Woven Fabric

The main characteristics of this fabric are abrasion resistance, water resistance, and comfort. Usually, they are used to make jackets, coats, trousers, etc. What’s more, we can exclusively customize the products according to your request.

  • Weight: 140gsm
  • Features: Comfortable, breathable, delicate and moisture-wicking
  • Application: Athletic shorts, running shorts, MMA shorts, beach trousers, flags
4002-200Gram Double Layer Four-Sided Bullet
  • Weight: 200gsm
  • Features: Soft, comfortable, drapey, and breathable
  • Application: Coach’s jacket, mma shorts
4003-Twill Peach Skin Velvet
  • Weight: 110gsm
  • Features: Natural, comfortable and skin-friendly
  • Application: Baseball shorts
4004-Soft Motorcycle Clothing(300D)
  • Weight: 180gsm
  • Features: Wear-resistant, comfortable, high density
  • Application: Pit crew shirts
  • Weight: 250gsm
  • Features: Wear-resistant
  • Application: Fabrics for patchwork embroidery
4006-Mickey Satin Cloth
  • Weight: 140gsm
  • Features: Glossy, smooth and soft, firm and durable
  • Application: Baseball jacket
4007-160gsm Sateen
  • Weight: 160gsm
  • Features: Smooth, comfortable and fade-resistant
  • Application: Baseball jacket
4008-Lamination of Satin Cloth (Jiaji Cloth Lamination)
  • Weight: 295gsm
  • Features: Smooth and comfortable, breathable, sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking
  • Application: Baseball jacket
  • Weight: 210gsm
  • Features: Waterproof and wear-resistant
  • Application: Motorcycle pants
4010-Ice Hockey Pants(Hockey Pants Fabric)
  • Weight: 180gsm
  • Features: Wear-resistant
  • Application: Hockey trousers, motorbike trousers
4011-75D Waterproof Memory-Like Fabric (Suitable for Hipster Jackets, Devon)
  • Weight: 300gsm
  • Features: Waterproof, skin-friendly, breathable, wear-resistant, comfortable
  • Application: Coat, jacket
4012-150D Hua Satin
  • Weight: 170gsm
  • Features: Soft, micro-elastic, skin-friendly, breathable
  • Application: Hawaiian Shirt
4013-50D Extra Dense Twill
  • Weight: 74gsm
  • Features: Soft and resistant to pulling
  • Application: Light coat, jacket, cotton cloth
4014-82gsm210T Polyester
  • Weight: 82gsm
  • Features: Warm, breathable, and soft
  • Application: Inter-cotton fabrics
4015-S-102#(Heng Yi)
  • Weight: 145gsm
  • Features: Comfortable and breathable
  • Application: Jacket
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