Custom Fraternity Jersey : The Complete FAQ Guide

Today, I will help you choose a high-quality custom fraternity jersey.

Whether you want to know the features, benefits, printing technique or sleeve design – you will find all that information here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Custom Fraternity Jerseys?

Fraternity jersey

Fraternity jersey

This refers to sporting apparel worn by members of a specific sport because of the fondness of the sport.

It is popular with campus students.

However, even people outside of campus tend to favor it.

Which features should you look for in Custom Fraternity Jersey?

You should lookout for the following features:

· Material

You will find that a good fraternity jersey is made with polyester fabric.

Often you will notice that companies have focused on enhancing the polyester for performance purposes.

The most common performance fabrics are

Hexaflex fabric

Nanodri fabric

Pro premier fabric

Hyperdri fabric

Classic rugby fabric

· Print Method

You will notice there is the various print method being used on fraternity jerseys.

The most common being


Screen printing.

Heat press.

Each of the above methods has it is pros and cons.

Different sports have different requirements on the stitching to be done on their sports jersey.

A case in point is fraternity baseball jerseys which require lettering to be sewn instead of being ironed.

How much does Custom Fraternity Cost?

You will find a custom single sided fraternity jersey going for $49.99.

The double-sided custom fraternity jersey goes for $69.99.

Which Sports have Custom Fraternity Jersey?

Sports that have custom fraternity jerseys are:

  • Cycling
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby

Which is the Best Fabric for Custom Fraternity Jersey?

You will find custom fraternity jerseys are made of 50/50 polyester and cotton blend.

The above is commonly referred to us PMC

However, the best fabric for making a fraternity jersey is polyester.

This is a result of its breathable and it efficiently absorbs sweat.

Polyester is additionally elastic and light-weight.

Another factor that makes it appropriate for making a custom fraternity jersey is its wet wicking.

This merely implies that it moves sweat from the body.

Polyester comes at an inexpensive value compared to alternative materials.

It is the only among the few materials that sublimation dying may be done properly.

Also, it is robust and does not shrink, whereas at the same time being wrinkle resistant.

Polyester conveys a stylish and gaudy look and may be worn off and on the field.

Besides, polyester is often further developed to enhance performance.

This can be done by customizing it to the particular sport.

The most common customization are:

  • 4 way stretch for maximum stretchability.
  • 2 way stretch for minimum stretchability.
  • Moisture-wicking for moving sweat away from the body surface.
  • Winterized, this has insulated fleece, keeping the body warm during the cold season.

What are the Different Styles of Custom Fraternity Jersey?

Custom fraternity jersey

 Custom fraternity jersey

You will note that different sports have different fraternity jerseys.

The styles available for basketball are:

  • Modern

Available jersey styles for baseball are:

  • Throwback
  • Minor leagues.
  • Camo

You will find the following styles for rugby:

  • League
  • Patriotic
  • Traditional
  • Debauchery

Designs available for hockey are:

  • Camo
  • Pro
  • Patriotic

What is the Sleeve Length of Custom Fraternity Jersey?

You will find custom fraternity jersey in:

· Short-sleeved sleeves on this jersey run from the shoulder to the elbow.

You will find them to be favored in warm climates.

 Short sleeve jersey

Short sleeve jersey

· Long-sleeved

You will find the sleeve runs from the shoulder to the wrist.

Commonly worn in areas of cold weather.

 Long sleeve jersey

Long sleeve jersey

· Sleeveless

This generally tends not to have no sleeves.
This sleeve type is designed to aid in non-restrictive movement.

Sleeveless jersey

 Sleeveless jersey

What are the available Colors of Custom Fraternity Jersey?

You will find unlimited colors for fraternity jerseys depending on your preference.

However, you are advised to insist on a physical color chart before production.

This is to minimize discrepancies on how the color appears on your screen and the jersey.

What are the Sizes of Custom Fraternity Jersey?

You will find custom fraternity jerseys come in both youth size and adult size.

Custom fraternity jerseys sizing chart differ from sport to sport.

You will find the available sizing chart for rugby is:

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large.
  • 2 extra-large.

The available sizes for basketball sport are:

  • Youth small.
  • Youth medium.
  • Youth large.
  • Youth extra large.
  • Adult small.
  • Adult medium.
  • Adult large.
  • Adult extra large.
  • Double extra large.
  • Tripple extra large.
  • 4 XL

The available sizes for football are:

  • Youth extra small.
  • Youth small.
  • Youth medium.
  • Youth large.
  • Youth extra large.
  • Adult small.
  • Adult medium.
  • Adult large.
  • Adult extra large.
  • Double extra large.
  • Triple extra large.
  • 4 XL

You will find the sizing chart for baseball fraternity jerseys is as follows:

  • Youth small.
  • Youth medium.
  • Youth large.
  • Youth extra large.
  • Adult small.
  • Adult medium.
  • Adult large.
  • Adult extra large.
  • Double extra large.
  • Triple extra large.
  • 4 XL

When can Custom Fraternity Jersey be worn?

You can wear fraternity jerseys to:

 Fraternity jersey

Fraternity jersey

  • Sporting events
  • Themed jersey fun-days.
  • Family events.

How should Custom Fraternity Jersey Fit?

You will find the fitting for rugby fraternity jersey fit to be:

  • Loose fit.
  • Tight fit.

The fitting for fraternity baseball jerseys are:

  • Collegiate
  • Compression
  • Modern fit.

Basketball fraternity jerseys have the following fits:

  • Slim

What can you Print on Custom Fraternity Jersey?

You can choose to print graphics or logos.

Besides, you can also print the player name and number either on the front or the back of the jersey.

Also, you can choose also to have a pattern overlaid on the jersey.

This can be done with a wide range of different fonts to add to the aesthetics of the jersey.

Do you Help in Custom Fraternity Jersey Design?

Yes, we do.

You will find assistance with our in-house designers.

Furthermore, you can also opt to use our design studio, we have no minimum number of samples you can design.

What is your Turn Around Time for Custom Fraternity Jerseys Production?

You are bound to get your order within 3-4 weeks.

If it is a rush order it will take 2-3weeks.

How do you Manufacture Custom Fraternity Jersey?

Regardless of which fraternity jerseys you are making, you will follow the steps below:

· Color Scheme

Pick the colors to be used on your fraternity jerseys.

You need to note that white colors are cheap to print.

In the event of more than one color use a color wheel.

· Writing

At this stage, you should decide on the text and or catchphrase to be used.

You should note the length of text corresponds to the price in most cases.

The more the text length the higher the cost.

· Artwork

You can use software to come up with interesting graphics to print on your jersey.

Some of the notable software that can be used are adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

· Feedback

It is important to get how your teammates’ feedback input on your design.

You can also consult your retail shop with your artwork to get feedback on the design.

Most manufacturers have in-house design experts to assist with this process.

· Measurement

You should get a friend to help take your measurements.

The measurements should be inclusive of the chest area, height from the shoulder to the waist.

· Sourcing

You shop around to get manufacturing quotes.

Also, you can do this either by searching through the internet or walking in on manufacturers.

You can also do background checks on your intended suppliers and get testimonials from previous clients.

· Proofing

You will need to submit your design to ensure it adheres to the requirements of the manufacturer.

This ensures that both you and the manufacturer are reading from the same script.

You should bring any objections and or suggestions at this stage.

This will avoid any discrepancies between what appeared on the design and the actual jersey.

Once the above process is complete the manufacturer starts to work on the fraternity jerseys.

The manufacturer will undertake the following steps:

· Make a Bill of Materials.

This is a document giving the specification of raw materials and the quantity needed.

It is generated from the production department.

· Cutting.

The fabrics are trimmed.

The fabric is then checked for quality standards.

During this process, a piece of the fabric is tested for shrinkage.

Often this is done by the use of a Computer Numeric Control machine to minimize errors.

· Styling.

Pattern styles and grading are done at this stage.

· Sewing and Stitching.

The pieces of the fabric are stitched together.

After the sewing, the fabric is checked again for stitching quality.

Any defects are rectified at this stage.

· Finishing.

The garment is taken to the finishing section.

Stains if any are removed and the jersey is pressed with a steam iron.

· Quality Assurance.

The fraternity jersey is assessed to ensure it conforms to the specifications.

· Shipping.

Besides, the fraternity jerseys are shipped to the address of the buyer.

Also, the shipping duration varies from one state to another

Why is Sublimation Printing Best for Custom Fraternity Jersey?

Sublimation printing is best for making custom fraternity jerseys owing to the following reasons:

· Customization

You get to choose any slogan, number, and or name you would wish to have printed.

This helps to convey a sense of function and personified fashion statement.

· Versatility

You can wear them both on and off the field.

· Longevity

The dye used for sublimation can last for several decades without losing the vibrancy.

This is because it uses digital technology which ensures that the colors are embedded in the fabric.

· Green

The sublimation process is eco-friendly.

Also, the workers involved in the manufacturing process do not suffer any health risks from it.

With sublimation, there is no waste product.

· Quality.

You get better quality fraternity jerseys because the dye is infused into the fabric giving it a real life-like appearance.

· Variety.

You can print the fraternity jerseys using unlimited colors, unlike other printing methods.

Besides, you are also able to print on full-color surfaces

· Quick Production

You can print multiple items in a short duration of time.

It takes 35 seconds to print on polyester apparel.

Sublimation printing is also easier to execute and less complex.

· Comfort.

Custom fraternity jerseys printed with sublimation are comfortable to wear.

This is as a result of the dye being infused into the fabric, making it more breathable.

· Cheap

You need not worry about volumes when using sublimation printing.

This is because it is very cheap and cost-effective.

Apart from Dye Sublimation, What other Printing Technique do you use on Custom Fraternity Jersey?

You will find the most commonly used techniques are:

i. Direct to Garment.

This methodology calls for the fabric to be pre-treated.

Also, this is done using a pretreatment machine (PTM).

Direct to garment technology uses specialized aqueous ink which is heat pressed to the fabric.

This method has the following advantage:

  • You get lifelike images and logos.
  • It is fast and easy.

The setback that it poses are:

  • It wears off with time.
  • As the number of items to be printed increases so does the cost of making it increase.

ii. Heat Transfer/Vinyl Printing.

This is done using heat to attach a vinyl sticker to a garment.

The vinyl transfer has the advantage of being durable.

It is also cheap.

Moreover, the one major drawback of vinyl transfer is that it is time-consuming

iii. Screen Printing.

It is also referred to as silkscreen.

This is a process of using a mesh screen, ink, and squeegee on a flat surface to imprint a stenciled design.

Screen printing can be furthered classified into two:

  • Flatbed screen printing –Is more expensive.
  • Rotary screen printing- This is a mechanized version of flatbed screen printing.

A plastisol type of ink is applied to the garment.

The ink is made to solidify on the garment by heating it to a specific temperature.

Some of the advantages of screen printing are:

  • It is relatively cheap
  • You can use unlimited colors.
  • You can use a variety of graphics

The disadvantages of screen printing are:

  • Your print quality wears out with time.
  • Difficult to color match.
  • You require a lot of labor.

How do you check the Quality of Custom Fraternity Jersey?

Custom fraternity jersey

Custom fraternity jersey

· Fabric Used

The fabric used to a large end determines the quality and durability.

Polyester is the most favored fabric when it comes to the manufacture of jerseys.

· Stitching

Fraternity jerseys have consistent jerseys used on them.

· Price Point

Quality fraternity jerseys start off from $ 49.99

When you find a price lower than this, it is bound to be a cheap imitation.

· Numbering

Different sports have a numbering format to be adhered to.

They can either be block, narrow, or rounded numbering.

· Letters and Numbers.

Different rules are governing the manufacture of jerseys for adults and youth.

The name, front number, and back number should be 2, 3, and 6 inches respectively for youth size.

Again, the name, front number, and back number should be 3, 4, 8 inches respectively for adult size.

· Outlook.

You should note that patches on baseball jerseys are sewn and not embroidered.

What are the available Collar Options for Custom Fraternity Jerseys?

Fraternity custom jerseys collars have various options for different sports.

You will find the following collar designs for hockey custom fraternity jerseys:

  • V-collars
  • Pro V-collars.
  • Y-collars
  • Lace collars.
  • T-neck collar

For rugby sport the collar designs are:

  • Kiwi collar.
  • Round neck.
  • Stub collar.
  • Loop neck.
  • V with insert.
  • V-neck

Available collar designs for basketball jerseys are:

  • V-neck.
  • Round neck.

Why should you Import Custom Fraternity Jersey from China?

You should consider buying fraternity jerseys from China due to the following reasons:

  • Affordable custom fraternity jersey
  • High-quality custom fraternity jerseys
  • Fast production of custom fraternity jersey
  • Strict quality control during the custom jersey production process
  • Help customers in custom fraternity jersey
  • Support small business by accepting flexible MOQ

For all your custom fraternity jerseys design, Goal Sportswear offers the perfect solution for your business.

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