Sublimation Compression Pants : The Complete FAQ Guide

In this guide, I will answer all questions you have been asking about sublimation compression pants.

Whether you want to learn about sublimation printing technology, features of compression pants, fabric type or design – all that information is in here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Sublimation Compression Pants?

Sublimation compression pants are types of garments woven using spandex-like fibers.

You wear them on the lower parts of the body.

They are designed to fit into your skin appropriately.

Sublimation compression pants entail a snug design, which is vital for providing muscle support ideal in athletics.

You can also wear these types of pants for different types of sporting activities.

These types of pants provide relative flexibility.

Also, they are always available in varying lengths, depending on your preference.

Compression pant

Compression pant

Is Sublimation better than Screen Printing Compression Pants?

Not necessarily since both printing options are great in their ways.

It thus depends on your preference, nature of the project, and type of fabric you’re using.

For instance, if you’re making many compression pants, screen printing would be a better option for cost-effectiveness.

Sublimation, on the contrary, would be ideal where you’re printing a few pieces of compression pants.

Technically, it is quite expensive and more time-consuming, thus not practical for bulk printing.

Sublimation compression pants are comparatively bright and come in bright colors.

Even so, the process is only suitable for light-colored fabrics.

Screen printing compression pants, on the other hand, are somewhat dull.

They have a comparatively low-quality appearance than sublimation compression pants.

You can produce sublimation compression pants using varied designs on multiple materials.

This is, however, difficult to attain when making screen printing compression pants.

In case you’re only printing compression pants made of polyester, and you need a lightweight feel and full-color image, go for sublimation.

However, you need the flexibility to print on a wide range of fabrics of pants the screen printing would be the ultimate choice.

The bottom line is the better option between the two is dependent on a myriad of factors.

What are the Benefits of Sublimation Compression Pants?

These types of pants present various benefits, which include the following;

Sublimate compression pant

Sublimated compression pant

1. You can find them in any color or any number or artwork at no extra cost.

2. They are affordable, especially if you’re only obtaining a few pieces or when in need of pants with numerous colors.

3. You can customize them quite easily hence ideal when you need a detailed design with saturated colors.

4. The prints on sublimation compression pants are durable and comfortable.

The final print on these pants hardly leaves any noticeable weight hence guaranteeing a comfortable garment.

5. They are faster to design and make since the machine set up does not require intensive labor, especially for multicolor designs.

6. In many instances, there would be no minimum order imposed on sublimation compression pants. Essentially, the set-up cost and requirements are the same irrespective of order quantity.

Why do you need Compression Pants?

Compression pants enhance your performance in the specific sporting field compared to regular pants.

This always results from unique features incorporated in designing and manufacturing these types of pants.

Your speed and endurance increase when you wear sublimation compression pants.

Compression pants are also ideal in offering the utmost comfort.

The essence here is it makes you enjoy the sporting action throughout.

Thus, in the long run, comfort also impacts positively on your performance.

These types of pants also offer safety when you wear them in your respective games.

Some are designed with additional safety features, such as reflective details.

These guarantee your visibility, especially in sporting events such as cycling and long-distance running, where safety is a concern.

Moreover, compression pants are designed to offer absolute breathability, thus providing ideal ventilation in your sporting activity.

To enhance comfort, these pants also absorb moisture fully, thus enabling you to stay sweat-free throughout the game.

And most importantly, compression pants are designed from high-quality fabric.

The fabric ensures an ideal body-fit hence increasing comfort and ultimate performance.

How do Sublimation Compression Pants compare to Sublimation Compression Shorts?

 Custom sublimated compression pant

 Custom sublimated compression pant

4 Custom sublimated short

Custom sublimated short

Sublimation compression shorts are typically worn over the pelvic area.

They cover the upper sections of the leg and, in some instances, extend down towards the knee but don’t cover the entire leg.

These types of shorts come in a variety of designs ranging from knee-length.

You can wear sublimation compression shorts for athletic purposes, as beachwear, or in warm weather.

Sublimation compression pants cover the body from the waist downwards and covering each leg independently.

These types of pants are also available in different designs depending on your size and length.

However, both sublimation shorts and pants can be designed from the same fabric and are always printed using the dye-sublimation method.

The cost of sublimation pants is relatively more than that of shorts.

Moreover, sublimation compression pants tend to have more additional features, such as safety elements, than shorts.

Which Types of Sublimation Pants are available?

They are available in a broad range of varieties.

You can select the specific type, which meets your particular demands.

The common varieties of this type of pants include the following;

– Recovery Sublimation Compression Pants

This design helps reducing swelling and soreness in your muscles.

It entails circulation-promoting and anatomical design compression profile.

Ideally, the essence of this type of compression pant is to allow you to get back to relatively fast than before.

It also exhibits unrivaled comfort as a result of skin fit and a premium combination of fabrics.

– Medical Grade Sublimation Compression Pants

This design combines different energy fabrics to guarantee reduced muscle swelling and soreness.

It features a flatlock stitching and ideal skin fitting, providing unrivaled comfort and allowing back to training faster.

– Refresh Recovery Sublimation Compression Pants

This is a design providing superior gradient compression essential is stabilizing muscles.

It is also suitable for enhancing blood flow, which is vital in speeding up muscle recovery from injury.

It is also comfortable with a fitting waistband designed to help attain extended hours of wear even when sleeping.

Do you help in Sublimation Compression Pants Design?


We have a team of qualified, knowledgeable, and competent designers within our entity.

All you need to do is present an idea of how you’d wish your sublimation pants design to appear.

Our in-house designers will create various designs matching your requirements and send it over for your approval.

Once you approve, we can go ahead with the ensuing manufacturing process of your compression pants.

What are the Features of Sublimation Compression Pants?

Some of the features, which make sublimation compression pants stand out to include the following;


The design construction of the sublimation compression pants makes them relatively durable.

The blend of fabrics used in manufacturing these garments is of high quality.

In addition to the workmanship, they offer excellent longevity suitable for the purpose they are intended to.


Sublimation compression pants are designed from a blend of various technical fabrics, including polyester and nylon.

These fabrics offer comfortability from the aspect of skin-fit.

In essence, they are neither too tight nor too loose on your skin.

This makes movement easy hence allowing you to attain optimum performance.


They allow your skin to regulate air, thus enabling you to feel easy when wearing them irrespective of the weather condition.


Sublimation compression pants absorb moisture hence leaving you sweat-free throughout the training or workout.


The fabric used for designing these pants is lightweight hence making it easy for you to feel free and easy when in them.


Sublimation compression pants are super stretchy, which enhances your flexibility whenever you’re training.

In essence, you are hardly limited by the extent which can stretch when wearing this type of garment.

Temperature Regulating

These pants have an ideal temperature regulating feature, allowing hence suitable for any weather condition.

What should you Consider when Buying Sublimation Compression Pants?

When purchasing sublimation compression pants, here are some of the critical factors you need to consider;

Compression pant

Compression pant

–   Type of Fabric

The material used in manufacturing these pants is an ideal consideration to factor in.

Mostly, a blend of technical fabrics such as nylon, spandex, and polyester are preferred for such pants.

In essence, go for a fabric guaranteeing breathability, comfort, lightweight, and sweat-wicking properties.

– Types of Weaving

The stitching style for sublimation compression pants needs to be of high quality.

The type of stitching is essential in determining the overall quality and longevity of these pants.

There are several stitching styles you need to look into when buying such pants as a way of determining quality.

– Length

The height of your preferred sublimation compression pants is another factor you need to consider.

Of course, they come in different lengths, but it would be suitable to choose one which fits you accordingly.

– Size

Size is often considered from the aspect of the waist.

In principle, they are available in a wide range of sizes hence the need to go for a fitting size.

As much as these pants are quite stretchy there ensure you go for the correct waist size for better fitting.

– Craftsmanship

The overall design construction of the sublimation compression pants must be per excellence.

Check the flexibility of the construction and other aspects surrounding the overall quality of the pants.


Quality sublimation compression pants aren’t necessarily cheap.

Suppose you find a piece sold at throwaway prices; you need to be skeptical of the quality.

Ideally, go for reasonably priced pants.

What is the Best Fabric for Sublimation Compression Pants?

There are several materials used for making sublimation compression pants.

Typically, these shorts are made from fabrics used for manufacturing traditional athletic clothing.

Thus many manufacturers prefer using a blend of polyester and any other elastic materials such as spandex.

Materials such as spandex come in handy in providing stretchy and a tight fit.

How do you Size Sublimation Compression Pants?

Sublimated compression pants are always available in a wide range of sizes.

Your specific size is dependent on your height, weight, gender, and age.

You can consult this size chart when looking for the right size of sublimation compression pants.

SizeWaist sizes (in)Hips (In)Length (in)
Extra Small (XM)<29<3532
Small (S)29 -3235 -37.532.25
Medium (M)32- 3537.5- 4132.5
Large (L) 35- 3841- 4432.75
Extra Large (XL)38- 4344-4733
2 x Extra Large (2XL)43-47.547-50.533.25
3 x Extra Large (3XL)47.5 -52.550.5-53.533.5
4 x Extra Large (4XL)52.5-5753.5-5834

However, many people often try the right size of compression pants then wrongly assume they need to move up a size.

Of course, this would feel more familiar and comfortable.

Even so, it tends to undermine the benefits of compression.

What is the difference between Classic and Compression Sublimation Pants?

They vary on different grounds, and some of these variances include the following;

  • The design of compression pants is to be form-fitting and often constructed using spandex or Lycra or similar fabrics.

Classic sublimation pants, on the other hand, are designed from different types of sheer fabrics, often like pantyhose.

Moreover, these pants are not ordinarily skin-tight to form-fitting.

  • Most compression sublimation pants are usually worn as a result of specific athletic or medical reasons.

However, classic sublimation pants are worn as a fashion statement.

You’ll always wear regularly under a particular garment such as shorts or dresses. In essence, classic pants tend to be more flexible than compression pants.

  • Compression sublimation pants are relatively heavy than classic sublimation pants.

How do you determine the Quality of Sublimation Compression Pants?

Quality is a vital element when it comes to purchasing sublimation compression pants.

In this era of counterfeits and knock-offs, it would be necessary to figure out the quality to ensure you get value for your money

For a first-timer, it may be a bit tricky to determine the features of quality compression pants.

Nonetheless, here are some elements to help you in determining the quality of these garments;

  • Price is the most obvious indicator. Most cheaper compression pants tend to be of inferior quality.

Always make sure your pants fall within a reasonable price range offered by reputable brands.

  • Check the design details and ensure you can hardly feel anything when you run your fingers through the surface.

Sublimation compression pants are dye-infused, hence no chance of feeling any substance.

  • Check the seams and how they overrun on the material.

Authentic manufacturers always counter-check the fine details to ensure every aspect is correct and matching.

  • Look out for the specific brand name or logo.

Most inferior-quality pants tend to alter or misspell the logo or names of the reputable brands they’re counterfeiting.

Which Ink do you use for Sublimation Compression Pants?

The preferable type of ink for sublimation compression pants is KIAN ink.



Most authentic and reputable manufacturers often use KIAN ink imported from Italy.

KIAN ink is synonymous with high quality and high dispersal rates hence guaranteeing longevity when printed on fabrics.

Technically, KIAN ink tends to fuse appropriately into the fabric and hardly cracks nor peels.

The fusing of this ink into the compression pant fabric makes it possible to feel on the material consistently.

You can find this ink in various colors, making it easy for you to determine the right one, which suits your needs.

Moreover, KIAN ink is eco-friendly, given it never emits any toxic gases.

How much Does Sublimation Compression Pants Cost?

There is a host of variables that determine the exact cost of sublimation compression pants.

The MOQ is often a major concern among many suppliers.

If you are buying many quantities, you’re likely to get these pants at discounted rates compared to purchasing small quantities.

Another cost-determinant aspect is customization needs.

Ideally, standard compression pants tend to be relatively cheap than highly customized pants.

If your pants need more intricate customization designs, you’ll pay comparatively high rates than otherwise.

And importantly, the quality of fabric you choose for your sublimation compression pants also determine the price you’ll pay.

Compression pants designed from materials such as polyester, Lycra, or spandex tend to be more expensive.

Also, the specific manufacturer you’re purchasing from may influence the price of acquiring these garments.

The bottom line is there is no standard price for sublimation compression pants.

What can you Wear Alongside Sublimation Compression Pants?

This is entirely dependent on the type of sublimation compression pant and personal preference.

If you are wearing sublimation compression pants for athletic reasons, it would be unnecessary to wear it alongside any garment.

However, for modesty, you may consider wearing it alongside shorts.

You may also consider the shorts, especially if the compression pants do not have pockets, and you need them.

You may also wear boxer briefs under the compression pants.

The essence here is to help in providing more support when your legs spread out wider.

What is your Turnaround Time for Sublimation Compression Pants?

The overall turnaround time for manufacturing these garments depends on your order quantity and customization needs.

Small quantities with simple designs will be much faster to produce than large volumes with complex designs.

Nevertheless, the average lead-time for making sublimation compression pants range between 5-10 days.

But there is also an alternative for getting these garments in less than five days under special rush order.

Even so, you’ll need to pay the additional cost and organize in advance with the manufacturer to benefit from this service.

Different colors of compression pants

Different colors of compression pants

What is the Best Stitching Technique for Sublimation Compression Pants?

Flatlock stitching is regarded as the ultimate technique for sublimation compression pants.

This type of stitching provides neat seams that are reasonably durable.

For the purposes these pants are designed for, flatlock comes out as ideal

How should Sublimation Compression Pants Fit?

The design-construction of sublimation compression pants must never be too tight nor too loose.

It is designed to be snug to allow for your easy circulation.

The fitting for these types of pants should feel like your second skin but allow you to feel comfortable.

It should also enable you to have complete freedom of movement.

Why should you Import your Sublimation Compression Pants from Goal Sportswear?

Goal Sportwear is the leading manufacturer of sublimation compression pants in China.

It thus means choosing it as an ideal supplier for these garments is advantageous in various ways.

 Compression pant

 Compression pant

One is that you are guaranteed high-quality sublimation compression pants.

The materials we use are of high quality and meet the stipulated quality standards.

Secondly, Goal Sportswear has qualified and knowledgeable technicians handling different elements of manufacturing these pants.

From the designers, tailors, quality control experts, and the packaging team, among others.

This, therefore, guarantees efficiency when it comes to your order fulfillment.

You’ll hardly experience unnecessary delays or inconveniences once you place your order.

Thirdly, this company has invested in hi-tech tools, equipment, and facilities for producing compression pants.

You can be certain of getting your order within the shortest time possible without compromising quality.

The equipment we use is up-to-date and conforms to the industrial standards.

At Goal Sportswear, you can be sure of affordability when making your order for sublimation compression pants.

We offer cost-effective rates making it possible for you to procure a number of this item even when working on a budget.

Also, we have flexible MOQ when purchasing this type of garment.

You should never worry when it comes to least number of pieces you can order from Goal Sportswear.

You can always negotiate and agree on the quantity.

And most outstandingly, you can get quality custom sublimation compression pants from Goal Sportswear.

It doesn’t matter the design, color, or any other element.

We can always tailor your pick to match your respective unique demands.

What is the Best Color for Sublimation Compression Pants?

Color is a critical aspect when it comes to designing sublimation compression pants.

Ideally, polyester fabric, which is arguably the most preferred for these types of garments, often tend to dye migrate.

Thus the need to make sure you choose comparatively dark colors to prevent such instances from occurring.

It thus means the preferable colors for these pants are vivid and bright.

Moreover, you can always choose to customize the compression pants using your preferred colors.

And this is particular where the use of sublimation compression pants regarding safety is a concern.

The bottom line is to ensure you select an attractive and vibrant color.

Different colors of compression pant

Different colors of compression pant

How do you Customize Sublimation Compression Pants?

When you need custom sublimation compression pants, the first thing to do is place your order.

Order placement entails submitting your design prototype

The next step involves confirmation of the file details regarding your order.

At this point, we have designers with the expertise to fine-tune your design prototype to match your requirements.

This is the point where the actual customization process takes place.

You will then receive a sample of the file for confirmation on whether it meets your requirements.

Also, it is at this stage you’ll propose any further adjustments on the prototype where applicable.

The next stage entails the actual manufacturing of your custom sublimation compression pants.

The fabric is integrated with dye on the machines to provide the actual prints on the material surface.

After the manufacturing process is over, you’ll get a preview of the pants to verify it meets your customization needs.

Once you approve, the custom pieces are delivered to your respective destination.

What is the MOQ for Sublimation Compression Pants?

MOQ for sublimation compression pants is dependent on a host of factors.

In general, though, these types of pants have relatively low set up costs.

It thus means the minimum order quantity when purchasing these items is quite flexible.

In other words, you can always negotiate for a suitable MOQ based on your demands and budget.

And this is one of the factors, which makes purchasing sublimation compression pants a worthy investment.

Apart from sublimated compression pants, Goal Sportswear has a range of compression tops.

Contact us today for all your compression garments and sports jersey needs.

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