Custom Lacrosse Socks : The Complete FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high-quality custom lacrosse socks to make your sublimated lacrosse uniform complete.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about custom lacrosse socks about fabric type, quality, price, size, and features, just to mention a few.

Keep reading to learn more about custom lacrosse socks.

What is the Best Fabric for Custom Lacrosse Socks?

They are often made from a mixture of materials to guarantee suitable results.

The best material, however, is poly-coated fabric.

In many instances, polypropylene is usually preferable since it makes the socks breathable, comfortable and lightweight.

Nylon is also another suitable material you for manufacturing custom lacrosse socks.

This fabric comes in handy in controlling moisture during the play.

Polyester also makes high-quality custom lacrosse socks given it is lightweight and comfortable to the player.

Custom lacrosse socks

 Custom lacrosse socks

How much do Custom Lacrosse Socks Cost?

Several factors influence the exact cost of custom lacrosse socks.

For instance, the specific type of fabrics used in manufacturing these items often determines the value.

Some materials or mixture of the same tend to be relatively superior to others as far as quality is concerned.

Therefore, the better the quality, the higher the cost.

Type of stitching and printing technique used also influence the value of custom lacrosse socks.

Moreover, the extent of customization may as well determine the amount of money you’ll spend to acquire the commodity.

In other instances, the MOQ is another price determinant of custom lacrosse socks.

Most suppliers often offer higher discounts upon purchasing these socks in larger quantities.

In a nutshell, the cost of custom lacrosse socks is not fixed.

Even so, they often range from $10-$50 per pair depending on the factors mentioned above.

Which Designs of Custom Lacrosse Socks do you have?

We offer a large variety of custom lacrosse socks designs.

The common ones include;

  • Self-color lacrosse socks
  • Hooped lacrosse socks
  • Contrast turnover lacrosse socks
  • Contrast striped lacrosse socks
  • Plain lacrosse socks

Notably, you should never restrict yourself to the designs of customs lacrosse socks we offer.

You can always enjoy the convenience of choosing from a variety of designs to ensure you get what meets your demands.

All the designs on lacrosse socks we offer are customizable, thus giving you the flexibility at all times.

What is the Ideal Length for Custom Lacrosse Socks?

The suitable length depends on the various aspects.

For instance, rules and regulations guiding the specific game will always dictate the required length of these socks.

The purpose also determines the ideal length for these types of socks. For example, a player may choose to wear calf-length during training.

Nevertheless, the suitable length for these socks includes; low-cut, mid-cut, and crew-cut custom lacrosse socks.

Low-cut lacrosse socks are almost invisible upon wearing the shoe.

Most players prefer these types of socks since they provide comfort and are good-looking.

Mid-cut socks are relatively big than low-cuts since they cover the player’s legs up to the ankle.

Crew-cut socks are the most preferable among lacrosse players.

These are ideal for players who like wearing ankle braces, thus preventing unnecessary friction.

 Custom lacrosse socks

Custom lacrosse socks

Do you have Unisex Custom Lacrosse Socks?


All you need to provide is a prototype design of the unisex lacrosse socks you need, and we’ll undoubtedly produce the same.

What are the available Color Options for Custom Lacrosse Socks?

Custom lacrosse socks are available in a wide range of colors. Ideally, you can get these socks in almost any color you’d prefer.

The common colors, however, include all hues of black, red, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, pink and beige among others.

You can as well get multi-colored custom lacrosse socks, which is vital, especially if you fancy more than one color on your socks.

When it comes to color selection, it is advisable to go with one, which compliments your team colors.

Which Features should you Consider when Buying Custom Lacrosse Socks?

Quite a number of features such as the following;

Fabric – You need to get the best fabric matching your budget and other demands.

There are a host of fabric variables you can use in making your custom lacrosse socks.

Even so, you need to ensure you get the right material for best results.

Technology – You have to consider lacrosse socks designed with moisture-wicking technology.

The essence is these aspects help in enhancing comfort of the player irrespective of how they sweat during the play.

They should dry measurably faster, which is also vital since it helps in eliminating odor.

Flexibility – In this case, it implies you should consider purchasing unisex custom lacrosse socks.

This is vital when you have both male and female teams since it helps in reducing cost.

Design – You need to pick the right designs depending on your specific requirements.

You may choose to go for hooped, stripped, self-color or plain among others.

The arch and ankle compression should also be well-designed.

Color – Where possible, always go for custom lacrosse socks, which complement the colors of your team.

It helps in creating the synergy and identity within your team, which is also ideal for aesthetics.

Stitching technique -Stitching plays an important role in determining the overall efficiency and durability of these socks.

Ensure the stitching technique is unique and conforms to all the standard requirements.

Size – Ideal custom lacrosse socks should be available in all sizes.

The essence of this is it enables different players within the team to find a pair that fit them accordingly.

Do you help in Custom Lacrosse Socks Design?


We have a knowledgeable team of expert designers who always help in coming up with unique designs for these socks.

We have all the tools and equipment, which facilitate designing of a variety of custom lacrosse socks.

You only need to upload your team’s and organization’s logo.

We will contact you for further deliberations and showing you a design mockup for you to review and approve.

In case your team’s logo happens to be relatively complex for knitting, we provide socks printing for a custom design you’d like.

Are there Rules and Regulations for Custom Lacrosse Socks Design?

Not necessarily.

The most important one, however, is making sure the custom lacrosse socks conform to the quality and safety standards.

How can you use Sublimation Printing on Custom Lacrosse Socks?

Ideally, sublimation is a contemporary printing technique for printing different artworks on the fabrics.

This process utilizes sublimated dyes to print CAD designs on the fabric of the socks through a transfer paper by using an inkjet printer.

You’ll then place the paper on the lacrosse socks fabric and apply a rotary heat press.

In the process, the heat and pressure open up the pores of the fabric.

The dye then turns into a liquid and subsequently, gas.

While at it, the ink sips into the fabric fibers, cooled and ultimately becomes part of it.

When using this printing method, you’ll repeat it severally on a long roll of lacrosse socks material.

You’ll then cut out your custom lacrosse socks and pieces sewn together.

Importantly, understand that you can use sublimation printing on custom lacrosse socks effectively on poly-coated fabrics.

How do you Match Custom Lacrosse Socks with Custom Lacrosse Uniform?

In matching custom lacrosse socks with uniform, you need to ensure both are in line with the colors of your team or organization.

You can choose to have the same custom lacrosse socks and lacrosse jerseys.

In other instances, you may choose to have different colors for both the custom lacrosse uniform and socks.

This is a common trend, especially in instances where you have two or more team colors.

Essentially, it is all dependent on your preference and other elements surrounding the team’s identity as far as color-matching is concerned.

Are Custom Lacrosse Socks Different from other Sports Socks?


There is a reasonable difference between custom lacrosse and other sports socks.

Custom lacrosse socks feature arch and ankle support.

This helps to prevent your feet from straining during the game.

This also provides the player’s feet with structural support, which is vital for the game.

On the other hand, most of the other sports socks do not necessarily have this type of feature.

Custom lacrosse socks also come in crew/mid-calf length, which is critical in providing optimum protection to the ankle.

Other sports come in longer lengths, which do not necessarily consider protecting the ankle per se.

The other difference is that most custom lacrosse socks are manufactured using an assortment of fabrics.

The materials are blended in varying ratio hence making it easy to attain the necessary durability, comfort and breathability.

Other sports socks, by contrast, may or may not use a mixture of materials.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to guarantee durability, breathability and some instances, even comfort.

Notably, you can comfortably use custom lacrosse socks on other games such as football and perform to the optimum.

However, it is a bit difficult to perform effectively when playing lacrosse in other games’ socks.

Different types of lacrosse socks

Different types of custom lacrosse socks

How do you Check Quality Custom Lacrosse Socks?

To determine the quality of custom lacrosse socks, consider the following aspects;

· Type of Stitching

The stitching design on customs lacrosse is one way to determine the quality.

Superior stitching ensures this garment is not subjected to risks of tearing even when exposed to high pressure.

Therefore, you can check the seams and verify the stitches are lying flat on the material.

The essence is to ascertain that the seam line hardly creates an uncomfortable ridge, which can irritate the player.

· Cost

Ordinarily, high-quality custom lacrosse socks tend to be relatively expensive than knock-offs or counterfeits.

The reason here is that authentic apparels are made from high-quality fabric, best stitching and printing techniques.

Therefore, if you find comparatively cheap customs lacrosse socks, chances are high they are of inferior quality.

· Type of Material

The type of fabrics used for manufacturing quality custom lacrosse socks is usually high grade.

Polyester and nylon are among the top-notch fabrics used in making high-quality custom lacrosse socks.

· Overall Design

Quality custom lacrosse socks often factor in top-notch designs in general.

These include ideal length, moisture-wicking feature and safety design such as arch and ankle compression.

Do you have Kids Custom Lacrosse Socks?


All you need is to place your order and the specific sizes for the kids, and we will make the socks accordingly.

What is the Average Lead Time for Manufacturing Custom Lacrosse Socks?

It depends on a variety of factors such as the quantity, extent of customization and number of pending orders.

Generally, the turnaround for making custom lacrosse socks is often fast.

Moreover, if you have an urgent order, there is always an option for “rush” which you can explore.

This option means you’ll get your order within the shortest time possible irrespective of its complexity and quantity.

However, you’ll have to pay more money for such services.

What is the MOQ for Custom Lacrosse Socks?

Different manufacturers always peg varying MOQ on purchasing their respective custom lacrosse socks.

There’s no exact MOQ when it comes to purchasing these items.

It is the reason you need to inquire from the manufacturer before confirming and fulfilling your order.

In many instances, though, most manufacturers of these garments in China often provide a flexible MOQ.

Is there a Recommended Technique for Stitching Custom Lacrosse Socks?

The ideal stitching method for custom lacrosse socks is dependent on many variables.

For instances, the overall thickness of the socks is one of the elements, which determine the specific stitching technique to use.

The length of the custom lacrosse socks is another determining element of an ideal stitching technique.

Low-cut, mid-cut and crew-cut lacrosse socks all require different stitching respectively.

In a nutshell, the most suitable stitching technique for custom lacrosse socks is highly dependent on different factors.

Are there Compression Custom Lacrosse Socks?


Most of the custom lacrosse socks feature arch and ankle compression.

The essence is to provide your ankles with the necessary support and comfort during the game.

Compression socks also protect you from straining and providing the feet with structural support.

How do you Determine Authentic from fake Custom Lacrosse Socks?

A major concern for most customers is how to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit custom lacrosse socks.

For newbies, here are some of the aspects, which you ought to look into in determining authentic from knock-offs;

Authentic lacrosse socks are well-knit with all stitches properly positioned.

In essence, this makes them durable and enhance their style too.

On the contrary, fake custom lacrosse socks are poorly-knitted with disorganized stitches.

In many cases, authentic lacrosse socks are usually more expensive compared to fake ones.

Therefore, you can do basic research by comparing prices of the same item from different stores.

You can thus tell the difference by the price difference.

The printing on authentic custom lacrosse socks is well-executed and incorporates all the fine artwork details.

By contrast, knock-offs have poorly implemented prints on the socks fabrics.

They thus appear somewhat unappealing to the eye given the printing details aren’t apparent.

Fake custom lacrosse socks rarely incorporate essential features such as arch and ankle compression.

They also use basic fabrics, which do not factor in breathability and comfort.

In comparison, genuine custom lacrosse socks entail all the vital features surrounding the safety, efficiency, performance and comfort.

What are the available Sizes of Custom Lacrosse Socks?

In many instances, you’re likely to find all the sizes of custom lacrosse socks.

The commonly available sizes, however, include the following;

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large

These custom lacrosse socks tend to fit in different shoe sizes. Small fits in shoe size 5-8.

Medium, on the other hand, fits in shoe size 8.5 – 10.5.

Large fits in shoe size 11- 13, whereas X-large fits in shoe size 13+.

As you can see, there is a size option for every person wearing shoe size 5-13.

 Lacrosse socks

Lacrosse socks

How do Custom Lacrosse Socks Manufacturers in China Support Small Businesses?

Custom lacrosse manufacturers in China support small businesses in various ways.

First, they ensure that they produce high-quality garments to make it easy for businesses to attract customers.

It also allows them to make significant sales, both locally and internationally.

The essence of this is it enhances reliability between manufacturers and business owners.

Moreover, it is a great move for countering production of fake products, which often lowers the quality standard.

Manufacturers also obtain raw materials such as fabric and ink from a wide range of dealers across the country.

This helps in boosting the economic growth and stability of such industries for better sustainability.

Furthermore, it helps in upholding the quality standards when it comes to the production of custom lacrosse socks.

This is possible since all the sources of raw materials for custom lacrosse socks are traceable.

Can Custom Lacrosse Socks Manage Foot Sweat?


High-quality custom lacrosse socks hardly lock the sweat.

These types of socks can handle any form of sweat given lacrosse players often sweat a lot.

Materials such as polyester, nylon, and elastin, which typically, let sweat out of the socks faster.

Moreover, these materials also maintain the ideal airflow within the foot.

And this is important because it enables the player to focus on the game and not on discomfort from sweat.

Are Custom Lacrosse Socks Odor Resistant?


Most of the fabrics used for manufacturing custom lacrosse socks such as polypropylene have antimicrobial feature.

This helps the socks from creating an environment for microbial activities, especially after sweating.

And this prevents odor from forming on the surface irrespective of the sweat it accumulates during the play.

Custom lacrosse socks also are designed from a variety of materials, which allows breathability.

Breathability helps in absorbing moisture and faster drying hence preventing the garments from odor.

Are Custom Lacrosse Socks Durable?


These types of socks are durable, based on a wide range of elements.

For instance, the stitching technique used in making these garments ensures all the ends are well-knitted.

In the long run, these stitching technique guarantees the seams are flat on the fabric.

Hardly will you find loose threads on custom lacrosse socks hence assuring durability.

The printing method used on these socks is also high-end.

It factors in all aspects revolving around weather, usage, washing and pressure.

The type of printing ensures the patterns are integrated appropriately on the fabric to withstand any unfavorable element.

Moreover, the types of fabrics used in manufacturing most of the custom lacrosse socks are also high grade.

These make it possible to obtain durability since the materials hardly wear out even when exposed to adverse conditions.

Once you consider everything in this guide, you will definitely choose the best custom lacrosse socks for your team and business.

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