Sublimation Cricket Uniforms : The Complete FAQ Guide

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What Does A Sublimation Cricket Uniform Full Set Comprise?

Sublimation cricket uniform full set comprises of different parts that you will wear as a cricket player.

Whenever you are shopping for sublimation cricket uniforms, you have to get the following.

sublimation cricket uniforms

sublimation cricket uniforms

Sublimation Cricket Jersey

You must get the sublimation cricket jersey which you will wear on the upper part of your body.

In most cases, the sublimation cricket jerseys are polo shirts with a collar depending on the collar design.

cricket jersey

cricket jersey

Sublimation Cricket Pants

You should also get the sublimation cricket pants which you will wear on the bottom part of the body.

It will cover from the waist all the way to the ankle of your feet depending on the fitting specifications.

sublimated cricket pants

sublimated cricket pants

Cricket Shoes

You should also have the cricket shoes which must have cleats at the bottom to help in improving the stability.

Usually, your cricket shoes are often made of leather and must fit you well to ensure you are comfortable on the field.

cricket shoes

cricket shoes

Cricket Socks

You should also the cricket socks on your feet which will help in increasing the comfort while wearing the shoes.

Most of the cricket socks are long enough to cover the lower part of the leg for comfort and safety purposes.

cricket socks

cricket socks

Cricket Gloves

You should also have cricket gloves on your hands especially when you are a catcher or a ball batter.

The cricket gloves will help in protecting your hands from the impact of the ball and the bat.

cricket gloves

cricket gloves

Cricket Helmet And Cap

You must also have cricket helmet to protect your head from the impact of the ball if it hits the head.

Apart from that, you will also have the cap which will protect your eyes from the effect of sun rays.

cricket helmet

cricket helmet

Abdomen Guard

As a batman or wicket keeper you will have to wear the abdomen guard to protect your chest from ball impact.

You can also refer to the abdomen guard as the cup, Abdo guard or box.

abdominal guard

abdominal guard

Leg Guards

You must also wear the leg pads especially when you are playing in the position of a batsman or wicket keeper.

Just from the name, you can note that the leg guards will protect your legs from the impact of the ball.

leg guard

leg guard

Why Choose Sublimation Cricket Uniforms For Your Team?

Sublimation printing is the process where the design of the cricket jersey infuses directly into the fabric.

You will realize that all the aspects of the design including number, names, logos, and stripping form part of the jersey.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider having the sublimation cricket uniforms for your team.

High Value

Sublimation printing will offer your cricket jersey a higher value in comparison to other printing techniques such as screen-printing.

All the aspects of the jersey will remain in great condition for a very long time due to high durability rates.

Colorful Artwork

You can have intricate artwork, designs, and colors on your jersey through the sublimation printing process.

There are different options in terms of texture, camouflage, and pin-stripes patterns that you can have on the cricket jersey.

Increased Comfort

Your body will feel better in terms of comfort, and weight when you are playing in the sublimated cricket uniforms.

The sublimated cricket jerseys are smooth and very comfortable with moisture wicking properties that absorb sweat leaving your body dry.

Great Looks

Your team will also have great looks with the popping colors that will last for a very long time.

The sublimation jersey designs remain part of the jersey for an extended period because it does not fade, crack or peel.

Remains In Style

Sublimated cricket uniforms remain as part of the original style because of the custom and unique nature of the uniforms.

Your manufacturer can also keep records of your design and replenish the supply at the end of the cricket season.

How Does The Sublimation Process Work For Cricket Uniforms?

Well, the sublimation printing process will begin with the right design at hand.

Implying that, you will have to design the most suitable design first before you consider sublimation printing.

Here is a step-by-step printing process that you can follow during the sublimation printing process.

Step One: Printing Of Transfer Paper

As soon as you have the design at hand, you will proceed with the sublimation printing process.

First, you will print the soft copy design from the computer on to the transfer paper.

A transfer paper is a special type of paper which will promote the sublimation printing process.

You must be very careful with the transfer printing process by getting all the sizing details right.

After that, you will initiate the printing process and ensure that all the colors are in place.

Step Two: Sublimation Printing

You will prepare the sublimation printing machine and place the fabric in the right position.

After that, you will also place the transfer paper in the correct position as you program the control panel.

At the control panel, you will control the printing pressure as high as possible and temperature.

Apart from that, you will have the sublimation printing time between 30 to 45 seconds.

As soon as that is complete, you will initiate the printing process.

The high temperatures will sublime the print while the high pressure helps in transfer of the design.

The sublimated ink will fuse directly into the fabric thus making the exact replica of your design on the polyester fabric.

You will allow the design to dry or sink in for a minute through the sublimation process.

What Are the Common Sublimation Cricket Jersey and Uniform Styles?

There are quite a number of designs or styles that you can have of the sublimated cricket jersey and uniforms.

Here are some of the jersey and uniform styles that you can have of the sublimated cricket uniforms.

Neck Options

There are quite a number of neck options that you can choose from when looking at cricket uniform styles.

Some of the neck options that you can opt for are round neck, collar neck, V-neck, and the Y-neck options.

Types Or Lengths Of Sleeves

You can also look at the lengths or types of sleeves that usually varies according to the weather and season.

Some of the sleeve lengths and types that you will wear include sleeveless, ½, ¾, full sleeve.

Reversible Styles

You may also for the reversible style especially when you have a tight budget for the sublimated cricket uniforms.

This style allows you to have two distinct designs on the outer and inner parts of the sublimation cricket uniforms.

Pant Styles

You should also consider the different pant styles of the sublimation cricket uniforms.

There are quite a variety of pant styles that you can choose from depending the type of cricket uniforms.

How Does Screen Printed Cricket Uniforms Compare To Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

Among the uniform printing techniques, you can opt for the screen-printed technique or sublimation printing technique.

Here is a comparison between the two techniques of printing cricket uniforms.

Screen Printed Cricket Uniforms

Screen-printed cricket uniforms involve printing or sticking the print on top of the fabric.

It is possible to print any type of fabric that you have even though the prints barely last.

The prints are not durable and are prone to peeling off the material, cracking, and even fading easily.

It is a cheaper mode of printing for bulk orders of cricket uniforms but costly for minimum orders.

Sublimation Cricket Uniforms

You may opt for the best choice if sublimation cricket uniforms which are highly durable and has its money value.

In other words, the prints on the sublimated cricket uniforms are durable and do not crack, fade, or teel off.

It is the cheapest printing method that you can have for smaller quantities even though the cost increases with quantity.

sublimation cricket unifom

sublimation cricket uniforms

Is It True That Sublimation Cricket Uniforms Allows Players To Move Easily And Comfortably?

Yes, it is true that sublimation cricket uniforms allow players to move easily and comfortably.

Sublimation printing fabric is practical and very comfortable for athletes of all levels.

You should consider using polyester fabric which is also light in weight and has great fabric integrity.

In addition to that, it is highly durable and stretches to the maximum without damage thus increasing player flexibility.

Apart from that it has moisture wicking properties that allow it to wick sweat thus keeping players cool and comfortable.

What Elements Can You Print Using Sublimation?

According to the rules governing sublimation printing of cricket uniforms, there are specifics to adhere to during the printing process.

Among the specifics that you have to look at are the types of prints to have on the sublimation cricket uniforms.

Here are some of the prints that you can have on the sublimation printing uniforms.

  • Players Name
  • Player Number
  • Team Logo
  • Team Name
  • Sponsor logo

How Long Do Sublimation Cricket Uniforms Last?

Well, sublimation cricket uniforms are one of the longest lasting types of uniforms you can ever have.

You can say that the sublimation cricket uniforms will last as long as the durability of the fabric.

Implying that the prints do not fade, crack or peel off from the fabric since it is part of the fabric.

Very high-quality sublimation cricket uniforms should serve you for at least 10 years.

Most teams use the sublimation cricket uniforms for a whole season or two depending on use frequency.

How Does Heat Transfers Vs Sublimation Compare For Cricket Uniforms?

There are two great ways that you can use in the printing process of the cricket uniforms.

Here is a comparison between the sublimation printing process and the heat transfer printing process.

Heat Transfer Printing Process

You will use a heat transfer paper and heat press to print different prints on the cricket uniforms.

It is a cheaper mode of printing which increases its popularity even though the prints do not last.

Apart from that, the texture of the heat transfer print is also rough in comparison to that of sublimation printing.

Sublimation Printing Process

Sublimation printing process works well all the way to the very basic unit of the fabric.

It involves infusing the ink on the fabric cells thus increasing the overall durability levels.

In comparison to heat transfer, the cost of sublimation printing is higher with a great value to the price.

Do You Use Normal Ink In Sublimation Printing?

No, we do not use normal ink in the sublimation printing process.

The most common type of ink that we use is the cyan ink which provides more realistic looks.

This type of ink is capable of vaporizing and fusing directly into the fabric thus increasing gradation on the edges.

What Are The Best Materials For Sublimation Printing On Cricket Uniforms?

You have to get the right materials that will fit the profile of a good material for sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing uses very high temperatures that may burn other materials.

Apart from that, the ink may not fuse properly into other types of fabric during sublimation printing process.

Here are the main types of fabric that you will use for sublimation printing of cricket uniforms.

100% Polyester Fabric

This is the best type of material for sublimation printing due to the synthetic nature of the materials.

It opens up under application of intense heat allowing the sublimated ink to fuse directly into the fabric.

Polymer Fabrics

You can also opt for the polymer fabrics such as lycra, spandex, and nylon which can absorb color just like polyester.

They are also more breathable and do not stick to the skin thus increasing comfort of the player.

What Is The Difference Between Sublimation Cricket Uniforms And Custom Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms?

Well, just from the name of the uniforms, you can note that the games played are totally different.

You will wear the custom sublimated cricket uniforms to a cricket game.

On the other hand, you will wear the custom sublimated lacrosse uniform to a lacrosse game.

Despite having the same types of materials and printing methods there are distinguishing features.

One of them is that lacrosse jerseys are predominantly short sleeved.

On the other hand, you can either have short sleeves or long sleeves for cricket jerseys.

Apart from that, you will wear shorts in lacrosse games and longer pants in the cricket games.

Additionally, the helmet is common in lacrosse games even though it is specific to certain cricket players.

customized sublimated lacrosse uniform

customized sublimated cricket uniform

What Are Some Great Color Combinations For Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

You can choose any type of color when designing the cricket uniform for your team.

Apart from that, you can also combine the different types of colors to match the theme team colors.

Here are some of the most common colors you will have for the sublimation cricket uniforms.

  • Black and Yellow
  • Yellow and Grey
  • Blue and Green
  • Red and Grey

What Is The Difference Between Sublimation And Blank Cricket Uniforms?

You can also opt for the sublimation cricket uniforms or the blank cricket uniforms.

Sublimation cricket uniforms have prints on them while blank cricket uniforms do not have prints.

You can go ahead and print the blank uniforms at a later date with the details that you need.

Sublimation cricket uniforms are, however, custom made for specific functions.

Which Type Of Stitching Do You Use Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

The best stitching type that you can use for the sublimation cricket uniforms is the zig zag stitching.

It allows the cricket fabric to move and stretch very thus boosting the confidence of the players.

The players can play with confidence knowing the cricket uniforms are proper and will not pop stitches.

How Do I Size Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

There are common sizes that you will have for the custom sublimated cricket uniforms.

You must, however, measure the players who will wear the uniform before choosing the fitting size.

The main sizes that you can have for the sublimation cricket uniforms are:

  • Small Size (S) with extra small options
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L) with extra-large options such as XL, XXL and XXXL

When Should I Consider Gendered Vs Unisex Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

Well, it is important to consider the gendered sublimation cricket uniforms over unisex sublimated cricket uniforms.

Gendered sublimation cricket uniforms serve specific gender and will fit the specified gender well.

In other words, men will have their own sublimation cricket jerseys which would be different from that of women.

On the flip side, unisex sublimation cricket uniforms are specific for both men and women.

Unisex sublimation printers are unsuitable due to lack of different body physique considerations and the decoration preferences.

What Are The Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

After using the sublimation cricket uniforms, it is very important to clean them well.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to successfully clean and maintain your cricket uniforms.

  • Wash all the sublimation cricket uniforms together
  • Use neutral detergents that will not affect the quality of prints and induce fading.
  • After washing with detergent, you have to rinse the sublimated cricket uniforms repeatedly
  • You should use warm or cold water to clean the uniforms because it works best with detergents.
  • Hang the clothes outside for proper aeration and avoid using the drier.

How Do You Ensure Quality Of Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

There are specific factors that you have to take care of when looking at the quality of the sublimation cricket uniforms.

Here are some of the factors that you will pay close attention to when considering quality of sublimation cricket uniforms.

Quality Of The Fabric

You have to use the highest quality of polyester fabric or polymer fabrics to have the best quality uniforms.

Quality Of Print

You must also have very high-quality prints on the fabric especially from the sublimation printing technique.

Quality Of Stitching

You should also have very high-quality stitches that will not pop-up when the player is in action.

Are Sublimation Cricket Uniforms Expensive?

No, sublimation cricket uniforms are not expensive.

You ay pay a considerable amount of money when purchasing sublimated cricket uniforms.

Despite paying high prices, the value that you will get from the sublimated cricket uniforms is worth the price.

The fabric for making sublimated cricket uniforms is highly durable since it can stretch and fit perfectly.

Apart from that, the prints on the sublimated cricket uniforms do not fade, peel off or crack thus increasing durability.

So, in case you have quality and durability in mind, you should not worry about the price of sublimated cricket uniforms.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Sublimation Cricket Uniforms?

No, there is no minimum order quantity for sublimation cricket uniforms.

You can order any number of sublimation cricket uniforms since sublimation printing has no minimum orders.

In other words, it is cheaper to order fewer sublimation cricket uniforms thus giving the allowance to order minimum quantities.

What Are Sublimation Cricket Uniform Rules?

You have to adhere to the rules governing the uniforms that the cricket players wear.

Here are the main rules that you will have to follow when wearing the custom sublimated cricket uniforms.

Color Of The Kit

In a team, every member of the team must put on the same color of sublimated cricket uniforms.

When on the field of play, every team must have distinct colors for their uniforms for proper identification.

Every team must have two types of uniforms which they will wear in the home games and the away games.

Type Of Uniform

All the players in a team must have the same type of uniform according to the rules of the cricket game.

The jersey must have collars on them despite the type of collar that you would want for your team.

You must also have a different color for your training clothes from that of your official game clothes.

General Principles On Logos

The uniform can have at least three different types of logos and not more than that when participating in cricket games.

Personal Messages

Any member of your cricket team must not have uniforms that bear personal logos or messages on them to the public.

This includes visible tattoos that have the messages or logos from any manufacturer or any personal messages.

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