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  • 100% polyester
  • Customized sizes, design and color
  • Processed through our own sublimation machine

“I really appreciate your effort in making these durable fastpitch jerseys. My team truly loved our new uniform. Thank you for your team!”


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More than 500 Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

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100% polyester sublimation mens custom sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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Custom made sublimated printing short sleeve sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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Custom made sublimation printing mens pro sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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Custom wholesale sublimated printed sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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Full dye sublimation wholesale custom sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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High school custom design sublimated reversible sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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Sublimation high quality custom youth v neck sublimated fastpitch jerseys
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Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom sublimated fastpitch jerseys
wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed sublimated fastpitch jerseys
wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed sublimated fastpitch jerseys

Your Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys in China

Goal Sportswear has more than 5 years experience in manufacturing sublimated fastpitch jerseys in China. Throughout the years, we are doing our best to provide our valued customers the satisfaction they need. Because of that, we dedicate ourselves in manufacturing and supplying the best quality sublimated fastpitch jerseys. With its wide options of designs, patterns, colors, sizes and more, it can surely fit your needs.

Make girls create a one-of-a-kind look by our customized or your own design of sublimated fastpitch jerseys. Sublimated fastpitch jerseys manufactured by Goal Sportswear can provide your team a unique and professional look that you surely be proud of! By wearing sublimated fastpitch jerseys from Goal Sportswear, fastpitch/softball spirit will surely be emphasized!

Order your sublimated fastpitch jerseys that can add solidarity to your fastpitch team. You can request a quote today if you want to order sublimated fastpitch jerseys!

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Highest-quality Customized Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys to Boost Your Business

Goal Sportswear is known as an expert manufacturer and supplier of sublimated fastpitch jerseys in China. As professional, Goal Sportswear knows the importance of providing you the best quality sublimated fastpitch jerseys.

With that reason, Goal Sportswear is supplying high-quality sublimated fastpitch jerseys manufactured through our advancements of technology. As an expert, we also know that your diverse requirements are constantly changing.

With that, Goal Sportswear manufactures a high-quality sublimated fastpitch jerseys that comes with wide options. With our sublimated fastpitch jerseys, your typography, team name, graphic design, player number and names can be applied.

Aside from that, we are also supplying the best quality sublimated fastpitch jerseys that are made of high-quality materials. Our sublimated fastpitch jerseys are often made of microfiber, polyester, and spandex. These materials give off comfort and smooth feeling to the body.

Additionally, our sublimated fastpitch jerseys are also made of high-water absorption. This makes our sublimated fastpitch jerseys fast drying. We are also manufacturing a high-quality sublimated fastpitch jerseys that comes with different sizes.

You can also submit your own sublimated fastpitch jerseys designs. Our designers will finalize your designs. After your approval, we will start the production of your sublimated fastpitch jerseys orders.

Because of our own sublimation machine, guaranteed that your sublimated fastpitch jerseys will peel or crack. Rest assured that the color of your sublimated fastpitch jerseys will not fade.

For over 5 years, Goal Sportswear is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of sublimated fastpitch jerseys in China. Because we have a decade of experience, Goal Sportswear had created a niche as a trusted supplier and manufacturer.

Our aim is to offer excellent services and high-quality products. Along with that, we also provide factory prices without compromising quality services and products.

We always meticulously checked the size, quantity, design and every detail to assure that you can receive the exact items you ordered. Plus, on-time delivery is provided by Goal sportswear.

If you have more questions, we will be pleased in entertaining you calls, emails and messages. Expect replies within 8 hours!

Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for a fastpitch softball jersey, then this guide will show you how to get better deals.

Whether you’re looking for better fabric, printing technology or prices; you will get all that in this guide.

Let’s get to it:

How do you Design Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys?

You can come up with a custom sublimated fastpitch softball jersey by designing one out of your creativity.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can design your own sublimated fastpitch jersey.

Sublimated softball jersey

 Sublimated softball jersey

Step One: Idea Formulation

First, you need to brainstorm and think about the kind of fastpitch jersey that you would like to have.

You can also look at different ideas online on the best type of sublimated fastpitch softball jersey you might like.

As you explore your imaginations, make sure that you note every idea that comes to mind on paper.

This will bring to life your imaginations to a point where you can see the reality of how the fastpitch softball jersey.

Make sure you include everything about the jersey including the logos, names, and numbers of the players.

You must also ensure that the color scheme of your sublimated fastpitch softball jersey matches that of your team.

As soon as you complete the design on paper, you can now get a computer designing software.

Step Two: Choose Design Template

You will choose a computer designing software with hundreds of design templates to choose from.

Make sure that you choose the design template that matches that of your design on paper.

You will be able to size it accordingly by referring to the dimensions of your team members.

Design template for softball jersey

Design template for softball jersey

Step Three: Inclusion of the Design Features

As soon as the design template is complete, you are now free to begin the inclusion of the main jersey features.

This includes adding up the names and the numbers of the players as well as the logos on the fastpitch jersey.

Apart from that, you will refer to the color scheme and give your jersey the right color that you need.

Make sure that you include all the jersey features accordingly by confirming your design.

You can also ask for the help of fellow designers to assist in scrutinize your design appropriately.

Your manufacturer also has a design team that can look at it and recommends changes if need be.

As soon as you complete the designing process, you can submit it to the manufacturer for approval and later manufacturing.

Which Accessories can you use alongside Sublimated Fastpitch Uniform?

You will need other accessories that you will put on alongside sublimated fastpitch uniforms.

Here are the main accessories that you will need as a fastpitch player donning a fastpitch uniform.

1. Fastpitch Pants

You can choose from the wide range of fastpitch pants available in the market with the most suitable design.

Fastpitch pant

Fastpitch pant

2. Fastpitch Helmets

As a catcher, you will need a helmet that will protect your head from any form of injury.

Fast pitch helmet

Fastpitch helmet

  • Fastpitch Gloves

Fastpich gloves

Fastpitch gloves

You will also need gloves to protect your hands against the friction between your hands and the fastpitch bat.

You will also need the gloves to protect your hands from the effects of catching and throwing the ball.

  • Fastpitch Bags

A bag will come in handy for you to carry all the other fastpitch accessories such as balls and bats among others.

Fast pitch bag

 Fastpitch bag

· Fastpitch Hats

To protect yourself from the sun, you will need a fastpitch hat to block the sun rays from affecting your sight.

Fast pitch hat

 Fastpitch hat

Fastpitch Hoodies

You can put on fastpitch hoodies of the pitch or on the bench especially during the chilly cold weather.

Fast pitch hoodies

Fastpitch hoodie

Which Types of Custom Sublimated Fastpitch Uniforms are there?

As a fastpitch player, you can choose any type of fastpitch jersey to play in.

Here are the main types of custom sublimated jerseys for you to choose from.

· Full Button Fastpitch Jersey

This is a type of jersey with buttons from the waiting area to the area around the neck.

The design of this jersey will, however, vary according to your personal requirements.

Full button fast pitch jersey

 Full button fastpitch jersey

· Two-Button Fastpitch Jersey

In this case, the two-button fastpitch softball jersey has two buttons next to the chest area of the jersey.

The material is usually the breathable 100% polyester material just like the other types of jerseys.

Two button fast pitch jersey

 Two button fastpitch jersey

· Crew/V-Neck Fastpitch Jersey

This type of jersey can either be a full button or two buttons but with a special type of V neck collar design.

In many cases, the members of the fastpitch crew prefer putting on the crew/V-neck fastpitch jersey.

V neck fast pitch jersey

 V neck fastpitch jersey

· Sleeveless Fastpitch Jersey

This type of jersey has no sleeves thus exposing the whole arm from the shoulder to the wrist.

It often gives you maximum flexibility and more space for maximum aeration.

Sleeveless fast pitch jersey

 Sleeveless fastpitch jersey

· Classic Fastpitch Pants

This is part of the fastpitch uniform that you will put on the lower part of the body.

You can either fasten it with waits bands, waist strings or possibly a belt if need be.

Classic fast pitch pants

Classic fastpitch pants

What are the Components of a Fastpitch Catchers Gear?

As a catcher, you will have a different uniform composition in comparison to other players on the team.

Here are the main components that you have to put on as a catcher on the team.

· Catchers Helmet

You will need a rubberized mate skull cap helmet to protect your head in case it is hit by a ball.

It comes complete with a chromium alloy traditional catchers mask to protect your face in case of any accidents.

· Catchers Throat Guard

You will use the catcher’s throat guard to protect your neck just in case the ball aims straight towards your throat.

The throat guard is rubberized thus making it extra comfortable and more protective from the effects of the ball.

· Catchers Shin Guards

You will need shin guards to protect your legs as well as your arms and shoulders just in case of anything.

· Catchers Chest Protector

You will need a catcher’s chest protector to protect your chest just in case the ball lands on your chest.

· Catchers Mitts

This is a special type of glove that you will put on your right or left hand so that you can catch the ball perfectly.

· Catchers Knee Support

You will also need the catcher’s knee support to protect your knee against injury on the ground.

· Catchers Jersey and Pants

The jersey and the pants of the catcher is the same as that of the other team members.

How do you Choose Color for Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys?

You can choose any type of color that will suit your sublimated fastpitch jersey.

In this case, your choice will depend greatly on the theme of your team.

You can play around with the theme colors of your team ensuring that you include all of them in different proportions.

You must, however, know the type of color to make bold or the color that will remain the influencer.

For instance, you can choose a yellow gold color with purple stripes on the sublimated fastpitch jersey.

Fast pitch player

Fastpitch player

How Does Men’s Custom Sublimated Fastpitch Jersey Compare to Women’s Sublimated Fastpitch Jersey?

Men and women sublimated fastpitch jerseys may have the same features including the type of material and design.

Despite the similarity, there are other features that you can look at to distinguish them from one another.

Men’s sublimated fastpitch softball jerseys are usually broader across the shoulder to accommodate the broad men’s shoulders.

Women jerseys often have narrower shoulders but more allowance around the chest to accommodate the breasts.

Apart from that, women often prefer brighter colors on their jerseys in comparison to the dull colors for men.

Women sublimated fastpitch jerseys have flares to give proper allowance for the hips which men do not have.

Zippers or buttons of the men sublimated fastpitch jerseys are often on the opposite side in comparison to that of women.

What is the Best Fabric for Custom Sublimated Fastpitch Jersey?

The best fabric that you can use for custom sublimated fastpitch jersey is 100% polyester.

It is the best material that can withstand all the sublimation conditions such as high temperatures.

It is also durable and breathable enough thus offering you maximum flexibility on the pitch.

Apart from 100% polyester material, you can also opt for modifications of polyester fabrics.

Other materials that you can use include spandex, nylon, as well as lycra in case polyester doesn’t meet the cut.

How should Custom Sublimated Fastpitch Jersey Fit?

Well, whenever you are sizing a sublimated fastpitch jersey, you must ensure that it fits you very well.

Here are the main factors that you have to consider when fitting a custom sublimated fastpitch jersey.

  • You must ensure that the shoulder bone meets at the exact point as that of the jersey shoulder seam.
  • When you close the collar, ensure that it gives an allowance where you can slide two fingers for maximum comfort.

This will apply especially when you are using the polo sublimated fastpitch jersey.

  • You should also ensure that the armhole is high enough and does not give you restricted motion.
  • The sleeves of the custom sublimated fastpitch jersey must neither be billowy or tight thus allowing natural motion.
  • When you pull the torso of your jersey, it should not allow for 3 to 4 inches of fabric from the skin.
  • In case you are putting on a sublimated fastpitch jersey with sleeves, the short sleeves should reach your elbow.

The long sleeves should end where your wrist and your palm meet and avoid sleeves with restrictions.

  • In terms of length, your shirt should be long enough to cover your belt but not go beyond the zipper length.

How do you Check Quality of Custom Sublimated Fastpitch Jersey?

Sublimated fast pitch jersey

 Sublimated fastpitch jersey

You can check the quality of custom sublimated fastpitch jersey by looking at different features of the jersey.

Some of the main features that you need to look at include:

· Quality of the Material

There are specific types of materials that you must use in making sublimated fastpitch jerseys.

You can perform a number of tests on the fabric such as the scrunch or the pull test on the fabric.

You can also check the care instructions label that will confirm to you the kind of fabric in use.

· Quality of Stitching

In this case, you need to look at different factors such as the type of stitch and the thread in use for stitching.

You must also ensure that the jerseys have proper French seams, especially with the pants.

As you check the seams, it is important to ensure that the threads are also matching.

The frequency of stitching must also be of a high number per inch of the fabric.

· Quality of the Prints or Designs

You will ensure that you use the best type of ink such as the KIAN ink.

Make sure that the ink fuses well with the fabric and does not fade, crack or peel.

Remember that the patterns on your sublimated fastpitch jersey must match at the seams of the jersey.

What is Custom Sublimated Fastpitch Uniform Manufacturing Process?

You can make your custom sublimated fastpitch uniform through a simple manufacturing process.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can manufacture your custom sublimated fastpitch jersey.

1. Designing Stage

First, you need to come up with the best design that will fit your custom team.

The designing process is simple and you can include any form that will you see fit.

With the help of designing software, you will complete the designing process and then send it for printing.

You must, however, maintain a particular design format that is compatible with the printer.

2. Printing on Transfer Paper

This is the second step of the manufacturing process where you will print your design on a transfer paper.

At this point, there are particular variables that you must get right including the size and quality of prints.

You can leave an allowance that will cater for the space you need for stitching.

Using a printer and the right KIAN ink, you will print the design on the transfer paper.

After that, you will transfer the transfer paper to the sublimation printer.

3. Sublimation Printing on Different Fabrics

You must prepare the sublimation printer with the right fabric in readiness for sublimation printing.

You must also be very careful with the sizing details thus prompting you to position the transfer paper well.

As soon as you get the positions right, you will allow the printer to proceed with the sublimation printing process.

The printer is set to apply enough pressure and heat between 400 and 450 degrees centigrade for 30 seconds.

This is sufficient enough to heat and sublimate the ink from the transfer paper on to the fabric.

It will form the exact impression of the print on the polyester fabric.

You will remove the fabric after allowing it to cure for some time to avoid messing up with the sublimated print.

4. Cutting and Stitching

This stage involves cutting the fabric into different pieces according to the right size.

After that, you will stitch the fabric together using the best stitching technique and thread.

Finally, you will confirm the quality of the fastpitch jersey and double count them before packaging.

Are there Rules for Custom Sublimated Fast Pitch Jersey Design?

Yes, there are rules for custom sublimated fastpitch jersey designs.

Here are the main rules that you have to consider when customizing your fastpitch jersey.

· Team Uniform

Every player on the team must have the same type of uniform in terms of style and color.

The straps or sleeves of the jersey must have proper adjustments even without tie ups considering numbers are visible.

You must also put on mandatory ball caps when you are playing fastpitch in the male league.

· Pants

You can have short, long, or mixed style pant designs but they have to be of the same color.

You can also use sliding pants with solid colors that must be alike in color and style.

On the same note, you must never design sliding pants that are rugged, frayed or have slit legs.

· Undershirts

You can only put on undershirts with solid colors even though it is not appropriate for the sport.

Your undershirt must not have frays, slits, or be rugged in nature.

· Numbers and Names

The name and number of the player must have a contrasting color from that of the primary color of the shirt.

Your design must have the number at least 6 inches in height at the back of the jersey.

The name of the player will appear above the number of the player.

You can only choose an Arabic number between 0 to 99.

· Shoes

The players must have similar shoes with either canvas or leather uppers or similar materials all the time.

The sole of the shoes can have spikes but not more than ¾ inch of the sole.

Alternatively, it can remain smooth, or soft, or have hard cleats.

What is the Difference Between a Custom Order and Stock Order of Sublimate Fastpitch Jerseys?

Custom order of sublimate fastpitch jerseys will take longer to deliver in comparison to stock orders of sublimated fastpitch jerseys.

Implying that it will require a lot more detailing according to your preference in comparison to that of stock orders.

It will, therefore, take more time to approve and manufacture which is not the case for stock orders.

Stock orders are often ready for packaging as soon as you make your order.

What are the Main Features of a Full Button Custom Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys?

You have the option of choosing the type of fastpitch jersey that will fit your desires.

In case you are looking for a full button custom sublimate fastpitch softball jersey, here are the features to look at.

Full button fast pitch jersey

Full button fastpitch jersey

· Material

It has the best material with 100% polyester fabric.

The material also has a breathable micro mesh fabric that has antimicrobial treatments.

· Printing Design

It has a full dye sublimation printing design which you can fully customize.

· Sizes

It is available in a wide range of sizes that can fit both men and women.

Some of the sizes available for women include W3XS, WXXS, WXS, WS, WM, WL, WXL, W2XL, and W3XL.

· Sleeves

It is available in the long, short, and sleeveless versions that you can choose from.

How do Identify a Knockoff Sublimated Fastpitch Jersey?

You can identify a knockoff sublimated fastpitch softball jersey by looking at particular features.

Here are the main features that you need to look at.

· Quality of Jersey

In this case, you will be looking at the quality of different features such as material, stitching thread and stitching technique.

The material must be 100% polyester material with the strongest stitching technique that will nit let the thread lose.

You must also consider looking at the quality of the prints on the sublimated fastpitch jersey.

This includes looking at features such as the quality of the ink in use for sublimation printing.

The prints must fuse well with the polyester fabric with limited chances of fading, cracking, and peeling off.

· Cost of Jersey

In this case, you will realize that the cost of knockoff sublimated fastpitch jerseys is lower than that of authentic jerseys.

This is because knockoff sublimated fastpitch jerseys use substandard and cheaper materials to manufacture.

What are the Advantages of Sublimation Printing Over Screen-Printed Fastpitch Jerseys?

Sublimation printing and screen printing are the main printing techniques for making custom fastpitch jerseys.

Here are the advantages that make sublimation printing a superior printing technology over screen printing.

· Cost of Printing

Sublimation printing is cheaper when it comes to smaller orders thus eliminating the need for minimum order quantities.

You will, however, spend more on large scale order in comparison to screen printing which is usually cheaper.

· Durability

Sublimation printing produces prints that are durable since they are part of the fabric.

Implying that the prints are as durable as the durability of the fabric with minimal cases of fading, cracking, and peeling.

· Comfort

Sublimated fastpitch jerseys offer the greatest comfort when you put them on.

Since the prints do not crack or peel, you will not experience episodes of scratches and bruises when you play.

Screen printed jerseys are prone to peeling and cracking of the jersey that may lead to scratches and bruises.

What are the Features of a Custom Sublimated Women’s Fastpitch Pants?

Sublimated fastpitch pants have special features that will enable you to have maximum comfort as you play.

Here are the main features that you should look at.

  • It has durable 300 GSM 100% polyester materials with reinforcements on the knees for maximum durability.
  • You can customize it accordingly as you can make it through full dye sublimation process.
  • It also comes with belt loops that allow you to fasten it with a belt as well as elastic waistbands.
  • It also has an elastic hem at the bottom of the leg and two snaps of high-grade zippers.

How Do you Size the Sublimated Custom Fastpitch Jersey?

You will size the sublimated custom fastpitch jerseys by doing various measurements.

Here are some of the tips you need to follow when taking measurements.

  • You should do the measurements while standing in a relaxed position.
  • Remember not to put on bulky clothes when doing the measurements as that might increase the size.
  • Measure the chest with your arms in a relaxed position as you take measurements of the fullest part of the chest.
  • To get the right measurements, you will measure under your arms and around the shoulder blades.
  • You will wrap the tape measure around the waist where you normally wear the belt above the hip bone.
  • You will begin from the inside of the leg from the crotch seam to the right position for the inseam.
  • You must remember to keel the tape measure straight for more accurate measurements.

Here is a sample of a size chart that you can refer to for women fastpitch jerseys.

Chest Measurements26 – 2828 -3030 – 3232 – 3434 – 3636 – 3838 – 4040 – 4242 – 44

What are the Benefits of Submitted Fastpitch Jerseys?

Putting on sublimated fastpitch jerseys have numerous benefits that you will experience.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience when using the sublimated fastpitch jerseys.

· Comfortable

Sublimated fastpitch jerseys are very comfortable with a smooth feel on the skin.

Since the prints do not peel or crack, you will not experience incidents of bruises on your skin.

· Breathable

Sublimated fastpitch jerseys use the best polyester fabric which has a lot of air space allowing free circulation of air.

· Light in Weight

You will barely feel the weight of the sublimated fastpitch jersey on your body as you use it on the field of play.

· Durability

You do not have to worry about purchasing more uniforms during the gaming season as the jerseys are durable.

Through proper care, the jersey will not fade, crack or peel off thus increasing its durability.

How does Sublimated Fastpitch Uniform compare to Normal Sports Jerseys?

Sublimated fastpitch jerseys compare to normal sports jerseys in a number of ways.

You can choose from the different types of sublimated fastpitch jerseys which may not be available for normal sports jerseys.

Apart from that, the two compare in terms of cost where you will pay more for sublimated fastpitch jerseys.

You can use any type of printing method for normal sports jerseys such as screen printing among others.

On the other hand, you will only use sublimation printing for making sublimated fastpitch jerseys.

Normal sports jerseys and sublimated fast pitch uniforms have names and numbers on the back of the jerseys.

Are there Disadvantages of Using Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys?

Yes, you will experience some demerits of using the sublimated fastpitch jerseys.

You will realize that sublimation printing will limit you to just a few types of materials for your jersey.

Apart from that, you can only perform sublimation printing on light and white color fabrics.

You may also have to spend more on sublimated fastpitch jerseys as you increase the quantity of your order.

How much does Sublimated Fastpitch Jerseys Cost?

Sublimated fastpitch jerseys have a varying price range depending on a number of factors.

The factors to consider in this case include:

  • Size of the jersey
  • Authenticity of the jersey where fake jerseys are cheaper.
  • Quality of the jersey where high quality jerseys are more expensive.
  • Quantity of the jerseys where the more jerseys you purchase the higher the cost.

The cost of custom sublimated fastpitch jerseys range between 30 to 70 dollars.

Why Short Sleeve Sublimated Fastpitch Jersey?

Short sleeve fast pitch jersey

Short sleeve fastpitch jersey

You should consider using the sublimated fastpitch softball jersey because of the following reasons.

  • Short sleeve sublimated fastpitch jerseys are light in weight in comparison to the long sleeve shirt.
  • Apart from that, it provides a more comfortable feel with proper aeration coming through the sleeves.
  • Since it has few constrictions on the sleeve, it offers maximum flexibility on the field of play.

With all these in mind, you should be able to choose a suitable fastpitch softball uniform.

At Goal Sportswear, we strive to help you get the best sports jersey.

So, if you have any questions, feel free to talk to us.

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