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What are Custom Motocross Pants?

Custom motocross pants are apparels that you will wear on the lower part of your body while participating in motocross events.

Custom motocross pants

Custom motocross pants

How Tight Should Custom Motocross Pants Be?

Your custom motocross pants should be snug and not too tight or too baggy.

It must give proper allowance for you to fix that armor that will protect your body parts.

In case it is too tight around your knees, it might cause injury while sitting or limit your maneuverability.

If it is too baggy, you might have problems with aerodynamics as they will flap with the wind hence limiting performance.

Apart from that, it must fit well in all the other areas such as waist to avoid any form of problems.

What is the Recommended Length of Custom Motocross Pants?

Your custom motocross pants should be long enough from your waist to the ankle.

You can measure the length of your custom motocross pants by measuring the seams of the pants.

Here, you will measure the inseam of the pants from the highest point of the crouch all the way to the ankle.

You will also take care of the Outseam by measuring from you waits down to your ankle.

Motocross gear

Motocross gear

Which is the Best Fabric for Making Custom Motocross Pants?

The best fabric that you will use in making custom motocross pants must be tough enough to handle rough riding environments.

Apart from that, it must also have the option of easy to clean s it is bound to a lot of dirt in almost all instances.

You can use abrasion resistant fabric such as polyester and nylon to make your custom motocross pants.

Apart from that, you will use cow hide leather to make stronger parts for your knees as well as saddles.

You must also use breathable materials when making the ratchet waist closure systems.

Which Protective Gear Must Your Custom Motocross Pants Have?

When purchasing your custom motocross pants, you must ensure that it has complete protective gear.

You will determine the safety of the custom motocross pants by looking at the following factors:

Motocross pant

Motocross pant

· Material used in making the Custom Motocross Pants

Here, you can use different fabric such as leather which is resistant to abrasion but very hot.

Cordera is great since it is breathable but is more rigid thus restricting flexibility.

Kevlar on the other hand, makes the perfect materials for proper protection but is usually very expensive.

· Accommodation of Additional Protection

Here, you will have additional protective gear such as knee pads or hip pads to protect your hips and knees.

You can also use panels on the hips and knees which have extra reinforcement to provide extra protection.

You have to make sure that your custom motocross pads have the ability to accommodate the extra protective gear.

What Can you Wear Inside My Custom Motocross Pants?

Inside your custom motocross pants, you will wear the following t keep you comfortable.

  • A pair of long socks to keep your feet comfortable and protected
  • Knee braced to take care of your knees
  • Compression shorts that will protect your groin from injury

You will not have to wear custom body armor inside your custom motocross pants.

This is because most custom motocross pants come complete with the armor around the knees and hips.

How Often Should You Clean Your Custom Motocross Pants?

You should try and clean your custom motocross pants as soon as you complete your motocross races.

Most of the time, you will have mud and a lot of dirt smearing all over your custom motocross pants.

It is important that you take good care of the pants by washing them on a regular basis.

Apart from that, you are bound to sweat inside your custom motocross pants thus leading to bad odor.

You will get rid of the odor by regularly cleaning the custom motocross pants.

Additionally, regular cleaning of your custom motocross pants will also limit the possibility of skin infections and rushes.

Do You Have Color Limitations for Custom Motocross Pants?

NO, we do not have color limitations for the custom motocross pants.

You can come up with any color combination that you feel will suit you best and we will produce it.

It is, however, important to look at your team colors and make your motocross pants out of those colors.

You can blend them and twist them in a bid to make something unique out of them.

What is the Difference Between Stock Motocross Pants and Custom Motocross Pants?

Well, when purchasing your motor cross pants, you can either purchase the ones on stalk or make custom motocross pants.

Stock motocross pants are always available whenever you need them but with common designs.

On the other hand, custom motocross pants are your own choice of motocross pants.

You will come up with your own design and make unique custom motocross pants out of them.

This will, however, take more time in comparison to the time it takes to acquire stock motocross pants.

Apart from that, custom motocross pants will cost you more than the stock motocross pants.

This is due to the attention to detail that you will have in making of the custom motocross pants.

How Much Do Custom Motocross Pants Cost?

Custom motocross pants are quite costly due to the kind of details you have to place on them.

You will reach the final cost after including all the accessories that you need on the custom motocross pants.

With that, the total cost of purchasing your custom motocross pants ranges between 60 to 500 US dollars.

There are special types of custom motocross pants that attract very high prices die to their efficiency.

Apart from that, the higher the value of the material in use, the higher the cost of the custom motocross pants.

How Can you Measure the Right Size for Custom Motocross Pants?

As you fit your custom motocross pants, it is important to know the right size you are fitting.

To determine the right size of the custom motocross pants, you will measure the following:

Custom motocross gear

Custom motocross gear

· Waist of the Custom Motocross Pants

You will determine the waist of the custom motocross pants by placing a tape measure round the fullest part of the waist.

· Inseam of the Custom Motocross Pants

You will also determine the length of the inner part of the custom motocross pants by measuring the inseam.

You will measure the inseam by placing the tape measure at the end of the zipper down to your ankle.

· Outseam of Custom Motocross Pants

You should also measure the Outseam of the custom motocross pants to get the outer length of the motocross pants.

Place the tape measure all the way up your waist and measure up to the position of your ankle.

Are Motocross Pants Available for all Ages and Sizes?

Custom motocross pants are available in all the ages, gender, and sizes that you need.

You can, therefore, enjoy your custom motocross ride with anybody you feel like taking a ride with.

It also guarantees you that you will enjoy your ride in the most stylish and comfortable manner.

What are the Features of Custom Motocross Pants?

Well, before you purchase your custom motocross pants, there are specific features to look at.

Here are the main features that you have to pay close attention to:

Custom motocross pant

Custom motocross pant

· Safety Features of the Custom Motocross Pants

You have to make sure that the custom motocross pants have proper safety features to protect your body.

The safety features are on the knees as well as the thighs of the custom motocross pants.

· Fitting Features of the Custom Motocross Pants

Here, you will make sure that the custom motocross pants are adjustable and have a snug proper fit.

This includes perfect fitting around your waist as well as around the knees and the entire length.

· Airflow Features of the Custom Motocross Pants

Airflow of custom motocross pants will come at the expense of safety of the custom motocross pants.

The more rugged your custom motocross pants are, the better the airflow and the less the safety features.

· Styling Features of Custom Motocross Pants

Of course, you will want to have different styles of motocross pants that will complement the look on the bike.

How Do Adult Motocross Pants Compare to Youth Motocross Pants?

Adult motocross pants are the same as the youth motocross pants in almost all the aspects except sizing details.

Of course, adult custom motocross pants are of a larger size than youth custom motocross pants.

When purchasing youth custom motocross pants, you have to consider the aspect of growth.

Youths still have enough room to grow and will need custom motocross pants that can accommodate their growth.

Apart from that, when making both adult and youth custom motocross pants, you have to consider safety above style.

Style is also important but safety is paramount in keeping you well protected even in cases of accidents.

How Should Custom Motocross Pants Fit?

Your custom motocross pants must provide you with a very comfortable, flexible, and adjustable snug fit.

You have to wear a snug fit and avoid buggy pants that have extra material that are flying around hence reducing speed.

In that case, you should consider purchasing custom motocross pants that have spandex fabric among the main materials.

Spandex will ensure that the custom motocross pants adhere to your body structure in the most convenient manner.

Apart from that, you will have to get the most flexible fit that will allow you to move freely when riding.

In this case, your custom motocross pants must have flexible materials in the moving joints of the body.

Finally, you should consider having adjustable fits that allows you to fit and remove protective gear as you please.

Your custom motocross pants must have adjustable waistbands and cuffs to allow for proper flexibility.

Which Pitfalls Must You Avoid When Purchasing Custom Motocross Pants?

When purchasing custom motocross pants. You may fall into particular traps which are not good.

Here are some of the pitfalls that you must be very careful not to fall into.

· Purchasing Custom Motocross Pants that Do Not Fit

Well, it is important to try your custom motocross pants and ensure that it fits you very well before purchasing.

· Fear of Spending Enough Money

Custom motocross pants are costly and many people fear spending money in order to purchase proper pants.

You should save enough money and purchase the right type of custom motocross pants that will keep you safe.

· Purchasing Uncomfortable Custom Motocross Pants

You may fall in the trap of purchasing custom motocross pants that are very uncomfortable.

This is why you have to try the custom motocross pants before you purchase them and ensure they are comfortable.

Why Wear Custom Motocross Pants?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider wearing custom motocross pants.

Here are the main reasons why you should have your custom motocross pants on.

· Provides You with Proper Protection

Wearing your custom motocross pans will ensure that your legs are safe from injury.

Implying that the custom motocross pants have protective gear such as knee and hip pads.

Apart from that, the materials are also abrasion proof and prevents your skin from burns and bruises.

· Keep You Warm

Custom motocross pants are the best fit for you to wear especially during the cold windy rides.

They will ensure that you body is properly insulated thus keeping you warm.

· Keeps You Dry

Custom motocross pants are also waterproof and will prevent the entry of water into your body.

You can, therefore, be sure of a smooth and dry ride when you wear your custom motocross pants.

Can you Decorate My Custom Motocross Pants with any Design?

There are no design limitations when it comes to making custom motocross pants.

You will choose any design that you want on your custom motocross pants and print it there.

Are Custom Motocross Pants Safe?

Absolutely, custom motocross pants are very safe for you to wear especially if it fits you well.

It has protective gear around the knees as well as the thighs that will protect you in case of an accident.

Apart from that, the fabric for making the custom motocross pants are usually abrasion proof.

This will ensure that you are safe from bruises in case of a motocross accident.

Why is Sublimation Printing the Best Printing Method for Custom Motocross Pants?

Sublimation printing is the best printing method that you can use because it creates durable and quality prints.

It uses very high-quality ink that fuses with the fabric thus creating permanent and durable prints.

Sublimation printing will also lead to the creation of prints that do not crack, peel off or fade easily.

Apart from that, sublimation printing is the best because you can use it to produce very few custom motocross pants.

The cost of sublimation printing of few motocross pants is low and costs less in comparison to other printing methods.

What is the Significance of Purchasing Durable Custom Motocross Pants?

Motocross events involves constant sitting, standing and sliding on the seat of the motorcycle.

These activities often rub the fabric of the custom motocross pants thus leading to abrasion of weak types of fabric.

It is, therefore, very important to have durable custom motocross pants that will serve you for longer periods.

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