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More than 500 Custom Reversible Pinnies Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

100% polyester sublimation mens custom custom reversible pinnies
100% polyester sublimation mens custom custom reversible pinnies
Custom made sublimated printing short sleeve custom reversible pinnies
Custom made sublimated printing short sleeve custom reversible pinnies
Custom wholesale sublimated printed custom reversible pinnies
Custom wholesale sublimated printed custom reversible pinnies
Dye sublimation custom design team custom reversible pinnies
Dye sublimation custom design team custom reversible pinnies
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom custom reversible pinnies
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom custom reversible pinnies
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated custom reversible pinnies
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated custom reversible pinnies
High school custom design sublimated reversible custom reversible pinnies
High school custom design sublimated reversible custom reversible pinnies
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom custom reversible pinnies
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom custom reversible pinnies
wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed custom reversible pinnies
Wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed custom reversible pinnies

Choose Goal Sportswear as Your Reliable Manufacturer of Custom Reversible Pinnies

Goal Sportswear is a trusted manufacturer of custom reversible pinnies in China. For more than a 5 years Goal Sportswear offers the largest collection of custom reversible pinnies. We manufacture your custom reversible pinnies with broad range of designs. You can choose different designs, styles, sizes, and colors. We can incorporate your logos, team name, player name, number, and more. Through our extensive line of manufacturing and production equipment, we can always cater your needs.

For over 5 years, we offer fast delivery, quick turnaround time, competitive price, high-quality products, and excellent services. Expect your orders to arrive at your desk on-time.

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Boost Your Business with Goal Sportswear Custom Reversible Pinnies

Goal Sportswear is a trusted manufacturer of custom reversible pinnies in China. For more than 5 years Goal Sportswear offers the largest collection of custom reversible pinnies.

We manufacture your custom reversible pinnies with broad range of designs. You can choose different designs from our reversible pinnies design template. You can also send your own design and we will send you a free quote.

Our custom reversible pinnies also comes with wide choices of sizes. Adult and youth sizes of custom reversible pinnies are available at Goal Sportswear. We also manufacture custom reversible pinnies for men and women.

Goal Sportswear custom reversible pinnies are available in wide choices of colors. We have black and white, green and white, blue and white, yellow and white, etc. We can also customize your reversible pinnies color according to your specifications.

Reversible pinnies, also known as scrimmage vest, manufactured by Goal Sportswear are made from high-quality fabrics and materials. Most of these are made from 100% polyester. Thus, you can assure a durable yet lightweight reversible pinnies.

Usually, Goal Sportswear custom reversible pinnies are designed with moisture-wicking technology. It can absorb easily and dry away your sweat so you will still feel cool and dry all day.

Our custom reversible pinnies are also manufactured with anti-microbial technology. It will protect you against bad bacteria that causes bad odor. You can stay fresh that lasts all day.

You can use Goal Sportswear custom reversible pinnies for your practices as an alternate for a usual uniform of your team. You can also use it for differentiating temporary team in an informal scrimmage.

For more than 5 years, Goal Sportswear continuously offer excellent services. Throughout the years, we became the most trusted manufacturer of most types of sportswear.

Whether you are a retailer of high-quality custom reversible pinnies, Goal Sportswear is the best choice! We can fully customize your reversible pinnies for your brand. Through our extensive line of manufacturing and production equipment, we can always cater your business needs.

If you are looking for fully customized reversible pinnies, choose to buy at Goal Sportswear! We can incorporate your logos, team name, player name, number, and more.

Besides custom reversible pinnies, we also have custom lacrosse shorts, custom lacrosse shirts, custom lacrosse pinnies, custom lacrosse hoodies, custom cycling kit, and more.

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Custom Reversible Pinnies: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s guide, I will show you how to choose the best custom reversible pinnies.

I will take you through the design, best printing ink, benefits, price and color options, just to mention a few.

So, if you want to be an expert in custom reversible pinnies, read this guide.

What are Custom Reversible Pinnies?

 Reversible pinnies

 Custom reversible lacrosse pinnies

A reversible pinny is a versatile piece of clothing that has widespread uses, especially in the sporting world.

It is made from mesh fabric, and most sportspersons use them during game practice and tournaments.

Please note that the word Pinny is derived from pinafore.

This is a short apron used to protect one’s clothes from getting soiled.

Pinafores had no buttons and could easily be pinned to the front of the clothes.

Similarly, Pinnies can easily be worn and removed over other clothes, hence the resemblance.

Custom reversible pinnies are designed to suit the specifications of the customer.

A custom design allows the customer to decide what goes on the pinny.

This may include a team’s name, logos, names and numbers of players, the color of the pinny, and other design patterns.

The specific design of the pinny depends on the purpose or sport they are used for.

In sports, custom reversible pinnies are used in practice to separate temporary teams.

They are also used in-game tryouts, sporting camps, and tournaments.

Some teams have their benched players wear them during a game.

Pinnies can also be used to identify groups of people who belong to the same team, such as children on a field trip.

Custom reversible pinnies can even be worn as fashion items.

What is the difference between Custom Reversible Pinnies and Custom Reversible Jerseys?

Custom reversible pinnies are different from custom reversible jerseys both in style and functionality.

Reversible Pinnies are made from micromesh polyester, and they are meant to be lightweight and loose so they can be worn over other clothes.

Custom Reversible jerseys, on the other hand, are made from small grain single-knit polyester fabric.

They are typically worn next to the skin.

Reversible pinnies are designed to be loose, so they have large collars and armscyes.

They are also sleeveless.

This way, they can be worn and reversed quickly over bulky accessories such as gloves and helmets.

In contrast, reversible jerseys are tight fitting and have short sleeves.

In terms of their use, reversible pinnies are used for identification among groups of people.

They can be used to divide teams during practice or distinguish trainees from players and benched players from active ones during a game.

Reversible jerseys are usually part of the team uniform, and they are worn by players during games.

They are used to distinguish one team from another, and members of the same team wear similar jerseys.

Despite the differences, both reversible pinnies and jerseys can be worn on the inner and outer sides.

The other side is usually printed with different colors.

Therefore, the same garment is wearable for different occasions or purposes.

How many Styles of Custom Reversible Pinnies are there?

There are two styles of custom reversible pinnies.

They can be either single or double-ply.

Single-ply reversible pinnies are made of one piece of fabric that is printed on both sides.

The double-ply pinny is made of two differently colored materials.

They are printed and cut separately and then sewed together to make one pinny.

When worn, the reversible side of a custom double-ply pinny feels like a lining.

Both styles of pinnies can be worn on both the inner and outer sides.

What is the Benefit of Custom Reversible Pinnies over Regular Pinnies?

There are several reasons why you should choose custom reversible Pinnies over regular ones.

 Custom reversible pinnies

 Custom reversible pinnies

  • Reversible Pinnies save you money. You will get two Pinnies at a cheaper price as compared to buying two non-reversible ones.
  • You can wear the reversible Pinny on either side for different occasions.
  • These garments are the best for training. You can use them to mark different temporary teams without having to buy two Pinnies. The other group will simply reverse their Pinnies.
  • They are useful for friendly games. You can have your team wear the reversible Pinnies over t-shirts rather than soil the team uniform.
  • Additionally, reversible Pinnies are easy to clean and dry.
  • A reversible Pinny will help with meeting rules for home and away team colors without being bulky. Reversible Pinnies are made to be lightweight.

Which Fabrics are used to make Custom Reversible Pinnies?

Custom reversible Pinnies are made using 100% polyester micro mesh fabric.

Some manufacturers use nylon to make their reversible pinnies, but the material is challenging to customize.

Nylon reversible pinnies are usually cheap an ideal for one-off events.

If you need pinnies for repeated use, polyester ones are recommended.

Polyester fabric is the best for making pinnies.

It is lightweight, durable, easy and fun to customize, and functional.

Which Method is Best for Printing Custom Reversible Pinnies?

Dye sublimation is the best method for printing custom reversible pinnies.

Sublimation works best for polyester fabric, which is used to make pinnies.

Sublimation is a printing process that infuses the print dye into the fabric of your custom reversible pinny.

This is how the process works.

An image, text, or pattern is printed on transfer paper using sublimating ink and an inkjet printer.

The fabric is pressed for a few seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.

The paper is then placed on the fabric, and heat and pressure are applied to imprint the design.

This process opens up the material’s pore and turns the dye into a gas.

The ink infuses into the fabric and, once it has been cooled, it solidifies and becomes part of it.

This is a simple process that produces excellent results.

Why should you choose Polyester Fabric for Custom Reversible Pinnies?

Polyester is the best fabric for making reversible pinnies.

Here are some reasons why.

  • Polyester is a lightweight fabric, and this comes in handy since pinnies are usually worn over other clothes.

Lightweight clothing is functional for sporting activities that commonly use pinnies.

  • This fabric is popular with sportswear because of its wicking properties.

In reversible pinnies, this is a useful property as it keeps you cool and aerated. Reversible pinnies are often worn next to the skin during summer months for this reason.

  • The durability of the fabric is further reason why polyester is the best.

Since it is a synthetic fiber, it will easily survive several washes.

Polyester will not easily break down from repeated exposure to sunlight and rain without breaking down.

  • Sublimated custom designs on polyester are more vibrant and last longer than any other fabric. With this material, you are assured of a custom design that does not crack, fade, or peel with time.

Are there Custom Reversible Pinnies for Kids?

Yes. You can find custom reversible pinnies for kids because different sizes exist for each age group.

These pinnies must be loose enough for children to wear them on their own and over other garments.

Custom reversible pinnies for children are used during youth sports activities such as friendly games, training, and practice.

Pre-schools and day caress also issue pinnies to children when they are out on field trips to keep track of them.

Reversible pinnies can be useful if you need to identify different groups of children.

Therefore, be sure that you can find custom reversible pinnies for kids regardless of their age.

3 Custom reversible pinnies

Custom reversible pinnies

What are the Best Print Locations for Custom Reversible Pinnies?

You can print anywhere on the front or the back of your custom reversible Pinny.

Usually player names and numbers go in the back so that the player can be easily identified from a distance.

Team names and logos are best printed in the front.

You are advised to print the same thing on the reversible side of the Pinny.

This way, the custom Pinny is easy to reverse at a moment’s notice.

This is a useful feature when working with temporary teams.

Just be sure to use a color that contrasts that of the Pinny to print your design so that it will be clearly visible.

Do you need an Inkjet Printer for Heat Transfer on Custom Reversible Pinnies?


You can also use a laser printer for a neat heat transfer print on your reversible pinnies.

However, the paper used matters because they are made specifically for each type of printer.

You cannot use a transfer paper made for an inkjet printer with a laser printer or vice versa.

Ensure that you check the type of transfer paper you have and that it matches your printer for the best results.

Where should you put a Logo on Custom Reversible Pinnies?

The location of the logo on your custom reversible pinnies is dependent on their use.

If a pinny is to be used for sporting activities, the placement of a logo must conform to the rules of the sport.

Revise the rules of making garments for your sport before you start designing your custom reversible pinny.

You do not want to purchase custom pinnies that you cannot use during games.

For most sports, the logo is placed in the front across the chest.

This leaves the back free for the player’s name and number.

Reversible pinnies that are not meant for specific sporting activities can have the logos placed wherever you wish.

For instance, field trip logos for children can have a school or church logo in the front or the back.

Some pinnies do not even have logos.

It may be that the customer ordering them does not own a logo.

Additionally, a constricting budget might make logo printing costly and, thus, unessential.

Sublimated reversible pinnies

 Sublimated reversible pinnies

How do you Cut Custom Reversible Pinnies?

Custom reversible pinnies are cut using topnotch technology.

Laser machines read the size required for each piece of the fabric needed on the pinny from a computer.

It then cuts the pieces automatically from a large roll of fabric.

This method of cutting is preferred to traditional manual cutting.

It produces better quality pieces as it is precise.

It also increases production efficiency by speeding up the process of making custom pinnies.

Furthermore, laser-cut fabrics do not have loose strings that could ruin it before it is sewn and cause losses.

The pieces cut using laser technology are then sewed together to make your custom reversible pinny.

For domestic production of custom lacrosse Pinnies, you can consider manual cutting using scissors.

However, this may be cumbersome and time-consuming. It may also not produce great quality cuts for your custom reversible Pinnies.

What is the Best Program to Design Custom Reversible Pinnies?

There are several free applications and websites where you can design your custom reversible pinny on a template.

However, each program is different and may not conform to the specifications set by the company you want to hire for your pinnies.

There are several reasons for this.

  • The company may not have the technology required to design your template.
  • Minimum order quantity requirements for certain items differ among custom printing companies.

Luckily custom sportswear companies, like ours, have bridged this gap.

You can design your custom reversible pinny on our website or make an inquiry on designs displayed in the catalog.

You can also get help designing the perfect custom pinny from our dedicated design team.

Still, you can check out other design platforms, take an image of logos you want to be printed and upload them to our site.

We are committed to producing custom reversible pinnies that completely meet your design needs.

We will readily communicate if any changes are required on your design and collaborate to make it better.

How many Colors can you Print on Custom Reversible Pinnies?

Custom reversible pinnies

 Custom reversible pinnies

There is no limit to the number of colors you can use to customize your reversible pinny.

Feel free to combine whichever patterns and shades you like to get a desirable outcome.

Color restrictions are, however, dictated by the functionality of your custom reversible Pinny, and printing method.

Too many colors may be chaotic if you are using the pinny for sports.

Solid colors are required for sports pinnies with contrasting colors used for the print design.

A third color can be used to print design patters as long as it does not overwhelm the text and images painted on the pinny.

The player’s numbers and names should be legible even across some distance.

This way, individual players can easily be identified in the field.

Contrasting colors for the reverse side of the pinny are typically used.

This is important as sports pinnies help to differentiate different groups in the field.

Pinnies must also conform to the sport’s rules about home and away team colors.

Many customers reverse their pinnies to white or grey for this reason.

The general rule of thumb when using dye sublimation to print polyester garments is to make the fabric light-colored.

A dark color is suitable for printing text, patterns, and images on the pinny.

Polyester tends to dye-migrate, and this is the only way to have a flawless design.

Remember, not all printing methods allows you the use of multiple colors to print on custom reversible printing.

Screen printing for instance limits you on how many colors you can use per design since it requires the changing of screens with each run.

Meaning, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for each extra color you print.

Can you Match the Colors on your Custom Reversible Pinny to your Logos?

Yes, you can match colors on your reversible pinny to your team logo.

However, the color used to print the logo must contrast with the color of the fabric.

For instance, you cannot print a pink logo on red fabric because it will not be visible.

A black logo on the yellow fabric would be perfect in contrast.

Therefore, you can have a yellow reversible pinny with black panels on the sides and a black logo.

The pinny can reverse to a different combination of these colors or something completely different, like white and blue.

Why Import Custom Reversible Pinnies?

There are several advantages to importing custom reversible pinnies.

They include the following.

Custom pinnies

 Custom pinnies

· Affordability

Although it seems counterintuitive, importing custom pinnies is cheaper than having them made locally.

Industries abroad have dedicated factories that use economies of scale to reduce the cost of production.

This cost-benefit is then distributed to the customer in the form of lowered prices.

Fortunately, this does not mean that the quality of the pinnies is compromised.

· Technology

Imported custom reversible Pinnies are made using modern technology suitable for efficient mass production, so they are better.

For instance, companies in China have some of the most sophisticated machinery and technology in the custom sportswear industry.

This makes them ideal for high quality and affordable customization of your reversible pinnies.

These dedicated industries have efficient transport and communication infrastructure to get your pinnies to you at a relatively low price.

· Quality

Due to advantages in infrastructure, technology, and efficiency, imported reversible Pinnies are of high quality.

Importers have vested interests in creating the best quality products to survive in a highly competitive market.

They must outdo local suppliers to gain and maintain customers for their business.

This would be difficult to achieve with an increasingly critical customer base that accepts nothing but the best.

Modern communication networks have eliminated any barriers that a customer may face when purchasing their custom reversible pinnies abroad.

At Goal Sportswear, we design and manufacture high-quality sports jerseys.

You can count on Goal Sportswear for the best prices on custom lacrosse pinnies.

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