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Goal Sportswear is a reliable manufacturer that handles a broad reversible wrestling singlets production. Together with our professional design team and advanced production line, Goal Sportswear is confident to provide your reversible wrestling singlet requirements.

Goal Sportswear can satisfy your reversible wrestling singlet needs. Our over ten years of experience in the industry guarantees you quality and durable products. Thus, Goal Sportswear reversible wrestling singlets are ideal for your team and business.

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Goal Sportswear – Your Dependable Reversible Wrestling Singlets Manufacturer in China

Goal Sportswear is your no.1 source of reversible wrestling singlets in China. We can handle you’re your different needs and requirements. As a professional manufacturer, we can provide quality and reliability.

Our goal is to achieve your trust and provide satisfaction. We have a wide range of reversible wrestling jerseys that is ideal for your business. All our products have certifications from international standards.

Our reversible wrestling singlets are available in different sizes. We have sizes for kids, youths, and adults. Thus, we provide size charts based on different body weights, heights, and waist for your options. These are also suitable for men and women.

Features of Goal Sportswear reversible wrestling singlets:

  • Comfortable on skin and lightweight
  • Shrink-resistant, wrinkle-free, and quick-dry
  • Moisture-resistant and wear and tear-resistant
  • Features durable stretched fabric such as spandex and polyester
  • Double-stitched and flatlock seams to ensure durability
  • Sublimated ink to ensure saturated, strong, and vibrant colors that will not peel, crack, or fade
  • Superior 4-way stretch materials

For more than ten years, we offer a broad range of reversible wrestling singlets. Particularly, we operate in advanced and high-technology production facilities. We offer customization to give you 100% satisfaction.

We guarantee 100% in-line inspection to all our production stages and before shipment. We also do quality checking on every detail to ensure accuracy. Here in Goal Sportswear, you can also ensure a competitive price, low MOQ, premier services, and on-time delivery.

At Goal Sportswear, we guarantee to give you value-added services. Other than reversible wrestling singlets, we also manufacture custom wrestling gears, custom wrestling outfits, wrestling uniform packages, youth wrestling singlets, youth wrestling tights, custom low cut wrestling singlets, college wrestling singlets, and more.

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Reversible Wrestling Singlets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for any information about reversible wrestling singlet, you will find it right here.

Whether you want to learn about material type, design, benefits, stitching technique or color options – this guide covers everything you need.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Wrestlers usually wear reversible wrestling singlets. It is a one-piece garment with two different popular colors inside and outside, with side leg stripes.

You can wear Reversible wrestling singlets on either side.

 Reversible Wrestling Singlet

Reversible Wrestling Singlet

What Are The Features Of Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Reversible wrestling singlets have several features some of them includes;

Design type – It’s two in one singlet; you can put the singlets on whichever side you want since it has two different colors, primarily red/blue, black/red, black/blue.

It will help you not to purchase another singlet.

Stitching – Reversible wrestling singlets typically have different types of stitching. But mostly recommended is overedge or zigzag.

It is done from the bottom of the arm to the leg opening of the reversible wrestling singlet.

Fabric – For fabric, we mostly blend lycra and spandex or polyester too. These fabrics have breathability, comforts and are durable at the same time.

All the wrestler wants is comfort on the singlet, which we make sure of that by using the suitable fabric for them.

Its Unique Design Allows One To Wear Either Side

Its Unique Design Allows One To Wear Either Side Of The Singlet

What Are The Available Sizes For Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

The sizes of reversible wrestling singlets are typically determined by the weight and height of a wrestler.

But for every reversible wrestling singlet, we have indicated the estimated weight and height range on the clothing tag.

What you need to do while purchasing the reversible wrestling singlet is to make sure you know your height and weight.

This will make things easy for you since you will check the clothing tag and get the right size of your singlet.

How Much Does Reversible Wrestling Singlets Cost?

Well, the cost of reversible wrestling singlets continuously varies depending on factors such as;

  • The type of fabric
  • The design
  • Quality of the singlet
  • Size
  • Color

The Cost Of The Wrestling Singlet Depends On Many Factors

The Cost Of Wrestling Singlet Depends On Many Factors

Which Fabrics Can You Use To Make Reversible Wrestling Singlet?

Some of the most common fabrics include:


This fabric is usually 100% polyester. It contains properties that wick moisture off the body, is breathable and lightweight.


Nylon is also another type of material suitable for reversible wrestling singlets. For nylon fabric is well known for its flexibility and lightweight, which is perfect for wrestlers.

Nylon Reversible Wrestling Singlet

Nylon Reversible Wrestling Singlet


This fabric is always considered the best stretcher. Thus it’s suitable for reversible wrestling singlets.

Most of the wrestlers prefer spandex since it is one of the best and comfortable fabrics for singlets.


Lycra is also recommended fabric for reversible wrestling singlets. Generally, lycra is 12% lycra and 88% polyester.

It’s durable and breathable, which is always the wish of a wrestler when purchasing reversible wrestling singlets.

What Are The Factors To Consider While Selecting A Reversible Wrestling Singlet?

Okay, we usually have some factors available for you when selecting reversible wrestling singlets. Below are some of what you should keep in mind while choosing a singlet:


One of the most important factors is the type of fabric used for reversible wrestling singlets.

Generally, this is for safety reasons; we have different wrestlers reacting to various materials used for making singlets.

For instance, one wrestler may get rashes while using a fabric like lycra.

While on the other side, another wrestler gets skin irritation when using a singlet made from spandex or any different fabric.

So it usually varies with the individual. With these effects, it may be more severe dermatologist issues which, trust me, no one would like to go through all that.

The best thing to do is to understand your skin and the types of fabrics suitable for your skin before selecting reversible wrestling singlets.


Always make sure of selecting the right size of reversible wrestling singlet. Reversible singlets need to be fit.

The reason is not to give your opponent a very open opportunity to grab your singlet during the match.

It is one of the rules for wrestlers to have “fit “reversible wrestling singlets.


You need to consider the quality of reversible wrestling singlets. For quality, we advise you to go for the best quality in the market and has surpassed the material standards for reversible wrestling singlets.

Poor quality reversible wrestling singlets may get toned easily by your opponent during the match, which may lead to uncomfortable situations.

Keep in mind that they are also not durable compare to the ones with the best quality.

Which Are The Different Types Of Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Reversible wrestling singlets are generally in two categories which are sublimated reversible singlets and stock reversible singlets.

The stock reversible wrestling singlets do not have a wide selection, but they strive for the best quality.

They are always made with high-standard designs and are mainly sold to specific manufacturers.

Well, you need to know that stock reversible wrestling singlets are expensive due to their rare brands.

 Stock Reversible Wrestling Singlets Offer Limited Design Options

Stock reversible Singlets Offer Limited Design Options

For stock reversible wrestling singlets, they only have a small range of options for their designs.

While for sublimated reversible wrestling, singlets are usually made by different brands and features designs that are fully sublimated.

With sublimated reversible wrestling singlets, they always offer great flexibility and promote creativity.

The sublimated reversible wrestling singlets are cheaper and readily available in the market. But always be careful while choosing since they have a lot of fake ones too.

Sublimated Reversible Wrestling Singlet

Sublimated Reversible Wrestling Singlet

What Color Options Do You Have For Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

For reversible wrestling singlets, we do not have specific colors for the wrestlers. You may decide to choose any color so long as they blend well.

In reversible wrestling singlets, we give you the freedom to choose any color. Unless it is a team, you will be required to go with the theme color for your team.

What Do You Wear Under Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

You are not allowed to wear anything beneath your reversible wrestling singlet, but some wrestlers typically choose to wear compression or brief shorts.

The reason why we do not allow any underwear is simple, they mainly make the wrestler uncomfortable under the tight-fitting singlet.

It will make the wrestlers not concentrate on the match but with the underwear inside the singlet.

Do You Customize Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, you can easily customize reversible wrestling singlets. You have to give us the design you want, name, logo, color, and singlet size.

With all that provided, we will deliver your singlet the way you want it done.

Cliff Keen Reversible Singlet

Cliff Keen Reversible Wrestling Singlet

How Should A Reversible Wrestling Singlets Fit?

It is straightforward; the reversible wrestling singlets should fit the body and cover the appropriate body parts. As per the rules and guides of wrestling, note that loose singlets are not allowed in the match.

What Are The Printing Options Available For Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

The following printing techniques can print reversible wrestling singlets. Kindly note that each printing option comes with challenges and benefits;

Screen printing  –  Is one of the oldest printing methods; it involves printing directly from a computer to the fabric. It usually cheaper if you decide to print a lot of singlets at a go.

Head pressure heat transfer – This process usually involves heat and pressure on the fabric to apply designs. It’s also one of the best printing techniques for spandex, lycra, and nylon fabrics.

Sublimation printing technique – Another name for sublimation printing is dye sublimation printing. Okay, this technique typically uses heat to essentially to printing fabric and ink together.

Sublimation is a permanent printing technique that does not allow full color.

 Sublimated Wrestling Singlet

Sublimated Wrestling Singlet

Embroidery printing technique – For printing, a decorated thread is used in any artwork on the singlet. It’s not commonly used since it expensive method.

Embroidery is best for small design prints and not larger ones.

Can You Add Any Details When Printing Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, you can add any details to your reversible wrestling singlets. Some of the details are;

  • Your name
  • Number
  • Name of your Country
  • Your nickname
  • Logo

What Type Of Stitching Do You Use On Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Reversible wrestling singlets may use stitching types such as;

Zigzag stitching – This is one of the perfect stitch types for singles. It usually stretches the fabric along hence more minor thread damage.

Overedge stitch – -Is a specialty stitch that generally locks over the edge of the fabric. It stitches and finishes a seam in just one pass.

How Do You Wash And Care For Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Well, if you do not wash or handle your singlets properly, they may get damaged. We manage to put together some guidelines that will be of help to you on maintaining your singlets.

  • Use mild detergent while washing your reversible wrestling singlet. Some detergents contain harsh chemicals which can cause bleeding of colors.
  • Another guideline that will help you in your singlets maintenance is to wash with cold water. The fabrics used to make the singlets are never friendly to hot water.

The moment you put them in hot water, they get destroyed.

  • We recommend the reversible wrestling singlets be hand dried for them to serve you for a more extended period. If you can’t hand dry, you may use a washing machine but remove the singlet quickly as you can from the machine.
  • Avoid using metallic hangers for the singlets since they might stain your singlet with rust. In these cases, plastic hangers are the best when dealing with singlets.
  • When your singlet is stained with blood or too dirty, pre-soak it on a plastic bucket separately overnight to help loosen the stains before washing it.
  • Reversible wrestling singlets always get stinky at times. To lose the funk from the singlet, add a cup of baking soda to your pre-soaked singlet, and the odors will be neutralized.
  • For your singlets, note that you should never use chlorine bleach. It usually dulls the vibrant colors sublimated into the fabric and also damages the fabric of your singlet.
  • In addition, wash your singlets all alone; do not mix with any clothes to avoid damage to the fabric.
  • Ironing singlet is prohibited; do not try it at all. Avoid it by all means.

Are Reversible Wrestling Singlets Comfortable?

Of course, yes, reversible wrestling singlets with breathable and flexible fabric make it very comfortable. Wrestlers need to feel pleased with their singlets for them to enjoy the match.

Unless you purchased a small singlet that does not give you breathing space or a larger size that snugs. For sure, that one you will not be comfortable with the singlet.

What Are The Benefits Of Sublimated Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Sublimated reversible wrestling singlets typically come with their benefits.

The benefits include;

  • Since the design is printed directly to the material, your name, number, and any other added detail will not be able to fade, peel or even bleed that we guarantee you.
  • Another benefit is that your sublimated reversible wrestling singlet won’t see me through.
  • In addition, is your design will be more detailed and vibrant since it’s the first print of the fabric.
  • Sublimated reversible wrestling singlets turn out to be more durable, which will be a plus to your singlet.
  • The process of sublimating reversible wrestling singlets is usually quick; you do not need to wait for 15-30 days for your singlet to be made.

Sublimated Reversible Wrestling Singlet Are More Detailed And Vibrant

Sublimated Reversible Wrestling Singlets Are More Detailed And Vibrant

Do Reversible Wrestling Singlets Shrink?

No, reversible wrestling singlets do not shrink when you maintain them properly. However, if heated above the average temperature, which is 180 degrees, they may shrink.

You need to follow the given guidelines for care and maintenance to the last step for your singlet not to shrink.

How Can You Tell If A Reversible Wrestling Singlet Is Fake Or Authentic?

Reversible wrestling singlets are among the best singlets with high quality. Too bad fake singlets are always everywhere to deceive people who know nothing about the singlets but need to purchase them.

On counterfeits and authentic singlets, here are some guides to help identify genuine and fake singlets.


Usually, the quality of reversible wrestling singlets will be dictated by the price. The higher the price, it means the better quality.

This is enough proof for you to know the singlet is authentic.

But for fake singlets, they come with poor quality and goes at a lower price.

You need to do market research properly to compare the price, and through that, you will be able to tell fake and authentic singlets.

Design Quality

The reversible wrestling singlets usually come along with unique designs. The designs can be copied but not precisely as the original ones.

You need to educate yourself more about the designs or ask for assistance from wrestling officials.

For fake singlets, you find different designs, usually the imitation of the original once with very transparent fabrics.

When purchasing, pay more attention to fabric and designs to help you identify the authentic singlets.


Always check the stitching method used on the reversible wrestling singlet before you make a purchase. Authentic singlets have unmatched stitches on them.

The thread is not undone for fake singlets, and if you pull them, they come out.

Stitching is one of the easiest ways for you to identify fake singlets.

Do You Offer Free Samples Of Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, we offer free samples for the reversible wrestling singlets. This is to allow you to approve first if you want or need some adjustments to the singlets.

You will receive the sample within seven days and give us the go-ahead with the manufacturing process.

Do You Accept Express Order For Reversible Wrestling Singlets?


We accept express orders for reversible wrestling singlets. The express order usually involves purchasing reversible wrestling singlets directly from the manufacturer with no brokers or agents involved.

Furthermore, express order usually helps save time wasted by the agents during the ordering process and is a cheaper way of purchasing the singlets.

No intermediary or agent involved; you got to save the money you were to pay them for their services.

What Is Your MOQ For Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

For us, we do not have a minimum order quantity for reversible wrestling singlets. You may make an order of many singlets as you want or fewer as you wish.

We are always ready to work with you at a very affordable cost.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Order For Reversible Wrestling Singlets?

It usually depends on the quantity of the reversible wrestling singlets you have ordered for the production process. Bulky orders might take an estimated 30 working days, and for the small quantity, it will take 7-15 working days.

At Goal Sportswear, we offer a range of wrestling singlet such as low cut wrestling singlet, women wrestling singlet, pro wrestling singlet, men wrestling singlet, 2 piece wrestling singlet, and college wrestling singlet, just to mention a few.

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