This guide will help you choose the best Esports jersey design for your team.

You are going to learn about the best files to use, designing process, graphics and material type amongst other important aspects.

So if you want to be an expert in Esports jersey design, read this guide.

Which Graphics Software Do You Use For Esports Jersey Design?

There are various graphic software you can use to design Esports jerseys.

However, our designers mainly use CorelDraw.

The software delivers the best artwork.

Besides, the good thing about the graphic software is that you can easily send the artwork in PDF format for the client to approve.

Our team often makes use of vector files.

Preferably when the client is sending in their work; we usually advise them to send their vector artwork.

This, however, does not mean that we do not accept other formats sent in by our clients.

But whenever a different format is sent, often than not, the artwork will require redrawing.

That is, for it to have a high resolution.

If you have any inquiries on the kind of format to send, do not hesitate to contact our designer coordinators.

Can I Create My Own Esports Jersey Design?

Yes, you can create your design.

If you wish to create your design and want an easy process, ensure that you have an idea of what you want to include in your design.

The best part – it is not quite challenging acquiring inspiration.

Since, there are ideas all over; you are allowed to go wild.

 Esports jersey design

Esports jersey design

Once the idea is in place, you can now use our 3D designer.

It helps customize your design, where you can add text, logo, and images.

If you have any issues with the designer tool, contact our customer service as they will gladly help solve your issue.

Do You Offer Any Esports Jersey Design Tools For Customers? 

Yes, we offer the design tools to our customers.

The 3D designer has tools that allow you to create customized templates.

Normally, the tools allow the client to create unique graphics that are not present on our webpage.

We do not charge our customers for using these design tools.

In Case I Do Not Have An Esports Jersey Design, Can You Help?

Our team can be of help if you do not have an Esports jersey design.

All you have to do is communicate with us on the idea you have for us to execute it.

Once the designer makes the jersey, you will receive an email requesting you to assess the design.

Ensure that you keenly evaluate the design to check if there are any mistakes.

We pride in offering quality designs to our clients.

However, if there are issues, ensure that you request a revision.

Note that requesting a revision will also delay the production time.

Hence to avoid delaying your order, ensure that you effectively communicate the kind of design you need.

What Are the Trending Esports Jersey Designs?

Organizations often use Esports jerseys to help grow their clan fans or sponsors. Therefore, the trends tend to change.

Note that the trends mentioned below necessarily do not mean that they are the best.

The truth of the matter is that the list comprises some of the designs that our team has received most of the requests.

The trending designs include:

l G2 esport– the design includes a giant yellow dragon while the G2 logo is in the upper left.

The sleeves have a Chinese code, which represents their code collection.

l FlyQuest– The design includes pink lotus flowers, a dragon, and tidal waves.

The dragon protects the FlyQuest logo.

l INTZ– The previous time, INTZ designed a pink jersey.

However, now they have toned it down and decided to go with a subtle color, which is black.

The words on the jersey are gold in color.

The jersey features a titanium dragon at the back and some scaled patterns on the front.

What Determines The Cost Of Esports Jersey Designs?

There are various elements that influence cost.

One of them is the complexity of the Esports jersey design.

You are likely to pay less when your design is simple compared to when your design has a lot of details in it.

Also, the number of designs you need determines the amount you will pay.

There are different kinds of jerseys; some are long sleeve while others are polo shirts.

The kind of jersey you pick greatly influences the amount you will pay.

For the reason that if you wind up choosing the long-sleeved jersey, then the designer will have to include some designs on the long sleeves.

This means you will pay more compared to when you choose to buy the polo shirt.

The good news is you do not have to fret over the pricing as our team offers affordable rates to our clients.

Request for a quote as it will help you have a better overview of the charges you are likely to incur from choosing various design features over others.

How Do You Print Designs On Your Custom Esports Jerseys?

We mainly use the sublimation printing technique.

This technique relies on heat to transfer the design to the fabric.

The process is relatively easy as all you need is a sublimation paper.



Once you press the sublimation paper on the fabric, the ink embedded on the paper transfers itself smoothly without leaving any streaks.

Our team prefers using this technique because it offers remarkable results.

One of them being excellent durability.

It can be quite annoying having a jersey whose logo or text has peeled off or faded.

Also, you do not need any drying time.

Once the ink is subjected to high temperatures, you need to press it for it to solidify.

The solidification process takes a concise time.

As soon as the process is complete, you can wear the jersey right there.

Thus, making sublimation printing a useful technique when you have rush orders.

What Are The Benefits Of Your Team Helping In Esports Jersey Designs? 

Our team prides itself on being the best Esports Jersey Design Company.

And what has helped us be on the map is the kind of quality of work we offer our clients.

Our primary concern is always to satisfy customers.

We resonate with you, and this is why our team offers fast communication to our clients.

Once you send in your design request, our team will respond to it within eight hours.

Quite impressive, right!

Our team also has the best designers in the markett.

Anytime you entrust us with your design, be sure to receive the best.

Also, the graphics software and the printing technique we use helps us deliver excellent designs to our clients.

Lastly we assure you that the production time is quite fast.

What Elements Can I Add To My Esports Jersey Design? 

There are several elements you can add to your Esports jersey design.

Note that the elements you add, depending on what you want.

Some of the elements you can add to your design are:

Logo: The good thing is there is no limit to how many logos you can add to your design.

However, while sending in the logos, ensure they are in vector file format.

Colors: There are so many colors that you can choose from.

Besides, there are no limits to how many colors you can include in your design.

Text: The letters included in the text could be anything. Also, it is possible to add symbols to your text.

Photos: You can add your photo or a photo of your favorite player to your design. While sending in the photo, ensure that it is of good quality.

Are There Any Rules And Regulations For Esports Jersey Design?

There are no precise rules and regulations governing the design of the Esports jersey.

The good thing is that you can customize your jersey to your liking without being concerned about other people’s opinions.

This is particularly true when the jersey is a fan-based design.

Which Esports Jersey Design File Do You Accept?

Our team accepts a vector file for our Esports jersey design.

This is because vector files are quite flexible.

You can easily resize or make some tweaks to it.

Types of files

The types of vector files include EPS, PDF, and AI.

What Is The Best Resolution For Esports Jersey Design?

We often recommend our clients to send a graphic print that has 300dpi.

But there are times you can get away with a lower dpi.

Therefore, if you wish to use a low dpi, ensure that you check on the image quality and size.

Do You Have A Recommended File Size For Esports Jersey Design?

We often request our clients not to send a file size that is more than 1MB.

The vector file, EPS tends to take up more file size.

Hence while using the format, ensure that you consider some of these elements:

  • Assess the image resolution as it affects the final size file.
  • If you wish to have a small file size, it is best that you limit the number of colors you use on your design. This is because color depth affects the size of the file.
  • Lastly, lower image dimensions.

Is There A Color Limitation For Esports Jersey Design?

 Esports jersey design

Esports jersey design

No, there is no color limitation. You can add as many colors as you want to your Esports jersey design.

What is Your Esports Jersey Design Artwork Lead Time?

Various factors influence the lead time.

However, our team’s standard artwork lead time is three business days.

The artwork does not take a lot of time, as it is not the final design.

However, if the artwork has a lot of detail in it, it might take longer.

Also, to avoid production delays, ensure that you effectively communicate with the designer.

There are clients who, at times, tend to require rush service.

If you want your artwork sent in before the standard lead time, ensure that you request the rush time service on our website.

Do You Design Logos From Renown Trademarks For Your Esports Jersey?

Yes, we do logos from renowned trademarks, provided you are a copyright holder.

Therefore, before sending in the logo, ensure that you have met all the copyright legalities.

For the reason that when you send in the logo, our team concludes that you have the confirmation authorization allowing you to use the logo.

Hence ensure you clear up with the brand.

What Is The Cost of Esports Jersey Design?

If you want our team to print or make the Esports jersey for you, the design will be free.

Will You Share My Esports Jersey Design With Other Buyers?

No, we will not share your design with any buyer.

We value our client’s privacy.

Once you make an order with us, rest be assured that no buyer will have the same design as yours.

Which Collar Design Do You Have For Your Esports Jersey?

Our team offers different collar designs; they include: polo neck, v-neck, and round neck.

Your preference solely determines the kind of collar design you end up with.

Which Sleeve Options Do You Have For Esports Jersey?

Our team has two sleeve options, which are long sleeve and short sleeve.

The kind of sleeve you wind up choosing is entirely on you.

If the weather in your area is a bit cold, choosing the long-sleeved Esports jersey sounds like an ideal choice for you.

Esports jersey

Esports jersey

Do The Print On Esports Jersey Designs Fade?

No, the design on the Esports jersey never fades.

This is possible because our team uses the sublimation printing technique.

However, you also need to take good care of the jersey as when it is presented in various conditions, the durability strength reduces.

Do You Offer Esports Jersey Design Templates?

Yes, we offer clients design templates they can take advantage of.

If you want one click on the design template icon to view some of the templates we have to offer.

Esports jersey design

Esports jersey design

Moreover, if you need our designer to custom makes a template for you, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Ensure that you detail out everything you need on your template in order for the designer to meet your need.

What Are The Advantages Of Creating My Own Esports Jersey Design?

There are many benefits of designing your own Esports jerseys.

One of them being uniqueness.

When creating the design you are allowed to add as many colors as you want as many logos as you want.

You can also add patterns to your design.

It is quite challenging for you to have a similar inspiration idea as your friend, as our creativity patterns are different.

Therefore, by making your design, you will have a unique Esports jersey.

Creating your own design gives you a sense of power.

Making your own design allows you to break free from any restrictions that might arise when using a third-party.

You are likely to have more confidence wearing something that you have designed.

When making the design, you will only stick to a style that you are comfortable with.

Hence the patterns or logo you will use will align with your style.

And once the Esports jersey is printed out, you will be confident wearing it as you are the creator of the masterpiece.

Creating your own Esports jersey design gives you the opportunity to flex your creativity skills.

This is particularly true if you are in the graphic design field.

Designing your Esports jersey will help you make use of your creative side as there are no rules on what you should add and what you should not add.

The other advantage of creating your own Esports jersey design is that our designer tools are quite easy to use.

Our designer tool’s interface does not require you to have some knowledge on designing for them to create the design.

You will definitely have fun making your own design.

Can You Share Any Tips For Esports Jersey Design?

Esports Jersey

Esports Jersey

Yes, there are a few tips our team would like to share with you.

One, when designing the Esports jersey keeping it simple goes a long way.

As much as the designing process allows you to add any color or logo, a simple design is often better.

Most of these renowned trademarks often keep their jerseys simple while still showcasing their creative side.

Therefore, you necessarily do not have to add so many patterns to your logo.

All you have to do is design a unique logo or pattern which will help you stand out while still make it simple.

Also, if you are not conversant with the designing tools on our website, having a simple design will come in handy.

For the reason that you will not go through a lot of hassle for you to send in the design to us.

The other tip while making your design; you do not necessarily have to mix so many colors on your Esports jersey design.

This goes back to the point of keeping your design simple.

One or two colors is enough.

Having too many colors might cause a distraction instead of offering an aesthetic feel.

While choosing the color, consider the team you are supporting.

Moreover, if you wish to include your sponsors, choose a color that aligns with them.

Make sure that your Esports jersey design has one defining feature.

While trying to keep it simple, do not throw away the chance of delivering unique designs.

Hence the feature you use ought to scream originality.

One feature that would help your design stand out is including your heritage.

Ensure that you avoid making so many changes to what your fans are used to.

Having different designs each year will result in you losing your brand’s identity.

Therefore, even if you are making any changes to the design, ensure it is a bit slight.

The change could be the different placement of the logo, or maybe the new jersey patterns are different from the latter.

Lastly, if you need a designer to help you make your Esports Jersey, ensure that the designer shares the same vision as yours.

This will help ensure that the designer delivers exactly what you had envisioned.

What Fabric Do You Use For Esports Jersey?

As our team makes use of the sublimation printing technique.

We can only use polyester fabric as it meets the sublimation printing requirements.

The reason as to why polyester is the best is because it allows the ink to penetrate.

Which, in the end, offers quality and durable prints.

 Customs Esports jersey printing

Customs Esports jersey printing

The other reason why our team prefers using polyester is that the material is light.

Also, the fabric is soft, making it the right choice for people who have sensitive skin.

No one delights wearing a fabric that makes them feel itchy all the time.

Polyester fabric is breathable.

No matter your activity, you will not feel as if the jersey is suffocating you.

Moreover, it has excellent moisture-wicking properties.

The properties serve two purposes.

Once you sweat, the fabric wicks off the sweat to the outer side.

Also, once it is wicked out, the sweat dries off rapidly in order for the sweat not to saturate on the fabric.

This fabric makes one comfortable, as when the fabric touches the skin, you will not feel any sticky feeling.

Moreover, your skin will be dry as the sweat is quickly dried.

Other materials that our team uses in place of polyester are:

  • Polyester combinations – the combination includes but is not limited to polyester and spandex, polyester and nylon, polyester and cotton.
  • Nylon
  • Silk and synthetic satin

Do You Charge For Proof And Approval Of Esports Jersey Design?

If our team will print or make the jersey, you will not incur any charges when you request a proof and approval for your Esports jersey design.

At Goal Sportswear, we help you get the best Esports jersey designs.

The best part, we guarantee unique, high quality and affordable Esports jersey designs.

Contact us now for best prices on Esports jerseys.