MMA Shorts With Pockets : The Complete FAQ Guide

Before choosing your favorite MMA shorts with pockets, read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for about MMA shorts with pockets – from design, color option, printing technique and quality, just to mention a few.

Keep reading to learn more.

Why Choose MMA Shorts With Pockets?

Parts of MMA shorts

Parts of MMA shorts

  • They allow you to leave your bag/luggage behind. You can leave your bag in the luggage area or locker room without fear of losing your valuables.

You can stash important items like credit cards, money or keys in the pockets.

  • You can listen to music – MMA shorts with pockets allow you to carry a phone, if you do not have a smart watch to connect to wireless earphones.
  • The additional fabric of the pockets helps with air better air circulation and helps regulate body temperature.
  • Pockets come in handy especially during training sessions. Fighters can keep their items such as mp3 players or mouth guards.

 MMA Shorts with pockets

MMA shorts with pockets

What Are The Cons Of Having Pockets In MMA Shorts?

  • Some federations have banned shorts with pockets and other additions such as zippers and buttons.

For instance, the International Brazilian Jiu Jistu Federation has a rule that all the competitors’ shorts should not contain pockets.

If so they should be completely shut or stitched.

  • Exposed pockets especially those with zippers or buttons can cause bruises, scratches or cuts which can lead to infections or rashes.
  • Pockets can cause harm to your training partner or opponent.

Hands, fingers or feet can get stuck or hooked in pockets causing unexpected falls or injuries.

  • Keys, wallet, phone or stuff inside the pocket can be distracting during a training session or a fight.

What Types Of Pockets Do MMA Shorts Have?

  • Hip/waistline pocket- it is seamless, out of the way since it sits on the hip.

It is perfect for stashing away small items such as change, mouth guards, and earphones.

You do not have to worry about your opponent’s fingers, hands or feet getting stuck there. Hip pockets are completely hidden and out of your way.

  • Inner pocket- inner pockets are small and like the name suggests, they are found inside the MMA short.

They are perfectly concealed and out of your way. They are ideal for keeping small personal items.

  • Outer- outer pockets are a bit rare. This is because manufacturers tend to minimize on all potential risks.

If an MMA short happens to have an outer pocket, it is perfectly seamless and not distracting at all.

  • Hem pocket- as the name suggest this pocket is located at the hem. It is relatively tiny and only small items can fit.

What Purpose Do Pockets Serve In MMA Shorts?

The main purpose of pockets in MMA shorts is storage.

You can use the pocket to keep small items such as: credit card, keys, mouth guards, phone, earphone, mp3 player etc.

Another less common purpose is as a style feature or design. Sometimes designers include pockets in MMA shorts as a decorative.

The pockets can either be functional or not. Furthermore, the additional fabric helps control body temperature.

What Sizes Are Available For MMA Shorts With pockets?

MMA shorts are available in the following sizes:

  • XS (28-30’’waist and 83.8’’ length)
  • S (30-32’’ waist and 87.8’’ length)
  • M (32-34’’ waist and 91.4’’ length)
  • L (34-36’’ waist and 94.0’’ length)
  • XL (36-38’’ waist and 97.8’’ length)
  • 2XL (38-40’’ waist and 99.1’’ length)
  • 3XL (40-42’’ waist and 101.6 length)

Most manufacturers also offer custom sizes in case your size is not in the above size guide. Those are approximate measurements.

Always ensure to take the precise measurements of both your waist and preferred length.

How Much Do MMA Shorts With Pockets Cost?

A decent MMA short with pockets will cost anything between 70 -90$. This can be higher or lower depending on the brand.

High end designers may cost way higher; from 120$ or more. There are cheaper options as well retailing from 20$.

What Other Features Should MMA Shorts With Pockets Have?

  • Side slits- MMA shorts are designed with slits on each side to ensure free range of motion.

Also, side slits allow you more leg flexibility as well as mobility.

These anatomical cuts allow your legs to move freely without restrictions.

  • 3Ply polyester stitching- MMA shorts should have this kind of stitching especially along the seams to ensure they last longer without wear and tear.
  • Fast drying features- MMA shorts should be able to facilitate fast sweat escape and good moisture management.

This is to keep you dry during training or fighting sessions.

  • Logos if any should be sublimated to ensure durability.
  • Lightweight- MMA shorts should be made with ultra-lightweight materials such as polyester and spandex.
  • Mesh panel- MMA shorts should be equipped with mesh panels for good circulation and optimal thermal regulation.

What Are The Design Options For MMA Shorts With Pockets?

  • Traditional (loose) MMA shorts- these are the loose fitting types.

They are wide legged with slits on each side. They have an elastic waistband that comes with draw strings for fastening.

  • Compression shorts- they have a tighter fit.

They can be worn inside loose MMA shorts to avoid any exposure. They can have small inner pockets.

What Are The Materials Used For Making MMA Shorts With Pockets?

The most common material for making MMA shorts polyester and spandex composite.

It is essential that the shorts are ultra-lightweight and flexible.

This material is breathable, stretchy, comfortable and fast drying.

The fighters sweat a lot so it is important that the material has odor prenvention.

What Are The Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing MMA Shorts With Pockets?

  • The price– if you want a good quality MMA short, avoid the overly cheap ones.

A good quality and durable short ranges from 70-90$. Lower quality MMA shorts are least expensive, with prices ranging from 20$.

  • Breathability– you do not want to be sweating profusely during a training or fight session. Consider purchasing a short with a light breathable material that leaves you feeling dry at all times.
  • Design– the overall design is a very important factor to consider when purchasing MMA shorts. Most manufacturers design MMA shorts to include features like: slip seams, Velcro straps, internal drawstrings, etc.

Always ensure that the design of the shorts offers comfort, flexibility and enhanced performance.

For MMA shorts with pockets, ensure the pockets are hidden so that they won’t get in your way or pose a danger to your opponent.

Also check that they do not contain any metallic additions, zippers or buttons.

  • Comfort– For all sports comfort is key. MMA is not an exception. For best performance, ensure the shorts are comfortable and fit well.
  • Material– the most important factor to consider is the type of fabric.

Apart from style and comfort, the material of the short should guarantee functionality as well as quality.

A material such as polyester is ideal for making MMA shorts. It is fast drying, does not shrink, flexible and long lasting.

  • Size– it is important to purchase a short that fits perfectly. Ensure to measure your waist line and your desired length for best results.
  • Resistance– when choosing an MMA short, go for one with that is resistant to wear and tear. This will ensure that it is durable and can last you a few years.

How Do MMA Shorts With Pockets Compare To Regular MMA Shorts?

MMA shorts with pockets are just like regular MMA shorts but with pockets.

 MMA shorts with pockets

MMA short with pocket

Both are made from the same material and share almost the same design features.

 Regular MMA shorts

regular MMA Short

How Do You Check Quality For MMA Shorts With Pockets?

  • Ensure the pockets are concealed and do not contain zippers or buttons. Exposed pockets can be dangerous.
  • Check that the seam are well reinforced. A good quality MMA short will have 3Ply stitching along the seams to make them durable.
  • Price- Shorts that have extremely low prices are most likely to be of low quality. A decent MMA short with pockets should cost around 70-100$.
  • Check that the prints and logos are properly sublimated.
  • Ensure that the material is lightweight, comfortable and offers good ventilation.
  • Ensure that they have full range of motion.

MMA shorts should have side slits on both sides to allow free movement of your legs.

  • Ensure they have a good quality elastic waistband and draw strings to tighten them further if needed.
  • Ensure they are comfortable and well fitting

Do MMA Short Manufacturers Accept Custom Orders?

Most clothing manufacturers accept custom orders.

It is no different with MMA shorts. Manufacturers can customize your shorts, whether it is the whole design, pockets or just a simple logo print.

Averagely, it takes 4- 6 weeks to finished customized orders.

This is for simple standard designs. For more complex custom designs, it could take a lead time of up to 3 months.

How Do Manufacturers Control The Quality Of MMA Shorts?

Quality control is an important measure for all products. MMA shorts with pocket go through quality checks before being releases into the market.

Some of the ways manufacturers control the quality of MMA shorts with pockets include:

  • They double check that the waistline and length have the correct measurements.

Besides, they check for comfort where they ensure the shorts are as comfortable as possible.

  • They check that all the pockets are concealed and do not pose any potential to the fighter or their opponent.
  • Also, they inspect the quality of the material- they ensure that the fabric is of good quality, flexible and fast drying.
  • MMA shorts manufacturers ensure that the seams are tightly sewed for durability.
  • Furthermore, they check that the side slits are sufficient and allow lots of leg movement.
  • Also, they check the waistband for elasticity. They check that the draw strings are strong and fastening enough.
  • Again, they check that logos and other prints are properly sublimated.
  • They check for performance. For instance, wear and tear, shrinkage, fading, etc.
  • Lastly they confirm that the final products conforms to the quality standards before shipping them to customers.

What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of MMA Shorts?

Maintaining your MMA shorts means a longer lifespan. Some of the best ways to take care of them include:

  • Cleaning- always check the care label to determine the correct washing procedure.

Generally, wash in warm water because it is more effective in stain removal.

Use gentle detergent, the most recommended is ACTIVE detergent.

Avoid using bleach.

If you are machine washing, always set the machine to delicate cycle.

Ensure you keep the shorts in a net laundry bag to minimize any washing damage.

To prevent fading, turn the shorts inside out before washing. Washing inside out reduces the chances of embroideries peeling or falling off.

  • Drying- do not dry your MMA shorts under direct sunlight. This can cause fading and discoloration.

Indoor air drying is recommended as the material is fast drying. It is best to avoid using the drier as much as possible.

Not only does excessive heat weaken the fabric but also causes fading and shrinkage.

Are MMA Shorts With Pockets Limited To Training?

It is better to limit your MMA shorts to training only. Pockets especially exposed ones can pose serious dangers during a fight.

Hands and toes of your opponent can get trapped in your pockets. Pockets can also be distracting, therefore giving your opponent an upper hand.

To avoid any of these risks, it is best not to wear an MMA short to fight.

What Are The Available Colors For MMA Shorts?

MMA shorts are available in a variety of colors. They come in solid colors, multi colors and colorful designs.

The most common colors for MMA shorts are:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Charcoal
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Purple, etc.

How Should MMA Shorts Fit?

When talking about the fitting of MMA shorts, it is important to look at the following components:

Length- there are various length options for MMA shorts. Choose the length that best fits your size preference and fighting style.

Longer MMA shorts do not necessary mean that they are restrictive.

Waist- ensure the waist fits perfectly, you do not want any accidents during a fighting or training session.

Most MMA shorts come with either of these waistbands: fixed, elastic and hybrid waistbands.

Compression or traditional- traditional MMA shorts have a looser fit. They have more air flow and are very flexible.

Compression shorts have a tighter fitting. They are however very flexible and non-restrictive. They also help with muscle recovering.

How Are MMA Shorts With Pockets Different From Gym/Running Shorts?

Regular gym shorts can have big exposed pockets; even with zippers, buttons or Velcro.

This is different for MMA shorts as they have small concealed pockets.

gym short

gym short

The pockets for MMA shorts are designed that way so that they are not distracting or get in your way.

Why is Sublimation Printing MMA Shorts with Pockets Better Alternative?

First off, sublimation printing is a printing technique that aims at transferring the design from a sublimation paper to a fabric, in this case an MMA short.

This printing methods uses pressure and heat of between 350 -400 degrees.

Sublimation printing is a better alternative for MMA shorts with pockets for the following reasons:

  • It produces high quality designs- the quality of designs created through sublimation is superior compared to other printing techniques.

The designs are generally more vibrant and the DPI is quite impressive as well.

  • Sublimated designs are long lasting- you can guarantee that the print created by sublimation will neither peel off nor fade over time.

This is because the ink is absorbed into the MMA short rather than remaining on top of the material.

This allows you to wash your MMA shorts as many times as you want without any worries

  • It is fast- sublimation uses technology thus it is quicker than methods that rely on human power. It is very convenient especially when operating under strict deadlines.
  • It gives you the options of customization and personalization- sublimation printing allows whatever design ideas you have come to life.

It allows you to get creative and personalize your design ideas. You can modify the size or the quality of the design you are printing.

You can also fix any errors that occur digitally on the printer for clean, high quality designs.

Are There Other Printing Techniques You Can Use on MMA Shorts With Pockets?

Other printing techniques that you can use on MMA shorts with pockets include:

  • Pigment printing- this technique involves applying dye to the part of the MMA short that you want your design to appear.

You repeat this over and over as the color slowly builds. It is a pretty easy technique to perform with good color matching.

The prints are vibrant and permanent.

  • Reactive printing- just like sublimation this is a heat activated printing technique.

It involves pre-coating the material and then using a binder and printing additive.

It prints a dye onto the fabric and the design or image is permanently bonded to the material. The heat reaction is possible for this.

  • Screen printing- this printing method involves the use of a stencil and nylon mesh to create the print.

A waterproof material is used to block out the spaces you want your design to appear on. Then those blocked out spaces are filled with ink.

  • Transfer printing- this technique makes use of transfer paper.

You simply print the design you want on a transfer paper and then print it on the MMA short using a steam iron.

It is a temporary method since the print can crack and fade with time.

  • Stamp printing- in this method, you simply create a stamp and then imprint it onto the fabric.

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