Custom Hawaiian Shirts : The Complete FAQ Guide

I know choosing custom Hawaiian shirts can be difficult at times without the right information.

A reason this guide will make everything simple and easy to understand.

Keep reading to understand.

What Are Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

These are shirts from Hawai hence the name. They are multipurpose and fit for most occasions

custom hawaiian shirts

custom hawaiian shirts

What Design Do Custom Hawaiian Shirts Come In?

Our shirts come in an array of designs. You will be spoiled for choice. Here are the styles we have:

  1. We have short and long-sleeved shirts
  2. Some have floral designs
  • You can have any element on the shirt either your face or your pet’s face printed on the shirt
  1. Some have pockets on the chest others don’t have
  2. They have different printing methods sublimation or embroidery
  3. Some are printed all over the shirt others are printed on specific places
  • The shirts have a different collar like the mandarin, flat, winged, Cuban, Chelsea, and straight collars
  • Some shorts come in warm colors others cool colors

What Should I Consider While Purchasing Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Consider the following factors while buying your Hawaiian shirts especially if it’s your first time:

Ensure the fabric is moisture-wicking in that it keeps the shirts cool and dry. This ensures you are comfortable even when you sweat

The shirts should have flat locking stitching to avoid irritating your skin. Also, four-needle stitching ensures maximum strength of the garment

Should have bacterial static properties to suppress odor

Should be ecofriendly that is it doesn’t cause any allergies or skin irritation to children or people with sensitive skin

One that fits properly not too tight, not baggy

Should be made of good quality material that is lightweight and durable

One that has your desired finished look whether it floral or printed

Should provide UPF50+ that is it provides 98% coverage. But you will still require to wear sunscreen to make up for the 2% especially on areas where the shirt will not cover

Pocket friendly however don’t compromise on the quality you desire

How Much Do Custom Hawaiian Shirts Cost?

I can’t really give an exact price however the custom Hawaiian shirts range from $20-$50.

Prices can be expensive or cheaper depending on the following factors:

  1. Whether you buy online or visit an actual store. You have to pay the delivery fee whether it is a shipping fee or transportation for goods.
  2. Sales come once in a while like 50% off during festive seasons or when they are clearing the stock. Take advantage of such opportunities.

Equally, you can get great discounts when you buy shirts in bulk.

As a family or friends you can decide to buy your shirts together you will get them at wholesale price.

  • You will pay more for personalized shorts say for example if you want your face or logo on the shirts
  1. Hawaiian shirts are made of different materials that differ in density and texture hence they affect the price
  2. If you buy them during peak seasons like during summer, you’ll end up paying more.

If you want a good price purpose to purchase your shirts before such seasons

What Is The Recommended Height For Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

We don’t have a recommended height per se because we deal with customers of different body types and sizes.

 custom hawaiian shirt

custom hawaiian shirt

A shirt that sits on the waistline of a 5ft person will be a crop top to a 6ft tall.

Equally some customers prefer shirts that go all the way to the waistline, some past and others below so we have no recommendation, you to decide.

What Are Custom Hawaiian Shirts Used For?

You can wear Hawaiian shirts during the following events:

  1. Occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, etc.
  2. Surfing
  • It’s a perfect anniversary or graduation gift
  1. Vacation
  2. Parties
  3. Chilling at home
  • Barbeque
  • Beach shirt
  1. Working
  2. When you want to rock a semi-casual or casual look
  3. Used to create your brand awareness especially when you have your logo on the shirt

How Do I Verify The Quality Of Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Glad you asked.

Delivering quality is the name of our game. We have our own rules and regulations that ensure we deliver consistent products to our customers.

Our quality inspector always checks goods before during and after the production process. They touch the fabrics and even feel their density.

We counter-check your order before sending them to you in terms of quantity, size, etc.

We also allow our customers to visit the factory and supervise the process. If you are not able to you can send a person you trust to keep an eye on your behalf.

Is There Difference Between Men And Women Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

There is a slight difference in the structure of the shirts due to differences in the physic of men and women. Women’s shirts are more fit than men’s.

men custom hawaiian shirt

custom hawaiian shirt

Also, most women’s shirts come in bright colors while men prefer muted colors.

women custom hawaiian shirt

women custom hawaiian shirt

Which Colors Do Custom Hawaiian Shirts Come In?

Hawaiian shirts come in the following colors:

  1. Warm colors – like orange, yellow, red
  2. Light warm- peach, beige, cream
  • Cool colors- grey, white, black
  1. Light cool colors- dark grey, light pink, plum
  2. Decorated star series and combines colors for the printed shirts
  3. Reversible singlet may have different colors and patterns on either side.

Dark colors give an illusion of a slim and well-toned body as opposed to light colors.

So if you have added some weight or have skipped the gym dark colors are the best way to cover all that up.

Also, the above colors come in different shades and tints. You will definitely get one that will suit you best.

Which Are The Available Sizes Of Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

  1. 5XS
  2. 4XS
  • SXS
  1. 2XS
  2. XS
  3. S
  • M
  • L
  1. XL
  2. 2XL
  3. 3XL

What Can I Wear Under My Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Good question.

Let’s start with men, men can wear a vest if it’s cold but if it’s summer just floss your chest out.

Women on the other hand can choose not to wear anything underneath if they are comfortable or wear a bra to support their gals.

Bottom line here is comfort, preference, and occasion.

Are you comfortable, does the occasion you are attending allow you to have your chest out?

If yes go ahead in fact open like three buttons to floss more, hehe!

Can I Design My Own Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Of course, you can!

This is the freest you will ever get. Reveal your creative charm and receive uncountable compliments.

You can have the face of your girlfriend or boyfriend pet or even your brand logo on the shirt. So go all out show your personality.

Your design depends on the diversity of your preference; you are not limited.

You have lots of themes and inspirations to pick from. Once you settle on the element you want to be featured on your shirt,

you can sketch or use the design tool on our website.

Upload the file with the right file type either as JPG, JPEG, PPE, PNG, file size should be 1-10MB.

Ensure the artwork is clear, with good lighting and high resolution.

Specify the color, size, pattern, quantity, and the finished look you want on your shirt.

You can also include the logo or company details you want on your shirt.

However, don’t send several images, just upload one we will repeat the pattern on the shirt.

Be sure to review your work so we can deliver as you desire.

What Is The Best Material For Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Here are the materials used on Hawaiian shirts and their qualities:

  1. Polyester-it’s a soft sturdy, wrinkle-resistant fabric that dries very quickly. It preserves its original shape after being exposed to Chlorine or UV rays. It offers sun protection on the covered area and has a matte finish.
  2. Cotton- has a soft feel, it’s durable, absorbs dye well hence doesn’t fade with time, no static cling, and is breathable
  • Rayon- breathable, soft and smooth, moisture absorbent and drapey meaning it moves in the flown way like drapes
  1. Silk- dries faster, shiny, has thermal regulation qualities, is breathable, and maintains shape for long
  2. Blended fabric is another material option for your shirts. Either a mixture of cotton and spandex or polyester and spandex.

Spandex adds a stretchy ability to the shirts.

The ratio of spandex to the above materials is 95% material like rayon and 5% spandex. This is to ensure the material does not overstretch.

Do You Offer Free Samples Of Custom Hawaiian Shirts To Your Customers?

To our customers?

Yes, we do.

I mean if you are a first-time customer or you have sent design details to us it’s only fair for us to send you a sample before we proceed to produce the rest.

We do offer free samples but you will pay for shipping costs.

Customized samples are not free; you pay according to your specifications.

Prices here depend on the details you want on your shirt. Sample time takes up to 10 days.

Do You Have A Product Return Policy For Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Yes, they do.

We allow our customers to exchange products that are not similar to your order. In case your package has errors like miss picks, quantity errors, etc.

errors like pricing are a bit sensitive ensure you communicate within 10 business days after receiving the invoice.

Returns are accepted if you retain your receipt, return the goods in a re-sellable condition without removing tags or labels and remember to use the original packaging.

Ensure you send your receipt or have it with you otherwise you will only be allowed to pick a similar item or change the color or size of your shirts

No returns are accepted after 30 days from the purchase date.

Why Is Sublimation Printing The Best When It Comes To Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Sublimation is so far the best printing method on our shirts. It works better than tie and dye, screen printing, and embroidery.

Here’s the reason why:

It is the latest printing method.

Here an artwork is printed on a transfer paper then heat and pressure are used to transfer the dye on the fabric.

sublimation printed custom hawaiian shirt

sublimation printed custom hawaiian shirt

The process is like tattooing a fabric.

Heat is used to transfer the dye on the fibers of the garment hence the result is long-lasting, it doesn’t peel, crack or fade even after several washes.

Sublimation printing is a moisture management process hence the fabric remains breathable and lightweight even after the process.

It is also fast as you can print using several dyes at the same time seam to seam hence saving time and money.

Is There An MOQ For Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Before making an order, remember to indicate how many shirts you need per size. We have a low Minimum Order Quantity of 30 pieces.

You will definitely pay a low cost per item if you order in bulk.

How Long Does The Process Of Producing Custom Hawaiian Shirts Take?

The duration we’ll take producing your Hawaiian shirts depends on:

  1. Season-fight seasons are peak seasons like summer, many people are making their orders. if you want your shirts in good time avoid such seasons
  2. Your order quantity- the more shirts you need the longer it takes
  • Kind of design you want- finished looks if you want lots of details on your shirt it will take longer
  1. How fast you settle and pay for a design- we can only start working on your order after payment so how long you take affects the production time

If everything turns out right we will take 6-8 weeks after confirmation and receiving the payment. However, we have rush hour services at a different price.

What Are The Closure Styles On Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Our shirts have the following closure options:

  1. Button- this is the most common. The button can be fabric covered to match the shirt pattern and colors or plain like black
  2. Snap fastener- either made of plastic or metal. Can be of different color or the color of the shirt. They appear at a space interval like buttons
  • Loop closure- it goes around the button. It’s easy to open and close. The loop can be made of fabric, elastic, or a cord.
  1. Concealed placket or hidden buttons- the buttons are hidden behind the front center of the shirt.

It has an extra layer of fabric like a flap that covers the button. This gives the shirts a sophisticated appearance

Do Custom Hawaiian Shirts Have Pockets?

Yes, some shirts have pockets on the front left or right part of the chest and some with no pockets.

You can put your phone in there as you walk on the beach.

Which one do you prefer; shirts with or without pockets?

How Do I Clean My Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

How you clean your shirts is everything. It determines how long the shirts will stay in good condition.

Here are some tips you can implement:

There are two ways to clean Hawaiian shirts using a machine or hand wash. I can see that smile on your face.

  1. While using the machine, use cold water, non-chlorine soap on a gentle cycle max 40 Celsius, and don’t tumble dry
  2. If you don’t have a washing machine, hand wash is enough.

Soak the shirt in cold water add baking soda let it sit for a while to get rid of the odor. Remember to clean dark and light colors shirts separately

  • Use a mild detergent to clean the shirts. Scrub gently in a circular motion, rinse, squeeze and hang.
  1. The shirts are made of breathable fabric hence they are quick to dry; don’t leave them under the sun the whole day
  2. Instead, use a dry towel to squeeze the remaining water then hang under the shade. Avoid direct sunlight due to color fading.
  3. Once the shirt is dry, iron it with press clothes meaning place a piece of fabric on top of it to reduce the heat getting to the shirt, remember its light so it can burn easily
  • Fold nicely and store in a cool dry place

Why Is Flatlock Stitching Best For Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

It is the best as it brings two edges of the fabric together making them durable.

It also makes the shirts comfortable hence they don’t irritate your skin or cause any discomfort to the wearer.

Flat locking stitch ensures the shirts are firm, durable, and are an optimal fit.

Who Caters For The Shipping Fee?

Glad you asked the answer is we. Yes, me and you.

We understand the shipping fee may be a lot especially if the distance is long that is why we chip in.

We will pay half the shipping price just to make the cost affordable to you.

What Elements Are On The Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

When it comes to Hawaiian shirts, your thoughts and creativity are your limits.

Below are some of the elements that are featured on your shirts. They include:

  1. Geometric shapes
  2. Fruits
  • Flowers
  1. Leaves
  2. Animals like your pet
  3. Coconut tree
  • Flamingos
  • A person like a girlfriend or a boyfriend’s face
  1. Vegetation and landscape

Do You Have Fabric-covered Buttons On The Shirts?

Yes, we do.

These are shirts whose buttons are wrapped with the clothes.

They look exactly like the Hawaiian shirts in terms of pattern and details.

This means the details of the fabric will determine how beautiful the button will look.

They are available in different colors.

What Is The Use Of Plastic On The Collars?

Have you ever touched a shirt and felt a hard plastic-like thing on the inside?

Our shirts have such they are used to give the collar the right amount of weight to lay flat against your collar bone and to keep it in place.

Do You Have Reversible Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Yes, we do. These are shirts with different patterns on each side. They all look good and different.

For all your custom Hawaiian shirts, contact us now.

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