Tattoo Rash Guard : The Complete FAQ Guide

This guide has all information you’re looking for about tattoo rash guards.

Whether you want to learn about material type, design, features, size or printing techniques; this guide offers a perfect solution.

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What Is A Tattoo Rash Guard?

A tattoo rash guard is a spandex polyester blend material that generally stretches and comfortable wear and holds up against any training.

 tattoo rush guard

tattoo rash guard

What Should You Wear Under A Tattoo Rash Guard?

While wearing a tattoo rash guard, it’s not necessary to wear anything under them for men, but they can put on a light vest if needed.

On the other hand for the ladies case, you can choose to wear a sports bra that is comfortable for you.

When Do You Need To Put On A Tattoo Rash Guard?

You can opt to wear your tattoo rash guard any time you feel like it, but mostly, during training, it’s mandatory to use your tattoo rash guard.

Does Tattoo Rash Guard Shrink?

Yes, if the tattoo rash guard is not well taken care of and maintained, it will shrink.

For your tattoo rash guard to last longer, avoid using heat and hot water while washing them. This will play a bigger role for the tattoo rash guard not to shrink too.

What Are The Features Of A Tattoo Rash Guard?

Stitching – This is one of the features of a tattoo rash guard. We have various kinds of stitches used to make the tattoo rash guards.

But we mostly recommend a flat double lock stitching, the best known for the tattoo rash guard.

The seams have to be downwards sewn to avoid underneath skin irritation.

Fabric type – Most fabric is usually a spandex-polyester blend for tattoo rash guards. It will give the tattoo rash guard a perfect look when made.

But you may also use some stretchy fabrics such as bamboo, x-static, Lyra and many more.

Stretchy fabrics typically bring out the comfortability of the tattoo rash guard.

The design type – Is another critical feature of a tattoo rash guard. Some designs are customized; others are full and partially sublimated.

You have got various designs of tattoo rash guards to choose from.

What Type Of Materials Used To Make A Tattoo Rash Guard?

Tattoo rash guard needs a stretchy material such ;

Polyester– Polyester is usually a synthetic material that is comfortable, easily breathable, flexible and lightweight too.

This fabric dries typically faster and is durable at the same time.

Mainly it is used to blend with spandex.

Spandex – This is one of the fabrics with the best stretching quality. You can blend it with polyester for the best tattoo rash guard.

Though Spandex fabric is expensive, it’s worth the price.

Dot knit material – Dot knit fabric usually has 100% polyester, is lightweight and is comfortable. The fabric is also affordable.

Lycra – Lycra fabric is another fabric we can suggest using on a tattoo rash guard. It has 88% lycra which is combined with 12% polyester.

Lycra is breathable and durable too. You might also choose to blend it with another fabric for the best results on your tattoo rash guard.

X-static – This is fabric is known to be lightweight, breathable and comfortable-static is pocket friendly too.

Which Designs Of Tattoo Rash Guards Do You Have?

We have various designs for the tattoo rash guards, which include;

  • Hardcore training old tattoo rash guard
  • Dragon compression tattoo rash guard
  • BJJ men tattoo rash guard
  • Japanese tattoo rash guard
  • Skull marine life skull tattoo rash guard
  • Custom design tattoo rash guard long-sleeved
  • Jiren dragon ball Z tattoo rash guard
  • Aquaman light tattoo rash guard
  • crash vest tribal tattoo rash guard
  • Scramble tebori tattoo rash guard

Are Tattoo Rash Guard Comfortable During Hot Weather?

Yes, tattoo rash guards are meant to make you feel comfortable during the hot weather.

However, with the help of UV – light protection, you do not need to worry about the hot weather.

How Do You Compare The Long-Sleeved Tattoo Rash Guard To Short-Sleeved Tattoo Rash Guard?

A long-sleeved tattoo rash guard is usually long, as the name suggests, and covers the arm completely. They mostly prefer tattoo rash guards to many compared to the short ones.

long sleeve tattoo rash guard

long sleeved tatto rash guard

They tend to give much warmth and are suitable for cold weather.

While on the other hand, short-sleeved tattoo rash guards are partial sleeves that typically extend right from the elbow to the shoulder.

short sleeved tattoo rash guard

short sleeved tattoo rash guard

 They are known to be the best during the hot weather seasons.

Does A Tattoo Rash Guard Have To Be Tight?

Yes, tattoo rash guards should be fitting, which means tighter than a t-shirt. But remember, it’s not too close, making you feel uncomfortable.

Do You Customize Tattoo Rash Guards?

Yes, we do customized tattoo rash guards for our clients who request them. But note that they will be an extra charge for the customized rash guard.

customized tattoo rush guard

customized tattoo rash guard

Are There Any Factors To Consider While Buying A Tattoo Rash Guard?

Well, when buying a tattoo rash guard, you will have to consider the following;

The Fabric Types

When choosing the tattoo rash guard, be careful with the fabric used to make the tattoo rash guard.

We suggest you go for stretchy fabrics which will not cause any itchiness or rash on your skin which might cause skin problems on your body.


Size is also a key factor to be considered while buying a tattoo rash guard.

Choose the correct size that will make you feel comfortable while wearing the tattoo rash guard.

If you can’t get the correct size, we advise you to consult since a tattoo rash guard doesn’t need to be too tight or loose.

The Quality

You should keenly check the quality of the tattoo rash guard while buying as another factor.

We highly suggest that you go for high-quality tattoo rash guards since they are the best and long-lasting.

But keep in mind that the most expensive tattoo rash guard has the best quality.

Which Sizes Available For The Tattoo Rash Guard?

We have the sizes below which are available for the tattoo rash guard;

Extra small – XS

Small – Small

Medium – M

Large – L

Extra Large – XL

Extra Extra Large – XXL

How Will You Tell An Original Tattoo Rash Guard From A Fake One In The Market?

Dealing with fake tattoo rash guards has been a significant concern worldwide. But for you to know the difference between the original and fake tattoo rash guard. You need to consider the following;

The price

An original tattoo rash guard is usually expensive compared to the fake one. This is because of their high quality and durability.

The cheaper tattoo rash guards in the market are low quality, and their chances of being fake are very high.

The Stitching

While buying a tattoo rash guard in the market, check carefully how the stitches are done. Look for well neat matched stitches because they are the original ones.

For fake tattoo rash guards, you will find unmatched stitches with many spaces all over them with threads hanging on the tattoo rash guard.

The Quality Designs

For the quality design, do your research very well if you are unaware of the tattoo rash guard designs that are commonly known and available in the market.

We recommend you go for the known designs since they have the best quality design.

They know design quality mostly tends to be fake once in which you need to choose wisely.

How Can You Differentiate A Female Tattoo Rash Guard To A Male Tattoo Rash Guard?

Women are physically different to males, so their tattoo rash guard will be much other.

female tattoo rash guard

Female tattoo rash guard

 When comparing the female and male tattoo rash guards, we usually look at the following;

The Fitting Sizes

Women generally need their tattoo rash guards to have more space around the chest area, enabling breast accommodation.

While for the male tattoo rash guards, you find that they need to have allowance around the shoulder since they tend to have a broader shoulder.

The Appearance

For women, the appearance of the tattoo rash guard matters a lot. However, you will find that both male and female have their preference.

Females generally prefer bright colours for their tattoo rash guards, while males prefer dull tattoo rash guards.


Male usually like the block designs for their tattoo rash guards, while females love more attractive designs for their tattoo rash guards.

Which Printing Methods Do You Suggest For A Tattoo Rash Guard?

Some of the various printing methods we do suggest are;

Embroidery printing method – Embroidery is among the best printing methods you can go for on your tattoo rash guard. Though they are costly.

The screen printing method –Involves directly printing a tattoo rash guard from the computer. It’s a cheaper mode of printing for large-scale guards.

Sublimation printing method – The sublimation printing method is one of the best we recommend.

The process involves infusing ink directly to the tattoo rash guard and the cheapest one.

Head pressure heat transfer – You only use heat and pressure to print on the tattoo rash guard fabric for head pressure heat transfer.

It is known to be one of the cheapest printing modes.

Do You Offer Free Sample For A Tattoo Rash Guard?

Yes, we offer free samples for tattoo rash guards to all our clients. This is done after placing the order of your tattoo rash guard and making a deposit of 25%.

You will be sent the free sample within five days after order placement. We issue a free tattoo rash guard sample to enable you to touch and verify what you need in your order.

It’s also essential for the client to feel the fabric themselves to know if it is perfect. After receiving the sample, you will communicate it to our customer care team.

This is for you to approve. If the sample is okay, then we can proceed with your order.

If not approved, you will send us the corrections you need to be rectified and process your order.

What Is Your Return Policy For The Tattoo Rash Guard?

Our return policy for tattoo rash guards is simple, follow the instructions, and all will be sorted out.

Below are some of our return policies;

  • The estimated time to return the tattoo rush guard is within 30 working days from the received date.
  • You will return the tattoo rash guard with the original package you received.
  • Once used by the client, the tattoo rash guard will not be accepted back when returned.

As the company rules, if all is done the right way, we will work on your refund or replace your tattoo rash guard.

I Need A Bulk Order For Tattoo Rash Guards Will I Get A Discount?

Yes, we give our clients who have bulky orders a discount will be calculated depending on the number of tattoo rash guards.

We usually consider bulky orders from 300 pieces of tattoo rash guards and above. The higher the number of your orders, the discount becomes higher.

But we can offer a discount of up to 25%.

Can You Cancel An Order For Tattoo Rash Guard?

Yes, you can cancel the tattoo rash guard order. However, as per our company, you will be required to raise your concern of order cancellation with 28 working days.

Remember you will have to pay for 30 % fee since we might have commenced the order processing.

If you delay and decide to cancel at the last minute, we will not allow the cancellation of your tattoo rash guard.

Is Your MOQ For Tattoo Rash Guard Flexible?

Yes, our MOQ for tattoo rash guards is flexible for all clients. This usually means that if you come to us with a good valid reason to make you a tattoo rash guard, we can negotiate and come to an agreement.

Since both sides do not need any losses in their businesses, we need to develop a fair deal that will benefit all the parties.

Remember the MOQ will depend on the factors below;

  • The type of fabric you want to be used for the tattoo rash guard.
  • If your tattoo rash guard ned to be customized or not
  • The number of the tattoo rash guards you will need.

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