Mesh Fabric

This kind of fabric is one of the most common fabrics used in our company. Softness, lightness, and skin-friendliness are the main features. They are normally used to make hockey jerseys, soccer jerseys, and some pants. The special material of this fabric will make you feel fresher and more comfortable when you exercise.

3001-Thin small hole mesh
  • Weight: 70gsm
  • Features: Soft and light
  • Application: Hockey tops, lining of jacket
3002-130gram Thick small hole mesh
  • Weight: 130gsm
  • Features: Soft and light
  • Application: Baseball pants, hockey shorts, vests, basketball uniforms
3003-Large hole hole fabric
  • Weight: 110gsm
  • Features: Breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable, washable and wrinkle-resistant
  • Application: Hockey jerseys, basketball shorts, hockey jerseys
3004-180gram With photon bullet holes
  • Weight: 180gsm
  • Features: Soft and light
  • Application: BMX top, shorts, soccer jersey
3005-180gram No light hole fabric
  • Weight: 180gsm
  • Features: Moisture-absorbing, breathable, skin-friendly
  • Application: American football jersey, shorts
3006-B620Stretch has photonic bullet holes
  • Weight: 285gsm
  • Features: Breathable, soft and skin-friendly
  • Application: Soccer jersey
  • Weight: 70gsm
  • Features: Comfortable, soft, and breathable
  • Application: Lining of jackets
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