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More than 500 Team Wrestling Singlets Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

Wholesale Team Wrestling Singlets Manufacturer in China

Goal Sportswear is the largest supplier and manufacturer of team wrestling singlets in China. We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. As an OEM manufacturer, we specialize in customizing sports uniforms including your team wrestling singlets.

You can choose your own color, sizes, designs, and prints for your orders. We can also customize it with your company logo, team logo, numbers, names, sponsors, and more. Here in Goal Sportswear, rest assured that you can have 100% full satisfaction.

Providing quality, value, and worth is our main goal. We are a certified company that offers lots of value-added services and benefits that will skyrocket your business and support your team.

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Goal Sportswear – Your Preeminent Team Wrestling Singlets Manufacturer in China

Goal Sportswear is your perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable team wrestling singlets manufacturer. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China that offers the best quality products and services.

For more than 10 years, we acquire broad expertise and knowledge about providing customers’ needs. We know that quality and satisfaction are very important for your team and business. Thus, we manufacture team wrestling singlets with maximum durability.

We also offer team wrestling singlets that are fully customizable to meet your special requirements. Our team can design your orders according to your specification and details. Just send us your details and requirements.

Aside from that, Goal Sportswear has full capabilities in manufacturing your orders. We produce your team wrestling singlets using our advanced production line, high technology printing machine, and sewing machines.

We also inspect every stage of production. Goal Sportswear has a strict quality control management team to check the quality of your orders. Thus, rest assured that you can receive your orders with the right details and zero-defect.

Why Goal Sportswear is a reliable team wrestling singlets manufacturer?

We offer a wide range of team wrestling singlets to meet your needs. Here’s the reason why you should buy at Goal Sportswear:

  • You can purchase different types of team wrestling singlets like women’s cut singlets, low cut, or high cut.
  • Features side panel mesh for maximum breathability
  • Designed with leg grippers to avoid riding up of the legs
  • Inspirational design – custom or sample design
  • Uses Pantone Solid Color Coated color book for accurate color selection
  • Provides weight-based sizes from kids, youths, to adults. Men’s and women’s sizes are both available.
  • You’ll get a low minimum order quantity starting from 10 pieces

At Goal Sportswear, we can provide you all kinds of team wrestling singlets that are best for your team and business. We will give you all our premier services that will surely support your starting business.

We offer quick turnaround time, competitive prices, on-time delivery, fast communication, and 24/7 services. Aside from team wrestling singlets, you can also purchase custom wrestling gear, custom wrestling outfits, wrestling wear, wrestling uniform packages, youth wrestling singlets, and more.

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Team Wrestling Singlets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for team wrestling singlet, then this guide has all information you’re looking for.

From design, fabric type, printing technique or ink – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Team Wrestling Singlets In Wholesale?

There are many benefits of buying in wholesale, especially when it comes to team wrestling singlets.

Cost Savings

Wholesale team wrestling singlets are affordable without sacrificing quality.

It eliminates the additional costs associated with transporting, packaging, storing and marketing retail purchases.

While buying wholesale, you go straight to the source, thus eliminating the middle man and any associated costs. Since wholesale pricing is usually low, you can get more bangs for your buck.


Buying wholesale team wrestling singlets gives uniformity to a team. You can customize the singlets by adding the team logo, motto, player’s names and anything related to the team.

Quality And Originality

Sportswear manufacturers offer one-of-a-kind designs. It makes it easy for you to find wrestling singlets that are just as unique as your team.

At GoalSportswear, for example, our staff works directly with you, translating your team’s unique style into the garments.

Plus, you may not be able to customize your singlets as much as you want when buying retail. Buying in wholesale allows you to customize the cut and style of your team wrestling singlet. You also get to choose materials used to make the singlets last longer.

In addition to freedom of customization, expect to find better quality singlets for your team by buying directly from the manufacturer.


Sportswear manufacturers, like GoalSportswear, can supply you with team wrestling singlets in any size, style and color.

With such a vast selection, it is impossible not to find what you’re looking for. Retail vendors cannot compete with the vast quantities and selection that factories have to offer.

What Is The Perfect Material For Team Wrestling Singlets?

The perfect material for team wrestling singlets has to be spandex.

It is a good quality material that is strong and durable enough to last a long time.

Besides, spandex is known for its exceptional elasticity. It provides a compression fit with excellent four-way stretch and recovery.

As wrestling is a sport involving lots of active movement, this is important for it ensures a comfortable fit with unrestricted movement.

Spandex is also moisture-wicking with good air permeability.

Apart from spandex, nylon is also used to make team wrestling singlets. It is light, easy to maintain and with good breathability.

But is not as durable as spandex. Also, nylon does not provide the same degree of elasticity as spandex does.

If you’d like to incorporate nylon into your team wrestling singlets, we advise that you choose a blended version, i.e. spandex/nylon.

This will ensure that you get quality and stylish garments that are comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain.

Another blended option that you can consider for team wrestling singlets is spandex/polyester.

It can stretch nicely due to its spandex composition. Combine that with polyester, and you get a lightweight but very durable material that can withstand the rigors of wrestling for a long time.

More importantly, a spandex/polyester blend can handle sublimation well due to the polymeric cellular structure of polyester.

For optimal performance, blended fabrics for team wrestling singlets should have more spandex, at least 50%. The more the spandex percentage, the more comfortable the fabric will be when stretched.

What Is the Difference Between Custom And Stock Team Wrestling Singlets?

Custom team wrestling singlets

Custom team wrestling singlets

For team wrestling singlets, we offer both custom and stock options.

Customized singlets are made to order. They embody the client’s unique specifications, i.e. cut, size, decoration, fabric, colors etc.

We also offer stock wrestling singlets in a wide variety of styles and colors for you to choose from. These singlets are already cut and sewn before order placement.

Meaning, they follow factory specifications regarding color, sizing, decoration and fabric specifications.

As they are pre-made, our stock team wrestling singlets generally ship faster than the custom options. But the basic styles, colors and sizes are more limited.

It also means that the cost of stock singlets is cheaper than that of our customized team wrestling singlets.

We can always add basic customizations such as the team name and logo to your stock singlets.

This will give you wrestling singlets that are more suited to your team at an affordable price.

Can You Provide Team Wrestling Singlets With Anti-microbial And Moisture Resistant Properties?


All our sports fabrics are moisture-wicking. They’re designed with the ability to draw moisture away from the body.

Hence, garments don’t stay soggy, allowing the wearer to stay cool, dry and comfortable throughout.

Our moisture-wicking apparel is primarily made using polyester, in this case, with a hint of spandex.

It is because polyester, unlike other fabrics, has very little water, giving it excellent moisture management ability.

We also have anti-microbial fabrics for your team wrestling singlet needs.

This fabric generally offers protection against bacteria and other harmful microbes that may deteriorate the fabric or cause skin irritation.

Team wrestling singlets with anti-microbial properties can resist the buildup of smells in between washes.

What Are Your Customization Options For Custom Team Wrestling Singlets?

There are plenty of customization options today, but GoalSportswear uses the following:


We use dye sublimation printing for high-performance team wrestling singlets.

This printing method is pretty popular. It infuses custom designs into the fabric pores creating incredibly durable designs with vivid and vibrant colors.

Screen Printing

Unlike sublimation, screen printing typically places ink onto the fabric’s surface.

It produces excellent prints, although not as durable and eye-catching as dye sublimation designs.

Also, screen printing applies one color at a time, limiting the number of colors on your singlets.

For this reason, screen printing is recommended for simple designs that require 1-2 colors. You can also consider this method when customizing a large number of singlets of the same design.

Direct-to-garment Printing

The direct-to-garment printing method produces custom designs with better precision and higher quality detail than screen printing.

It also doesn’t restrict the number of colors you can add to your designs. In this way, there are lots of customization possibilities with direct-to-garment printing.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a much more affordable way of customizing your team wrestling singlets.

It involves creating and processing artwork on a computer and then printing it directly onto the product.

Our digital printing process works quite similarly to screen printing.

But it achieves greater amounts of detail because the ink coverage is thinner than screen prints.

This allows printing in a broader range of color.

Moreover, the digital printing process requires less set-up time, allowing us to produce lower quantities more cost-effectively.

What Are The Advantages Of Sublimated Team Wrestling Singlets?

Sublimated team wrestling singlets

Sublimated team wrestling singlets

Sublimation printing, as mentioned, is the most popular printing method for custom sports apparel.

This technique produces crisp designs with highly detailed graphics. The resulting sublimated team wrestling singlets tend to be lightweight and soft to the touch.

As they are embedded deep into the fabric, the designs stretch with the fabric without grinning or losing clarity.

Custom sublimated team wrestling singlets are affordable and strong enough to withstand regular laundering. They also hold up well to the rigors of wrestling.

What is more, sublimated team wrestling uniforms make your team stand out. The design options are almost endless when you choose custom sublimated wrestling singlets for your team.

Will You Design My Team Wrestling Singlets?

Definitely! But only if you don’t have your own design can we help you create a unique design for your team.

We have an incredibly talented and experienced creative team that will work with you to bring your vision to life.

All you need is an idea, colors and your team logo.

If you don’t have a team logo, that’s okay. We have an array of stock logos that you can choose from. We may have to tweak things a bit to get you what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, we can work with you to come up with a unique, new logo from scratch.

Our creative services are not limited to creating new designs. If you have a design already that needs polishing, we are happy to help.

Whatever you want, call or email us to assist you in creating a masterpiece for your team’s wrestling singlets.

Where Can I Find Custom Team Wrestling Singlets Design Ideas?

There are plenty of sources for custom apparel design ideas.

  • Manufacturer design studio
  • Existing team wrestling singlets online
  • Sports magazines
  • Design catalogues
  • Downloadable templates
  • From wrestling tournaments and competitions

If borrowing an already existing design, you must tweak some elements such as the colors and style to make it unique to your team.

It also helps to avoid copyright infringements that could put you in legal trouble.

What Are Your Artwork Requirements For Custom Team Wrestling Uniforms?

If you have your artwork ready for custom team wrestling singlets, you can submit them via email.

When submitting your artwork, be sure to include only the images we need for your project. It saves time and prevents confusion.

Also, make sure to name your files appropriately, e.g. Rovers Logo. Don’t forget to include your team name in the subject line of the email.

Most importantly, the images you send should be ready to be reproduced as is, without further modifications.

We require that all artwork be sent in any of the following file formats:

  • AI (Adobe illustrator) saved as outlines
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • BMP

These should be at least 300dpi to ensure clean prints. Images in BMP formats should be at least 1200 dpi.

If you cannot send us your artwork in an acceptable format, we can customize your logos and other elements exactly as you want. But this will come at an additional charge.

What Are The Different Cuts Available For Team Wrestling Singlets?

Wrestling singlets come in three cuts: high, low and women’s cut.

High Cut

This is the most popular type of cut for wrestling singlets, especially in traditional and collegiate wrestling. It is cut closer to the neck and armpits, providing more coverage to the chest and underarms.


A FILA cut singlet is similar to the high-cut singlet but does not come as high up on the underarms.


The low-cut singlet is the most revealing of all team wrestling singlet cuts. It reaches up to the middle of the chest and much lower beneath the armpits. This singlet features a thin strap of material that runs up the back.

Low-cut singlets are more common in freestyle wrestling.

While low cut singlets are the most practical in fighting matches, they are banned in international competitions. The Olympics and world championship wrestling games only allow high-cut and FILA cut singlets.

What Is The Difference Between Custom Team Wrestling Singlets And Team Wrestling Doublets?

Wrestling doublet

Wrestling doublet

The main difference between a wrestling singlet and a doublet is that the latter covers more of the upper body.

A team wrestling singlet features straps running from the back to the shoulders. But unlike the original singlet, a wrestling doublet has an upper that looks more like a t-shirt.

It is like a grappling 2-piece featuring compression shorts, and a t-shirt joined together.

What Does ‘Pro Fit’ Mean For Team Wrestling Singlets?

A pro-fit singlet is often designed with performance fabric that is moisture-wicking and anti-microbial with 4-way stretchability.

The fabrics that we use to make our pro-fit team wrestling singlets are sourced from reliable suppliers worldwide.

We check and test these fabrics before usage to ensure they comply with the requisite quality and safety standards.

Pro-fit team wrestling singlets are generally soft to the touch with a superior fit and improved legroom.

What Are The Restrictions And Requirements For Team Wrestling Singlets?

Compliance rules for wrestling singlets vary from one league, country, government agency etc., to another.

So before buying wrestling singlets for your team, be sure to get the compliance requirements right regarding team uniforms.

We will attentively adhere to all specifications you send us for your team wrestling needs as a manufacturer.

We take your needs seriously and will ensure to deliver quality and compliant team wrestling singlets.

When Should I Consider Team Wrestling Singlets Vs Two-Piece Wrestling Uniforms?

A wrestling singlet, as you know, is a one-piece garment worn by wrestlers during training or competitive matches.

The two-piece uniform comprises a short and t-shit, often matching in color and design.

Like the singlet, two-piece wrestling singlets are suitable for every wrestler physique. Besides, wrestlers can wear a singlet along with wrestling shorts.

A wrestling t-shirt may also be worn under a singlet for more comfort and coverage.

Like team wrestling singlets, two-piece uniforms are also approved for bigger competitions.

Customized versions are sure to grab the attention of wrestling fans, opponents, coaches and officials worldwide.

So if you have team members who are shy to wear the singlet, a two-piece uniform can come in handy. You can also get the two-piece as an extra kit for your team.

What Types Of Ink Do You Use For Custom Team Wrestling Uniforms?

We use high-quality inks that ensure you get durable and long-lasting designs that are not only beautiful but also vivid and vibrant.

Commonly, we imported Kiaan ink for our custom sublimated designs. We also use high-quality fluorescent inks, which provide a more comprehensive range of color options.

Are Team Wrestling Singlets Design Templates Worth It?

Yes, they are.

Design templates simplify the creation of your team wrestling singlets. They can ease your workload and make you feel less stressed and overwhelmed over your designs.

At the same, templates increase efficiency and your attention to detail. They help you save time and money on custom team wrestling singlets design.

What Is Your Sizing Range For Team Wrestling Singlets?

Sample chart

Sample chart

We offer team wrestling singlets in kids, youth, men’s and women’s sizing.

Unisex sizing is also available, although it doesn’t differ much from our men’s sizing.

We provide a weight-based size chart that you can use to find the wrestling singlet sizes you need for your team.

Our size chart works well for wrestlers with average body sizes. For taller or plumper wrestlers, choosing a size up may provide a better fit.

Must Team Wrestling Singlets Fit Tight?

It is not a must. But a practical team wrestling singlet should have a compression fit.

Wrestling is a full-contact sport with lots of grabbing, pushing and pulling. A fighter can only win by physically submitting the opponent. One cannot win without direct contact.

It is for this reason that many wrestling singlets are designed to fit tight. The tight fit hinders wrestlers from tagging on each other’s apparel which is also against the rule in amateur wrestling.

Tight-fitting singlets also allow the referees to see all the moves made by wrestlers during a competition.

Is There A Difference Between Team Wrestling Singlets For Men And Women?

Both men and women wear wrestling singlets, with the main difference being in the cut.

Women’s singlets are cut higher than the men’s version and have wider straps to provide more coverage. These singlets are also designed with a different profile to accommodate the smaller sizing of female wrestlers.

What Are Your Minimum Order Quantities For Team Wrestling Singlets?

Our minimum order quantity is 10 pieces per design. But we can reduce the MOQ for repeat orders.

Note that our MOQ is designed to ensure that you’re getting the best price. That is why we also offer on-demand customization.  It helps so you’re not stuck buying more than you need or have excess inventory.

Do You Offer Samples For Team Wrestling Uniforms?


We offer team wrestling samples because we understand that sometimes you may want to check the garment and feel the fabric. You also want to make sure that sizing is correct. A physical sample can achieve this.

So we can send you a free sample for in-stock singlets, but you pay the shipping fee.

We will charge you a $50 fee for custom sample development, which is refundable when you commit to a bulk order. Again, you will have to organize and pay for the cost of sending the custom sample to you.

Do You Accept Order Changes For Team Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, but only if the design hasn’t been approved and we are yet to begin production of your order.

Once production begins, you cannot make changes or adjustments. In this case, changes will only be accepted as a separate order.

Also, once designs are approved, there is no room for changes or adjustments. Again, we can only accept changes if you make them as a new order.

As for returns and refunds, we do not accept any since we manufacture your order to your exact specifications.

We can only accept a return in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect or severe quality issues. For this, you have to send us photos and videos of the defects immediately after you receive the order.

What Is The Best Way To Care For And Maintain Team Wrestling Singlets?

Wrestlers in singlets

Wrestlers in singlets

The best way to care for and maintain team wrestling singlets is quite simple:

  • Turn the singlets inside out before washing them. It helps avoid bleeding of colors.
  • Always wash in cold water to avoid shrinkage
  • Hang directly in the sun to dry
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach and fabric softeners. These can damage the fabric and dull the bright colors of the singlet.
  • Only use mild soaps and detergents to wash your team wrestling singlets
  • Do not machine-dry
  • Wash uniforms before first use and immediately after every use to avoid fabric degradation
  • Do not soak singlets made of spandex or blended spandex
  • If machine washing, do not overload and remove the singlets from the machine immediately after washing
  • Do not iron sublimated, screen-printed or heat-sealed texts and numbers
  • Make sure team wrestling singlets are dry before storing

Following these guidelines will increase the longevity of any team wrestling singlets.

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