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Fishing Shirts Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about fishing shirts manufacturers, you will find the answer right here.

This guide explores everything you need to know about fishing shirts.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Why Import From Fishing Shirts Manufacturers In China?

Fishing shirts from china manufacturers are high quality compared to other manufactures. The quality of their products is high and therefore are long lasting.

Compared to manufacturers from other countries, china manufacturers have reduced costs on their products. The prices are fair and are also negotiable.

China manufacturers also allow one to order products in large quantities. You can order as many products as you desire.

Fishing shirt

Fishing Shirt

Why Do Fishing Shirts Manufacturers Use Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing involves a process in which a design is burnt into the fabric permanently using an exceptional heat transfer printing method.

This printing method is also known as the permanent printing method.

Fishing shirt manufacturers prefer using the sublimation printing method compared to the others because;

  • Sublimation printing adds no extra weight to the fabric hence making it light and very breathable.
  • It is a permanent printing method. This makes the shirt design long lasting and does not peel off or crack.
  • Sublimation printing does not make the shirt clingy hence making the person wearing the shirt comfortable.
  • The designs of sublimation printing are not affected by the temperatures; this makes them the best option for anytime.

Sublimation Printing Process

Sublimation Printing Process

Sublimation printing

Sublimation Printing

Which Material Do Fishing Shirts Manufacturers Use?

Fishing shirts should have a material that is very comfortable and offers maximum protection.

Since most if not all of these shirts are worn outside the material used should ensure maximum comfort and sun protection.

Back then the most common material that was used was cotton but as time goes by it is replaced with synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, silk, rayon and many others.

Fishing shirts are mostly preferred to be light, breathable, cool, and comfy.

Below are some of the materials fishing shirts manufacturers use;

1. Polyester – this is made from polyester yarns. This material is light hence breathable making it a good fishing shirt material but at the same time it does not absorb water.

Polyester material

Polyester Material.

2. Wool – wool comes from natural fibers from animals, wool is very warm but is not very good for fishing shirts since it does not dry easily.

Wool material

Wool Material.

3. Rayon – rayon is a synthetic fiber and it is suitable for fishing shirts since it is soft, it absorbs moisture and water perfectly, and it remains cool.

Rayon also becomes weak and unstable when wet.

Rayon material

Rayon Material.

4. Silk – silk is cool and comfy, and it also allows the skin to breathe but also it fades easily especially under sunlight.

Silk material

Silk Material.

5. Spandex – it is a very comfortable fabric to wear, it is lasting and strong, and it is also light but at the same time it clings to the body, it is sensitive to heat and it is not breathable.

Spandex material

Spandex Material

6. Nylon – nylon is breathable thus making it very suitable but it also gets very hot.



7. Cotton – it absorbs water well but is not suitable because it is too thick hence making it too heavy.

Cotton material


Which Types Of Fishing Shirts Can You Import From China?

There are several types of fishing shirts you can import from china.

All are made differently to suit different preferences, here are some of the types;

1. Best long sleeve fishing shirt – this is a shirt that has sleeves that cover all the arms from the shoulder to just before the palm.

This is recommended since it ensures your arms are protected from sun and bugs.

Best long sleeve fishing shirt

Best Long Sleeved Fishing Shirt.

2. Best short sleeve – this is where the shirt only covers from the shoulders to mid arm and the rest of the hand is left uncovered.

Best short sleeve fishing shirt

Best Short Sleeve Shirt

3. Roll up sleeve with button holder fishing shirt – this is a type of shirt that has a button fitted in the upper arm that is used when rolling up the sleeve to look like a short sleeve.

Roll up sleeve with holder button fishing shirt

Roll Up Sleeve with Holder Button Fishing Shirt

4. Fishing shirt with rod carrier – a rod carrier is fitted to the shirt in case all the   hands are occupied. It can help carry the rod.

Fishing shirt with rod carrier

Fishing Shirt with Road Carrier.

5.Best lightweight – this is a shirt that is very light weight hence making it cool and comfy.

Best lightweight fishing shirt

Best Lightweight.

Which Are The Available Sleeve Options For Fishing Shirts?

Most fishing shirts have the following sleeve options;

1. Long sleeves – long sleeve shirts offer better protection from the sun and are cooler compared to the short sleeved ones.

They also protect the arms from bugs and other insects. They can be too hot if the material is too thick.

Long sleeve

Long Sleeves

2. Short sleeves – short sleeves are best worn with sunscreen to protect the arms from sun burns.

Short sleeve

Short Sleeve

3. Roll up sleeves – these sleeves can be worn as long sleeves and also short sleeves depending on the weather temperature.

They have a button where you can roll up the sleeves to make it shorter.

Roll up sleeve
Roll Up Sleeve

Do Fishing Shirts Manufacturers In China Help In Design Process?

When a customer proves to have some challenges or is unable to choose a design, and asks for help from the manufacturers, they can chip in and help the customer in choosing.

Do fishing Shirts Have Buttons?

Some fishing shirts have buttons while some do not have buttons.

The buttons are not necessarily useful, some are just for decorative purposes while some are used to hold the shirt together.

The roll up sleeve fishing shirt has a button that is used to hold the sleeve when the sleeves are rolled up.

Fishing shirt with buttons

Fishing Shirt With Buttons.

Roll up fishing shirt with buttons to hold sleeve

Roll Up Fishing Shirt With Button To Hold Sleeve

Do Fishing Shirts Have Pockets?

Fishing shirts do have pockets.

Some have two pockets while others have four pockets. The pockets on the upper chest are slightly larger compared to the other ones.

Majority of the shirts have two pockets, each side of the shirt has one pocket.

The ones with four pockets have two large ones and two small ones.

Fishing shirt with two pockets

Fishing Shirt with Two Pockets

Fishing shirt with four pockets

Fishing Shirt with Four Pockets

How Can You Get Best Prices From Fishing Shirts Manufacturers In China?

To get the best prices from fishing shirts manufactures make sure you do the following;

  1. Talk to various suppliers – talking to several suppliers helps you get various prices. Make sure you let the manufacturer you are buying from know you are talking to the others and they have cheaper prices.
  2. Make sure to let them know you will buy a lot from them, by doing this they can reduce the price since they want to keep you as a customer.
  3. Ensure you do your business with one manufacturer. By doing this the manufacturer will have no problem giving you some discounts as they know you will be ordering a lot from them.
  4. Be someone manufacturers want to do business with, this means you should be honest and make good deals. Manufacturers tend to have a good relationship with honest people and they end up giving them the best prices.
  5. Ensure you don’t accept the first offer, this is because most manufacturers are willing to change their prizes a bit depending on your bargaining power.
  6. Ensure you don’t negotiate the price only but also try to ask for discounts on different things such as the shipping fee or the total amount of the goods bought.
  7. Make sure you offer big deposits for your products and by doing this you may be able to get larger discounts.

Apart From Fishing Shirts, What Other Apparel Do Fishing Shirts Manufactures Offer?

Fishing shirts manufacturers also have sportswear, men’s t-shirts, swimwear, work clothes, outdoor clothes and running wear.

All of them are made to offer the best comfort to the person wearing them.

Do Fishing Shirts Manufacturers Have MOQ?

The MOQ purely depends on where you are getting your shirts from. Some manufacturers have no MOQ, some have small while some have big MOQ’s.

You should make sure you find the right wholesaler according to the number of shirts you want.

Are Sublimated Fishing Shirts Better Than Screen Printed Fishing Shirts?

Sublimation printed shirts are better than screen printed shirts since sublimation is a more permanent way of printing compared to screen printed ones.

Screen printed shirts have some disadvantages such as;

  • They often crack and peel with time
  • They are printed with many layers of ink thus making them not breathable
  • The designs are hot when under the sun making them uncomfortable, and they also cling to the body.

Sublimated fishing shirts have no extra weight to them and they are very breathable, they are also permanent and they do not peel or crack with time.

For these reasons sublimated fishing shirts are considered better than the screen printed ones.

Screen printed fishing shirt

Screen Printed Fishing Shirt

Sublimated fishing shirt

Sublimated Fishing Shirt

What Is The Turnaround Time Of Fishing Shirts Manufacturers In China?

Different manufacturers have different turnaround time for their products.

Some may take a shorter time while some take long depending on their workload and the availability of labor.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Fishing Shirts?

When choosing fishing shirts some of the major points to consider are comfort and protection.

Fishing shirts are often outdoors wear and you need one that can protect you from sunlight, bugs and even cold.

The fishing shirt you choose will determine the kind of day you will have hence one should ensure you choose one that will offer maximum comfort.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a fishing shirt;

  • Material used – the material used to make the fishing shirt is a major factor to consider. You need a fishing shirt that is lightweight so the material should not be too thick. This is why polyester is the best recommended material for fishing shirts.
  • Sleeve of the shirt – long sleeve shirts are cooler compared to short sleeved ones. They offer incredible protection against the sun and from bugs.
  • Comfort – choosing a fishing shirt that is comfortable is what one should aim for. The shirt should not be too tight and at the same time it should not be too baggy. You should be able to move freely while in the shirt.
  • Color of the shirt- the color of the shirt you choose can be determined by where you are going, colors that are dark often provide better sun protection compared to the lighter ones.
  • Water resistance – the shirt you choose should not hold water so as to keep one dry.
  • Breathable – the best fishing shirt should be breathable, by this I mean it should absorb sweat and keep moisture away. It should ensure comfort and prevent odors.
  • Protection – the shirt you are choosing should offer maximum protection from the sun to avoid burns and also prevent skin cancer.
  • Personal style – you should choose a shirt that goes well with your personal style so as to ensure you are comfortable.

Do Fishing Shirts Manufacturers Help In The Shipping Process?

Fishing shirts manufacturers do help in the shipping process and depending on the understanding you have with the manufacturer you are working with.

Actually, we have partnered with freight forwarders and shipping companies to ensure you get the orders in time.

Our partnership guarantees us competitive shipping rates.

Do Fishing Shirts Manufacturers Have Product Return Policy?

As long as the product has a warranty from the manufacturer, dresses can be returned if there is a defect.

It should be noted that a notice should be sent via email.

Follow-ups need to be done before the product is returned, stated, and the refund policy should be complied with as well.

Do Fishing Shirts From China Fade?

Fading depends on the quality of the material used, some materials fade while others do not.

Most of the fishing shirts from china are of the best quality and they do not fade easily.

Faded shirt

Faded Shirt

Which Are The Available Collar Options For Fishing Shirts From China?

There are several collar options for fishing shirts and this include;

1. Polo neck

Polo neck

Polo Neck

2. Stand collar

Stand collar

Stand Collar

3. Round neck

Round neck

Round Neck

4.Turndown collar

Turndown collar

Turndown Collar

5. Button up collar

Bottom up collar

Bottom up Collar

I know you may be interested in sublimated fishing jerseys, long sleeve fishing jerseys, custom fishing shirts or sublimated fishing shirts.

For any questions or inquiry, contact us now.

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