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What Is The Difference Between Kids MMA Shorts And Adult MMA Shorts?

 Kids MMA short

Kids MMA shorts

There is not much difference between kids MMA shorts and adult MMA shorts apart from size.

MMA shorts for adults are available in various sizes, from small to extra-large, while kids’ shorts are small to large with waists ranging from 23 to 25 inches.

Other than the sizing, we make kids MMA shorts pretty much to the same standard as adult shorts.

Like the adult versions, kids’ shorts also feature a perfect combination of comfort, style, and performance. They are versatile combat fit shorts perfectly suitable for various activities such as running, kicking, wrestling, boxing, training, and other various activities.

Kids could even laze/sleep in these shorts. That’s how versatile they are. They are also pretty durable and can withstand regular use and laundering without wearing and tearing.

What Is The Benefit Of Buying Kids MMA Shorts From The Manufacturer Rather Than From A Wholesaler Or Ecommerce Store?

Buying kids’ MMA shorts directly from the manufacturer helps you save your budget while meeting any requirements for the shorts.

Low unit prices aside, buying from a single manufacturer gives you an endless variety of choices. You can choose from existing factory designs (which are a multitude, by the way) or have the shorts custom-made to your specifications.

Moreover, product quality is more guaranteed when you buy from a manufacturer than from a wholesaler or e-commerce site.

Since wholesalers source their products from different suppliers, it isn’t easy to control product quality.

But when you buy from a manufacturer, the products come directly from the factory. So you can easily trace a defective batch or product. Plus, it’s easier to check their quality assurance practices and monitor the manufacturing process to ensure your quality requirements are being met.

What Kind Of Features Should I Look For In Kids MMA Shorts?

Kids MMA shorts

Kids MMA shorts

Kids MMA shorts fulfill their purpose of form and function in the following ways:

  • Stretch panels: these are located on the inside of the legs of kids’ MMA shorts. They are often made of stretchy materials and designed for comfort and allow the wearer to move more freely.
  • Split seams: Again, if you check the legs of these shorts, there should be slits up the sides. Split seams are exactly what the name says, and they are designed to allow comfort and a full range of motion.

Note that the length of the splits may vary from one style of shorts to another. Also, some shorts may not have these seams; instead, they have wider legs to serve the same purpose.

  • Reinforced side stitching: Kids MMA shorts with reinforced side stitching are guaranteed to last longer no matter what conditions they’re subjected to.
  • Comfortable and secure waistband: Quality kids MMA shorts should feature a strong but comfortable waistband. Whatever the type, the waistbands should be designed to ensure that the shorts are as secure as possible when worn.
  • Lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying material: Because Kids MMA fighters need to be as agile as possible, you don’t want shorts that could be bulky or get in the way when fighting or training. Good shorts should be made of very light but strong material.

Also, kids’ MMA shorts that are too absorbent are not suitable. So look for ones designed with fabrics that can repel moisture, dry quickly, and possibly reduce bacterial growth

What Are The Waistband Options For Kids MMA Shorts?

The waistband is an important feature that many people overlook when buying MMA shorts. Most of these shorts will have at least one of these waistbands:

Elastic waistband

An inner elastic waistband in kids’ MMA shorts is designed with a soft elastic material to provide extra grip around the waist. This extra grip helps reduce shifting and movement of the shorts during use

Fixed waistband

It is pretty common to find a pair of kids MMA shorts with a fixed waistband rather than an elastic one. A fixed waist is just that-solid fixed on the shorts. It is better for ensuring that the shorts stay firmly around the waist.

However, the reality is that as kids grow, their waistlines tend to increase somewhat. So a fixed waistband may not be the best for older kids. It cannot be adjusted to accommodate a growing waistline.

Hybrid waistband

This type of waistband is partially elastic. It means that it is fixed on the front or rear with elastic zones on the sides. A hybrid waistband will ensure maximum grip and easily expand to accommodate an increasing size.

Fixed or elastic waist with drawstrings

Some kids’ MMA shorts have a fixed waistband with a drawstring for easy fastening and adjustment.

Likewise, other shorts will have an elastic waistband with a drawcord.

In addition to having a drawstring, some shorts will have a Velcro closure strip on the front and horizontally.

In the case of drawstrings, a Velcro enclosure system also helps to conceal the strings. If left exposed, the drawstrings could easily be pulled and loosened, dangerous during combat or training.

What Are The Different Types Of Kids MMA Shorts Available?

As you know, MMA is a diverse sport that combines many martial arts into one. This makes the requirements for each MMA fighter different based on the combination of martial arts they are performing. It’s no different for kids!

There are three common types of MMA shorts for children and adults.

Vale Tudo style shorts                     

 Vale tudo kids MMA shorts

Vale Tudo kids MMA style shorts

Vale Tudo shorts are often made of flexible synthetic material, are very short, and fit snugly. Some mixed martial arts schools allow the look for children. Still, others don’t, particularly because of its length, which some find indecent.

However, due to their design and fit, these shorts are the most flexible in MMA. They are lightweight and breathable and allow a full range of motion.

In these shorts, the young fighters will not be limited in any way, whether they practice wrestling, kickboxing, or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

They are also great custom fight shorts for grappling techniques.

Board style shorts

 Kids MMA board shorts

Kids MMA board shorts

The “board shorts” variation of kids of MMA shorts is typically longer, with the hems ending just above the knees.

MMA board shorts usually have split seams on the side to allow a free range of motion. The slits may be shorter or longer in one pair of kids MMA shorts than another. It all depends on your personal preference.

Overall, the kids’ board style MMA shorts offer the same benefits as the Vale Tudo shorts but with a different look.

Muay Thai shorts

Kids Muay Thai shorts

Kids Muay Thai shorts

Muay Thai shorts are typically designed to allow for a free range of motion and high kicks. These shorts also come in bright colors and sometimes with exaggerated flair. But all in all, features such as extra-wide legs and light material in custom Muay Thai shorts make them comfortable and flexible.

Is There A Difference Between Kids MMA Training Shorts And Kids MMA Competition Shorts?

Yes, but it is mainly that MMA training shorts will take a lot more beating than competition gear. This means that kids’ MMA training shorts should feature a very strong and durable fabric that can withstand the rigors of MMA training without tearing or wearing out.

Another difference is that competition shorts are designed according to the competition rules and regulations. So, in this case, certain training shorts may not qualify to be worn in a sparring competition.

How Do You Size Kids MMA Shorts?

Kids MMA shorts are made in average age and size to weight ratio.

So in choosing these shorts, pay attention to details and look for waist measurements on the manufacturer’s size chart. It should guide you in finding the right size kids MMA shorts.

What Are The Fabric Considerations For Kids MMA Shorts?

Unlike adults, kids are a little vulnerable to irritation and skin infections. And with an intense, full-contact sport such as MMA, such issues are prevalent. So it is important to carefully consider the quality and safety of the fabric you choose for your kids’ MMA shorts.

Some features you may consider to ensure quality and safety are:

  • Soft and comfortable material that is pleasant on the skin- If you can afford it, then opt for hypoallergenic fabrics for kids with sensitive skin
  • Moisture-wicking ability is also essential. Overly absorbent fabrics are synonymous with causing bacterial growth and causing skin infections
  • A lightweight fabric that is breathable to allow free airflow when worn- A breathable fabric will also prevent the shorts from sticking to the skin when wicking away sweat, reducing discomfort.
  • Get a fabric with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. It will help repel sweat, a catalyst for bacterial and fungal growth.

More importantly, ensure that the shorts adhere to international quality and safety standards such as Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. If you buy kids MMA shorts made from organic fibers such as cotton, then confirm that the fabric used meets the global textile organic standard (GOTs).

Additionally, you will want to ensure that your kids’ MMA shorts from china adhere to a country or region-specific regulations on children’s clothing. For example, if you buy from China to the EU, the shorts must meet REACH requirements.

For more information on European children’s clothing regulations, see this article: children’s clothing regulations EU.

Which Fabric Is Best For Kids MMA Shorts?

Kids MMA shorts can be made with many types of materials: polyester, satin, nylon, and spandex/lycra. Sometimes these shorts, like Vale Tudo shorts, are made from a blend of nylon, polyester, or satin and spandex to increase flexibility.

Note that each of these materials has a different effect on the fit and performance of kids’ MMA shorts.

For instance, satin is commonly used in Muay Thai style kids’ MMA shorts. It is because satin is soft, light, comfortable, and durable than the other fabrics.

Polyester is equally durable and comfortable to wear and kick in. It is also easier to print.

On the other hand, nylon is less expensive but of lower quality than satin and polyester.

However, nylon may be a better alternative in certain MMA shorts, such as those specific Jiu jitsu, grappling, and wrestling. The fabric is thicker yet quick drying. It is also has a pleasant feel on the skin and good printability.

Spandex and Lycra are stretchable fabrics that can make custom compression shorts and custom MMA tights for kids. Custom spandex shorts can stretch up to 500% without losing their original shape. They are, therefore, the most comfortable.

And as mentioned, these elastic fibers can be used with other fabrics to improve their form and function.

What Is The Best Fit Of MMA Shorts For Kids?

The right fit is important in any fight shorts. The best MMA shorts for kids are comfortable, flexible, and secure enough to stay in place during a fight. They are neither too tight nor too loose.

Some of these shorts are made of fairly thick material, making them extremely durable but a little less flexible.

If kids’ MMA shorts are even a little too tight, their lack of elasticity can limit a fighter’s range of motion. It can even change how they move, affecting their performance in the cage.

What Is The Difference Between ODM And OEM In Relation To Kids MMA Shorts Manufacturing?

ODM refers to original design manufacturing, which loosely translates to the same product for different brands. An original design belongs to the manufacturer and can be sold to more than one company for reselling under their brands.

Since they are factory-made for no particular brand, ODM designs tend to be generic. Therefore, they may not appeal to you if you are looking for something unique and more personalized.

In this case, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) is the best option. OEM manufacturing refers to custom products made from scratch based on a customer’s unique requirements.

Since you customize the kids’ MMA shorts to your liking, the OEM route will be more expensive than the generic ODM one. Other than that, everything else comes down to your personal preferences and branding requirements.

Why Do I Need Samples When Manufacturing Kids MMA Shorts In China?

A sample lets you examine the product, packaging, delivery time, and shipping process. It will help you decide whether or not to proceed with a bulk order.

With a physical sample, you can easily note design errors and make changes accordingly. A sample also lets you see how much you might end up spending on the product. If it’s too much, you can make some design tweaks for something simpler and more within your budget.

Can I Get A Sample Of My Kids MMA Shorts Made In Every Size?

No. Due to financial concerns, we can only produce one sample per size.

However, once you approve the sample size we send you and confirm production, we will grade the product accordingly.

What Is The Best Printing Method For Kids MMA Shorts?

 Sublimated MMA shorts

Sublimated MMA shorts

Sublimation printing is the most superior printing method for most kinds of MMA apparel. This printing method guarantees unprecedented color retention, greater comfort, and unparalleled breathability. It also offers limitless design opportunities.

Since kids’ sublimated MMA shorts absorb ink into the fabric’s fibers, they are guaranteed to last a long time. Such designs won’t fade, peel or crack.

In addition, sublimation printers use CYMK inks which provide the best color gamut. This way, your shorts will have the most vibrant colors possible.

The only downside to dye sublimation printing is that it only works well with synthetic fabrics, mainly polyester. It can also be quite expensive for startups.

So if the benefits of sublimation sportswear do not match your product and brand requirements, you can consider other options. Screen printing, transfer printing, embroidery, direct to garment printing, etc., are great alternatives to sublimation printing for kids MMA shorts.

Will My Chinese Kids MMA Shorts Manufacturer Assist With Artwork Design?

Yes, we can help you with your custom product design and graphic needs. We have an expert team of designers that can assist you with this.

Just send us your order details as well as your ideas or inspiration.

Our team will then review every aspect of the order and create a suitable design for your product/s. We’ll take care of everything, including design optimization, artwork placement, pixelation, and sizing, to ensure your design prints perfectly.

What File Formats Are Best For Printing Kids MMA Shorts Artwork?

Although our designers and printing team can work with any file format, we prefer certain file types. Vector files, in this case, are preferable as they are easier to print and provide a higher level of detail.

Please send us your design files in EPS, AI, PDF, and PSD formats if you can. Graphics should be high resolution at 300 dpi and full size. Other file formats we can work with are JPG, JPEG, DOC, TIF, and PNG.

How Do I Ensure 100% Quality Control When Manufacturing Kids MMA Shorts In China?

Ensuring 100% quality control as a buyer in China can be difficult because you are a buyer and not the manufacturer.

Two, unless you can travel to China physically and oversee the entire production process or have people monitoring the factory 24/7, achieving 100% quality can be a challenge.

So, the best you can do is reducing inherent risks in products leaving the factory and arriving at your door.

You can do this by getting trusted personnel on the ground at the factory. They will monitor the quality control process and give you regular, real-time updates on everything. This way, you can take corrective action quickly and easily if problems arise during production or even immediately afterward.

For this, you can send a representative of your company to the factory in China. However, this can be costly since you will have to cater to their travel expenses, accommodation, meals, etc.

The other option is to hire a 3rd inspector or Quality Control Company. When hiring, make sure that the inspector or QC Company has the ability and accountability to provide you with real-time quality reports.

In all cases, ensure that the rules for quality compliance, specifications, and deadlines are clearly outlined, understood, and accepted by all parties.

How Do I Get The Best Prices For Kids MMA Shorts In China?

The best way to get kids MMA shorts at a good value is to compare quotes and choose a manufacturer that values your business.

Also, strive to maintain a relationship with one trusted supplier. This will benefit you because the manufacturer can easily agree to lower per-unit prices, bulk discounts, and lower MOQ for subsequent orders.

More importantly, avoid dealing with agents as these tend to hike prices to get some commission from your purchase. So instead of working with a middleman to source kids MMA shorts from China, deal directly with a factory.

If you need help checking quality and negotiating prices, find the help you can trust. There are many sourcing agents and 3rd party QC agents, and companies that can help you get quality kids MMA shorts from China.

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