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More than 500 Team MMA Apparel Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

100% Polyester Sublimation Custom Printed MMA Apparel
100% Polyester Sublimation Custom Printed MMA Apparel
100% Polyester Sublimation Printing Custom Youth Team MMA Apparel
100% Polyester Sublimation Printing Custom Youth Team MMA Apparel
Custom Design Sublimation Printing Breathable Reversible MMA Apparel
Custom Design Sublimation Printing Breathable Reversible MMA Apparel
Custom Made Sublimated Printing Short Sleeve MMA Apparel
Custom Made Sublimated Printing Short Sleeve MMA Apparel
Custom Made Sublimation Printing Men Pro MMA Apparel
Custom Made Sublimation Printing Men Pro MMA Apparel
Custom Wholesale Sublimated Printed MMA Apparel
Custom Wholesale Sublimated Printed MMA Apparel
Dye Sublimation Custom Design Team MMA Apparel
Dye Sublimation Custom Design Team MMA Apparel
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Full Polyester MMA Apparel
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Full Polyester MMA Apparel
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Youth MMA Apparel
Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Design Youth MMA Apparel
Full Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Made Team MMA Apparel
Full Dye Sublimation Printing Custom Made Team MMA Apparel
Full Dye Sublimation Wholesale Custom MMA Apparel
Full Dye Sublimation Wholesale Custom MMA Apparel
Full Polyester Breathable Custom Design Sublimated MMA Apparel
Full Polyester Breathable Custom Design Sublimated MMA Apparel
Full Polyester Custom Made Durable Men Team MMA Apparel
Full Polyester Custom Made Durable Men Team MMA Apparel
Full Polyester Durable Sublimated Custom Youth Team MMA Apparel
Full Polyester Durable Sublimated Custom Youth Team MMA Apparel
Full Sublimated Custom Made Men Team MMA Apparel
Full Sublimated Custom Made Men Team MMA Apparel
High Quality 100% Polyester Sublimation Custom Design MMA Apparel
High Quality 100% Polyester Sublimation Custom Design MMA Apparel
High School Custom Design Sublimated Reversible MMA Apparel
High School Custom Design Sublimated Reversible MMA Apparel
Pro Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Design Team MMA Apparel
Pro Quality Sublimation Printing Custom Design Team MMA Apparel
Sublimation High Quality Custom Youth V Neck MMA Apparel
Sublimation High Quality Custom Youth V Neck MMA Apparel
Sublimation Printing 100% Polyester dry Fit Custom MMA Apparel
Sublimation Printing 100% Polyester dry Fit Custom MMA Apparel
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Made Sublimation MMA Apparel
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Made Sublimation MMA Apparel
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Sublimated Printed MMA Apparel
Wholesale 100% Polyester Custom Sublimated Printed MMA Apparel
Wholesale High Quality Sublimation Printing Custom MMA Apparel
Wholesale High Quality Sublimation Printing Custom MMA Apparel
Wholesale High Quality Men Custom Made MMA Apparel
Wholesale High Quality Men Custom Made MMA Apparel
Wholesale Pro Quality Custom Design Sublimated Kids MMA Apparel
Wholesale Pro Quality Custom Design Sublimated Kids MMA Apparel

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Are you looking for reliable MMA apparel for your business? You can always rely on Goal Sportswear. We are trusted by thousands of customers from around the world for more than ten years.

We manufacture MMA Apparel with features made to last for a longer time. All our products are guaranteed high-quality at an affordable price. Here in Goal Sportswear, we are providing all necessary hard work to give you 100% satisfaction.

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Goal Sportswear – Your World-Class MMA Apparel Manufacturer and Supplier in China

In China, Goal Sportswear is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of sports uniforms. We specialize in producing a high-quality and wide range of MMA apparel that is perfect to skyrocket your business.

At Goal Sportswear, we offer the broadest collection of MMA apparel. We have a professional design team and skillful factory workers to produce your orders. Goal Sportswear offers a fast production process from 8 to 10 days after finalizing your orders.

What is MMA Apparel?

MMA apparels are sportswear that is worn during Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training and competition. This clothing will help the player to focus and be comfortable during the event or competition.

What includes Goal Sportswear MMA Apparel?

Here In Goal Sportswear, we produce a complete range of MMA apparel.

  • MMA shorts with extra drawstring for additional grip
  • MMA shirts with reinforced stitching and seams for durability
  • MMA compression shirts
  • MMA rash guards
  • MMA tights
  • MMA kickboxing shorts
  • MMA board shorts; and more

All our MMA apparels are manufacture with a comfortable fit. It also features moisture-wicking properties. Moreover, it has maximum flexibility to provide a range of motion, mobility, and breathability.

Advantages of Goal Sportswear MMA Apparel

  • Available in a wide selection of sizes for youths and adults (refer to our size chart or submit your own size selection)
  • Available designs for men and women
  • Customizable with your own specification
  • Can be added with your logo, team name, player name, sponsors, and more
  • Unlimited colors available (you can use our Pantone Solid Coated color book for accuracy)
  • Discounts for bulk quantity
  • Low MOQ starting 10 pieces per product

Whether for your business or team, choose Goal Sportswear as your supplier. We offer a one-stop solution for your wrestling apparel needs. At Goal Sportswear, you can guarantee the best buying experience.

We offer competitive prices, fast delivery via DHL, and excellent after-sales services. Our professional sales team will cater to your needs and inquiries 24/7. Choose Goal Sportswear as your manufacturer and supplier in China!

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MMA Apparel: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing MMA apparel from China, read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for about MMA apparel – from material, features, designs, types to printing options.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Chinese MMA Apparel Manufacturer?

Choosing and working with a Chinese MMA apparel manufacturer offers the following benefits:

Low Cost

Chinese manufacturers have always offered lower prices for their products. This allows you to get a batch of quality MMA apparel with the lowest budget.

If you’re sourcing MMA apparel for your business, then buying in China will offer substantial savings. Because the product cost is lower, you can resell the garments at competitive prices and maintain an excellent profit margin.

Cut Middlemen

Another benefit is that you also cut the cost of go-betweens when you buy from a Chinese MMA apparel manufacturer. Since you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, there are no middlemen or brokers involved and, therefore, no extra costs.

Quality Products

When you buy MMA apparel from a well-known custom sportswear manufacturer, you guarantee product quality. Don’t worry; the low Chinese product prices don’t affect their product quality.

Huge Variety And Custom Services

Chinese manufacturers offer a variety of MMA clothing styles to choose from. This variety makes shopping more convenient and comfortable. In addition, you can ask the manufacturer to customize MMA apparel for you according to your exact needs and specifications.

Moreover, since the clothing prices are lower in China, you can buy the exact product you need without exceeding your budget.

Invaluable Business Advice

Chinese manufacturers do more than just offer products to businesses and individuals.

For start-ups and other SMEs, a Chinese MMA apparel manufacturer can offer comprehensive trade consultation. They will assist you in understanding what is expected of your business and the best ways of achieving your business goals.

What Are The Different Types Of MMA Apparel?

Mixed martial arts apparel includes:

MMA Tights

MMA tights

MMA tights

MMA tights are worn for many different reasons. Some people use them for their functional purpose that as wearing them during MMA training or competition. Some might wear it to keep warm or as casual trendy wear.

Custom MMA tights are available in many materials, types, and lengths.

They are designed to fit comfortably, and fighters can train in them for extended periods without any difficulty. The seams in these tights are sewn flat, and they don’t stick. So, wearers don’t have to worry about the tights chaffing or irritating their skin.

Most people prefer these tights over other type’s shorts or MMA fighting clothes for several reasons.

The first is the compressive nature of these tights, which makes them fit well. MMA tights stretch and conform tightly to the body rather than hanging loose like other MMA and martial arts clothing. The slim fit helps keep muscles warm and speeds up recovery during combat.

Secondly, tights tend to be more comfortable than other MMA bottoms. They reduce contact between the thighs as they fight tightly and cover the body from the ankle to the hip.

MMA Spandex Shorts

MMA spandex shorts

MMA spandex shorts

Spandex shorts are viral in the MMA fight scene due to the comfort and flexibility that they provide.

These shorts are made with a highly elastic material that is quite durable and strong.

MMA spandex shorts can stretch up to 600% of their actual size and then retain their original size once it’s taken off.  The material used for these shorts undergoes many processes and stages to stretch to the extreme level without tearing.

Fighters and fans like to wear spandex shorts if nothing more than to feel comfortable in their routines. In addition, many MMA teams include these shorts in their uniforms because they allow athletes to perform better.

A variety of colors and designs are available in custom spandex shorts, and fighters can choose any style as per their need.

MMA Shorts With Long Slits

MMA short with long slit

MMA short with long slits

MMA shorts with long slits are precisely what they sound like. The length of the splits varies depending on the style, but they all serve a similar purpose. They provide for greater movement while kicking and fighting. Side splits also allow for extra comfort.

These shorts are a favorite among MMA enthusiasts with large thighs. They provide such fighters with the desired movement without having to wear larger MMA shorts.

Since MMA is a full-contact sport, the aspect of unrestrictive movement is crucial. It comes in handy when kicking and grappling, as fighters need to be pretty flexible to enact these moves well.

MMA Board Shorts

MMA board shorts

MMA board shorts

MMA board shorts are pretty versatile. They are made for MMA training and competitions but can also be worn to the gym or outdoor sports such as running and hiking. Some newer short styles can also be worn as part of everyday attire.

These shorts are available in various styles that range from plaid to geometrical shapes to flowers and retro styles. Today, the most popular MMA board shorts have those hot, vibrant colors such as neon greens, blues, and greens. Board shorts are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles too.

The length of MMA board shorts varies according to the design and style. Mainly, these shorts are designed in knee-length options or somewhere above knee length.

Other style features include pockets and neoprene fly’s which don’t open completely on the front. The latter provides enough stretch for easy pull on and off. On the other hand, pockets provide a storage place for keys, mobile phones, credit cards, and other small valuables.

Since board shorts are designed from the finest materials, they tend to be lightweight and very durable.

Additionally, board shorts do not have an elastic waistband like most athletic shorts. Instead, they have a robust waist designed to withstand rigorous full-contact MMA activities.

The waistband design of these shorts is often open in front in Velcro fly style. Some have drawstrings to allow for easy adjustment and give extra support.

MMA Compression Shorts

Compression short

Compression short

Compression shorts are designed to help improve athletes’ physical activity while aiding in faster recovery. These shorts are made of stretchy fabric that puts slight pressure on the skin and stimulates blood flow. It is excellent for a quick warm-up.

MMA compression shorts also offer extra support for the joints. More stability means better injury prevention leading to more confident motion for better overall performance.

MMA Training Shorts

MMA training shorts

MMA training shorts

MMA training shorts are specifically designed for training mixed martial arts.

The material of these shorts is usually very flexible, and the shorts will usually have waist ties and Velcro closure. Some shorts have split seams into both sides to minimize resistance during movement.

MMA Kickboxing Shorts

Kickboxing shorts

Kickboxing shorts

Kickboxing shorts are a type of custom fight shorts usually worn by professional kickboxers. These shorts are designed with a baggy fit to provide an unlimited range of motion for high knees and kicks.

MMA kickboxing shorts are also great to train and compete in since they are made with slicker fabric. The fabric allows for faster action with good traction against the floor. Kickboxing shorts length can be made mid-thigh or higher. They also have broad, soft elastic waistbands, so they are comfortable to wear.

Since they are loose on the legs, most kickboxers wear compression shorts underneath MMA kickboxing shorts. It helps avoid indecent exposure when performing high kicks and other techniques that may cause the shorts to ride up the thigh.

Camo MMA Shorts

Camo MMA shorts

Camo MMA shorts

Camo fight shorts feature an aggressive but eye-catching military camouflage design. The shorts have a very durable material making them perfect for skills training and intense MMA fighting. The shorts are flexible, allowing for an excellent range of motion.

Most camouflage shorts feature an anatomical fit that works best for fighters who like to fight while standing. These shorts also work well for ground fighting maneuvers, thanks to their slicker material.

MMA Shirts

 MMA shirt

MMA shirt

Apart from shorts, shirts are also an essential piece of MMA apparel. There is no shortage of great MMA shirt styles and designs to choose from.

These custom sports shirts are mostly tailor-cut, thus appealing more to athletes building their bodies for fighting. A lot of them are also prewashed to minimize shrinkage. The prewashed fabric also enhances the softness and durability of the shirts.

MMA shirts designs have an endless range of varieties. For instance, some MMA shirts use foil accents in their designs, giving them a more visual appeal. There are also long sleeves shirts for athletes looking for something a little warmer.

Other designs, like sublimated shirts, use a water-based ink that gives the shirts a softer and more vibrant look overall.

In addition, there are MMA shirts made with flat-finish collars and use bamboo fabric for a super soft feel.

Some incorporate top-quality features such as shoulder to shoulder taping and double-needle stitching around the sleeves and bottom hems. Although expensive, such MMA shirts offer superior quality and feel that they are certainly worth their price.

Another advantage of MMA shirts is that they are available in various sizes to suit the different athlete builds.

MMA Gloves

MMA gloves

MMA gloves

Gloves are an essential piece in MMA training and competition. They protect the finger joints as these could get injured due to the shock of punching.

Needless to say, a pair of quality MMA gloves is a must-have. These gloves come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But a quality pair will be the ones that won’t rip or tear easily.

Choosing gloves that fit well is also essential. In this regard, gloves with split fingers are better as they make it easy to move fingers without damaging the gloves when grappling or sparring.

MMA Hand Wraps

MMA handwrap

MMA hand wrap

Hand wraps are used to protect the hands from injury. They are essential when doing any striking, such as sparring, pad work, or bag work.

What Is The Difference Between Wrestling Apparel And MMA Apparel?

There is no difference between these two except that MMA is a hybrid of many full-contact sports, including wrestling. This means that wrestling apparel is mixed martial arts clothing specifically designed for wrestling.

Wrestling is a highly competitive and aggressive sport. Hence, apparel worn for training and actual fighting must have certain features to ensure comfort and not give the opponent an upper hand.

This is regardless of individual style preferences or type of wrestling being performed.

Quality custom wrestling apparel must not be loose to reduce the opponent’s chances of grappling or tugging on the athlete during a fight.

The garments must also have exceptionally durable material to withstand sliding and scrubbing against the floor and wresting cage walls.

Avoid garments with metal buttons, zippers, and other hard or sharp objects when choosing wrestling outfits. These can cause harm to athletes and their opponents.

Most importantly, go for clothing that has an elastic property, especially for wrestling singlets and wrestling fight shorts. These will stretch against the bends of the body for the best range of motion.

Custom wrestling uniforms with materials that have less stretch may be very limiting for specific techniques.

What Are The Advantages Of Cut And Sew MMA Apparel Manufacturing In China?

Cut and sew MMA apparel manufacturing in China comes with these advantages:

Unlimited Design Creativity

China manufacturers are never afraid to take risks.

They will produce your unconventional designs with ease. They will even find ways to adjust your designs, so they align with your budget.

Basically, China’s cut and sew option allows you to produce any MMA apparel you want, no matter how complex or costly the design may be. You don’t have to limit yourself to what is in the market.


With cut and sew production, you cut down the middle man. You also avoid the costs associated with readymade apparel, such as custom printing and relabeling.

Endless Design Options

Cut and sew manufacturing allows for far more creativity than any other apparel production model.

With cut and sew, we print onto fabric as is before it is cut and sewn. Hence, there are no limitations when it comes to final apparel sizes or seams.

In addition, the color options in cut and sew production are limitless since you are not limited to stock inventory. There are also many printing possibilities.

Which Fabrics Do MMA Apparel Use?

Apparel for intense sporting activities such as mixed martial arts should be made of lightweight and comfortable fabric. This is important so that athletes can have better practice and competitions.

Good quality fabric is also essential for fan wear to make it comfortable while watching their favorite fighter or match.

Some of the most common types of fabric you can use for MMA apparel are:

  • Polyester: It is the most popular fabric used to make MMA apparel because of its ability to wick moisture away.
  • Cotton: It is durable to withstand the constant pulling and tugging of MMA sports, yet comfortable enough to wear.
  • Nylon: It is slick and pretty light. It is perfect for making MMA shorts that need to be very light.
  • Compression fabric: spandex and Lycra are the most popular fabrics in this range. They are super elastic, thus providing the needed stretch for an unlimited range of motion. Compression fabrics are also pretty durable and easy to maintain.

Elastic fabrics are mainly used to make compression shorts and custom compression tops for MMA training and fighting.

  • Blends: Fabric blends are usually a combination of two fibers to enhance the garment’s properties. The best fabric blends for MMA apparel are Lycra with either nylon or cotton or a cotton-polyester mix.

The use of these fabrics ensures high comfort and durability. In addition, advanced MMA clothing comes with different materials that are sweat and odor resistant.

What Is The Production Process Of MMA Apparel In China?

The MMA apparel production process often begins with fabric selection. Here, the customer, with or without the help of the manufacturer, chooses the desired fabric.

The selection is usually based on the desired features of the garment and the competition rules.

Next is cutting and processing, which is actually the main production steps. In cutting, the fabric is laid out in plies and cut according to the garment patterns.

The cut pieces are then graded to produce each of the sizes ordered.

Various techniques may be used in cutting, such as laser cutting for large volumes and hand cutting for intricate patterns and small batches.

Printing follows the cutting process.

With some printing techniques, this step will be done before the fabric is cut. The same applies to the cut and sew production model.

After the fabric is cut and printed, the next step is assembling the cut pieces by sewing them into the final garments.

In China, we mostly use four needles and six thread stitching techniques for custom sports clothing. This type of stitching produces smooth and beautiful lines that are comfortable to wear.

The stitches are also very durable and thus will not run easily.

 Four needle and six thread stitch

Four-needle and six thread stitching

Note that the four-needle six-thread process is an ISO607 standard stitch. So you don’t have to worry about meeting the international and export standards when sourcing your MMA apparel from China.

The final steps in the production process include cutting thread ends, placing padding where necessary, labeling, and quality checking.

Once done and the clothes are confirmed to reach the requisite quality standards, they are bagged and then packaged for shipping.

What Are The Rules For MMA Apparel Design And Configuration?

There are global and unified rulesets for mixed martial arts which provide clear instructions around the attire used during MMA activities.

These rules provide a benchmark for teams, businesses, and manufacturers to design and develop training and competition clothing for mixed martial arts.

Also, these rules vary depending on the competition, level of skill, and region.

Fighters must wear the approved attire for any training or competition as set out in the specific rules.

For instance, the ONE championship requires athletes to wear only close-fitting shorts and shirts during MMA training or combat.

What Is The Artwork Guidelines For MMA Apparel?

When it comes to artwork and graphics for MMA apparel, most manufacturers require the following:


Images should be at least 300dpi in actual size. This will guarantee a high resolution when printing and produce precise, clean, and well-defined print results.

Text To Outline Requirement

We often recommend customers transfer all text into outlines before sending us the print file. It reduces the work for us since we won’t have to struggle to find any fonts. We will print the text just as you designed them.

File Format

Vector file formats are the best for sportswear artwork and graphics. No matter how big the image, a vector file will print as is without losing its resolution.

What Are The Different Types Of MMA Apparel Printing Techniques?

There are many ways to add logos and other artwork to MMA apparel. They include:

Dye Sublimation

Sublimated MMA shorts printing

Sublimated MMA shorts printing

Sublimation is one of the best ways of customizing MMA apparel.

With sublimation sportswear, custom features such as texts, logos, and mascots are dyed directly into the fabric. The process is fast, cost-efficient, and produces high-quality, beautiful, vibrant, and long-lasting garments.

Screen Printing

Unlike sublimation printing, the screen printing process uses a mesh screen and liquid dye to print designs onto the garment/fabric. Screen-printed designs are often precise, detailed, and of high quality.

Screen printed garments are also relatively durable and soft to the touch, although they cannot compare to sublimation apparel. The latter tend to be perpetually soft and lightweight; one can barely feel the ink when wearing sublimated MMA clothing.

What’s more, sublimated designs are wear-resistant; they do not peel, crack or fade.

DTG Printing

DTG printing refers direct to garment printing. The process works similarly to how an office printer does. The only difference being that DTG works on fabrics instead of paper.

When looking to print complex designs onto MMA apparel, DTG printing might be the best solution. It prints in fine detail and high-quality finish. DTG designs are also more realistic. Unlike sublimation designs, these can be on any color of fabric, no matter light or dark.


Embroidery is a stitching technique that we use pretty often to customize MMA apparel and other custom clothing.

It is loved by many due to its high quality and professional finish.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Printing Method For Custom MMA Apparel?

All of the printing techniques discussed above have their sets of pros and cons. Hence, the best printing method for custom MMA apparel will depend upon several factors, including:

  • Your design: some printing methods like screen printing are best suited for simple designs, while others such as sublimation can work for simple and intricate designs.
  • Size of your order: screen printing is the best technique to use for bulk printing. Here, the cost per garment piece gets reduced in relation to the quantities. Cut and sew sublimation printing is also ideal for large orders.
  • Fabrics: there are limitations on what printing method you can use depending on the type of fabric. For example, dye sublimation only works with polyester and polyester blend fabrics.

If your MMA apparel is made of natural fibers, i.e., cotton, you might want to consider other techniques like screen printing, DTG, and transfer printing.

  • End result: knowing the features you’re looking for in the finished garment can help you decide which printing technique to choose.

For instance, MMA apparel needs to be lighter, durable, and more breathable. In this case, dye sublimation is ideal. Because the sublimation process merges the ink with the fabric, the resulting garments are usually lightweight, soft to the touch, durable, and very breathable.

How Much Does It Cost To Custom Print MMA Apparel?

The cost of custom printing MMA apparel will depend on several factors, including:

  • Number of garments to be printed
  • Number of colors in your design
  • Type of printing method
  • The color of fabric, if it is white or colored

Do MMA Apparel Manufacturers In China Offer Graphic Design Support?

MMA fighters

MMA fighters

Yes, we do.

We have our factory and experienced staff comprising expert engineers, designers, sewists, and QC’s. Meaning, we can provide one-stop, customized MMA apparel manufacturing services including but not limited to:

  • pattern design and grading
  • sample making
  • logo and labels designs
  • Packaging etc.

If you need graphic design support, don’t hesitate to call us. Our expert team is ready to help you realize your unique design ideas.

How Long Does It Take To Make And Deliver MMA Apparel?

Typically, it takes 8-10 days to process MMA apparel orders. The exact turnaround time will depend on your order quantity and customization, among other things.

What Is The Difference Between Continuous Production And On-Demand Printing For MMA Apparel?

Continuous production means that we keep our machines on a constant run.

It is a service we offer primarily to retail and merchandise projects. For this, clients tell us their stock forecasts and order requirements. Based on this information, we cater our facilities to make their orders in continuous or scheduled batches.

On the other hand, on-demand printing involves carrying out orders as they come in. We only make and print MMA apparel as and when you place an order.

Do MMA Apparel Manufacturers In China Offer Express Production Services?

We do.

If you’re looking for fast MMA apparel production services in China, GoalSportswear can process your order in as little as 72hrs.

No matter your order volume, we offer incredible express turnaround times without risking quality.

How Do I Order The Right Fit And Size For MMA Apparel?

MMA fight

MMA fight

Well-fitting MMA clothing can make a world of difference when it comes to having a good training session or fight. Uncomfortable, poorly fitting apparel can deter an athlete’s performance

So before ordering MMA apparel, make sure you understand how the sizing works.

Many manufacturers offer size charts to guide customers on sizes and fit. Use this chart to get the right sizes, whether for a business or a team.

Keep in mind that many MMA athletes fluctuate in weight a great deal due to cutting weight for fights or other competitions. For this reason, invest in clothing that allows for easy adjustments, especially shorts.

Shorts that have a drawstring or both drawstring and Velcro closure are the best in this case. They will allow athletes to make their shorts tighter or looser as they deem necessary.

Is It Possible To Order Pre-production MMA Apparel Samples To Check Quality?

Yes, we can always provide visual proofs as well as physical samples for evaluation.

With these, you can check garment style and sizes, color contrasts and matching, and artwork sizing, placement, and quality. Our experience is that sampling assures customers that what they’re ordering is what they’ll get once the order is complete.

Are There Minimum Orders When It Comes To MMA Apparel In China?


At GoalSportswear, we offer low MOQ starting at 10 pieces per product for bulk orders. But our prices will differ depending on the exact quantity, type of garment, and customization. Note that it is more cost-effective to buy 500 custom sublimation shorts instead of 10.

Do You Offer Discounts For Bulk MMA Apparel Orders?

Yes, if you need thousands of MMA apparel made, we offer various bulk volume discounts and partnership agreements. We also provide various partnership agreements that are beneficial to our large volume customers.

How Sustainable Is MMA Apparel From China?

As GoalSportswear, we believe in individual responsibility to save our planet. That is why we commit to fair trade practices.

We have also partnered with sustainable suppliers in and out of China to provide custom MMA apparel from environmentally friendly materials.

Moreover, we use sustainable printing techniques and inks.

How Do I Maintain MMA Apparel?

Due to lots of sweating and body contact experienced in MMA sports apparel must be washed after every use.

We recommend using cold or lukewarm water with gentle detergents to wash MMA apparel.

Be careful not to wring or scrub the garments too hard. As I said, gentle hand-washing in cold water is best for these kinds of clothing. If using lukewarm water, make sure the temperature of the water does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

About ironing, the temperature should always be controlled well and according to the fabric of the garment. For light and heat-sensitive materials and inks, make sure to use a thin cotton cloth as a lining when ironing.

When it comes to storage and hanging, it is best to hang dry damp MMA apparel. You can also dry the clothes by laying them flat in the open air but away from direct sunlight.

For all your MMA apparel from China, contact us now.

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