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Goal Sportswear is Your Reliable Youth Wrestling Tights Supplier in China

Goal Sportswear is a professional Chinese youth wrestling tights manufacturer in China. For more than ten years, we are proud of providing customers with excellent services, on-time delivery, and superior quality products.

We supply youth wrestling tights to more than 100 countries around the world. The quality of our products is proven and tested by our international clients. Thus, you can also trust Goal Sportswear as your no.1 supplier in China.

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Goal Sportswear – Your Premier Youth Wrestling Tights Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for the best youth wrestling tights manufacturer in China? Goal Sportswear is your perfect choice! We are offering unmatched quality products and reliable services to meet your requirements.

We have our own production facilities, complete machines, and factory in China. Goal Sportswear also employs skilled workers, professional staff, an expert design team, and a dedicated sales team. Thus, we can guarantee efficient production and services.

Goal Sportswear also ensures high-quality youth wrestling tights. All products are customizable based on your requirements. From colors, design, and sizes, rest assured that all details are tailor-made.

We manufacture youth wrestling tights to keep your muscles engaged and reducing fatigue. Thus, you can have heightened performance during the fight or practice. Below are also features and benefits of Goal Sportswear youth wrestling tights.

  • Made from high-quality fabrics such as Lycra that offer a second-skin feel.
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-dry for unmatched performance.
  • It has a performance stirrup design to prevent your pants from riding up.
  • Features waistband drawstring.
  • Flat-design to ensure chafe-free comfort, durability, and strength.
  • It also features an internal pocket and multi-needle waistband for additional support.
  • Muscle compression fabric

For over ten years, Goal Sportswear has had a total dedication to providing you with unmatched quality ad support. Thus, we manufacture products that will perfectly suit your business and team. All these products are custom-made to meet your requirements.

As a professional manufacturer, we aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction. Thus, we are proud of providing customers with excellent services, on-time delivery, and superior quality products.

We can be your trusted partner when it comes to your youth wrestling tights needs. Goal Sportswear can provide you with a one-stop solution. Aside from youth wrestling tights, we are also a supplier of pro wrestling singlets, reversible wrestling singlets, grappling fight shorts, youth MMA shorts, martial arts shorts, and more.

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Youth Wrestling Tights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects you should consider when choosing youth wrestling tights.

Whether you want to learn about the design, fabric type, features, or sizes – you will find all that information right here.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Main Features Of Youth Wrestling Tights?

Youth wrestling tights

Youth wrestling tights

Youth wrestling tights can be worn under youth wrestling singlets, with custom compression tops , with regular wrestling t-shirts, or on their own.

These tights are made from fabrics that hold tight to the skin along the legs. They offer increased circulation and extra support around the legs.

The main features of youth wrestling tights are:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric to ensure a cool and dry feel at all times
  • Compression fit to enhance performance while reducing muscle fatigue
  • Strong and chaff-free seam construction
  • Elastic waistband for external support
  • Mesh panels for added breathability
  • A four-way stretch fabric that provides increased flexibility and allows a full range of motion. It also ensures the tights retain their original shape even when taken off.
  • Some have pockets for storage
  • Unlimited range of colors and print options
  • Available in a variety of cuts and sizes to suit every athlete
  • Rubberized grips to ensure the tights stay in place (at the legs) during movement
  • Availability of drawcord at the waist allows for easy adjustment of tightness

What Is The Difference Between Active Tights And Youth Wrestling Tights?

Active tights are any tights designed to move. They are multipurpose for highly active engagements such as hiking, running, gym training, and basically anything that requires these kinds of tights.

They are made using durable, breathable, and flexible fabrics and maybe plain colored or patterned.

On the other hand, youth wrestling tights are specially designed and constructed for wrestling. These tights are made for high-performance wear.

The fabrics used herein are of superior quality and excellent resistance to the wear and tear associated with wrestling.

And since flexibility and breathability are critical in wrestling, these tights are designed for wearing in any weather.

During the hot summer days, you’ll find lightweight wrestling tights with mesh panels and sweat-proof fabric for added ventilation.

When the weather changes from warm to cold, you can consider youth wrestling tights made with heavy but breathable fabric.

What Kinds Of Fabrics Are Used To Make Youth Wrestling Tights?

Youth wrestling tights are made from different fabrics. Most of which are blended to allow for a perfect fit while still maintaining their original shape.

The most common materials used to make these tights include:

  • Cotton: wresting tights made from cotton are soft, comfortable, lightweight, and relatively durable. However, they lack the moisture-wicking ability and do not stretch.
  • Synthetic fibers: The most common options under this category are polyester, spandex, and Lycra.

These fabrics offer maximum compression, which is a necessity in most wrestling apparel. They are also strong, easy to care for, and take in digital printing dyes well.

  • Fabric blends: youth wrestling tights made from fabric blends offer good characteristics such as compression, breathability, and moisture-wicking, which are great for wrestling.

The fabric blends that you can consider in this case include polyester and spandex, cotton and Lycra, and nylon and spandex.

Note that the fabric combination you get will determine the experience athletes get when wearing the tights.

  • Wool: This material makes youth wrestling tights extremely warm and suitable for cold weather wear.

It is processed so as not to itch and can be blended with other fabrics to enhance its properties.

What Are Sublimated Youth Wrestling Tights?

Sublimated wrestling tight

Sublimated wrestling tight

Sublimated youth wrestling tights are tights customized and decorated using the sublimation printing method.

These tights are made using synthetic fibers with a polymeric structure.

The polymeric structure allows the fabric to absorb an entire design from a printed sublimation paper when pressed under high heat.

Generally, sublimation apparel gets its name from the chemical process of sublimation-direct transformation of solid dye to gas without the immediate liquid phase.

In this case, what changes in the state of the dye to sublimation ink.

The dye starts solid on paper and turns to gas when moving from paper to fabric and back to solid once it penetrates the fabric.

How Does Sublimation Printing For Youth Wrestling Tights Work?

You may wonder how the sublimation printing process works for youth wrestling tights works; here is how:

Firstly, the sublimation technique requires a CAD design, a special sublimation printer, transfer paper, ink, fabric, and a heat press machine.

We begin by printing the CAD design onto the special transfer paper.

This is the first instance where we use the sublimation ink. The sublimation printer heats the ink and turns it into solid.

On the other hand, the special sublimation paper has a coating that prevents the ink from becoming liquid allowing for a smooth sublimation process.

Once a clean image has been achieved on the transfer paper, we merge the paper and fabric, ensuring complete alignment on all sides.

Next, we roll the paper and fabric combination into the heat press machine.

The high heat opens up the fabric pores allowing the ink to soak through as the fabric gets pulled through the machine.

Once it’s out, the ink dries immediately, permanently fusing with the material and becoming completely wear-resistant.

After the fabric is custom sublimated, it is cut and sewn to complete your unique custom wrestling tights.

Which Is Better Between Sublimation And Screen Printing Youth Wrestling Tights?

Dye sublimation for custom sportswear decoration is often lauded for being superior in terms of quality and longevity of the print.

But when it comes to choosing between screen printing and sublimation, it all depends on your needs and budget.

For instance, sublimation can achieve any design that you want to print. No matter the complexity of the design or the number of colors it contains.

In contrast, screen printing restricts the number of colors you can print at a go. Thus, it can be limiting if you’re looking to achieve a unique look.

Also, unlike sublimation printing, the more colors you choose for your screen print artwork, the more you’ll pay.

Secondly, sublimated prints are permanently embedded in the fabric, unable to peel, fade or crack.

These prints are highly durable and can even outlast the garment itself. On the other hand, screen-printed designs tend to lie on top of the fabric.

They easily fade and peel under heavy use and laundering.

Since screen-printed designs lie on top of the fabric, they tend to obstruct a fabric’s breathability, which is detrimental in high-performance sportswear.

But this is not the case with dye sublimated garments.

Sublimation sportswear fuses the designs with the fabric maintaining a lightweight and breathable garment.

In terms of cost, sublimation printing is cost-effective for low quantities and multiple color designs.

With screen printing, the more colors you add to your artwork and design, the more it will cost.

But if printing large volume youth wrestling tights, screen printing may be cost-effective.

This is as long as your screen print artwork stays within the 2-3 color limits.

What Are The Guidelines For Designing Custom Wrestling Tights For Youth?

It is hard to point out specific uniform guidelines since these vary depending on the team, wrestling organization, and competition.

The custom wrestling uniform rules and regulations for the world championships will not be the same as district-level competitions.

So when in doubt, ask someone from the competition or wrestling organization to avoid rules violation.

Can You Design Youth Wrestling Tights Artwork And Logos For Me?

Yes. We have designers and engineers that can help piece your ideas into creative masterpieces.

Whether raw ideas, design inspiration, or simple sketches, our creative team can handle it all.

They’ll help you with pixelation, placement and centering, color changes, adjusting print sizes, and ink color contrast as well.

You don’t have to worry about a thing; we’ve got your back! Just contact us with your request, and our team will provide you with all the help you need.

What Is The Difference Between High Rise And Mid-Waist Youth Wrestling Tights?

 Female high rise wrestling tights

Female high rise wrestling tights

Youth wrestling tights come in a variety of styles that include high-rise and mid-waist tights.

The high waist tights rise above the belly button.

They are popular among female wrestlers as they provide excellent belly support and coverage.

Most high waist tights feature an elastic waistband to ensure a comfortable, snug fit. They won’t slide down no matter what.

 Male mid-waist wrestling tights

Male mid-waist wrestling tights

On the other hand, wrestling tights with mid-waist rising length sit just below the belly.

These are made with strong stretch fabric that wraps tightly and comfortably around the body to allow a full range of motion.

Some may come with an interior drawstring to adjust the waistband when in action.

Do You Provide Youth Wrestling Tights With Pockets?


We provide youth wrestling with pockets for stashing essentials such as keys, credit cards, ID, and mobile phones.

Pocket options for these tights include a zippered back pocket, zipperless back pocket, hip pockets, side pockets, waistband pocket, etc.

What Is The Advantage Of Youth Wrestling Tights With Moisture Wicking Technology?

Youth wrestling tights with moisture-wicking technology are typically made with synthetic fabrics that draw away moisture from the body.

The ability of youth wrestling tights to do this helps to keep athletes dry and comfortable throughout.

When considering moisture-wicking tights, you want to avoid cotton fabric blends. Instead, go for tights made of technical polyester fabrics.

The polyester fabric could be either by itself or combined with other synthetic fibers such as spandex or nylon.

If wrestlers are to fight or train in wet and or/humid weather, youth wrestling tights with moisture-wicking technology can help keep their skin a lot drier.

The tights can also prevent sweat from freezing on the skin during cold weather practice/competitions.

Generally, moisture-wicking technology keeps the water moving in youth wrestling tights.

Not surprisingly, these wrestling tights also help relieve chafing, unlike natural fabrics, which merely soak up moisture.

Why Are Youth Wrestling Tights Tight-fitting?

A Tight but comfortable fitting is necessary for most wrestling outfits. It helps prevent illegal grabbing, pulling, and tugging maneuvers on the mat.

The tight fit of youth wrestling tights also helps to reduce injury during fights.

In addition, it allows referees to see the on-goings on the mat and make calls accordingly.

Which Is The Best Seam Construction For Youth Wrestling Tights?

Flatlock seam

Flatlock seam

The flatlock seam is ideal for youth wrestling tights.

It eliminates unwanted bulk and maintains a lightweight, comfortable feel of the fabric with a lot of stretch.

Flatlock seams are also very strong and less abrasive on the skin. They help reduce irritation caused by sweat and movement.

This type of seam is constructed using special machines and multi-thread stitches. It looks like a Serger stitch but with one edge of the fabric overlapping on top of the other.

Note that a flatlock stitch has two sides; one finished with a looped zip zag stitch and another with a ladder stitch.

The sides are then joined by a looped chain stitch on a multi-needle machine.

There are also seamless youth wrestling tights.

These are knit together in a circular manner creating a one-piece tight that is free of seams.

Seamless youth wrestling tights are lighter, super comfortable, and chaff-free.

Are There Any Limitations On Youth Wrestling Tights’ Length?

Wrestling tights

Wrestling tights


Wrestling tights lengths vary depending on induvial taste, team regulations, competition, and scene.

As a result, these tights are made in different lengths to suit our clients’ varying needs and preferences.

The main length options are:

  • Full length: these tights extend to the ankles. They are the best for cold-weather needs as they allow wrestlers to retain heat better and protect them in colder weather.
  • 7/8 tights: the legs of these tights reach up to just above the ankles and below the calf.
  • ¾ tights length: also known as Capri length, these tights extend below the knee and somewhere in the middle of the calf. ¾ wrestling tights offer more breathability, especially during warm weather, and provide more coverage than regular wrestling compression shorts.
  • Short tights: there are two types in this category: those extending just above the knee and those reaching around the hips. These don’t offer much coverage but are comfortable, breathability and pretty flexible.

Is There A Difference Between Boy’s And Unisex Vs. Girl’s Youth Wrestling Tights?

Youth wrestling tights are available in both girl’s and boy’s cuts to cater to the different needs of male and female youth wrestlers.

Non-gendered or unisex tights are also available, and these are the same thing as the boy’s tights.

When you see wrestling tight called men’s or boys, it will typically have a ladies’ cut option.

To distinguish between these wrestling tight styles, take a look at the fit. The biggest difference is that female tights versions are more contoured to the female figure.

Specifically, they are tapered from the waist downwards, giving a more feminine style.

On the other hand, boy’s tights will be more muted in style. They come across as more masculine.

You’ll find boy’s tights in lots of black, grey, and brown with a few hints of color on the side and graphic designs.

You won’t see a lot of pinks, light blue or yellow, in these tights as you would in the girl’s youth wrestling tights.

Also, the male versions of youth wrestling tights feature a larger crotch pad or liner to provide more room and protection for the groin.

As far as the waistline goes, male tights will have a waist that runs directly under the bellow.

You won’t find a low-rise version that rests comfortably on the hips or a high-rise version to offer belly support.

The waistline in youth wrestling tights for boys sits the same as wrestling fight shorts or pants.

What Is The Advantage Of Youth Wrestling Tights With Zippered Leg Openings?

Youth wrestling tights can be troublesome to wear and remove.

Zippered leg openings, in this case, make the tights easy to wear and take off.

They are convenient when on the go and during last-minute wardrobe changes when a wrestler doesn’t want to take their shoes off.

How Do I Order The Right Size Youth Wrestling Tights?

Youth wrestling tights size chart

Youth wrestling tights size chart

As you know, youth wrestling tights vary depending on the fabric used in their construction. In this regard, some tights have more compression, making them snug more, while others are less tight.

You may want to go a size up for youth wrestling tights with super compression for a more comfortable fit.

But if the fabric is very stretchy, consider going a size down, especially for athletes swinging between two different sizes.

This is because highly elastic tights tend to have a loose grip around the waist.

As such, getting a smaller size ensures that the grip is firm enough not to push down or fold over during active movements.

Also, there is always the manufacturer’s size guide that you can use as a starting point when sizing youth wrestling tights.

In this case, we recommend taking measurements of the team members before buying to ensure that the tights you choose are well-fitting.

How Long Can Youth Wrestling Tights Last With Normal Wear?

A good pair of youth wrestling tights should last at least a year with regular wear and laundering.

High-performance, abrasion-resistant fabric with moisture-wicking technology can keep your tights around longer.

In addition to anti-microbial and anti-odor technology, youth wrestling tights will stay snag and stink-free.

You can also extend the life of youth wrestling tights by washing and maintaining them properly.

What Are The Care Instructions For Youth Wrestling Tights?

To make your youth wrestling tights last as long as possible, follow these tips:

  • Hand wash most of the time: most custom wrestling outfits are meant to be hand-washed with mild soap, detergent, and cold water. It prevents damage to your tights’ delicate fabric.

If you must machine-wash, then make sure to check the care label instructions on the garment before washing.

  • Air dry for best results: just as you should skip machine washing as much as possible, you should avoid machine drying youth wrestling tights. After washing, lay out the tights or hang them out in the open air to dry. Avoid hanging under direct sunlight while doing this.
  • Avoid wringing the tights: it is tempting to squeeze every drop of water out of the tights. However, this too much wringing is not advisable as it can overstretch and distort the garment’s original shape.

So instead of wringing, roll the wet tights up in a towel, gently press to remove excess water, and then dry it out.

  • Always clean the tights after every use: be it after practice, warm-up, or competition, make sure to launder youth wrestling tights immediately. It prevents the buildup of molds and bacteria, which can cause the fabric to deteriorate.

At Goal Sportswear, we offer a range of youth wrestling tights, depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

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