Baseball Team Uniforms : The Complete FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about baseball team uniform.
From type of material, design, available options to printing technique – you will find all information you need right here.

What are Baseball Team Uniforms?

Baseball team uniforms are the apparel that you and your team will wear while playing baseball.
It includes every piece of apparel that you will wear while attending any baseball game as a team.

Baseball team uniform

Baseball team uniform

What Does the Baseball Team Uniform Consist Of?

Whenever you are talking about the baseball uniform, you should think about every detail of the baseball uniform.
Implying that, you will have to look at every garment that your team members will wear from head to toe.
Here are all the pieces of garment that you will have as part of the baseball team uniform.
Baseball Team Jacket
You will wear the baseball team jacket as part of the baseball team uniform to keep you warm.
In many cases, you will wear the baseball team jacket while travelling or while on the bench waiting for game time.

Baseball jacket

Baseball jacket

Baseball Team Jersey
Baseball team jerseys are the official apparel that you will wear on the upper part of your body during baseball games.
You will wear same type and color of baseball jerseys as a team for better recognition, and uniformity during baseball games.

Baseball jersey

Baseball jersey

Baseball Team Pants
On the lower part of the body, you will wear the baseball pants to cover from your waist all the way to your ankle.
There are different types of custom baseball team pants that you can use but you have to make sure its uniform.

 Baseball pant

Baseball pant

Baseball Team Hat
You will also wear the baseball team hat on your head to protect your eyes from the scorching or burning sun rays.
In this case, the type of baseball team hat that you choose to use will depend on the preference of your team.

Baseball cap

Baseball cap

Baseball Team Cleats
It is important to protect your feet while playing baseball by wearing the fitting baseball team cleats.
Your baseball team cleats should have spikes on the bottom to ensure that you maintain your stability on the pitch.

 Baseball cleats

Baseball cleats

Baseball Team Batting Gloves
You will also wear the custom baseball batting gloves to reduce the impact of bating the ball on your skin.
Most of the baseball team batting gloves have leather materials on them thus making them strong, comfortable, and durable.

Baseball gloves

Baseball gloves

Baseball Team Belt
You may or may not need a baseball team belt around your waist to hold on your pants while playing baseball.
The baseball team belt must be the same for every member of your team even though they may have different materials.

Youth baseball belt

Youth baseball belt

Baseball Team Sliders
You might also have to wear the baseball team sliders inside your custom baseball team pants to protect your skin.
In other words, baseball sliders have special materials that will not tear or wear out easily thus protecting the skin.

How Many Uniforms Should a Baseball Team Have?

Basically, you should have at least three different types of baseball uniforms for your team.
You will also make sure that the baseball uniforms are of different types and colors from your opponents.
Here are the three main types of baseball uniforms that you must have as a team.

Home Baseball Uniforms

In case you are playing baseball against another team on your home ground, you wear the home uniforms.
You will have the home uniforms as the official type of uniform for your baseball team in official team colors.

Road/ Away Baseball Uniforms
In case you are visiting another team on their home ground to play baseball, you will wear road baseball uniforms.
Your road or away baseball team uniforms must be of a different color from that of your home uniform.

Alternate Baseball Team Uniforms
There are cases where your uniform may have the same colors as that of your opponent team on different grounds.
In such a case, you will opt for the third or alternate baseball team uniform for a clear distinction.

How Does the Home Uniform Compare the Away/Road Uniforms?

As the team playing within their stronghold or home grounds, you must have your home baseball team uniforms.
Usually, your home baseball team uniforms must have the official theme color of your baseball team.
Despite having the same colors, you can opt for different designs of the home uniform depending on the season.
On the other hand, you will need to create a clear distinction between the home team and the opponents or visitors.
The opponents or visitors will wear the away or road baseball team uniform since they are away from home.
The color of the away or road baseball team uniform can change every season as long as it distinguishes the team.

How Many Cap Styles are Part of the Baseball Team Uniforms?

You will need a cap with an eye shade as part of the baseball team uniform.

Usually, the cap will protect your eyes or shade your eyes away from the sun during the baseball game.

There are quite a number of cap styles that your baseball team can opt for including:
• Full Brimmed Straw Baseball Hats
• Fitted Baseball Cap
• Snapback Baseball Cap
• Strap back Baseball Cap
• Flexfit Baseball Cap
• Trucker Baseball Cap
• 5 Panel Baseball Cap

As a general rule, your baseball hat must have a front-facing brim as well as panel construction.

Which Graphics and Logos Do You Have on the Baseball Team Uniforms?

You should consider having graphics and logos on your baseball uniforms for easy identification.
As a baseball rule, you will only have specific graphics and logos on your baseball team uniforms.

Here are some of the graphics and logos that you should have on your baseball team uniforms.
• Name of the Player
• Name of the Team (Usually the nickname of the team)
• Distinctive Logo of the Team
• Number of the Player
• Logo of the Uniform Manufacturer

Baseball uniform

Baseball uniform

What are the Official Rules of Baseball Team Uniforms?

In order to maintain uniformity in baseball games, you should consider abiding by the baseball team uniform rules.
The governing body of the baseball games has official rules that every team member must follow diligently.

Here are the official rules of wearing the baseball team uniforms.
• In a single game, all the players belonging to a particular team must have the same type and color of uniforms.
• All the players must also have the numbers of the players at the back of the baseball jersey.
• In case you have to wear exposed undershirts, every team member must have the same color and type of undershirt.
• You can have a minor variation in sleeve length even though it should remain equal to all team members.
• You should have no attachments of any kind on the baseball team uniforms.
• You must also make sure that the baseball team uniforms have no images of the baseball
• It is also very important to have no metal or glass buttons on your baseball team uniforms
• You should also avoid having commercial advertisements on the baseball team uniforms
• You must also have the names of the players at the top back side of the baseball jersey.

Which Accessories Do You Have Alongside the Baseball Team Uniforms?

Well, as a baseball player, your intention to play will be complete with the presence of other baseball accessories.
Implying that, you must have all the other accessories, other than the baseball uniform in place before the game.

Here are the other accessories that you should have alongside the baseball team uniforms.
• Batting and Catchers Helmet
• Baseball Bat
• Baseball Ball
• Baseball Gloves
• Catcher’s Mitt
• First Baseman’s Mitt
• Batting Gloves

Do You Have Throwback Baseball Team Uniforms?

Absolutely, we have the throwback baseball uniforms.
Throwback baseball team uniforms are the types of uniforms that you will design to resemble the ones in the past.
You can opt for the retro or throwback baseball team uniform and wear it during the baseball games.
In many cases, you will wear the throwback baseball team uniforms on special occasions such as anniversaries among other events.

Throwback baseball jersey

Throwback baseball jersey

How Much Does the Baseball Team Uniform Cost?

A complete baseball team uniform will cost you quite a significant amount of money.

In other words, you will pay varying amounts of money for the baseball team uniforms depending on the type.

Obviously, you will pay higher costs for the high-quality baseball team uniforms.

On the other hand, you will pay a lower cost for the low-quality baseball team uniforms.

Apart from that, the type of uniform you choose for your team will also have an effect on the cost.

For instance, the cost of throwback baseball uniforms will vary from that of the new-school baseball team uniforms.

Generally, you will pay between 200 to 500 US dollars for a complete set of baseball uniform.

What Do Baseball Players Wear Under the Baseball Team Uniforms?

Baseball players wear different things under their baseball team uniforms.
You should, however, play by the rules whenever you are wearing undergarments under the custom baseball uniforms.
Here are the main accessories that your baseball team can wear under the baseball team uniforms.
Custom Baseball Socks
You will wear the custom baseball socks on your feet and cover them with your baseball pants.
There are cases where you might have to tuck in the baseball pants into the custom baseball socks.
Sliding Shorts
You will wear elastic sliding shorts under the custom baseball team pants to protect your ski9n from bruises.
It will also give your thighs added protection just incase you get hit by the baseball ball.
Plain Color T-shirts
You will wear plain color t-shirts or vests under the custom baseball team jerseys to help in absorbing sweat.
It will also act as a source of heat and a good insulator on the body of the players especially in the cold season.

How Do You Match the Baseball Team Uniform with the Baseball Game?

Well, in the past, matching the custom baseball team uniforms was a very easy process.

You would have two pairs of uniforms in white and the other in grey colors.

Your baseball team would wear the white baseball team uniform while playing at home.

On the other hand, your team would change into the grey baseball team uniform while playing away games.

That has not changed much in the modern era as you can still have the home kit in white and away uniform in gray.

However, you can also opt for other colors for your home uniforms and away uniforms on special occasions.

Which Materials Do You Use to Manufacture the Baseball Team Uniforms?

The best material that you can use to manufacture the custom baseball team uniform is polyester.
You should consider using polyester for your baseball team uniforms because of the following reasons.

• Moisture-wicking properties in order to absorb sweat from the body and keep your body dry.

• Comfortable due to the soft feel on the skin

• Durable since the fabric is strong and can withstand tear and wear

• It can also withstand the high sublimation temperatures thus suitable for sublimation printing

How Do You Clean and Maintain the Baseball Team Uniforms?

Well, the cleaning process of the baseball team uniforms will vary from one team to another.

Generally, there are particular modes that you can follow when cleaning and maintain the baseball team uniforms.

First, you will have to soak the baseball team uniforms for a while in soapy or detergent mixed with water.

You have to use mild detergents on the clothes that will not destroy the main fabric but remove stain.

You should also avoid the string fabric in order to prevent the fabric prints from fading away.

After that, you will wash it in a washing machine for some time before rinsing it with clean water.

As soon as it is clean, you will air the clothes outside under a shade or dry it within a dryer for a few minutes.

In many cases, ironing of the jerseys is never recommended because the high ironing temperatures affected sublimated prints.

Do You Have Baseball Team Uniform for Kids?

Yes, we also have baseball team uniforms for kids.
We understand that kids are also huge fans of the baseball game and will definitely need uniforms.
Apart from that, there are baseball team uniforms for kids playing in the mini baseball leagues.

How many Types of Gloves are There for the Baseball Team Uniforms?

You will need leather gloves for your custom baseball team to protect their hands from impact or bruises.
You will use different types of gloves for different purposes within the baseball games.

Here are the main types of gloves that you can wear during the baseball games.

Catchers Gloves
You will wear the catchers’ gloves on your hands to protect your hands from injury when catching the ball.
Batters Gloves
You will also need the batters’ gloves when swinging the baseball bat to reduce impact on your hands.

What is the Significance of Shoulder Patches on the Baseball Team Uniforms?

You will need shoulder patches on the baseball team uniforms to help in the identification of the team.
In other words, you will have a shoulder patch that bears the logo and name of the baseball team.
It will help in avoiding confusion and improving the chances of identifying the team faster.

Do You Have Baseball Team Uniforms with Pinstripes?

Absolutely, you can also opt for the baseball team uniforms with pinstripes.
This is a special type of baseball uniform that you will wear to distinguish your team from the other teams.
It has unique stripes on the uniform that have different colors thus making it attractive.

Are there Color Limitations on the Baseball Team Uniforms?

No, there are no color limitations on the baseball team uniforms.
You have the capacity and freedom of choosing any color that you want.
It is also very important to ensure that the color of your baseball team uniform differs from other teams.
In other words, you have to make your baseball team uniforms as unique as possible to prevent confusion.

Why use Sublimation Printing for Baseball Team Uniform?

Sublimation printing is the best type of printing that you can use on your custom baseball team uniforms.
You should always opt for sublimation printing for your baseball team uniforms because of the following reasons.

Durable Prints
Well, sublimation printing creates highly durable prints on the polyester fabric that do not crack, peel, or fade very easily.
You can, therefore, wear and wash the sublimated baseball team uniforms on numerous occasions but still remain in good conditions.

High Quality Prints
You will also enjoy very high-quality prints on the polyester fabric that reveals all the distinct features of the uniforms.

Cheap Printing Option
You should opt for sublimation printing because it is a very cheap printing option for small orders of baseball uniforms.
The price will, however, increase with an increase in quantity of the custom baseball team uniforms ordered.

How Long does it take to Designs Baseball Team Uniform?

Designing the baseball team uniforms is a one-time project that you can complete within a few hours.
Depending on your level of experience in designing, you might complete the job within a few hours.
The most difficult part is coming up with a unique idea about the custom baseball team uniforms.
As soon as you have the idea, you can use the designing software to complete the design in a few hours.

What are the available Collar Options for Baseball Team Uniform?

When choosing the jersey for your baseball team uniform, you must also look at the type of collar.
Here are the main collar options that you cab have on your baseball team uniforms.

Round or Crew Neckline Collar
You can opt for the most popular collar type which has a snug fitting and circular neckline that fits well.
V- Neckline Collar
You can also opt for the collar type that forms a V-shape around the neck of the baseball jersey.
Scoop Neckline Collar
This is a variation of the crew or round neckline collar which hangs a few inches from the collar bone.
• Henley or the Y Neckline Collar
You may also settle on the collar type that combines both the V-shape and the round neckline collar type.

How do you Check Quality of Baseball Team Uniforms?

You can achieve great quality by choosing the right type of printing, materials, and stitching.
Here are some of the factors to consider when checking quality of the baseball team uniforms.

• Check Quality of the Materials
You must make sure that the material you are using is strong, breathable, and easy to clean.
• Check Quality of the Prints
You should also check if the prints are sublimated with little chance of fading, peeling off, or cracking.
• Check Quality of Stitches
You should also make sure that the prints are uniform and tucked well by laying flat on the flat.

What are the available Button Options for Baseball Team Uniforms?

There are two main types of button options that you can choose for your baseball team uniforms.
Here are the main button options that you can settle on for your baseball team uniforms.
• Two Button Option
You can decide to have the baseball jersey that has two the two-button style for your baseball team uniform.
• Full Button Option
Here, you will opt for the baseball jersey that has buttons running from the top all the way to the bottom.

Which Sleeve Options should you Consider for Baseball Team Uniforms?

Well, you should also look at the type of sleeves on the baseball team uniforms.
There are three main types of sleeves for your baseball team uniform which include the following.

• Sleeveless Baseball Team Uniforms
This type of baseball jersey does not have sleeves and is usually proper for training or for the hot weather.
• Short Sleeve Baseball Team Uniforms
You can also opt for the short sleeve baseball jersey that extends up to the mid bicep area of the arm.
• Long Sleeve Baseball Team Uniforms
Here, you will have a baseball jersey that has sleeves extending all the way to the wrist of your arms.

What are the Benefits of Reversible Baseball Team Uniforms?

Reversible baseball team uniforms are special types of uniforms that have prints on the inside and the outside.
You can decide to change the inside out and wear it as part of the baseball uniforms.

Here are some of the benefits of the reversible baseball team uniforms.

• Cost Effective
You will save a lot of money that you could use on making two different uniforms by making one reversible baseball uniform.
• Customizable
You can also choose to customize the reversible baseball jersey by having different colors on both sides.
• Flexible
You can also change sides of the uniform depending on the occasion such as training thus making it very useful.
• Durable
You will also use the reversible baseball jersey for a very long time because the materials and prints are durable.

Reversible baseball jersey

Reversible baseball jersey

Why should you Import Baseball Team Uniform from China?

You should think of making China your baseball team uniform destination.
Here are the main reasons why China should be your number one baseball jersey shopping destination.

• High Quality Uniforms

You will get very high-quality baseball team uniforms with the best type of fabric, stitching and printing.

• Affordable Prices

You will also enjoy very affordable prices for the baseball team uniforms due to availability of cheap labor and materials.

• Quick Turnaround Time

You will have your order at your doorstep within a few days of completing the order for your baseball team uniforms.

Are Sublimated Baseball Team Uniforms better than Screen Printed Baseball Team Uniforms?


Yes, sublimated baseball team uniforms are better than the screen-printed baseball team uniforms.

Sublimated baseball team uniforms are usually more durable in comparison to the screen-printed baseball team uniforms.

In other words, sublimated uniform prints do not fade easily, crack, or peel off just like that of screen-printed uniforms.

Apart from that, it is cheaper to print fewer sublimated uniforms than it is to screen-print few baseball uniforms.

On the other hand, you will spend less in screen-printing large baseball uniform orders in comparison to sublimation printing.

You can tell us what you want and you will get high quality and durable baseball team uniforms – talk to us now.

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