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100% polyester sublimation printing custom team rugby shorts
100% polyester sublimation printing custom team rugby shorts
wholesale pro polyester mesh custom sublimated printed rugby shorts
Wholesale pro polyester mesh custom sublimated printed rugby shorts
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Rugby shorts-07_Drawing board 1
Rugby shorts-06_Drawing board 1
Rugby shorts-06_Drawing board 1
Rugby shorts-05_Drawing board 1
Rugby shorts-05_Drawing board 1
Rugby shorts-04_painting board 1
Rugby shorts-04_painting board 1
Rugby shorts-03_Drawing board 1
Rugby shorts-03_Drawing board 1
Rugby shorts-01_painting board 1
Rugby shorts-01_painting board 1
Pro quality Custom design sublimated printing youth rugby shorts
Pro quality Custom design sublimated printing youth rugby shorts
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom made rugby shorts
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom made rugby shorts
Dye sublimation printing custom design team womens rugby shorts
Dye sublimation printing custom design team womens rugby shorts
Custom wholesale sublimated printed mens team rugby shorts
Custom wholesale sublimated printed mens team rugby shorts
Custom made dry fit sublimated printing college rugby shorts
Custom made dry fit sublimated printing college rugby shorts

Choose Goal Sportswear as Your Manufacturer of High-quality Custom Rugby Shorts

Goal Sportswear can offer you the best custom rugby shorts solution. Goal Sportswear is an expert Chinese manufacturer and supplier of high-quality custom rugby shorts.

Our custom rugby short comes with different sizes. We have sizes for both kids and adults. We manufacture rugby shorts from 100% polyester.

We are recognized as the most trusted custom rugby shorts manufacturer in China. We are a proud supplier who offers fast delivery, high-quality, and excellent services. We also offer team logo and player number embroidery for your team.

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Choose Goal Sportswear Premium Quality Custom Rugby Shorts for Your Business

Goal Sportswear is a premier custom rugby short manufacturer in China. For over 5 years, we offer excellent services and quality-guaranteed products for all your needs!

We offer wide designs of custom rugby shorts to choose from. You can choose from our custom rugby shorts with or without pockets. We also have custom rugby shorts with/without drawstrings. Choose from our wide selections of custom rugby shorts that suits your needs!

Our custom rugby short comes with different sizes. We have sizes for both kids and adults. Goal Sportswear manufactures custom rugby shorts that are perfect for men, women, and youth.

We also have different colors of custom rugby shorts. Avail our blue, white, black, red, yellow, a combination, and more. You can choose your desired color in our online color palette. Send us your specific requirements and we can give you an instant quote.

Our custom rugby shorts are made from premium grade materials and fabrics. We manufacture rugby shorts from 100% polyester, and more.

Goal Sportswear manufactures custom rugby shorts with side pockets. It provides you enough space to hold your valuables such as mouth guards and other accessories.

It also features an elastic waistband with durable drawstrings. This design can give you a maximum comfort.

We also supply the best quality custom rugby shorts that hold and absorb sweat from your body. Moreover, our rugby shorts are breathable and comfortable.

As a professional manufacturer, we created custom rugby shorts with flex-fit stretch. This will give you a maximum maneuverability.

Additionally, you can use Goal Sportswear custom rugby shorts for rugby league and rugby union. These are also ideal for universities, schools, club play, professionals and anyone who love rugby.

Whether you are a distributor of custom rugby shorts, Goal Sportswear is always reliable! We are recognized as the most trusted custom rugby shorts manufacturer in China. We are a proud supplier who offers fast delivery, high-quality, and excellent services.

For more than 5 years, we specialize in manufacturing sublimated uniforms including custom rugby shorts. We have professional production lines and advanced equipment to process your orders quickly.

Thus, we can sufficiently provide your custom rugby shorts requirement.

We also offer team logo and player number embroidery for your team. Other than that, we manufacture custom pant shells, custom ice hockey pants, pant shells, custom hockey socks, custom hockey jerseys, and more.

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Custom Rugby Shorts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You are probably looking for high-quality custom rugby shorts or, you would like to learn more about these custom rugby uniforms.

Whichever the case, this guide has all answers to questions you have been asking.

So, if you want to be an expert in rugby shorts, read this guide.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Custom Rugby Shorts?

Rugby shorts, also known as scrum shorts, are garments that are typically worn by rugby players during a game.

Some people even wear them casually and during training or workouts.

These shorts are specially designed to take the strains of the game.

Here are some benefits that are associated with wearing rugby shorts.

 Rugby players

 Rugby players

  • These shorts are made from thick, sturdy, and durable materials such as cotton and high-grade polyester.

Rugby is a contact sport that involves a lot of tugging and pulling. You want shorts that can last longer than one match.

  • They are comfortable as they are created to fit cozily to the skin. This is why some people prefer to wear rugby shorts casually, especially during the summer months.
  • Rugby shorts are resilient in all-weather as they are made from functional fabric that insulates the skin.
  • Custom scrum shorts are stiff and short, as this enhances the speed of the player in the field. Long shorts slow you down.
  • The length and stiffness of rugby shorts also limit the fabric available for opponents to grip during tackles and lineouts.
  • Rugby shorts are tight at the waist and have a drawstring to keep them in place during a game. This prevents them from being pulled down easily during a match.

Do Custom Rugby Shorts have to be too short?


You don’t have to get shorts that are too short.

Focus on getting the size of the waist right to ensure your comfort in the custom rugby shorts.

 Rugby short

 Rugby short

A couple of inches above the knee is okay, and a drawstring can then be used to pull them tight.

However, short shorts are preferred because they limit the fabric that opponents can hold on to during a game.

Compression shorts can be worn underneath the shorts to cover up any extra skin and avoid indecent exposure.

Are Custom Rugby Shorts Supposed to be Tight?

Tight custom rugby shorts can be uncomfortable, especially if they are made from non-stretching fabric.

They can restrict blood flow to the limbs.

A comfortable alternative is shorts that fit snuggly but not too tightly that they are uncomfortable.

Compression shorts worn underneath rugby shorts are, however, meant to be tight.

Experts recommend them for increased performance, reduced risk of injury, and faster recovery.

What is the Difference Between Custom Rugby Shorts and Custom Soccer Shorts?

Custom rugby shorts are different from custom soccer shorts.

Here are some distinguishing features

  • Rugby shorts are made from a stiff material such as cotton or high-grade polyester to increase their durability.

This is necessary as rugby involves a lot of tackling and grabbing.

In contrast, custom soccer shorts are made from moisture-wicking fabrics like nylon and polyester.

  • Custom shorts used in rugby are short and tight to improve performance and reduce points of contact.

Soccer shorts can be loose, and long as soccer is not a heavy contact sport.

  • Scrum shorts meant to be part of a team kit have no inscriptions on them. However, player numbers must be added to custom soccer shorts if it is part of a team’s uniform.

How do you Determine the Color and Style of Custom Rugby Shorts?

There are no color restrictions for custom rugby shorts.

The club you play for or support determines this.

Therefore, custom rugby shorts will usually be made in the team colors.

However, note that designs on custom rugby shorts must be printed in colors that contrast the short so they can be visible.

What do Professional Rugby Players Wear under Custom Rugby Shorts?

Professional players have their preferences of what to wear underneath their rugby shorts.

Some of them wear unpadded jockstraps; special athlete underwear meant to protect the private parts from injury.

A recent trend among professional players has been wearing technical compression shorts underneath their rugby shorts.

This has several advantages that improve performance.

  • Compression shorts provide thermal insulation
  • They wick sweat from the skin keeping the player cool
  • Compress the muscles for quicker recovery
  • Reduced cases of indecent exposure as they are harder to pull off
  • Reduced risk of injury

Women players are allowed to wear cotton-blend tights with a single seam running on the inner thigh under their shorts.

This offers extra insulation from the cold or harmful UV rays.

What Size of Custom Rugby Shorts should you get?

The right size of a custom rugby short varies from one person to the next.

Some people prefer tight and short shorts while others will opt for slightly loose ones.

The most critical measurement is at the waist.

Rugby shorts are made to have angled leg openings to accommodate muscular thighs.

However, with performance fabrics added to modern shorts, these areas can stretch to accommodate various sizes.

Here is a size chart for shorts showing average measurements ranging from 2XS- 2XL for adults

Waist Size (in)28″30″32″34″36″38″40″
Inseam (in)4″4″4″4″4″4″4″
Outside Leg (in)13.5″14.5″15″15.5″16″16.5″17″

Experts recommend that you choose bigger shorts that are comfortable and use drawstrings to keep them in place.

How do you Choose Compression Shorts for Custom Rugby Shorts?

When choosing compression shorts, measure your waist and pick a garment that matches that.

Your body measurements are more important than the size of the garment since it is made from stretchy material.

Furthermore, different technical fabrics stretch differently, and so their size differs.

Choose compression shorts that are tight enough that there is minimal movement but not too tight that it is uncomfortable.

Compression short

 Compression short

Are Custom Rugby Shorts available in Kids and Youth Sizes?

Yes. Here is a size guide for custom rugby shorts for youth ranging from XS to L.






M (7-8)



Waist Size (in)20-22″22-24″24-26″26-27″
Inseam (in)4″4″4″4″
Outside Leg (in)10.5″11.5″12.5″13″

There are sizes available for children younger than six years as well.

Please note that the above measurements are averages to guide you.

You can take custom measurements and submit them with your order for a more custom fit.

How does Sublimation Printing for Custom Rugby Shorts Work?

Sublimation is a printing method that creates a custom design by infusing dye into the fabric of your rugby shorts.

It is much like placing a tattoo on your garments.

The technique uses heat and pressure to make the print part of the fabric.

Here is how it works

First, the design is printed on a special transfer paper using an inkjet printer.

Sublimating ink must be used for this as it has the unique qualities required to transfer into the fabric.

The fabric that is to be printed is ironed out to remove wrinkles and moisture.

Also, the transfer paper is placed on it with the design facing the top of the fabric.

A heat press is then applied for several seconds.

The application of heat and pressure enlarges the pores of the fabric and instantly turns the solid dye into a gaseous form.

Besides, the ink seeps into the fabric.

Once the press is removed, and the garment is cooled, the ink solidifies and becomes part of the clothing.

Sublimation is preferred for printing sports apparel because it produces brilliant and durable designs.

The print will not crack or peel even if it is exposed to harsh conditions.

These are qualities that are well suited for custom Rugby shorts as they should be made to be durable.

What is the Difference Between Men’s Custom Rugby Shorts and Women’s Custom Rugby Shorts?

There are no differences between men’s and women’s custom rugby shorts.

Women and men can wear the same shorts as long as they fit in size.

Since men are generally larger than women, they are more likely to wear bigger sizes.

Women’s rugby shorts may, however, come in bright colors such as pink, neon, and orange, which most men would not feel comfortable wearing.

What are the Features of Quality Custom Rugby Shorts?

You want to ensure that you get value for your money when you purchase custom rugby shorts.

Here are some features to look out for

· Material

Quality custom rugby shorts are made from stiff, thick material so that they can withstand the strains of the game.

In the past, cotton has been preferred for this.

However, performance fabrics, such as high-grade polyester, have been introduced to give you a better experience.

Custom rugby shorts may have panels of Lycra at the leg openings.

These make it easier for the shorts to slide up your legs when you are running.

It increases speed, comfort, and flexibility.

· Construction

Custom rugby shorts are shorter than other similar garments.

They are made to fit snugly on your body.

They have an elastic band and a drawstring to tighten it to keep them in place when you are on the field.

These garments have an angled leg opening to allow them to move freely up and down your thighs.

This way, they do not restrict your movement.

Some shorts, especially cotton ones, have pockets that can be used to store small items on and off the field.

· Stitches

If you want to know whether your custom shorts are good quality, look at the stitching.

Authentic shorts have quality stitches made with strong thread to reduce the risk of coming undone.

Reinforced seams are used to make these garments to increase their strength.

Note that these garments are used in a pretty rough sport.

As such, good stitching is necessary to prevent them from ripping when they are pulled at.

Are Jockstraps necessary in Custom Rugby Shorts?

Jockstraps have long been used by male athletes to minimize the risk of injury to the private parts.

Although they are not a compulsory item for rugby players, they are essential for all contact sports.

They keep the testicles from bouncing around, thus protecting players from injury.

Rugby does not allow explicit protective gear, so only unpadded jock straps are permitted in the field.

Most rugby players have switched from using jockstraps to compression shorts.

The latter is made from stretchy performance material such as Lycra.

Some experts and players believe that they are more effective at reducing the risk of injury than jockstraps.

What is the Best Fabric for Custom Rugby Shorts?

Rugby shorts must be made from sturdy non-stretch fabric so that they can withstand the tagging and grabbing associated with the sport.

The material should be thick to insulate the player during the game.

Cotton is used to make custom rugby shorts as it has the above qualities.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester have been developed with extra sturdiness.

These materials have recently replaced cotton in making custom scrum shorts.

Polyester has the added advantage of being lightweight and having wicking properties.

The material is also known to be well compatible with digital printing techniques such as dye sublimation.

In this regard, Custom rugby shorts made from polyester perform better in harsh weather and last longer overall.

Panels made from Lycra and other forms of spandex are being added to the leg openings to increase the flexibility of the shorts.

This is an added advantage as custom rugby shorts are best worn close to the body.

How Best can you Care for Custom Rugby Shorts?

Although custom rugby shorts are made from sturdy material, proper care is necessary for prolonged usage.

What’s important is to use cleaning techniques that preserve both the fabric and the dye.

Rugby is a close contact sport, so you are bound to make intimate contact with the ground and other players.

Your clothes will suffer, and if they are not washed well, they will wear out pretty fast.

Here are some guidelines that will maximize the life and performance of your custom rugby shorts.

Rugby short

Rugby short

  • Wash your shorts as soon as possible after a game or training session. This prevents any tough stains such as grass, grease, or mud from setting in the fabric.

This measure is even more vital if you have cotton scrum shorts.

  • Pre-soak your shorts in warm water and gentle detergent for about 1 hour to ensure that all stubborn stains come off.

This protects your shorts because you will not have to scrub them too hard to remove the dirt.

  • Avoid soaking with chlorine bleach even if your shorts are white. The hydrochloric acid created by the reaction can weaken the fabric and stitches of your shorts.
  • You can hand wash or machine wash your custom rugby shorts.
  • Use warm water and non-phosphorous detergent. Hot water and detergents with phosphates may cause the color of your shorts to bleed.
  • If you are machine washing, clean your custom shorts separately. This prevents dyes from other garments from migrating onto your shorts.

Additionally, Velcro patches, buttons, zippers, and buckles on other clothes might get caught in your shorts and ruin them.

  • Wash the shorts inside out to protect the outside of the garment and the print design from fading.
  • Do not machine dry as this may damage the fabric or cause shrinkage with cotton shorts. Remove the shorts from the wash and hang them to dry.

To be more precise in your cleaning, please check the care label on the short for cleaning instructions and follow them to the latter.

What Factors should you Consider when Choosing Custom Rugby Shorts for Kids?

It can be hectic to buy clothes for children.

Here are some factors to consider if you are looking for kids’ custom rugby shorts.

· Size

Rugby shorts are measured by waist size. Just check the waist measurement of your child and look for a short that would fit.

It is okay to get a size bigger because children grow fast, and you want to get value for your money.

The drawstring can be used to adjust the short for a tight fit even it is a little bigger.

As you do this, ensure that the short still fits comfortably to enhance performance on the field.

Baggy rugby shorts will not do your kid any good.

· Material

Most Rugby shorts for kids are made from cotton.

Ensure that this is the fabric that the short you are purchasing is made from.

If you cannot tell by looking, search for the clothing label somewhere on the inner seams.

They will have information on the composition of the short.

You can also feel the fabric with your hands and ensure that it is stiff and tough.

Are there Custom Rugby Shorts Rules and Designs?

 Unisex rugby shorts

 Unisex rugby short

Yes. World Rugby is the international rugby governing body, and it sets the rules for the game.

These guidelines are contained in Regulation 12.

It states that “items containing buckles, clips, rings, hinges, zippers, screws, bolts or rigid material or projection not otherwise permitted…”

In this case, custom rugby shorts do not have any of these accessories.

The regulations also prohibit Rugby shorts from being padded.

Items worn by players, including shorts, should not be thicker than 5mm when uncompressed or denser than 60 kilograms.

Scrum shorts, colors, and style are determined by individual clubs.

Meaning, there are no limitations for customizing your rugby shorts.

Which Accessories can you Wear alongside Custom Rugby Shorts?

Several items can be worn with custom rugby shorts.

It all depends on whether you are wearing them for a game or casually.

The accessories below are worn alongside rugby shorts by players.

Rugby guidelines must be followed when accessorizing for a match.

  • A rugby jersey is worn as the top of the player’s kit
  • Rugby socks are worn on the feet. Some players wear thin shin guards and ankle pads in their socks.
  • Compression shorts can be worn underneath rugby shorts to enhance comfort and performance.
  • Tight leggings with a single in-seam are worn underneath custom rugby shorts by female players
  • Rugby boots are worn with these shorts as part of the game kit. They are specially designed to enhance speed and stability in the field.

Casually, rugby shorts can be worn during workouts or when running errands during hot summer months. They can be paired with

  • A top. It can be a t-shirt, vest, or tank top. Running jerseys can be paired with these shorts for workouts.
  • A pair of sandals is perfect if you are just running errands or chilling at home.
  • Trainers can be worn with custom rugby shorts during workouts or when running errands.

At the end of the day, there are no definite rules for accessorizing custom rugby shorts for casualwear.

You are free to choose what pair of shorts.

How do Fake and Authentic Custom Rugby Shorts Compare?

It is relatively easy to tell apart from real custom rugby shorts from fake ones.

Here are some features to consider

· Price

Counterfeit rugby shorts, like other items, tend to be cheaper than the real deal.

Do not get enticed by some cheap shorts because you will end up spending more in the long run.

These cheap shorts are made using cheap, low-quality materials.

If you purchase such shorts, they will wear out fast, and you will have to replace them several times.

Save yourself the trouble and go for authentic custom rugby shorts.

It is worth every penny.

· Design Quality

The design details on authentic rugby shorts are of high quality.

They are durable, so they will not peel or crack when pinched or exposed to the sun.

Fake rugby shorts might also have misspelling on the brand name to mislead unsuspecting buyers.

Do not be fooled.

Double-check the design details to ensure everything is up to standard.

· Stitching Quality

The stitching details used in authentic custom rugby shorts are meant to increase the tensile strength of the garment.

Reinforced seams are also used on these shorts so that they can withstand tugging and pulling in the field.

Make sure that all the stitches are made with quality nylon thread and that there are no loose threads that might come undone.

What is the Best Ink to use when Printing Custom Rugby Shorts?

The best ink to use for printing custom rugby shorts depends on

  • The printing method
  • The fabric the garment is made from

Cotton rugby shorts are best printed using screen printing or direct to garment method.

This natural fiber absorbs water-soluble ink very well.

However, screen printing is best made with Plastisol ink.

Sublimating ink is specially designed for creating sublimated designs.

Polyester shorts can benefit from this printing method.

We use high-quality KIAN ink imported from Italy for all our sublimated designs.

What Features Define Unisex Custom Rugby Shorts?

Unisex custom rugby shorts do not have gender distinguishing features; thus, they can be worn by both men and women.

These shorts have angle leg openings to increase flexibility when on the move.

They also have an elastic waistband, and drawstring help to keep the short in place when it is worn.

The shorts also come in neutral colors that both men and women can feel comfortable wearing.

Are Custom Rugby Shorts made of Padding?

No. Custom rugby shorts have no padding.

This feature complies with the guidelines set in Regulation 12 of the World Rugby rulebook.

In short, before importing custom rugby shorts from China, consider everything mentioned in this guide.

Goal Sportswear is a leading designer, manufacturers, and supplier of sublimated rugby jerseys in China.

We can help skyrocket your sports jersey business now.

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