Elastic Stretch Fabric

This kind of fabric is comfortable, breathable, and sweat-wicking and is suitable for many types of sportswear, such as basketball uniforms, football uniforms, volleyball uniforms, etc. What’s more, we can exclusively customize the products according to your request.

  • Weight: 210gsm
  • Features: Comfortable, delicate and skin-friendly
  • Application: Vests, t-shirts, bandanas, baseball jerseys, basketball jerseys, polo shirts, tights, hoodie
2002-167Mesh(like a-102)
  • Weight: 187gsm
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, comfortable and skin-friendly
  • Application: Scarf, T-shirt, shorts, baseball uniform, baseball pants
  • Weight: 230gsm
  • Features: Comfortable, delicate, skin-friendly
  • Application: Tights, tight-fitting T-shirts
2004-140grams of shredded milk(507)
  • Weight: 140gsm
  • Features: Soft and comfortable, light and super elastic
  • Application: Shooter’s uniform, vest, mask, face masks, sweater, hoodie, skirt
2005-180grams of shredded milk(T097)
  • Weight: 180gsm
  • Features: Breathable and light, comfortable and elastic, soft and comfortable
  • Application: Face masks, polo shirts, masks, tights, bandanas, football uniforms, cheerleading uniforms, volleyball uniforms, T-shirts
2006-230grams of shredded milk
  • Weight: 230gsm
  • Features: Breathable, soft rebound, strong stiffness, delicate and comfortable, efficient perspiration
  • Application: Yoga trousers, facemask, polo shirt, vest, volleyball jersey
2007-220gram 8189
  • Weight: 220gsm
  • Features: Skin-friendly, comfortable, stretchy
  • Application: T-Shirts, wrestling suits, leggings, sleeves, leg covers, football suits, tights, MMA shorts, tights
2008-270gram 8189
  • Weight: 270gsm
  • Features: Delicate, skin-friendly, comfortable, stretchy
  • Application: Tight shorts, American football trousers, wrestling wear
2009-Korean Silk(8359)
  • Weight: 320gsm
  • Features: Comfortable and skin-friendly
  • Application: Wrestling suits, masks, tights, MMA shorts, jackets, sweatpants
2011-Butterfly netting
  • Weight: 130gsm
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, soft and skin-friendly
  • Application: Wrestling wear, T-shirts, shorts, tight pants, tights, vests, jackets
2012-290gram High light pulling frame
  • Weight: 290gsm
  • Features: Drape, breathable, comfortable, delicate, soft, elastic
  • Application: MMA shorts, soccer jersey, soccer pants
  • Weight: 130gsm
  • Features: Soft, elastic, skin-friendly
  • Application: Tights, wrestling suits
  • Weight: 160gsm
  • Features: Soft, elastic, skin-friendly
  • Application: football uniform
2015-t090Triangle Network
  • Weight: 130gsm
  • Features: Soft and comfortable, breathable, skin-friendly
  • Application: Volleyball uniform
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