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  • High-quality polyester shell fabrics
  • Soft and comfortable to wear

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More than 500 Custom Team Jackets Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

wholesale high qualtiy mens custom made team jacktes
Wholesale high qualtiy mens custom made team jacktes
wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed team jacktes
Wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed team jacktes
wholesale 100% polyester custom made sublimation team jacktes
Wholesale 100% polyester custom made sublimation team jacktes
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom team jacktes
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom team jacktes
Pro quality sublimation printing custom design team team jacktes
Pro quality sublimation printing custom design team team jacktes
High school custom design sublimated reversible team jacktes
High school custom design sublimated reversible team jacktes
Full polyester Custom made durable mens team team jacktes
Full polyester Custom made durable mens team team jacktes
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated team jacktes
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated team jacktes
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom team jacktes
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom team jacktes
Full dye sublimation printing custom made team team jacktes
Full dye sublimation printing custom made team team jacktes
Dye sublimation printing Custom design youth team jacktes
Dye sublimation printing Custom design youth team jacktes
Dye sublimation custom design team team jacktes
Dye sublimation custom design team team jacktes
Custom wholesale sublimated printed team jacktes
Custom wholesale sublimated printed team jacktes
Custom made sublimation printing mens pro team jacktes
Custom made sublimation printing mens pro team jacktes
Custom made sublimated printing short sleeve team jacktes
Custom made sublimated printing short sleeve team jacktes
100% polyester sublimation printing custom youth team team jacktes
100% polyester sublimation printing custom youth team team jacktes
100% polyester sublimation mens custom team jacktes
100% polyester sublimation mens custom team jacktes

Choose Goal Sportswear as Your Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom Team Jackets

Goal Sportswear’s Custom team jacket has many purposes. They are excellent for training in the field, travelling, representing your team, staying warm and more. At Goal Sportswear, you can send your own design of design of team jackets. You can customize your numbers, team name, player name, logos, labels and more. Our experts will help you make a high-quality and professional-looking custom team jackets. Surely, everyone will love Goal Sportswear’s custom team jackets.

Goal Sportswear is specializing in manufacturing and supplying high-quality custom team jackets. We have wide variety of custom team jackets varying in sizes, colors and more. Goal Sportswear also provide excellent services, top-quality designs, fast turnaround, and embellishments. Our well-trained experts are all ready to help you.

You can request a quote today if you are interested in Goal Sportswear’s custom team jackets!

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Skyrocket Your Business with Goal Sportswear’s High-quality Custom Team Jackets

Custom team jackets from Goal Sportswear are an excellent way of showing your pride for your team. It helps in building team’s unity. Every year, Goal Sportswear produces thousands of custom team jackets that will surely fit your needs.

High-quality custom team jackets will last for longer years. As an expert manufacturer, we know that quality team jackets are also important for your business.

At Goal Sportswear, we manufacture custom team jackets for athletic team and various sport codes such as ice hockey, volleyball, softball, basketball and more.

We also supply the best quality custom team jackets for all levels including high-school, junior high and elementary. We are manufacturing custom team jackets for universities and colleges as well.

In China, we are taking the advancements of technologies to manufacture high-quality custom team jackets with different sizes for men, women or youth.

Other than that, we are also a supplier of custom team jackets made from high-quality materials and fabrics including 100% polyester. We are manufacturing custom team jackets which are not too loose and not too tight as well.

Custom team jackets from Goal Sportswear are designed with relaxed fit. This also provide unrestricted easy movement. Thus, our custom team jackets are soft and comfortable to wear.

Additionally, custom team jackets manufactured by Goal Sportswear features set-in sleeves, color inserts, open bottom, self-fabric cuffs, front seam pockets and color inserts.

Moreover, Goal Sportswear has over 5 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying custom team jackets in China.

Throughout the years, we commit ourselves in providing excellent services, fast delivery and high-quality products. Through our professional manufacturing lines and knowledgeable workers, we are able to produce custom team jackets efficiently.

Also, our strict quality control team also do meticulous checking to ensure that the details, logos, color and quality of your custom team jackets are accurate.

If you want to buy bulk orders of high-quality custom team jackets, always rely at Goal Sportswear. We are known as verified and reliable manufacturer in China.

To learn more about our quality products and services, reach us as soon as possible!

If you want to skyrocket your custom team jackets business, you should read this guide.

It explores all important aspects you must consider when importing sublimated team jackets.

In fact, you will get answers to all questions you may have about team jackets.

How much does Custom Sublimated Team Jackets Cost?

The cost of custom sublimated team jackets range between 45 dollars to 300 dollars a jacket.

You will notice that the price range varies due to a number of factors including:

Team jacket

Team jacket

· Type of Custom Team Jacket

You will pay more for a varsity jacket than the amount you will pay for the lady’s campus microfleece jacket.

· Quality of the Custom Team Jacket

You will pay more for high-quality jackets as they use high-quality materials thus increasing the cost.

This also applies to the authenticity of the jacket as authentic jackets have higher quality than fake jackets.

· Quantity of the Custom Team Jackets

The more custom team jackets you intend to purchase, the higher the amount of money you will spend.

What is the difference between Custom Team Jackets and Hoodies?

You may use a jacket or a hoodie to serve the same purpose of protecting you from chilly weather.

Despite the similarity in purpose, a jacket and a hoodie have notable differences.

Here are the main differences between a custom team jacket and a hoodie.

· Custom Team Jackets

 Custom team jacket

Custom team jacket

A custom team jacket is an apparel that is short in length and reaches the height of your waist.

It usually comes complete with buttons or a zipper at the front or at times along the sleeves.

You may also opt for battery heated jackets as they provide extra warmth in the cold environments.

You may also come across custom team jackets with hoodies as well.

· Hoodies

On the other hand, a hoodie is a thick, collarless garment that you can make using soft warm materials.

Due to the high level of comfort, you can use a hoodie as a sports or casual garment.

It comes complete with a hood as well as laces that you can use to adjust the size of the hood accordingly.

In many hoods, you will not find buttons on the front while others have zippers.

 Team hoodies

 Team hoodies

Where do you Place Logos on Custom Team Jackets?

When you are placing a logo on the jacket, you need to consider the size and location of placement.

You can either place the logo on the front of the jacket, at the back of the jacket, or the sleeves.

On the front of the jacket, the logo can either go on the left or on the right.

On the front, you will place the logo 9 – 10 inches down from the back-collar seam on the chest.

On the back, you will place the logo 5 inches down from the base of the neckline and centered.

Which Material is Good for Custom Team Jackets?

You can use different types of materials to make custom team jackets.

Some of the materials that are good for custom team jackets for you to choose from include:

  • Taffeta Fabric
  • 100% cotton Fabric
  • Poly Cotton Fabric
  • Fleece Fabric
  • Wool Blend Fabric
  • Fake Fur Fabric
  • Sherpa Fabric

You can use the above fabric to make jackets since they meet the following properties:

  • Breathable thus allowing for proper aeration
  • Warm with heat retention properties thus keeping you warm during the cold season

Apart from that, you will use polyester, nylon, lycra and spandex materials to make sublimated custom team jackets.

The above materials are light in weight and can withstand the high sublimation temperatures.

Why do you need Custom Team Jackets?

You will need custom team jackets to serve a number of purposes.

Here are some of the uses of the custom team jackets.

  • Warming up on the track or field in preparation for a game.
  • Staying warm while waiting to play on the bench or sidelines
  • Traveling from your home ground to play an away game
  • Representing team spirit despite your location Custom team jacket

Custom team jacket

How does Sublimated Custom Team Jackets with Zipper compare to Buttons?

One of the most notable difference between the two is the button and the zipper.

One of them has buttons while the other has a zipper for binding the edges of the jacket openings.

A sublimated custom jacket with a zipper usually binds the opening completely without space for air to penetrate.

Sublimated custom jackets do not bind the openings completely thus relying on overlaps to maintain the warmth.

Which Prints can you Place on Custom Team Jackets?

You can place different types of prints on the custom team jackets as long as it is within the rules.

Here are some of the prints that you can place on the custom team jacket.

  • Name of the player, team or institution the team is representing
  • Number of the player putting on the jacket
  • Logo of the team, sponsor or institution the team is representing
  • Emblem of the team in terms of pictures or art work.
  • Decorations that will improve the aesthetic value of the jacket

What are the Features of Custom Team Jackets?

Custom team jackets come in a wide variety and these jackets have different features.

Here are the common features that you will come across in a custom team jacket.

  • Most of them have 3 layers, breathable or rip-stop fabric.
  • Jackets have mini-mesh moisture wicking linings
  • It comes with buttons or polyurethane zippers for proper fastening.
  • Oversized arm cuffs allowing easy over the glove applications.
  • Pockets of different sizes for placing different items such as mp3 players and phones.
  • It also features critically seamed tapes.

Are there Waterproof Custom Team Jackets?

Yes, there are waterproof jackets with special material that will prevent entry of water into the jacket.

You may find a waterproof jacket baring 3-layer waterproof fabric with the following:

  • Rip stop polyester face
  • ePTFE hydrophobic membrane
  • Tri-coat mesh lining

How do you Manufacture Custom Team Jackets?

You can manufacture your custom team jackets by going through the following steps.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can manufacture your custom team jacket.

Team jacket

 Team jacket

Step One: Designing

First, you will have to come up with a proper idea of how the custom team jacket will look like.

You can scribble the idea on paper before actualizing it on a computer software.

In this case, you will include all the features of the jacket including the size as well as the prints.

After a successful completion of the designing process, you will send it for approval.

As soon as the approval results come through, make the necessary changes before printing on transfer paper.

Step Two: Printing on Transfer Paper

At this stage, you need to print the design from the computer on to a transfer paper.

This includes printing all the images and prints on the transfer paper in accordance to the right size.

The kind of ink that you will use should be of high quality, visible and bright enough for the prints.

Step Three: Sublimation Printing of the Design

This is the point where you will transfer the design from the transfer paper to the fabric.

In this case, you use a sublimation printer that will melt the ink and fuse it with the fabric.

You will place the transfer paper on the printer which is set with the fabric in place.

As soon as you commence the printing process, the machine will place enough pressure on the transfer paper.

It will also apply enough heat reaching to highs between 400 and 450 degree centigrade for about 30 seconds.

This will allow the print to melt from the transfer paper and fuse with the fabric directly.

Remove the transfer paper and allow the fabric to settle for a while as the print settles in perfectly.

Step Four: Cutting and Stitching

After the incubation period and the print is dry on the fabric, you will cut the fabric into different pieces.

After that, you will piece the small pieces together with the lining on the inside of the jacket to make it warm.

After that, you will place the zippers and the buttons at the right place and stitch them together as well.

Remember to stitch the collar and the end sleeves properly for better fittings.

Confirm all the details of the prints and ensure that it is perfect before packaging and storing.

How do you Brand Custom Team Jackets?

You can brand your custom team jacket by coming up with your own personal brand.

This involves a designing process that follows the following steps.

Custom team jacket

 Custom team jacket

Step One: Idea Initiation

First, you need to come up with the right idea of the type of brand that you want for your jacket.

You can brainstorm and explore different web avenues to come up with the right brand that suits your team.

Remember to include all the necessary details on your brand design and size it accordingly.

Make sure that the color scheme of the prints is also highlighted properly.

After that, you will proceed to actual designing using a computer software.

Step Two: Computer Designing

With the brand ready on a piece of paper, you need to choose a computer software for making the design.

The process begins with choosing a template that resembles the kind of brand that you need for your jacket.

After that, you will proceed with the design by following the guidelines on the computer software.

Apart from that, you will also refer to the brand on your piece of paper and replicate it on the computer software.

Make sure that you get the sizing as well as the shading right in the designing process.

Step Three: Approval Stage

As soon as you complete the designing process you will send the design for approval by other designers.

You will make the adjustments according to the advice from the experienced designers.

After that, you will send it to the manufacturer in a supported file format such as pdf.

Finally, the manufacturer will make and print your brand on your custom team jacket.

What is Free Ride Fit in Custom Team Jackets?

Free ride fit is a mechanism of fitting jackets allowing you maximum mobility as you participate in various sporting activities.

For instance, Skiing jackets are longer in length with enough room all around them due to free ride fit mechanism.

When do you use a Triple Stitch Velcro in a Custom Team Jacket?

You will use triple stitch on the Velcro to keep them strong. It is also a way to prevent entry of unwanted material such as snow.

The triple stitch acts well to protect the jacket from wear and tear thus increasing its durability.

It is available in numerous different colors thus allowing you to blend every stitch with your team jacket.

Which Types of Custom Team Jackets are there?

There are quite a number of custom team jackets that you can choose from.

Here are some of the jackets that you can loot at when choosing a custom team jacket.

  • Softshell jackets
  • Insulated Jackets
  • Quarter zip jackets
  • Windbreaker Jackets
  • Down Jackets
  • Waterproof Jackets
  • Shirt Jackets
  • Vest Jackets
  • 3 in 1 System Jackets
  • Varsity Jackets
  • Sweater Fleece Jackets
  • Camo Jackets
  • Denim Jackets
  • Warm-up Jackets

You will make your choice for a jacket according to the intended use such as being a fan or a player.

Which Accessories can you Wear Alongside Custom Team Jackets?

You need to put on certain accessories alongside custom team jackets.

Some of the accessories that you can put on include:

  • Jerseys
  • Sweatpants and sweat jackets
  • Shoes and a pair of socks or stackings to protect our feet from the harsh weather
  • Custom hats and scarfs
  • Custom shirts and vests

What is the Process of Selecting the Best Fabric for Custom Team Jackets?

With numerous choices regarding the design, cut, color, and fabric, you might be confused when making decisions.

You will make the choice of fabric for the custom team jacket with reference to the type of sport you play.

Apart from that, you have to ensure the physical comfort of the team while choosing the jacket.

Additionally, other performance factors such as durability, flexibility, and breathability also play a huge role.

It is important to also get the right cut of fabric that will keep the team warm and comfortable at the same time.

Finally, the material that you should be using must be able to withstand very high sublimation heat.

It should not melt or wrinkle on the application of sublimation printing heat.

Why is Sublimation Printing the Best Printing Method for Custom Team Jackets?

You should consider using sublimation printing for your custom team jackets because it gives the fabric a soft touch.

Apart from that, it ensures that the quality of the fabric remains intact thus ensuring proper durability of the jackets.

The color of the prints will remain as strong even under outdoor lighting and extensive washing.

Implying that the sublimated prints are immune to fading if you wash under the right conditions.

The cost of printing minimum orders is quite low thus limiting the restrictions of minimum order quantity requirements.

Additionally, the prints are durable and will not peel or crack thus assuring you of comfort of the player.

Can you Screen Print on Custom Team Jackets?

Yes, you can screen print on custom team jackets.

All you have to do is make the right choice of fabric as screen-printing is suitable for all types of fabric.

Apart from the choice of material, you will have to come up with a proper brand for the custom team jacket.

Using various screens, you will be able to produce and print the prints accordingly on top of the fabric.

How do you Choose Custom Team Jackets Color?

Team jacket

Team jacket

One of the things that you must know is the theme color of your team as you choose the right jacket color.

You will make the choice for a custom team jacket color with reference to your team’s theme color.

Additionally, your choice of color must have various degrees of contrast to improve visibility of the prints.

Apart from that, you must have proper guidance on the color of stitching thread that you will use.

How can you Check Quality of Custom Sublimated Jackets?

You can check the quality of custom sublimated jackets by confirming a few details on the jacket.

Here are the main details that you should pay close attention to:

· Type of Material

You can confirm the quality of the custom sublimated jackets by looking at the quality of the material.

For sublimation printing of custom jackets, you have to ensure that the material is 100% polyester material.

· Type of Stitching

In this case you will look at the quality of the stitches, number of stitches, and the type of thread in use.

For skiing jackets, you will ensure that it has a triple stitch Velcro stitch that holds the pieces together.

What is Embroidered Custom Team Jackets?

Embroidered custom team jackets are types of jackets where the logo and other decorations are embroidered.

Implying that, you will use a needle to apply yarn or thread in making the decorations of the custom team jacket.

You can incorporate different types of materials such as beads, pearls, sequins and quills as decorations.

How should Sublimated Custom Team Jacket Fit?

You should fit a sublimated custom team jacket by making sure that every part of it fits perfectly.

Here are the main parts of the jacket that should fit perfectly on the body.

· Shoulder

The shoulder of the jacket should fit perfectly at the shoulder where the arm meets your shoulder.

· Sleeves

The sleeves should be long enough to reach the wrists of your arms thus covering the whole arm.

You have to be careful to avoid covering your fingers with the sleeves.

· Body or Torso

You have to ensure that the body and the jacket has enough allowance that traps the warm air inside.

· Neck Lining

You should also make sure that there is a one or two finger allowance between your neck and the jacket collar.

Why Import Sublimated Custom Team Jackets from China?

You should import sublimated custom team jackets from China due to a number of reasons.

Here are the main reasons that should compel you to purchase sublimated custom jackets from China.

i. High Quality Sublimated Custom jackets

You will be able to purchase custom sublimated team jackets of very high quality with high quality materials.

The jackets are classy and durable as well, thus providing longer service life.

ii. Affordable Sublimated Custom jackets

The cost of purchasing high quality custom sublimated jackets is also affordable and does not hurt the pockets.

iii. Quick Turnaround Time

You will be able to receive your order within a short period after confirming your order.

Custom team jackets may take longer in comparison to the stock team jackets.

iv. Wide Variety of Designs

You have a wide variety of designs that you can choose from at no extra cost.

v. No MOQ Requirements

You can order very few custom team jackets as possible depending on your team requirements.

There are no restrictions on the number of custom sublimated jackets that you can order.

How do you Determine Right Size for Custom Team Jackets?

You can determine the right size by measuring parts of the body in order for the jacket to fit well.

Here are the main parts of the body that you will measure:

  • Sleeve length from the shoulder to the wrist
  • Shoulder length from the right shoulder to the left shoulder
  • Chest Size giving enough allowance to avoid restrictions
  • Torso length from the neck area to the waist.

You will measure the above areas in inches and use the information to sew the right size of custom team jackets.

As you can see, you should consider a range of factors before choosing custom team jackets.

These range from type of material, design, features to quality checking.

However, if you find going through this process to be cumbersome, contact us now.


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