In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about youth cheerleading uniforms such as design, material type, features, and how to check the quality, among other critical aspects.

So, before buying youth cheerleading uniforms, read this guide.

What is Youth Cheerleading Uniform?

 Cheerleading uniform

Cheerleading uniform

Many cheerleading teams have uniforms similar or almost similar to the team that they are cheering on for uniformity.

Cheerleaders have become more professional over the year.

That is why more and more cheerleading teams require uniforms.

How does Youth Cheer Leading Uniform compare to Official Youth Sports Jerseys?

  • Fabric: youth cheerleading uniforms are made from lighter materials, while the official youth sports jerseys are mostly made from cotton yarn.
  • Logo design: The youth cheerleading uniform version and official youth sports jersey are different in the youth cheerleading uniform version.

The youth cheerleading uniform uses heat printed technology to imprint the logo on the youth cheerleading uniform.

In contrast, the logo on the youth sports jersey is made by sewing or embroidery.

  • Version: the version of the official youth sports jersey is more breathable and tight-fitting.

Whereas the cheerleading uniform version lacks air permeability.

  • Structure: youth cheerleading uniform have a single layer structure, whereas the official youth sports jersey has a double-layered structure that absorbs heat.
  • Price: the official youth sports jerseys are more expensive than the youth cheerleading uniform.

Who Wears Youth Cheerleading Uniform?

Cheerleaders wear youth cheerleading uniforms.

Cheerleaders vary in age and can be categorized as follows:

  • Children from age four to six
  • Children from ages five to eight
  • Intermediate from age six to eleven
  • Youth from ages eleven to thirteen
  • Junior from ages fourteen to sixteen
  • Senior cheerleaders from ages seventeen to twenty-one.

What Youth Cheerleading Uniform Designs do you have?

The youth cheerleading uniform designs that we have to include:

Youth cheerleading uniform design

Youth cheerleading uniform design

  • Full swag apparel
  • Rhinestone long sleeve cheap uniform designs
  • Headlong fashion design clothes custom cheerleading uniforms for girls
  • Custom stretch skirt
  • GTM unity skirt
  • 248 venom
  • Perry ramblers
  • Spirit of faith warrior’s cheer
  • 702 cheer
  • Canes cheer
  • Eagles cheer
  • NOC eagles
  • Ram football
  • Soukup cheer
  • Central Arkansas bulldogs
  • Agility
  • Bobcat cheer
  • Queens
  • OLS cheerleading
  • Melbourne ducks
  • D2 blue eagles
  • Richmond elite

Do you Help in Custom Youth Cheerleading Uniforms Design?

Yes, you can send your sample designs to the manufacturers.

We can add or adjust them for you.

The best way is to develop various sample designs for the custom youth cheerleading uniform designs for the manufacturers to choose from.

You should always keep in touch with the manufacturers and discuss any deviations in your designs.

It will help you have a final custom youth cheerleading uniform design that suits your specifications.

How much do Youth Cheerleading Uniforms Cost?

Youth cheerleading uniforms have different price ranges between $ 30 to $ 50 per set.

This will depend on different features such as the material used, uniform style, and personalization/customization.

Our full youth cheerleading uniforms have the following price ranges:

  • 10 to 50 pieces, the price is $44.99 per set.
  • 51 to 100 pieces, the price is $41.99 per set.
  • 101 to 250 pieces, the price is $37.99 per set.
  • For 251 and above pieces, the price is $33.99 per set.

Our youth cheerleading tops have the following price ranges:

  • 10 to 100 pieces, the price is $27.99 per set.
  • 101 to 200 pieces, the price is $24.99 per set.
  • 201 to 500 pieces, the price is $21.99 per set.
  • 501 and above pieces, the price is $17.99 per set.

Our youth cheerleader shorts have the following price ranges:

  • 10 to 100 pieces, the price is $24.99 per set.
  • 101 to 200 pieces, the price is $21.99 per set.
  • 201 to 500 pieces, the price is $18.99 per set.
  • For 501 and above pieces, the price is $13.99 per set.

Are Youth Cheerleading Uniforms Durable?

Yes, cheerleading uniforms are durable because they are made from durable materials such as polyester and cotton.

What are the available Color Options for Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

There are no color limitations for custom youth cheerleading uniforms as they are available in almost all colors.

An individual must select a color of youth cheerleading uniforms that suits their preferences.

What is the Best Material for Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

The best fabric for youth cheerleading uniforms should be highly functional to cheerleaders.

It should absorb sweat away from the body quickly while in the pitch.

The material must also be able to withstand high amounts of strain.

Therefore, the best material for youth cheerleading uniforms is polyester.

Polyester comes in several blends.

Why is Sublimation Printing Best for Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

Sublimation printing is best for youth cheerleading uniforms because of the following reasons:

  • You can get unlimited colors for your youth cheerleading uniforms.
  • The colors are vibrant and photogenic.
  • Sublimation printing produces complex patterns for your youth cheerleading uniforms.
  • Normal the print infuses with the fabric and is soft to the touch.
  • Also, the print is long-lasting and will not crack, peel, or fade.
  • The print can be made to glitter through the addition of a heat transfer such as rhinestones or hotfix glitter.
  • Sublimation printing is always trending and never goes out of fashion.

What Graphics and Information can you Print on Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

The feature that can be incorporated in youth cheerleading uniforms include:

  • Fan name: one can print or embroider their name onto the youth cheerleading uniform.
  • Team logo: one can print or embroider the team logo onto the youth cheerleading uniform
  • Team name: you can incorporate the team’s name on the youth cheerleading uniform.
  • Favorite quote: a cheerleader can also print their favorite or preferred sentiments on the youth cheerleading uniform.
  • Uniform sponsor name: one can print or embroider the jersey sponsor’s name onto the youth cheerleading uniform.
  • Favorite player’s name: one can print or embroider the player they like most in the team that they are cheering onto the youth cheerleading uniform.

What is the MOQ for Youth Cheerleading Uniform?

We offer flexible MOQ depending on your needs and requirements.

Just feel free to contact us.

Is Importing Youth Cheerleading Uniforms from China Profitable?

Yes, importing from China will significantly benefit the growth of your business.

Some of the reasons why you should import youth cheerleading uniforms from China are:



a. Many of the manufacturers have years of experience in the production of youth cheerleading uniforms.

b. Uniqueness: Manufacturers in China produce youth cheerleading uniforms, which are of their kind and, in most cases, not like any other youth cheerleading uniforms.

c. Price: most youth cheerleading uniforms manufactured in China are relatively affordable.

d. Quality: manufacturers in China have highly skilled personnel and thus make high-quality youth cheerleading uniforms that are versatile and last for long periods.

e. Quantity: most of the manufacturers in China sell in bulk; that is, one can purchase as many youth cheerleading uniforms as fifty or one hundred pieces.

The youth cheerleading uniforms manufacturers industry in China is massive and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.

f. Variety to choose from: they provide an extensive range of youth cheerleading uniforms to choose from and select that design that suits their preferences.

g. Infrastructure: China manufacturers have excellent logistics infrastructure and can ship products to all corners of the world.

h. Payment: It is easy to pay for your goods using the online banking systems established, and you are also able to track your order shipment.

How do you check the Quality of Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

There is a lot to consider when determining the quality of a youth cheerleading uniforms in terms of the style, the print type, and the fabric’s nature.

The fabric quality can be verified by touching, seeing, and getting a feel by wearing it over some time.

However, beyond the minor considerations, there are many more factors to be looked at, which include:

  • Stitches: good quality youth cheerleading uniforms have firm stitches with secure threads which are evenly sown.
  • Fabric: for youth cheerleading uniforms, the fabric should be firm, soft, and dense. It would be best to let thick material be your only guide to selecting the right cheerleading uniform.
  • Quality of the print: the print on the youth cheerleading uniform should be of exceptional quality. Most youth cheerleading uniform prints are screen printed or embroidered.

What are the Features of Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

Some of the features of a cheerleading uniform include:

  • Cheerleading uniforms consist of tops or bottoms.
  • Most of them come with pleated skirts and spandex shorts.
  • Socks should be comfortable and absorbent.
  • Practice cheerleading uniforms are mostly made from cotton and come in long and short-sleeved options.
  • Cheerleading uniforms come in colors matching the team they are cheering on.
  • Cheerleading uniforms must meet specific rules and regulations, for instance, the length of the uniform.
  • Fabric used to make a cheerleading uniform should be comfortable and flexible.

How should Youth Cheerleading Uniforms Fit?

Youth cheerleading uniforms should be customized according to the specification of the individual cheerleaders.

The youth cheering uniform should have a slimmer and tighter fit in the sleeves and midsection and leave room for sufficient ventilation.

What are the available Sizes of Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

The available sizes of youth cheerleading uniforms can be established by taking the following measurements:

  • Chest: you should measure around the chest its fullest part.
  • Waist: you should take measurements around the waistline.
  • Hips: you should take measurements of the hips at their fullest part all round the body.
  • Length of the back: for the length of the back start measuring from the bottom of the neck until your desired height.
  • Skirt length: you should take measurements from the at the start of the waistband up to the length that you desire.
  • Pant inseam: you should take measurements of the length from the inseam’s crotch to your preferred length.

For shells and skirts youth cheerleading uniforms, the sizes include:

  • Youth 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18

For custom body liners youth cheerleading uniforms, the sizes include:

  • YXS
  • YS
  • YM
  • YL

Are there Rules and Regulations for Manufacturing Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

There are no specific rules on how to design youth cheerleading uniforms.

Before designing your teams’ youth cheerleading uniforms, it is essential to check with your organization.

Some of the rules and regulations of male cheer uniforms include:

  • While standing, a full torso length, from your shoulders, your waist is required.
  • The sleeves for your cheerleading top can either be long or short, and they should reach at least the middle between your elbows and shoulders.
  • Your shirts can be V-necks or round necks.
  • For pants that are full length, they should reach the feet.
  • Also, your shorts should reach the middle of the thigh.

Some of the rules and regulations for female cheer uniforms include:

  • Your tops maybe shell, midriff, or crop.
  • The bras should have no styles and your tops should be an inch below the line of the bra.
  • You should not have extreme cut necklines.
  • Besides, your tops should not have excessive backless allowance
  • It would help if you did not have tube tops; the tops must be well reinforced on the neck or at least over one shoulder.
  • You should wear skirts that do not show the hips.
  • Moreover, your skirts should hide the briefs when your feet are widely stretched.
  • You should not wear extraordinarily tight or short skirts.
  • Also, you should not have extremely low-rise waistbands lower than 2 inches below the navel when worn with a cropped top or midriff.
  • It would be best if you were not bare feet.
  • Your athletic footwear should be soft-soled, and you must wear it during all competitions.
  • You should not wear boots, jazz shoes or gymnastics.

Is there a Recommended Length for Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

Youth cheerleading uniform

Youth cheerleading uniform

Yes, there is a recommended length for youth cheerleading uniforms.

For your male youth cheerleaders’ full-length pants, they should reach the feet.

Also, for your male youth cheerleaders’ shorts, they may be no higher than mid-thigh.

They should cover your hips for female skirts and cover the briefs when your feet are shoulder-width apart.

The sleeves for your cheerleading top should be long or short, but they should reach the middle of the elbow and shoulder.

What do Youth Cheerleading Uniforms Consist of?

Youth cheerleading uniforms consist of:

  • Bodysuit/ body liner: bodysuit is worn under the youth cheerleading uniform’s shell as an undergarment. Its color is similar to that of the youth cheerleading uniform.
  • Full-shell: these are the tops of full length (reaching the waist) usually worn by cheerleaders. They are mostly sleeveless but can have other variations.
  • Ribbons/bows: the cheerleaders wear these on their hair by being tied onto the hair in a bow.

The color of the ribbons is mostly similar to that of the youth cheerleading uniform.

  • Shell/vest: this is usually worn on the upper body for cheerleaders and has all sizes and fits according to customization specifications.

The colors of the shell are similar to the team’s colors.

  • Halter shell: their length and size similar to the usual ones, and they mostly sleeveless with a more revealing upper part.

The shell’s back part is made very comfortable for the wearer and is also revealing.

  • Skirt: This is the bottom wear for female cheerleaders and is usually smaller and casual wear but may vary from team to team.

Also, the skirts comprise a pant-like structure to make the cheerleaders comfortable as they jump and cheer for their team.

  • Full-length pants: these are bottom wear for male cheerleaders, and they should reach the feet.
  • Shorts: shorts can also serve as bottom wear for male cheerleaders, and they may be no higher than mid-thigh.

How long does it take to Manufacture Youth Cheerleading Uniform?

The manufacturing of youth cheerleading uniforms is fully automated.

Thus, the turnaround time from cutting the fabric to the final product can take a single day.

However, it will take about 2-3 weeks from the time you place your order to your youth’s delivery.

Customized youth cheerleading uniforms usually require a longer turnaround time because the manufacturer will have to adjust their machines for production.

Do you Help in Shipping Youth Cheerleading Uniforms?

Yes, we do help in the shipping of your youth cheerleading uniforms.

It is prudent you communicate with us about shipping costs before placing your orders.

Also, ensure you are aware of the various payment options available.

These may include:

  • Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.
  • You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.
  • There is also ALIPAY or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • You can use a broker.
  • Transfer funds via western union.
  • You can also use PayPal.

Depending on your unique requirements, Goal Sportswear offers the best designs of youth cheerleading uniforms.

Contact us now for all your youth cheerleading uniforms.