Sublimated Board Shorts : The Complete FAQ Guide

If you have any question on sublimated board shorts, you will find the answer right here.

This guide covers everything you need to know about sublimated board shorts including material, design, printing technique, benefits and features, just to mentions a few.

What are Sublimated Board Shorts?

These are swimwear sports outfits, made from polyester or nylon and are used during surfing or worn as a casual

They are light and can dry faster, courtesy of the fabrics used in construction.

sublimated board short

sublimated board short

The shorts are flexible, durable, and very comfortable for use in various beach activities and water sports.

How Do Sublimated Board Shorts Compare With Swim Trunks?

Even though both are swimwear outfits, they tend to vary when it comes to length, usage, waistband, and design.

sublimated board short

sublimated bpoard short

Length is the most noticeable difference between boardshorts and swim trunks.

Board shorts tend to be much longer when compared to swim trunks.

Swim trunks are described to be knee-high whereas most board shorts extend below your knee.

They are made long to ensure maximum protection while surfing.

Another factor that brings out the difference between the two is their use.

As much as they are categorized as swimwear outfits, their uses differ greatly.

At some point, we’ve seen people mix their uses, use custom board shorts for swimming and vice versa, or rather for casual wear.

The origin of boardshorts was earlier on meant for surfing whereas swim trunks are often used for swimming.

Next, we have the waistbands for these swimwear clothing.

For the case of swim trunks, waistbands are purely elastic which is why they are very flexible and comfortable at the same time.

The shorts also have strings, which work together to ensure the fitting is appropriate.

Getting the perfect fit for you renders the drawstrings useless as some people know they are meant for aesthetic appeal.

swim trunk

swim trunk

Board short waistbands on the other hand are static.

Unlike swim trunks, the shorts have a Velcro flap.

These two are very crucial aspects as they ensure the shorts are kept intact and cannot slip off regardless of the wave’s strength.

What Fabric Do You Use To Make Sublimated Board Shorts?

Sublimated board shorts are made from strong light materials like nylon or polyester.

Polyester fabric is known for its excellent properties which include comfort, flexibility and strength, and durability.

Besides, the material has low water absorption capability and can resist moisture and light (moisture wicking)

It is relatively affordable with great electrical properties.

When it comes to heat resistance, polyester has poor hygroscopicity.

The waves from the ocean offer a cooling effect to the suffers and those within the ocean.

Polyester is also less attractive and not eco-friendly.

The material is also hard to wash in case there are stains.

Nylon on the other hand works equally well.

The material has great stretching abilities, durability, strength, and static resistance.

It is also good in breathability and absorption of moisture thus making it easy to wash.

Its versatile nature makes the material easier to work with.

The material is also very soft making it comfortable for use.

The cons include high pricing.

They are quite costly when compared to other synthetic fabrics.

When it comes to environmental conservation, they make the greatest pollutants.

This is due to a series of chemical reactions practiced during the manufacturing process, resulting in the pollution of natural ecosystems.

They are also non-biodegradable which is why they may turn out hazardous to use.

Are Sublimated Board Shorts Unisex?

Yes, the shorts are not biased when it comes to gender like in the ancient world.

The focus is never concentrated on one gender because beach activities and water sports are linked to both genders

We have sublimated board shorts designed loosely to suit the two genders for their respective activities.

Alternatively, we have male and female sublimated board shorts.

unisex sublimated board shorts

unisex sublimated board shorts

This two are designed differently in terms of appearance and size and are manufactured on special orders.

How Should Sublimated Board Shorts Fit?

Sublimated board shorts are designed to be baggy with very light material which implies a loose-fitting.

This is so because they are largely used for surfing, an activity that requires your free self to enjoy the fun moment.

They have side slits to ensure there is no restricted movement of legs.

Why Choose Sublimated Board Shorts?

They offer enhanced comfort

Comfort is brought about by the standard quality of fabrics used in the manufacture of sublimated board shorts.

Polyester and nylon are known for their soft touch and feel on your skin.

No skin cuttings or injuries were encountered thus rendering them safe for use.

Furthermore, the lightweight nature of the material also improves the user’s comfort.

Prevents rashes on your skin.

Sublimated shorts are light to dry fast and prevent contact with your skin which may result in a rush or chafing.

The shorts are also long enough to ensure maximum protection and safety for the user.

They are highly flexible.

The fabrics are stretchy together with the elastic seams and side slits, the user can move freely.

They are durable.

The durability of the shorts is due to several reasons.

These are the quality of the fabric, printing techniques used, stitching methods applied, etc.

As mentioned earlier, polyester works best with shorts as far as durability is concerned.

Printing, preferably sublimation, infuses ink into the fabrics enhancing their strength and so the board shorts life span is lengthened.

They are attractive when compared to ordinary plain shorts.

Beaches look lively with attractive designs and not plain ones.

If you have a great style of fashion sensation, then sublimated shorts are the real deal.

How Do You Check The Quality Of Sublimated Board Shorts?

Normally, manufacturers carry out quality control checks before dispatching off the items for delivery.

However, this is not enough since you have to countercheck the shorts and verify the stated quality to quench your benefit of the doubt.

We have a few factors that will ensure this is a success.

Amongst them, we have pricing of the board shorts.

Over the years, higher prices have always been related to good quality while low pricing is known to be subject to poor quality.

The reason is higher quality fabrics and techniques applied are expensive and therefore will result in higher input costs.

Poor quality is always cheap therefore the input cost will also become low

Next, look at the printing techniques used on your board shorts.

The best known and popularly used technique is sublimation printing.

This is because of the many advantages seen as far as quality is concerned.

Ensure the ink being used is equally of good quality, and for this case, Kian ink is believed to be the best.

All this put into practice, not leaving behind the recommended stitching techniques, prolly merrolycra.

How Do You Customize Sublimated Board Shorts?

We modify our board shorts based on several colors, unique prints, and custom embroidery.

To have your shorts done properly, we ensure our team works with the best fabrics.

We get ideas of what you want on various websites as most manufacturers have them posted.

Creativity and innovation are highly employed here to make sure you stand out.

We also use the recommended stitching techniques.

customized sublimated board short

customized sublimated board short

This comprises the flatlock double stitching technique and merrowlycra.

This two are believed to be the strongest, therefore, making the perfect choice for us.

You are therefore guaranteed durability of our custom board shorts.

Appropriate colors and designs are selected based on your interests.

Normally, we base on your suggested colors and get the perfect blends and designs.

Cuts to complement all these factors are will also be taken into account if at all it serves your interests.

We do cuts based on the performance of the elastic, full seam color, or non-elastic leg cuffs.

Is There A Recommended Length Of Sublimated Board Shorts?

Yes, we have a standard recommended length which is roughly 22 inches.

It is the most popular length and extends slightly below your knee.

We have a range limit of 16-22 inches.

The shortest is 16 inches and is described to be knee-high and 22 inches is the longest we offer.

This could change depending on the user’s preferences.

Some would want them shorter while others may prefer them longer than 22inch due to variation in height.

This is acceptable and served as a special order.

Do Sublimated Board Shorts Have Liners?

Most of the sublimated boardshorts lack liners.

With this, you can always go for something to put on underneath for maximum comfort.

However, some of these boardshorts have liners on the inner part whose role is to offer additional support by ensuring everything is held into place.

The underneath clothing won’t be a requirement for this case.

Why Do Board Shorts Have No Liner?

Most of the board shorts have no liner.

This is because surfing, which is the major activity where boardshorts are used requires them to light with no extra fabric.

A reason why they recommend polyester or nylon for the construction of board shorts.

What Designs Of Sublimated Board Shorts Do You Have?

We have a variety of design options that you can rely on when it comes to choosing the design you want.

These are as follows;

Billabong sublimated board shorts.

Roxy sublimated board shorts.

Von Zipper sublimated board shorts

Quicksilver sublimated board shorts

Gotcha sublimated board shorts.

Carve Bali-designed sublimated board shorts.

Adoretex custom sublimated board shorts.

Kurt sublimated board shorts.

Vintage sublimated board shorts.

Stripped women sublimated board shorts.

Beach sublimated board shorts.

Sythyee women sublimated board shorts.

What Color Would You Recommend For Sublimated Board Shorts?

Sublimated board shorts are available in all colors.

Even though samples to equip you with ideas are offered, the choice of color is made based on several factors.

This may involve the theme color for your team or match in case there is any.

Next, you may keep an eye on your skin tone and go for colors that blend well.

For instance, dull colors will look perfect on dark skin toned people whereas very bright colors will work well for light-toned personnel.

Lastly, consider your gender.

Males prefer dull colors with blunt designs and patterns whereas the female counterpart will always go for vibrant colors with floral patterns.

How Do You Wear Sublimated Board Shorts?

Like other shorts, sublimated board shorts are worn to other casual activities other than surfing.

These are hiking, beachy look, and boardwalk.

They make the best choice for hiking because of the magnificent properties they possess.

Amongst them, we have durability, comfort, flexibility, and the ability to dry faster.

Get the perfect look for the day by pairing them with a pair of boots and a long-sleeved rash guard.

The urge to take a boardwalk or spend quality time at your favorite beach-side stores may be put at ease by rocking a board short.

Compliment it with a rash guard or t-shirt and you are set to go.

If you have your swimsuit on, pulling on your board short is enough.

Also, you could use board shorts for casual beach looks.

We`ve seen most people put them on as casualties which is okay.

Pair the shorts with a fun summer vest and a pair of flip-flops.

What Are The Benefits Of Sublimated Board Shorts?

They are durable.

The durability of sublimated board shorts is guaranteed.

This is due to the infusion of ink into the fabrics during the sublimation process which improves the strength of the fabric.

Moreover, the quality of fabrics used are always of good quality for the success of the sublimation process.

The ink used also is worth the value as it is less prone to cracks and pill off thus serving you for the longest time.

Good quality is always consequential to durability which saves from replacement costs that result from damages such as wear and tear.

They offer maximum comfort

Comfort is usually the ultimate goal of every user.

This is put into consideration during the manufacturing process to ensure effective performance.

The fabrics, prints, and inks used on your board shorts are of high quality to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

The risks cuts brought about by peeling and cracking of the sublimated inks are also minimized.

Highly flexible.

Polyester and nylon have excellent stretching abilities thereby making the shorts very flexible for use.

The presence of slits on the sides also ensures unrestricted movement of the user.

The shorts are thus easier to work with.

 What Types Of Sublimated Board Shorts Do You Manufacture?

We have three types of board shorts for men, women, and children.

Men and women board shorts differ in terms of size, design, and appearance.

Men sublimated board short

men sublimated board short

Men’s board shorts are designed specially in that they appear to have groin areas and are a bit large when compared to the women’s board shorts.

Print patterns are not of great concern as both shorts could have similar patches or flowers.

women sublimated board short

women sublimated board short

Children’s board shorts are smaller and proportional to their bodies, would hardly fit an adult.

Is Silicon Anti-Slip Inner Waistband Necessary For Sublimated Board Shorts?

Yes, they are necessary as they prevent your board shorts from slipping off while in use.

This is highly considered for the good quality shorts.

Some lack and have rubberized waistbands which make their appearance seem below standard.

Do Sublimated Board Shorts Manufacturers Have A Product Return Policy?

Yes, there exist return policies for sublimated board shorts.

The policies allow the return of goods upon arrival because of other reasons except for your change of mind about the items.

They work hand in hand with a set of rules whereby some conditions are met before the manufacturer accepts them back.

Rummaged or items on offer cannot be sent back to the manufacturer.

The items must be in their best form like they were delivered.

This includes proper packaging with user manuals and tags still intact.

You are also required to provide the original board short tax invoice, a copy of the invoice as well as the delivery docket.

An agreement is reached once all this is confirmed to be in order.

How Do Chinese Sublimated Board Short Manufacturers Support Small-Scale Businesses?

They offer competitive prices.

This is brought about by the low costs in production.

Since there exist no extra charges on the items, this attracts more customers which is to both parties.

Manufacturers are going to supply more while small businesses will be in a position to compete effectively with the known brands.

Take care of the designing process of the board shorts.

sublimated board short

sublimated board short

Some of these businesses tend to be new and therefore lack of design ideas is highly expected.

This is of great concern to the manufacturers as they have to take that initiative at hand and ensure everything is in order.

With a great team of professionals, no stone is left unturned as every detail is reviewed with you involved.

Guaranteed branding of your board shorts

Branding is one of the strategies adopted by business personnel to market their products.

This comprises business trademarks or logos printed on your board shorts.

Since most people have trust in the quality of branded items, you are going to sell more as massive buying is expected.

You can therefore compete effectively with your competitors.

They offer free shipping services.

The shipping fee is usually high and most small businesses may not afford it.

To help them compete with the large known brands, manufacturers tend to reduce shipping fee costs.

Sorting this out is a big relief to the small businesses.

Short turnaround time.

Manufacturers ensure the continued flow of stock by processing your orders fast.

This ensures business efficiency while stock lasts.

Free after-sell services e.g., packaging.

Allow for return of items in case they are faulty upon arrival.

Constant communication to ensure no delays are encountered.

 What Sizes Of Sublimated Board Shorts Are Available?

Sublimated board shorts come in all sizes.

This is Extra extra-large, Extra-large, Large, Medium Small and Extra-small abbreviated as XXL, XL, L, M, S, and XS respectively.

The XXL and XL are best fit for people with very huge bodies while L is for moderately huge body types.

Medium body types will fit in M while smaller ones go for S.

The very small bodies have their fit which is XS.

Will My Design Of Sublimated Board Shorts Be Sold To My Competitors?

No, we sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

The agreement guarantees you the safety of your designs and any form of personal information.

Disclosing any information regarding our clients is illegal and may result in serious consequences.

We, therefore, stick to the agreement and ensure competitors have access to these details.

By so doing, we double up your confidence since competition is maintained on a minor basis.

 Do You Have A Flexible MOQ For Sublimated Board Shorts?

Yes, we have a very flexible MOQ.

We slightly loosen our terms once you give us a valid and genuine reason to do so.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, we slightly negotiate on the terms and conditions and settle for what works for the best of us all.

The MOQ for your custom board shorts is loosened considering a few factors.

These are the designs, fabric to be used, customization, size, color, printing methods, turnaround time, etc.

The lowest is 10 pieces for every order.

It ranges from 10-500 pieces or more.

How Long Does It Take To Complete My Sublimated Board Shorts Order?

Normally, it takes a period of one to two months to have your order ready.

Once we receive your request, we process the order, and manufacturing is set to begin in a week.

The time interval may however vary depending on the size of the order.

For small orders based on our MOQ, the period may be shorter than the estimated period.

Large orders may stay within the time limit or sometimes exceed.

Why Should You Buy Sublimated Board Shorts Directly From The Manufacturer?

Manufacturers offer low prices on their items which is easily affordable.

Unlike other platforms, additional costs may accrue as a result of middle men or frauds.

Encourages Impulse buying as businesses will want to take advantage of the low prices and still stay within budget.

We all value quality. In this case, your board shorts will be delivered new, quality, and still in their best forms ever.

Expect a short turnaround period as orders take a very short time to be processed and thereafter delivered.

Most manufacturers offer after-sales services where no fee is charged.

This includes branding of your board shorts, free packaging, and sometimes shipping.

It is a sign of customer appreciation and also strengthens the bond between the two parties.

There is a continuous flow of stock which results from efficiency in the processing of orders.

This is achieved through shortening of the turnaround period thereby delivering in time.

You will be offered a variety of options and your interests listened to before an agreement to settle for a particular idea is made.

Manufacturers will always ensure continued communication with their clients.

This is so because they value the customer’s feedback and satisfaction.

They also have return policies that render the return of faulty items upon arrival acceptable.

This may be different for other platforms.

Lastly, some will offer you samples so may have a feel of what to expect and of course do adjustments in case errors do exist.

Do You Help In Shipping Sublimated Board Shorts?

Yes, we take care of the shipping processes and charges.

Some of the businesses are small and therefore may find it hard to compete with big brands as shipping turns out to be quite costly.

Reduced or no shipping fee being charged is a way of supporting them in the competitive business world.

By so doing, they are in a position to compete effectively in the competitive business world.

I know you may also be interested in MMA board shorts.

For any questions or inquiry about sublimated board shorts, contact us now.

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