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More than 500 Wrestling Wear Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

100% Polyester Sublimation Custom Printed Wrestling Wear
100% Polyester Sublimation Custom Printed Wrestling Wear
100% Polyester Sublimation Mens Custom Wrestling Wear
100% Polyester Sublimation Mens Custom Wrestling Wear
100% Polyester Sublimation Printing Custom Youth Team Wrestling Wear
100% Polyester Sublimation Printing Custom Youth Team Wrestling Wear
Custom Design Sublimation Printing Breathable Reversible Wrestling Wear
Custom Design Sublimation Printing Breathable Reversible Wrestling Wear
Custom Made Sublimated Printing Short Sleeve Wrestling Wear
Custom Made Sublimated Printing Short Sleeve Wrestling Wear
Custom Made Sublimation Printing Mens Pro Wrestling Wear
Custom Made Sublimation Printing Men's Pro Wrestling Wear
Custom Wholesale Sublimated Printed Wrestling Wear
Custom Wholesale Sublimated Printed Wrestling Wear
Dye Sublimation Custom Design Team Wrestling Wear
Dye Sublimation Custom Design Team Wrestling Wear
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Full Polyester Wrestling Wear
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Full Polyester Wrestling Wear
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Youth Wrestling Wear
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Youth Wrestling Wear
Full Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Made Team Wrestling Wear
Full Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Made Team Wrestling Wear
Full Dye Sublimation Wholesale Custom Wrestling Wear
Full Dye Sublimation Wholesale Custom Wrestling Wear
Full Polyester Breathable Custom Design Sublimated Wrestling Wear
Full Polyester Breathable Custom Design Sublimated Wrestling Wear
Full Polyester Custom Made Durable Mens Team Wrestling Wear
Full Polyester Custom Made Durable Men's Team Wrestling Wear
Full Polyester Durable Sublimated Custom Youth Team Wrestling Wear
Full Polyester Durable Sublimated Custom Youth Team Wrestling Wear
Full Sublimated Custom Made Mens Team Wrestling Wear
Full Sublimated Custom Made Men's Team Wrestling Wear
High School Custom Design Sublimated Reversible Wrestling Wear
High School Custom Design Sublimated Reversible Wrestling Wear
Pro Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Design Team Wrestling Wear
Pro Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Design Team Wrestling Wear
Sublimation High Quality Custom Youth V Neck Wrestling Wear
Sublimation High Quality Custom Youth V Neck Wrestling Wear
Sublimation Printing 100% Polyester Dry Fit Custom Wrestling Wear
Sublimation Printing 100% Polyester Dry Fit Custom Wrestling Wear
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Made Sublimation Wrestling Wear
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Made Sublimation Wrestling Wear
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Sublimated Printed Wrestling Wear
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Sublimated Printed Wrestling Wear
Wholesale High Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Wrestling Wear
Wholesale High Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Wrestling Wear
Wholesale Pro Quality Custom Design Sublimated Kids Wrestling Wear
Wholesale Pro Quality Custom Design Sublimated Kids Wrestling Wear
Wholesale High Qualtiy Mens Custom Made Wrestling Wear
Wholesale High Quality Men's Custom Made Wrestling Wear

Customize Your Wrestling Wear at Goal Sportswear

Goal Sportswear is the most trusted wrestling wear manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacture the broadest collection of wrestling wear with various designs and styles to meet your requirements.

Here in Goal Sportswear, you can make your wrestling wear. We can manufacture tailor-made products according to your specifications and details. If you have specific designs, sizes, and colors, send them to us. Then, our staff will cater to your needs and guide you throughout the process.

Goal Sportswear is always ready to provide a one-stop solution to your wrestling wear needs for your team or business. Would you mind sending us your inquiries today?


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Goal Sportswear – Your Reliable Wrestling Wear Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Goal Sportswear has been the best wrestling wear manufacturer in China. We have more than ten years of experience in manufacturing and supplying wrestling wear to different countries worldwide.

We manufacture all our products through our advanced manufacturing line. Our factory in China has high-technology and imported sewing machines, printing machines, and printing ink. Thus, you can assure that we have full capabilities in providing you the highest quality wrestling wear.

Also, Goal Sportswear has a professional team of designers and sales representatives. Our design team has rich experience and deep knowledge in producing wrestling wear. Our sales representative team will provide you excellent services.

We manufacture a wide range of wrestling wear to meet your requirements. You can purchase our wrestling trunks, wrestling singlets, wrestling long tights, wrestling thongs, wrestling tights with single tops, one-piece wrestling wear, and more.

As a professional manufacturer, we aim to provide customers with a 100% satisfaction level. Thus, we manufacture products with quality and worth. Goal Sportswear wrestling wear features the following:

  • High-quality fabrics and materials. We have more than 50 fabric options, including Lycra and polyester. These materials guarantee comfort and are soft.
  • Comfortable fit. The products feature anti-slip and gripper elastics. It also offers a superior compression design for mobility and a comfortable fit.
  • Flatlock stitching. The flatlock stitching design allows our wrestling wear to have durable properties. You can also guarantee that your wrestling wear will rip off easily.
  • Breathable. It allows proper ventilation and can wick away sweats or moisture for comfortable wear.
  • These are lightweight, fashionable, stylish, and easy to clean.
  • Available in custom sizes, colors, and designs.
  • You can add your team or company logo, player numbers, player name, team name, graphics, texts, fonts, mascots, sponsors, and more.

Choose Goal Sportswear as your no.1 wrestling wear manufacturer and supplier. We can provide you competitive prices and fast delivery. Aside from that, we also guarantee a quick and efficient production process.

We thoroughly inspect all our products in every product stage. Thus, you can assure correct details and specifications upon receiving. You can guarantee the best purchasing experience when you buy wrestling wear at Goal Sportswear.

Enquire now for your next wrestling wear orders!

Wrestling Wear: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for high-quality wrestling wear.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about wrestling wear.

Keep reading to learn more.

Which Types Of Wrestling Wear Do You Have?

Wrestling Singlet

Refers to a single piece of clothing made of lycra/splandex that is put on during a wrestling match to prevent your body from exposure.

wrestling singlet

Wrestling singlet

Wrestling Socks

Made of polyester/ spandex. They complement appearance when put on alongside shoes.

In addition, they absorb sweat and ensure your feet is kept dry and safe from infections such as athletes’ foot.

wrestling socks

Wrestling socks

Wrestling Pants

Wrestling wear that covers the lower part of your body extending below your knee.

 wrestling pants

Wrestling pants

Wrestling Shorts

Refers to a single piece of clothing made of lycra/splandex that is put on during a wrestling match. Usually, it covers the lower part of your body extending right above the knee.

 wrestling short

wrestling short

Wrestling Jackets

A wrestling attire meant to keep you warm during the cold season, usually not used in a match.

wrestling jacket

wrestling jacket

Wrestling Shirts

A piece of wrestling wear made up of organic cotton with a blend of polyester that covers the upper part of your body.

wrestling T shirt

wrestling T shirt

Wrestling Hoodie

A casual wrestling outfit not used during a match. Usually, put on while on training, could be traveling or rather waiting bench.

They serve to keep you warm especially during the cold season.

wrestling hoodie

wrestling hoodie

Which Features Should You Look For In Wrestling Wear?

Some of the main features you should consider include:

Type Of Stitching

From a variety of known stitching types, go for the strong and durable stitching techniques that guarantee maximum comfortability.

The commonly used types are flat-lock double stitching and merrowlycra.

Leg Openings

Consider the use of custom wrestling attires whose leg openings have leg grippers.

Since the lycra material is sleek, movement of the costume up and down is expected.

Leg grippers ensure full body coverage by controlling the leg openings from moving up.

Decoration Type

You should go for custom wrestling wears with sublimated designs of your choice or custom sewn-in designs.

Fabric Used

Lycra/Splandex is one of the best-known good quality fabrics commonly used by manufacturers.

Their ability to constantly stretch with ease enhancing your comfortability and flexibility is one of the reasons you should give it an upper hand.

How Should Wrestling Wear Fit?

A wrestling wear fitting is determined based on your body weight.

With the correct measurements of your body, it’s much easier to get yourself a perfect size.

Usually, wrestling wears are form-fitting.

They are made in this manner to reduce the chances of your competitor grabbing you with ease amidst a match.

How Do You Custom Wrestling Wear?

Choose the required fabric type for custom wrestling wear.

Get ideas on the preferred type of design you wish to rock.

Creativity comes in here since you want something unique and far much attractive.

Get samples on online websites to incase you having difficulties getting the right design.

Getting the right stitching techniques.

The most preferred stitching types are the flatlock double stitching technique, one of the strongest sewing techniques.

Merrowlycra works equally well, it could be your alternative option. With these stitching types, the durability of your attire is guaranteed.

Choose the appropriate color designs basing on your interest.

You can go further and select a cut you would wish to complement your designs, colors, and sewing techniques.

Factors to consider on the type of cut include high elasticity performance, full seam color, leg cuffs that are not elastic e.t.c.

Is Wrestling Wear Available In All Sizes?

Wrestling wears come in several different sizes.

We have different fittings which vary from one to another depending on weight.

Under the adult category, we have men’s and women’s wrestling wear.

We also offer wrestling wear for toddlers. Size is more often determined by your weight.

We offer you a range from which you can choose your perfect fit. It ranges from youth extra small to extra extra extra large as seen below.

If you are heavyweight or significantly taller, you go for the next big size.

The significantly smaller/short toddlers would be given priority in case you lack a perfect fit.

We offer reducing services but only to those whose weight is closer to the minimum cut point.

Weight                                                Size

25 – 40                        Youth Extra Small (YXS)

40 – 60                        Youth Small (YS)

60 – 75                        Youth Medium (YM)

75 – 90                        Youth Large (YL)

90 – 110                      Extra Small (XS)

110 – 130                    Small (S)

130 – 155                    Medium (M)

155 – 185                    Large (L)

185 – 225                    Extra Large (XL)

225 – 275                    Extra Extra Large

275 – 340                    Extra ExtraExtra Large

How Much Does Wrestling Wear Cost?

Prices for wrestling wear may vary depending on the quality of the material used in production as well as the design techniques applied.

Modern and stylish designs that are a bit confiscated tend to cost more than ordinary ones.

Prices may range from as low as 10 dollars to a maximum of 50 US dollars per piece depending on quality.

The cost could be more depending on how large your order is.

Additional charges may also apply in case you prefer customized wrestling wear of your designs.

Do You Help In Wrestling Wear designs?

Yes. With the help of our great team of professional experts, this is handled during the manufacturing process.

For instance, a client may lack a design idea or rather give orders without any form of personification. We guarantee you the highest quality of all your custom wrestling wear, cut out, sewn, and printed by our professional designers.

Will You Share My Wrestling Wear Design With My Competitors?

No, we sign non-disclosure agreements that rule out sharing of the design ideas.

This is important because it helps on cutting down the idea of copying which is a major drawback of competition.

Uniqueness helps you stand out and compete effectively with so much confidence. – explain why this is important to protect your design

What Is The Best Material For Wrestling Wear?

Wrestling wears are best made of lycra/splandex material.

Despite having alternative options like nylon, more often we recommend lycra as much as quality is concerned.

The material is made up of high-quality fabric which guarantees you durability. It also can stretch constantly without wear or tear.

Is Wrestling Wear Durable?


Lycra-made wrestling wears will serve you for the longest time as the fabric used is of good quality. Prices can help you tell which one is quality as they tend to be more expensive.

The advantage you have is that it is cost-efficient as it does not give room for replacement costs.

The ink infused into the fabric during digital printing also enhances its strength thus durability.

Is Wrestling Wear Unisex?

Wrestling wears are available in all forms.

Some give service to all genders whether male or female, whereas others tend to be gender-biased.

The gender-biased ones have certain features like groin areas &broad shoulders for male wear and enlarged breasts for females.

Unisex wrestling wears do not portray these features thus could favor either of the genders.

They come in different sizes for lightweight and heavyweight body weights.

Their prices also vary depending on the quality of the fabric used.

What Is Your MOQ For Wrestling Wear?

We have a low MOQ from as low as 10pcs per design to a maximum of 50pcs.

How Do You Check Quality Standards Of Wrestling Wear?

The cost price of wrestling wear outfits speaks much about their quality.

Good quality wrestling wear tends to cost more as compared to ordinary ones.

The fabrics used are quality, therefore this explains the reason behind high pricing.

The poor the quality, the cheaper the price due to low fabric cost.

Printing techniques applied alongside the type of ink used are of great concern also.

Sublimation printing and Kian ink are the best recommended.

In addition to that, you also have to focus on the type of stitch used in your wrestling wear.

Flat-lock double stitching is one best style. Alternatively, we have merrowclycra which equally serves you the same purpose.

They are resistant to skin irritations and chafing which gives them an advantage over other stitching types.

With these factors, you rest assured of the quality of your wrestling wear.

How Should You Clean Wrestling Wear?

First, presoak this piece of clothing for at least one hour or more.

The material used is usually prone to stains and bad odor.

Presoaking helps you get rid of this thus easing up the washing process.

The addition of leaven or baking soda helps in removing the bad odor or funk.

Washing is done using cold or warm water and never hot.

This is because this fabric is very sensitive to heat, tampering with it is easier with hot water.

The use of mild detergents while cleaning helps you retain the color of the fabric.

Strong detergents containing phosphate groups are highly discouraged as they bring about the bleaching effect.

Strong bleaches like chlorine should also be avoided to help in the maintenance of the fabric. Alternatively, you could use oxygen or all-fabric bleach and cold water to brighten up the fiber.

Wash the wrestling wear separately without mixing with other types of fabric to help keep the fabric in good shape and color.

Mixing with other materials like cotton transfers lint to the wrestling wear fibers.

Drying should be done outside and not in dryers. This is because of the sensitivity of the material to heat.

By so doing, setting in of stains, shrinking and fading of colors is contained. Use plastic hangers to avoid rusting of the attire.

Disinfectants like phenolic acid are used to treat the wrestling wear disinfecting it from bacteria possibly found on other wrestling accessories.

Why Is Sublimated Wrestling Wear The Best?


There is increased durability since the process involves fusing ink into the fabric which enhances the fabric strength.

In addition, for successive sublimation, you require a good quality fabric for high outcome performance. This implies that fibers used here are quality and can stretch with ease, and as you know quality goes hand in hand with durability.

It saves you a lot on replacement costs as damages such as wear and tear are on a minimum level.


Comfortability is the ultimate goal for effective performance.

During the sublimation process, consider using soft fabric prints to achieve the highest form of comfort. Since the inks used during the printing process are quality, then expect less cracking and peel off which are often subject to skin cuts and bruises.


The ability of the lycra/splandex material to constantly stretch with ease gives room for increased flexibility.

You will be in a position to move and make turns without straining. With the best fabric, you can never go wrong with flexibility.

How Does Sublimation Printing Wrestling Wear Work?

Composing An Idea

The ability to develop new design ideas through creativity and innovation.

Coming up with the best designs is of great interest.

We have design samples across all platforms.

Soft copy designs in form of templates on different manufactures’ websites or hard copy designs through brochures or leaflets.

You could use this to get ideas and draft one of your own from these samples.

This makes it easier in making the correct choice of designs to apply.

Also, consider the color of your wrestling wear outfit basing on the team’s theme color or rather one of your preferences.

Choosing A Design Template

This comes next after you compose an idea. We offer design templates in form of soft copies.

You are therefore required to go through the samples and select one of that is of your interest.

Detailed information of what you would want your wrestling wear to look like is highly encouraged.

This could be specifications on size, colors, font type, etc. Submit them for confirmation purposes.

Confirmation Stage

During this stage, professional design experts go through your choices and make reviews basing on their findings.

Usually, the draft recommendations and advice further on what would satisfy your interest.

This will now help you make adjustments by correcting mistakes made in the previous stages.

The final report is then sent to the manufacturer for printing.

How Does Screen Printed Wrestling Wear Compare To Sublimated Wrestling Wear?

Screen printing involves the transfer of ink onto the custom wrestling wear.

With sublimation printing, ink is directly compressed into the fabric of the custom wrestling wear.

The results of custom sublimated wrestling wear are quality.

screen printed wrestling wear

wrestling wear

This is because they do not exhibit properties like peeling off, cracking, or fading upon washing.

Screen printing on the other hand is not quality and is subject to all these properties.

With sublimation, you are required to specify where you prefer your custom designs put.

Screen printing is very lenient to customization as no such specifications are mandatory.

Sublimation printing is suitable for large orders as opposed to screen printing which works for small orders.

Screen printing is relatively cheaper when compared to sublimation printing.

The advantage of screen printing is that you can still stay within budget since it is pocket-friendly.

Sublimation printing works best on brightly colored fabrics such as white as opposed to Screen printing which works on any fabric.

 sublimated wrestling wear

sublimated wrestling wear

What Are The Available Color Options For Wrestling Wear?

Wrestling wears come in all colors of your preference.

A selection for an ideal color should be made based on the theme color for the team or match.

If there exist no instructions on the preferred color then it is up to you to make a decision which may be quite challenging sometimes.

We offer samples in form of templates so getting an idea won’t be such a huge task.

A hack to getting it done quickly is considering your gender.

Men will always go for dull colors whereas their female counterparts prefer vibrant bright colors.

Design patterns could be well taken care of by the manufacturer.

How Do You Support Small Businesses Importing Wrestling Wear From China?

Offer competitive prices

They happen to offer low production costs with no extra charge rates to attract more clients.

This is a gain for both manufacturers and business entrepreneurs. Small businesses are therefore able to compete effectively thriving in the limelight.

The greater the growth, the larger the orders which is equally a gain to the manufacturers.

Help in the design process

Most of these small businesses are new on the market, therefore redundancy in design ideas is expected.

Manufacturers, therefore, take the initiative of helping you grow by offering you the best design deals with the help of professional experts.

Help in branding

Branding of your wrestling wears with your business trademarks or logos helps you thrive and compete effectively.

Most people gain trust in branded items; therefore, manufacturers would adopt this as a marketing strategy for small businesses.

Facilitate shipping

Most manufacturers ensure reduced importing charges for small businesses.

Competing with large brands is thus made easier as shipping costs are usually high and most of the small businesses would not afford them.

Guarantee fast turnaround

The time interval between arrival and departure is usually short since you make small orders.

This guarantees you stock availability and business efficiency.

After selling services.

You are guaranteed free replacement of items in case of any distortions before arrival.

No delays for your items as shipping dates are guaranteed.

Why Should You Import Wrestling Gear From China?

They are first and efficient in processing orders.

It is cheaper since you place large orders directly to the manufacturer at wholesale prices.

They offer after-sales services such as branding, a sign of customer appreciation.

You are guaranteed good quality products when buying directly from them as compared to other Asian manufacturers.

Buying directly from the manufacturers comes as an advantage as your custom wrestling wears come directly from the factory, in their best condition.

You have a pool of options from which you can make your choices.

Quantity- With low pricing of items, you will always buy more without running out of budget.

Communication efficiency with the client.

Trust in the quality of your custom wrestling wear is obvious.

Is Digital Printing Wrestling Wear Possible?


Digital printing involves sublimation manufacturing processes that work best with polyester fibers.

Since lycra/splandex are derivatives of this fiber and are the commonly used fibers on wrestling wears, we, therefore, guarantee you a perfect outcome.

The sublimation process begins once designs are handed over.

Can You Use Stitching On Wrestling Wear?

Yes. Stitching is necessary as it contributes a great deal to the durability of your attire.

We have a variety of stitching types you could use for your custom wrestling wear.

The commonly used stitching techniques are flat-lock double stitching and merrowlycra stitching technique.

Their popularity in this industry is brought about by their strength and durability despite contrasting colors perfectly.

They also make excellent attractive designs that are safe from skin irritation and chafing, common problems encountered with any stitching type.

You can never go wrong with these two since the outcome is worth the trial.

How Long Will You Take To Deliver Wrestling Wear Order?

Usually varies depending on how large your order is.

Normally, it takes 28 working days an equivalent of up to 4wks in processing production, and organize shipping.

How Does Custom Wrestling Wear Compare To Stock Wrestling Wear?

 custom wrestling wear

custom wrestling wear

With custom wrestling wear, you have the potential of using your own sublimated designs done as production is done by any brand.

Stock wrestling wear on the other hand limits the range of design options.

The standard designs are traditional related and production is done by specific few known brands.

Are There Wrestling Wear With Anti-microbial Properties?

Yes. Anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties are there to enhance the comfortability of the user.

Not all of the wrestling attires possess this feature, the cost price suggests a lot when you want to purchase one.

Are There Rules And Regulations For Wrestling Wear Designs?


They are governed by a few sets of rules and regulations some of which include;

Their mode of dressing.

Whatever you put on should match with the standard regulatory measurements in terms of height, design, fitting, etc.

Most of these requirements are well known to the manufacturers, users as well as coaches.

We have standard design measurements that wrestling attires should meet to be used in a match.

Despite customization of wrestling wears through the sublimation process being encouraged, we have several other restrictions.

This includes the use of not more than one manufacturer reference, trademark, or logo of the wrestling wear amongst others.

Limit in size and appearance of the manufacturer’s reference/logo/trademark alongside legal hairs not exceeding 2.25 inches, all appearing once.

The specifications also vary for different countries. For example, in America, the size of their flag should be 2 by 3 inches or less.

Shoes as one of the wrestling wear accessories should be lightweight with a flat sole.

Laced shoes are made in a manner such that the laces are attached to the shoe or locked by a device in recommended standard design.

Use of rigid and padded ear guards with adjustable locking device designed for sports by manufacturers.

The ear guard ensures maximum ear protection from your opponent by taking care of injuries that could occur.

The locking devices are responsible for holding the ear gear firm, not to come off while in a match.

Moreover, it is used to regularly adjust the ear gear in case the need arises.

When it comes to dressing, put on the uniform as intended by the manufacturer.

Which Ink Do You Use For Wrestling Wear Printing?

There are many inks, but we use KIAN, the best quality ink known to us.

It is imported from Italy and has minimal pollution, which implies that it is environmentally friendly.

One of its unique features is that it exhibits fluorescent properties and sublimes under high temperatures.

The colors produced are vibrant giving a high-performance outcome.

Do You Offer Samples For Wrestling Wear?

Yes. We offer samples of our custom wrestling wears in case you need them.

Clients may sometimes want to gain trust from the manufacturer especially if you doing business for the first time.

In such cases, we go ahead and help you get a design of your interest.

We have soft copy samples in form of templates on our websites which makes it easier for you.

What Payment Terms Do You Offer For Wrestling Wear Order?

Payment terms of our wrestling wear have a standard deposit down payment which amounts to 30% supposedly paid before the onset of manufacturing.

Later on, you will be required to clear the balance once the manufacturing process is complete.

At Goal Sportswear, we have a range of wrestling wear including camo wrestling singlet, women wrestling singlet, pro wrestling singlet, men’s wrestling singlet, and 2-piece wrestling singlet, just to mention a few.

Contact us now for all your wrestling wear.

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