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Cycling clothes-01-01
Cycling clothes-01-01
Sublimation printing polyester spandex custom team cycling shorts
Sublimation printing polyester spandex custom team cycling shorts
High quality sublimation custom design 100% polyester cycling shorts
High quality sublimation custom design 100% polyester cycling shorts
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom made cycling shorts
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom made cycling shorts
Dye sublimation printing custom design team cycling shorts
Dye sublimation printing custom design team cycling shorts
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Cycling shorts-10-01
Cycling shorts-09-01
Cycling shorts-09-01
Cycling shorts-08-01
Cycling shorts-08-01
Cycling shorts-07-01
Cycling shorts-07-01
Cycling shorts-06-01
Cycling shorts-06-01
Cycling shorts-05-01
Cycling shorts-05-01
Cycling shorts-04-01
Cycling shorts-04-01
Cycling shorts-03-01
Cycling shorts-03-01
Cycling shorts-02-01
Cycling shorts-02-01
Cycling shorts-01-01
Cycling shorts-01-01
Cycling clothes-04-01
Cycling clothes-04-01
Cycling clothes-03-01
Cycling clothes-03-01
Cycling clothes-02-01
Cycling clothes-02-01

Make Goal Sportswear as Your Supplier and Manufacturer of Custom Cycling Shorts in China

Goal Sportswear is specializing in manufacturing high-quality custom cycling shorts in China. We have a wide selection of custom cycling shorts. This comes in different sizes, styles, and designs. Our broad range of custom cycling shorts will surely suit your needs.

We dedicated ourselves to manufacturing sublimated cycling shorts. With our high-tech sublimation machine, rest assured that your uniform will not fade, peel, or crack. Plus, we assure you a superior quality custom cycling short.


We can also offer a fully customized cycling shorts with your logo, design, label, and more. Goal Sportswear can provide you excellent services and fast response to your inquiries. Choose to buy your bulk orders at Goal Sportswear!

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Perfectly Customized Cycling Shorts to Boost Your Business

Goal Sportswear specializes in manufacturing custom cycling shorts for over 5 years. We can offer you the best quality cycling shorts for your business or team.

We have wide selection of custom cycling shorts to suit your needs. You can choose our padded cycling shorts, 3D padded cycling shorts, quick-dry cycling shorts, ¾ cycling shorts, and more. Choose among our custom cycling shorts that suit your needs!

Our custom cycling shorts are perfect for men and women. We also have cycling shorts for youths. Goal Sportswear manufactured custom cycling shorts with broad range of sizes. It can fit both for adult and kids.

Goal Sportswear is an expert manufacturer of customized cycling shorts. You can send your specific details to us. Our professional designers will help and give you a free quote.

Additionally, Goal Sportswear manufactures cycling shorts with high-quality fabrics. We used spandex, Lycra, polyester, and more. Thus, you can assure that your cycling shorts are lightweight and breathable.

Our cycling shorts are highly elastic. This design allows to adapt the body perfectly for a total movement freedom. It features an elastic waistband for an optimal fit.

Other than that, Goal Sportswear’s custom cycling shorts also feature second-skin fit. It has an extreme stretch on its seams that provides a sculpted-to-the-skin feel. It also maximizes aero efficiency and comfort.

Goal Sportswear manufactures cycling shorts with sweat-wicking technology. It will provide you an optimized moisture transfer. Thus, keeping you chafe-free and dry even in a long road ahead.

Also, Goal Sportswear’s cycling shorts have an excellent saddle support. It is incorporated with 3 layers of high-performance cushioning sponge for a maximum comfort.

Its leg is also integrated with a silicon gripper that offers you a stay-put fit. It offers you a maximized freedom on the saddle. Moreover, our custom cycling shorts features cat eye reflector. It is an excellent visible reflector that gives you a safer roadside riding in the dark.

Goal Sportswear has a vast selection of pads so you can select one that suits your requirements. For over a decade, we specialize in providing sublimated uniforms. Our sublimation process ensures you that your uniform colors will not loss its intensity through a continuous use.

Our designers used environmentally-friendly dyes during the customization. Our custom cycling shorts are suitable for medium-level riders and body constitution.

Goal Sportswear has an advanced manufacturing machines and latest equipment. Thus, we can give you the best solution for your needs!

If you are a distributor or retailer of custom cycling shorts, choose Goal Sportswear as your manufacturer. We provide custom cycling shorts at a competitive prices and on-time delivery.

We can also offer a fully customized cycling shorts with your logo, design, label, and more. Goal Sportswear can provide you excellent services and fast response to your inquiries. Choose to buy your bulk orders at Goal Sportswear!

Other than custom cycling shorts, Goal Sportswear is also an expert manufacturer of custom biker shorts, best custom cycling jerseys, custom cycling kit, custom cycling vest, and more. You can surely find what you need at Goal Sportswear!

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Custom Cycling Shorts: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you are going to learn everything about custom cycling shorts.

Whether you want to learn about the material type, quality compliance, features, printing technology or color options, all the answers are here.

Keep reading to learn more about these cycling jerseys.

Which types of Custom Cycling Shorts are there?

Cylcing short

Cycling short

Cycling shorts come in two varieties, road and mountain bike shorts.

Mountain bike shorts are worn on casual rides.

They are loose and have a thicker, centrally placed chamois as they are designed for cycling in the upright position.

A button or a hook and loop mechanism are used to fasten mountain bike shorts at the waist.

Road shorts are usually used for professional cycling.

They are specially made to enhance comfort and functionality on the road.

There are two types of road shorts; standard, and bib shorts.

Standard shorts have an elastic band at the waist while bib shorts are held up by suspenders.

What are Custom Cycling Bib Shorts?

Cycling bib short

Cycling bib short

Cycling bib shorts are worn as the bottoms of a cycling kit by performance riders.

Their defining feature is that they do not have a waistband.

Instead, they are held up by straps.

Custom cycling bib shorts are great for long rides as they stay in place.

Since they lack a waistband, the shorts do not dig into the skin when you crouch forward on your bike.

The straps also raise their waistline, so they don’t come down in the back as you lean forward.

Bib shorts have one disadvantage, though.

They can be hectic to get off when you desperately need to go to the bathroom.

They are worn under your cycling jersey, so you have to take it off first.

Are there different Fabrics for Custom Cycling Shorts?


Most of the custom cycling shorts will be made from an elastic material.

Such fabrics get back to their original shape after it is stretched.

A blend of polyester and spandex is the most commonly used.

These shorts have a chamois made from different fabrics than the rest of the short.

It also has several layers of materials to increase its functionality.

For most custom cycling shorts, the part of the padding that comes in direct contact with the skin is made of soft Ultra suede fabric.

The next layer is made from cotton terry, a material popular for its wicking properties.

It helps keep the groin areas cool and dry when cycling.

In the third layer of the chamois, foam or gel is used.

This layer forms the cushion that protects sensitive body parts from abrasion.

The outermost layer is made from close-knit fabric, such as a nylon/spandex blend or a polyester/ spandex blend.

Such sturdy synthetic materials are used for extra protection, so the shorts do not wear out quickly.

What Printing Options are Available for Custom Cycling Shorts?

There is a variety of methods that you can use to print on your custom cycling shorts.

However, these three are the best based on the fabric used to make these garments.

· Sublimation

This is a printing process that is best suited pure polyester and blends with at least 85% polyester.

Sublimation produces the most durable prints because it infuses the dye into the fabric.

· Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideal for simple design and cheap for bulk order.

Today, screen printing dye that stretches with the fabric exists.

This prevents the ink from peeling and cracking when the custom cycling short is worn repeatedly.

· Heat Transfer

This printing method is relatively cheap and easy.

It is recommended for one-off custom cycling short designs.

Your design or image is printed on transfer paper and imprinted on the fabric using a heat press.

Heat transfer printing also produces durable designs as ink is applied in a thin layer.

However, materials used to make cycling shorts are sensitive to heat.

You must take care not to damage them by choosing a low heat setting.

How Tight should Custom Cycling Shorts be?

Your custom cycling shorts should be tight enough to restrict movement.

However, it should not be too tight that it digs into your skin and restricts blood flow.

Minimal movement reduces friction and thus chafing.

Loose shorts ride up and collect at your groin area where they rub against the skin and increase abrasion.

Leg grippers on cycling shorts are recommended to keep them in place.

If you are wearing bib shorts, ensure that the straps do not fall off the shoulders when you crouch.

This would make your cycling experience uncomfortable if you have to keep adjusting the straps.

You can buy bib shorts with adjustable straps to aid with this.

Fitting cycling short

Fitting cycling short

How do you Choose Custom Cycling Shorts?

Custom cycling shorts come in different forms and varieties, so it can be hard to pick just one.

Here are a few pointers to assist you.

· Chamois

This is a soft padding that protects your private parts from pressure and chafing as you cycle.

Chamois are usually gender-specific since male and female anatomy is different.

The thickness of the chamois is also a factor to consider.

Thick is not always better, especially for performance cyclists.

In contrast, mountain bike shorts for casual riding are best with thicker padding.

You can try on different types of chamois and pick one that suits your anatomy best.

·  Panels

Custom cycling shorts are made with different panels of fabric sewn together to promote flexibility and comfort.

The more panels a short has, the better it is.

The best shorts will have between 8 and10 panels.


Leg grippers are an essential feature of custom cycling shorts.

They are made to fit tightly to the skin without restricting blood flow.

This way, you can keep your shorts from riding up.

· Bib or Standard Shorts

Picking the style of short you want is essential.

Bib shorts have straps and are considered more suited for long rides.

However, if you might be looking for a bathroom every few minutes, this is not short for you.

Standard shorts have a waistband that some cyclists think is uncomfortable.

It digs into the skin when you lean forward.

However, these days, waistbands are being fashioned after those found in yoga pants.

· Length

How long you want your custom cycling shorts to be is a matter of preference.

However, ensure that they are not so short that the bicycle saddle touches your skin.

· Size

Knowing your size is crucial as it enables you to pick shorts that will fit you snuggly.

Loose shorts can cause chafing, while overly tight ones will reduce blood flow and increase discomfort.

· Fabric

Custom cycling shorts are made from technical fabrics that are specifically meant to increase the comfort and functionality of the garment.

The best shorts are made from sturdy synthetic materials that can stretch and wick moisture from the body.

Always confirm the fabric content of your cycling shorts to figure out how best to care for them.

Different fabrics have their own washing instructions, and you want to get the most out of your expensive cycling shorts.

What Length of Custom Cycling Shorts should you go for?

The best length of a custom cycling short depends on what is fashionable, so it often changes.

Conservative people will go for what we call the “Belgian” shorts.

Their length reaches just above the knee.

If you worry that your tan lines will show when you’re in casual shorts, go for the short pendulum shorts.

The important thing to note is that shorts must never be so short that any part of the saddle touches your skin.

This can cause rubbing and chafing.

How do you take Measurements for Custom Cycling Shorts?

Measurements for custom cycling shorts are taken in the inseam, the waist, and the hips.

The standard inseam measurement for men is 11” and 7” for women.

Custom measurements can be sent in with your order.

This table shows average sizes for men ranging from XS to XL.

The measurements are taken in inches.


This table shows average sizes for women ranging from XS to XL.

The measurements are taken in inches.


The above values are body measurements.

Different fabrics translate to various body sizes due to their varying levels of elasticity.

Extra small and extra-large sizes are available on order.

You can also take custom measurements and send them with your order.

Do Custom Cycling Shorts have a Lining on the Inside?

Yes. The lining of custom cycling shorts is called a chamois.

This is a padding that runs from the front to the back.

The chamois comes between the saddle and your skin to cushion your private parts during bicycle rides.

What do you Wear under Custom Cycling Shorts?


Yes, it seems counterintuitive, but it is the only way to wear your custom cycling shorts correctly.

These shorts are made to remove ridges and fabric folds that can cause friction.

Wearing underwear defeats the purpose as you are adding an extra layer of fabric that will cause chafing.

Wash your shorts after each ride to make it easier to wear them bare.

Chamois cream can, however, be applied on the chamois or directly to your skin for extra protection against chafing.

Always buy creams specially designed for this use.

Products such as Vaseline and other lotions can break down the foam in your chamois or, worse, cause an infection.

Is Compression Important when Buying Custom Cycling Shorts?

Yes, compression is a convenient feature for your custom cycling shorts.

It is generally agreed that tighter is better as loose fabric rub against your skin and cause chafing.

Compression shorts prevent friction without restricting blood flow and key; however, not all cyclists like compression.

So, like most other features in your cycling garments, this is a matter of preference.

Why are the Colors for Custom Bike Shorts so Restricted?

Custom cycling shorts are fully or partially black or dull colored.

The part where the chamois is sewn in must be dark-colored.

Shorts that are brightly colored in this area tend to cause indecent exposure as cycling shorts are worn without underwear.

Cycling short

Cycling short

Do the Colors of Sublimated Custom Cycling Shorts Wash Out or Fade Over Time?


Sublimation printing works best on synthetic fibers such as polyester.

An image is printed on the transfer paper and placed on the fabric.

The combination is placed under a heat press.

The heat and pressure turn the dye into gas and opens up the pores of the fabric.

The ink infuses into the material and, upon cooling, becomes part of it.

Therefore, sublimated prints do not fade or wash out as they are part of the garment.

What is the difference between Mountain Bike Shorts and Custom Cycling Bib Shorts?

The main difference between these two shorts is the cut and chamois placement.

Bib shorts are part of uniforms for professional cycling, but mountain bike shorts are exclusively for casual riding.

Mountain bike shorts are loose because they are usually worn on casual, short-distance rides.

They are made of thicker and more durable fabric.

These shorts also have a waistband and are fastened using a lace, button, or hook and loop patch.

The chamois of a mountain bike short is centrally placed as this garment is meant for riding in an upright position.

Custom cycling bib shorts are designed for performance, long-distance cycling, so they are tight to reduce movement and thus chafing.

These shorts are designed for more extended periods of cycling in a forward hunch position.

The chamois is placed to reflect this.

Bib shorts have straps instead of a waistband for enhanced comfort.

Waistbands dig into the skin in the forward hunch position, especially for long rides.

How do you Spot Fake Custom Cycling Shorts?

With the wide variety of custom cycling shorts brands and copy cuts in the market, it can be hard to spot a fake.

Here are some tips to make this easier.

· Price

Cheap is expensive with custom cycling shorts.

Avoid rushing for the cheap stud because you will be buying new shorts in under a month.

Cheap shorts are made with cheap and low-quality material to lower the cost of their production.

This is the only way their manufacturer can make a profit.

· Chamois

Fake cycling shorts have a low-quality chamois.

Authentic custom cycling shorts have padding that is molded to fit the human anatomy.

It is usually made of lightweight material and still offers a high level of padding on the saddle.

Fake shorts try to use cheap stuffing for the chamois, making it awkwardly thick and uncomfortable to wear.

· Stitching

Authentic custom cycling shorts are stitched with flat lock seams.

This removes ridges that can be potential pressure points for chafing.

These shorts also don’t have seams around the joints and inner thighs for the same reason.

If your shorts do not have these features, they are probably fake.

· Panels

Custom cycling shorts are usually constructed from different panels of fabric to increase their flexibility.

The best authentic custom shorts will have between 8 and 10 panels.

Shorts with less than 4 panels are fake.

· Design

The quality of printing on authentic custom shorts is telling.

It does not crack when you stretch the shorts.

Fake cycling shorts will also have misspelled text printed on them to avoid breaching copyright laws.

What should you Consider when Buying Custom Cycling Shorts for Cold Weather?

Cycling during cold months without the right outfit is daunting.

Here are the features that custom cycling shorts for severe weather should have.

· Fabric

Shorts for cold-weather cycling are made from brushed polyester fleece on the inside.

Fleece traps heat keeping the body warm.

The cold is often accompanied by precipitation in the form of water or snow.

Custom cycling shots for cold weather should, therefore, be made from waterproof fabric on the outside.

· Consider Tights

Even if your cycling shorts are made of fleece, they still reach above the knee.

This leaves your knees and calves exposed.

You can buy custom cycling tights instead as they reach all the way to the ankle.

· Accessories

Warmers can be worn with your custom cycling shorts to ward off the cold.

Leg and knee warmers keep your legs warm.

Booties can also be worn over your shoes to protect your toes and ankles.

How Important are Leg Grippers on Custom Cycling Shorts?

Cycling shorts with grippers

Cycling shorts with grippers

Leg grippers are extremely important as they keep your custom cycling shorts in place as you ride.

Without them, the shorts ride up and bunch in your crotch and cause chafing at the joints.

Grippers are made from a stretchy material.

Ensure that the leg grippers on your shorts are securely sewn in, wide enough so that they do not cut off your blood flow.

They should fit snuggly to the skin as their purpose is literally to hold down your riding shorts.

What are the Gender-specific Features of Custom Cycling Shorts?

Bib shorts are usually gendered due to the anatomical differences between men and women.

Female shorts have a chamois that is contoured to support the female form.

They are also wider at the hips and thinner at the waist to fit the female body snuggly.

Women’s bib shorts have centrally placed straps to reduce chafing.

This also keeps the straps in place as women have narrow shoulders.

The halterneck design is being added to modern female bib shorts to make it easier to remove them during nature calls.

Male shorts generally have larger sizes than women shorts as men have bigger bodies.

Their chamois is designed to provide support for their anatomy as well.

Men’s shorts are also longer than women’s because most men prefer them that way.

Bib shorts for men have longer straps as well since men tend to have longer torsos.

How long do Custom Cycling Shorts Last?

The life of your custom cycling shorts can range from three months to a year, depending on several factors.

In this case, the quality of the fabric matters.

High-quality fabrics last longer without tearing or losing their stretch.

Print work may outlast the fabric if you use the most suitable printing method for the material of your custom shorts.

For instance, sublimation on polyester lasts longer than screen printing.

The way you clean your custom cycling shorts significantly affects their lifespan.

Always use a gentle cold wash and hang to dry.

Dryers usually destroy spandex.

So, the following can help you know if your custom cycling shorts are worn out;

  • They begin developing holes
  • They lose their stretch
  • Stitches start to come undone
  • The chamois begin to bunch up or scratching the skin.

If you see any of this on your shorts, it is time to replace them.

Do Padded Custom Cycling Shorts make a difference?


Riding in a short without a chamois is asking for trouble.

The padding also called a chamois, is the most crucial part of a modern custom cycling short.

It is countered to protect the private parts, both male and female riders.

Chamois for males and females are different due to their physiological differences in this area.

Without the padding, the sitting area would be left vulnerable to friction caused when the skin rubs against the saddle.

Additionally, the padding eliminates the need for underwear, which would add fabric and potential friction points.

How do you Wear Custom Cycling Shorts Correctly?

You wear them with nothing else underneath.

Custom cycling shorts have a chamois or padding that protects the groin from chafing.

Wearing underwear contradicts their purpose.

You can apply chamois cream on your skin or shorts.

However, confirm that it is safe to use for the chamois.

Note that the wrong cream can destroy your custom cycling shorts, cause skin irritation or even worse, an infection.

Finally, if you are wearing bib shorts, the straps always go under your jersey.

This tip simply keeps you from looking ridiculous.

Is there a difference between Men’s and Women’s Custom Cycling Shorts Padding?

Yes. Men’s and women’s custom cycling shorts padding is made to fit their anatomical differences.

The padding has different densities to address different pressure points in cyclists of either gender.

Women have a fuller ischiatic area, and they place more pressure on it while seated.

Their chamois is, therefore, broader and more study in this area to account for this.

Male padding is narrower but more prolonged, especially in the front.

It also has an inlet cut down the middle.

Clearly, there are many factors to consider when choosing cycling kits.

At Goal Sportswear, we offer a range of cycling sports uniform such as cycling vests, or cycling bib shorts, you will get the best prices.

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