart from giving your products a refined look, they will also enable you to show off your brand without being too conspicuous.

How Much Does Sublimation Swimsuits Cost?

Our prices vary depending on the style and variety of swimsuits you want to buy. Prices will also vary depending on the size of your bulk order.

We also have great discount offers for bulk orders.

Please contact us with your order requirements, and we will give you a befitting quote.

Can I Return Or Exchange My Sublimation Swimsuits Order?

Sublimation swimsuit

Sublimation Swimsuit

Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns on custom sublimation swimsuit orders. Also, since most of our custom order sizes are made to order, we cannot accept returns or size changes.

But in the unlikely event of quality issues or manufacturing defects, we request that you report immediately. We will investigate the cause and extent of defects and give a resolution within the shortest time possible.

Note that we will need pictures and videos of the quality issues and defects. You can email these to our sales department.

What Makes GoalSportswear Different From Other Sublimation Swimsuits Manufacturers?

Our sublimation swimsuits are made using excellent materials and cutting-edge technology.

The swimsuits are comfortable, durable, and with exceptional moisture-wicking ability.

We are also updated with the latest fashion trends.

This allows us to make fashionable swimsuits to put your team/brand a notch higher than the rest.

In addition, we offer very competitive pricing for our products and deliver on time, giving us an advantage over competitors.

At Goal Sportswear, we are here to give you the best sublimation swimsuits.

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