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How to Place Your Custom Powerlifting Singlet

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More than 500 Custom Powerlifting Singlet Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

Why Choose Goal Sportswear as Your First-Class Custom Powerlifting Singlet Supplier

Goal Sportswear has been the leading custom powerlifting singlet manufacturer and supplier in China for over ten years. We offer professionally-made products that meet your team or business requirements.

As a professional manufacturer, we offer a lot of value-added services and reliable quality products. In fact, we offer low MOQ starting from 10 pieces per product to support your business. Our flexible production line also allows catering to your small and large orders.

We are your one-stop solution to your needs. Contact us directly for more information and inquiries!

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Goal Sportswear – Your Excellent Custom Powerlifting Manufacturer in China

Goal Sportswear is a popular manufacturer in China for producing the best quality products. We specialize in manufacturing sports uniforms including high-quality custom powerlifting singlets.

Goal Sportswear manufactures a wide range of singlets that are commonly used in powerlifting or weightlifting competitions. It features a tight, one-piece design that is very essential for athletic wear.

Our custom powerlifting singlet comes with different sizes available. However, when choosing the right sizes, there are several considerations to take. The most common factor that you consider for choosing the size is the weight of the person.

Here in Goal Sportswear, we offer size charts so you can select accurate sizes. But if you need specific powerlifting singlet sizes, our designers can customize your orders. Just send us your details so we can cater to your needs immediately.

Additionally, we manufacture custom powerlifting singlets through sublimation. We have complete sublimation machines in our factory. With our advanced sublimation process, you can assure vibrant colors that will never crack, fade, or peel even in a long time of usage.

Our custom powerlifting singlets are designed with comfortable compression. Thus, it can provide you maximum mobility. Rest assured that your custom powerlifting singlets are comfortable to wear in an all-day event. Moreover, we design custom powerlifting singlets that are flexible for added comfort.


  • Superior grade fabrics that suit powerlifting such as Lycra, nylon, spandex, and more
  • Offers superior passive muscle compression
  • Side panels and high cut front
  • Secure and comfortable leg coverage
  • Can keep your muscles warm
  • Maximum upper chest coverage
  • Features wide-cut straps to offer superior trap coverage
  • Available in shiny and matte color finish
  • Can be added to your team or company logo

Whether for your team or business, choose Goal Sportswear as your custom powerlifting singlets manufacturer and supplier. We offer affordable products without sacrificing their quality.

Also, Goal Sportswear accepts rush orders and orders with deadlines. We also offer discounts to bulk quantity orders. Other than that, we also offer fast packaging, a fast shipping process, fast turnaround time, and fast delivery.

We also manufacture high school wrestling singlets, custom low cut wrestling singlets, wrestling uniform packages, pro wrestling singlets, high school wrestling shirts, college wrestling singlets, and more. You can contact us at for more information.

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Custom Powerlifting Singlet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you’re looking for high quality custom powerlifting singlet.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about custom powerlifting singlets – from features, material type, printing technique to quality.

So, before importing custom powerlifting singlet, read this guide.

What Are Custom Powerlifting Singlets?

 Custom powerlifting singlet

custom powerlifting singlet

Custom powerlifting singlets refer to, a special type of garment worn by powerlifters during their competitions.

When worn, it’s easy for judges to monitor the powerlifter’s movement which determines to give the powerlifters awards i.e.; pass or fail.

Custom powerlifting singlets also give powerlifters an athletic advantage since they are compressive.

Which Features Should You Look for In Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

The features you should look at includes;

  • The type of fabric to used; the fabric should have the ability to stretch a little hence becomes flexible and comfortable to wear.

100% polyester is best since it’s not too much stretchy as compared to other fabrics.

  • The type of stitches used; stitches are very crucial, they are supposed to be strong for comfortability and give strength to the fabric.

Double knit stitches such as overlocked stitches are preferred for making the fabric more fastened.

  • Design; the singlet design should be attractive and appealing to the eye.

Customized singlets are can be more attractive.

  • Color and sizes ;it is important to also note the colors and sizes that are available .

Check if the singlets might fed or chip overtime.

Which Fabric Do You to Make Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

Polyester is the best for custom powerlifting singlets.

This is due to the following key factors:

  • It is synthetic
  • Made from fibers that make the fabric breathable and ability to absorb sweat.
  • Lightweight hence doesn’t soak with sweat moisture easily evaporates from the skin.
  • Cheap therefore can easily be acquired.

How Should Custom Powerlifting Singlet Fit?

 Fitting powerlifting singlet

fitting powerlifting singlet

It is important that custom powerlifting singlets should fit tightly.

Both the shoulder and the thigh straps must fit tightly and remain in position at all times.

It should not constrict the powerlifters movement.

With the correct measurements of your body, you will be able to find the perfect fitting size for your custom wrestling singlet.

How Do You Produce Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

Step 1: Concept/Idea Of Custom Powerlifting Singlet You Need

You must have some background research on how they would prefer your singlet to look like.

Creativity is key since the powerlifter should have something unique.

With the help of numerous samples of singlets, several designs can be combined to come up with an ideal one.

Step 2: Designing Custom Powerlifting Singlet

From the conducted research you are going to make an appropriate delusion on the design you want.

This is based on the aspect of color, stitching design, sewing designs and performance.

Step 3: Choosing Best Material For Custom Powerlifting Singlet

Polyester, being the best fabric for making, is made from soft fibers hence making the singlet breathable.

Also durability and compression is guaranteed.

Step 4: Cutting And Sewing Material To Make Custom Powerlifting Singlet

Cut the fabric according to the ideal measurements of the powerlifter.

This should make the singlet be fitting.

Additionally, the selected sewing design is then used to in sewing to come up with the ideal custom singlet.

Step 5: Printing Custom Powerlifting Singlet

Print According to the preferences of your customer’s desire.

Actual names can be printed, stage names, nicknames or even desired drawings on the singlets.

Printing methods such as sublimation printing and screen printing can be used

In sublimation printing, heat sensitive inks are used where image can be transferred from a special   piece of paper to fabric by use of a sublimation machine.

Its offers an unlimited range of colors.

Step 6: Checking Quality For Custom Powerlifting Singlet

You should ensure that the used fabric is strong and durable enough to serve the right intended purpose.

Besides make sure that the printings on the singlets are clear and of great quality.

Kian ink printing and sublimation printing are favorable for clarity, they are durable.

Stitches such as overlocked type of stitch is the best to use while making custom powerlifting singlets this is because they are tough and cannot unknot easily.

Step 7: Packaging Custom Powerlifting Singlet

Pack in woven bags to prevent the singlets from getting dust and also help in aeration.

Then put the woven bag inside a plastic bag to prevent the singlet and the woven bag from damages such as water.

You can then put them in boxes which are clearly labelled and well-sealed. this is then ready for shipping.

Are There Rules and Regulations for Custom Powerlifting Designs?

You need to know that there are rules and regulations that govern custom powerlifting designs.

  • You should make sure that all sleeves are not rugged and of the same length
  • The prints must be visible and of vibrancy
  • They must not be too tight not to make the powerlifter uncomfortable.
  • The type of fabric used must have the ability to stretch hence comfortable upon wearing
  • The type of fabric should also be abrasion resistant.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Custom Powerlifting Singlets?

There is a lot to put in consideration while choosing a custom powerlifting singlet.

This includes;

Fabric Used.

The fabric used should have fibers that are incredibly strong.

They should not be easy to tear, over stretch, or pill easily like other materials.

It should have good elasticity and have excellent wash and wear performance and durability.

It should be breathable; it should have pores that allow free flow of air to the skin.

Stitches Used.

Unlike other types of stitches, overlock stitches can be considered to be the best in

Of course, you should also consider the design, color and information printed on the custom powerlifting singlet.

How Do You Customize Powerlifting Singlet?

Powerlifting singlets can be customized with a lot of decorations.

You can have names branded on your singlet with graphic designs, which makes the powerlifting singlet vibrant.

Nicknames can also be added; this is especially depending on customer’s preferences.

Images and drawings can be added so as to give a brighter pop look and look vibrant from a glance.

Producing to unique customer requirements

What Are the Benefits of Sublimated Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

Sublimated powerlifting singlet

sublimated custom powerlifting singlet

The major benefit of sublimated custom powerlifting singlet is that it is cheaper.

Sublimated custom powerlifting singlets are brighter and are more decorative and vibrant.

This leaves the garment soft and comfortable.

Sublimated custom powerlifting singlets are more durable.

Are There Screen Printed Custom Powerlifting Singlet?


Screen printed custom powerlifting singlet are available.

Screen printing will add more weight to the custom powerlifting singlets.

Although screen printed custom powerlifting singlets might peel off or fade especially in extensive use.

How Much Does Custom Powerlifting Singlet Cost?

You need to determine the appropriate size for custom powerlifting singlets.

A lot of factors are put into consideration.

They include;

Quantity Of Custom Powerlifting Singlets,

You should note that when the quantity of custom powerlifting singlets increases a discount can be given hence the price decreases.

This means, the more pieces of custom powerlifting singlets you purchase, the probability of getting a discount and paying less is guaranteed.

You can pay up to 150 us dollar for a pair of custom powerlifting singlet depending on the sizes and type.

Type Of Custom Powerlifting Singlets

They are different types of custom powerlifting singlets; it can be an original custom powerlifting singlet or a replica of the singlet.

Therefore, the original turns out to be more expensive than the replica since it is made from high quality fabric.

Whereas, the replica turns out to be cheaper since it’s made of low quality material.

Size Of Custom Powerlifting Singlets

You should also put in consideration the size of the singlet since different custom powerlifting singlets have different prize tags, therefore the bigger the size the expensive the singlets.

How Does Custom Powerlifting Singlet Compare To Wrestling Singlet?

Wrestling singlet

wrestling singlet

Custom powerlifting singlets refers to, a special type of garment worn by powerlifters during their competitions.

It often made of polyester material which is breathable and has the ability to absorb sweat.

On the other hand, wrestling singlets refers to a special type of garment that is one piece usually worn by wrestlers during wrestling events and activities.

It is made of lycra / splandex which is breathable and silky in nature to help prevent wrestlers from pulling each other’s singlets during their wrestling activities.

What Are The Available Color Options For Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

Custom powerlifting singlets are available in all colors that you would wish to have.

In most cases, custom powerlifting singlets are available in bright colors for well visibility by judges especially during powerlifting competitions.

Is There Difference Between Custom Powerlifting Singlet For Men And Women?

Both men and women have particular similarities and differences that can be noticed.

In male custom powerlifting singlets, you will note that, they have different but simple color scheme.

You will also not that they have simple designs.

For women, they have sophisticated designs for custom powerlifting singlets.

Their colors are also brighter and more attractive.

Also when you look at the body structures, you must pay more attention when making the custom powerlifting singlets.

Both women and men singlets differ a lot.

For women, their custom powerlifting singlets should have some allowances around their breast area and hips due to the female body structure in nature.

For male custom powerlifting singlets, pay more attention on the chest and shoulder areas since, males are always broadened.

 Which Sizes Are Available For Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

The most important aspect to put in consideration in custom powerlifting singlets in sizes is body measurements.

Depending on the body size, you will need to have accurate body measurements, this includes;

  • Small size (S)
  • Medium size (M)
  • Large size (L)
  • Extra-large (XL)
  • 2 extra-large (2XL)
  • 3 extra-large (3XL)
  • 4 extra-large (4XL)

Here is a table that will help you understand the different sizes of the custom powerlifting singlets.

CHEST34 – 3638 – 4042 – 4446 – 4850 – 5254 – 5658 – 60
Waist28 – 3032 – 3436 – 3840 – 4244 – 4648 – 5052 – 54
Hip34 – 3638 – 4042 – 4446 – 4850 – 5254 – 5658 – 60
Sleeve32 – 3333 – 3434 – 3535 – 3636 – 36.536.5 – 3737 – 37.5
Neck14 – 14.515 – 15.516 – 16.517 – 17.519 – 19.519 – 19.520 – 20.5

How Does Digital Printing Custom Powerlifting Singlet Compare To Sublimated Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

During printing you can either prefer digital printing of custom powerlifting singlets or sublimated printing of the singlets.

In digital printing it involves professional printing where high-volume laser or inkjet printers are involved.

On the other hand, sublimation on custom powerlifting singlet are always lightweight prints and permanent.

Also makes the designs more decorative, attractive and appealing to the eye.

Do You Offer Samples For Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

Yes. we do offer samples for custom powerlifting singlets upon your request.

Though you will have to cater for shipping fee.

After your full inspection and satisfaction, you can now be able to put your order.

How Can You Check Quality Of Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

The aspects that you should put in consideration while checking of quality includes;

Type of material; make sure that the type of fabric you choose to use in making your custom powerlifting singlet is of high quality.

It should have the ability to stretch and comfortable while worn.

It should not be irritating to your skin.

Are Custom Powerlifting Singlet Durable?

Custom powerlifting singlets are durable.

They are made of polyester which is a strong type of fabric that enhances strength.

When polyester is mixed with other materials it like cotton it improves on functional properties hence makes custom powerlifting singlet comfortable and gives it a stretchy feel.

Should You Buy Custom Powerlifting Singlet From Manufacturer Or Online Marketplaces?

Buying custom powerlifting singlets from manufacturers is advisable.

Advanced technology and materials thus increasing the ease of manufacturing high-quality goods is guaranteed.

Also, legit warranty and accountability can be assured.

You can also have assurances on friendly and affordable and can be able to offer a proper negotiation with the manufacturer.

You can also be able to easily contact them and be sure of your deliveries being done safely.

Basically, you will have long-term cooperation that will help you get competitive prices.

Can You Help In Designing Custom Powerlifting Singlet?


This is done especially during the manufacturing process time. This is mainly when you have no design ideas.

Our team will help in the entire design process.

Of course, we will not sell any of the designs to other businesses.

How Long Will It Take Produce Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

Our turnaround time is short – within two week the custom powerlifting singlet will be ready.

However, there are a number of factors that may determine this such as:

  • Designing process
  • Sending you samples of powerlifting singlet for approval before mass production begins
  • Number of custom powerlifting singlet you need

 What is Your MOQ for Custom Powerlifting Singlet?

The MOQ varies with different manufacturers and suppliers.

Although, our minimum order of quality is always negotiable if our clients are committed to reorder throughout the year.

This depends entirely with the frequency of order.

For all your custom powerlifting singlet, we offer competitive prices and fast turnaround.

Contact us today for all your custom powerlifting singlets needs.


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