Custom Cricket Jerseys : The Complete FAQ Guide

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What Are The Benefits Of Buying Custom Cricket Jerseys?

customised cricket jersey

customized cricket jersey

Purchasing custom cricket jerseys is one of the best things that you can ever do for your cricket team.

There are numerous benefits that come with the purchase of custom cricket jerseys for your team.

Here are the advantages if purchasing custom cricket jerseys for your team.

Unifies The Cricket Team

Custom cricket jerseys are special types of uniforms that will keep every member of the team in matching attire.

You will be able to identify the team easily because they will be in distinct cricket uniforms.

Improves The Team Image

You will also improve the image of your cricket team as they will be appearing smarter and sharp to take on the game.

Many people and fans will want to associate with the brand which is your team due to the good image.

Fosters Team Equality

You will prove that every member of the team is equal and the contributions made by every team member is important.

Wearing the same color and type of custom cricket jersey will show that all the team members are the same.

Saves Money

You will save a lot of money especially if you purchase the custom cricket jerseys in bulk from the main manufacturers.

Most of the manufacturers offer very good discounts to the clients who purchase the custom cricket jerseys in bulk.

Promotes Sense Of Belonging

Purchasing custom cricket jerseys will create a sense of belonging to all the members of your cricket team.

In other words, every member of team will have the pride and sense of belonging to the cricket team.

What Are Custom Cricket Jerseys Made Of?

Wearing the right type of custom cricket jerseys usually begin with selecting the right type of fabric for the team.

One of the significant things to look at in custom cricket jerseys is the breathability of the fabric.

Ideally, you have to make sure that the fabric is breathable and allows free flow of air through the body.

Apart from that, you should always consider purchasing fabric that is light in weight.

Having light weight fabric will reduce the overall weight on the player thus improving flexibility.

In addition to that, the fabric must provide a soft feel against the skin thus improving the comfort level.

The best fabric that fits the above specifications is polyester fabric.

You will use polyester fabric to manufacture custom cricket jersey because it is also tough and easy to clean.

On top of that, polyester also has moisture wicking properties to absorb sweat from your body and leave your clothing dry.

How Do Custom Cricket Jerseys Compare To Stock Options?

Depending on the depth of your budget, you have the options of choosing between custom and stock cricket jersey options.

Here is a comparison between custom cricket jerseys and stock cricket jerseys.

Custom Cricket Jerseys

Just from the name, you can note that the custom cricket jerseys are unique to their respective cricket teams.

Implying that, your cricket team will have a unique type of uniform that you cannot compare to other teams.

You should, however, note that the cost of custom cricket jerseys is higher than the cost of other jerseys.

Due to the unique nature, you will have to send the design to the manufacturer and wait for the completion.

custom cricket jersey

custom cricket jersey

Stock Cricket Jerseys

You can also opt for the stock cricket jerseys which you will order over the counter.

In other words, you will get stock cricket jerseys very easily and within a very short time.

Stock cricket jerseys are, however, not s unique as the custom cricket jerseys.

You will find out that the cricket jersey design you purchase might be similar to that of another team.

Due to the lack of uniqueness, you will spend less when purchasing the stock cricket jerseys from different suppliers.

What Collar Options Do Custom Cricket Jerseys Come In?

Custom cricket jerseys come in quite a variety of collars that you can choose from.

You should not that, no matter the collar design, all cricket jerseys must have a collar.

Here are the main types or options for collars that you can have on custom cricket jerseys.

Polo T-Shirt Collar Style

You can opt for the polo t-shirt collar style for your cricket jersey.

This style of collar borrows heavily from the t-shirts worn by polo game players with few buttons on top.

Henley Or Y-Neck Collar Style

You may also decide to settle on the Henley collar option which is the hybrid between crew and y-neck options.

It comes complete with a buttoning placket which runs deep into the jersey and fits perfectly on the players.

V- Neck Collar Style

You can also opt for the V – neck collar style for your cricket jerseys which has the V-shape type of collar.

It is a unique sense of style for your cricket jersey which you must make sure that it fits perfectly.

Crew Neck Collar Style

You may also opt for the most ubiquitous sense of style for the cricket jersey which is the crew neck style.

This type of collar type usually comes with a circular and round neckline which fits snugly at the neckline.

How Does Cricket Jerseys With Long Sleeves Compare To Short Sleeved Cricket Jerseys?

No matter the length of the sleeves, you will note that the standard custom cricket jersey is usually white.

You will also choose between having the long-sleeved custom cricket jersey or short-sleeved custom cricket jersey.

Here is a comparison between the long-sleeved custom cricket jersey and the short sleeved custom cricket jersey.

Long Sleeved Custom Cricket Jersey

You may opt for the long-sleeved custom cricket jersey which has extending sleeves all the way to the wrist.

It is the best type of custom cricket jersey that you will put on during the cold season of the cricket games.

 long sleeved cricket jersey

long sleeved cricket jersey

Short Sleeved Custom Cricket Jersey

You can also settle on the short sleeved custom cricket jersey which have shorter sleeves that barely pass the elbow.

It is the best type of jersey that you will wear especially in the hot summer season to increase aeration to the body.

short sleeved cricket jersey

short sleeved cricket jersey

What Is The Meaning Of Raglan Sleeve In Custom Cricket Jerseys?

You may also settle on the raglan sleeve type in custom cricket jerseys.

It is one of the most stylish and comfortable types of cricket jersey that you can opt for.

You will note that the sleeves of the raglan cricket jersey usually extend all the way to the neckline and collar.

Apart from that, the color of the sleeves is usually very distinct from the rest of the body of the cricket jersey.

It has a wider area under the arm thus providing complete flexibility in the movement of the arms.

raglan sleeve

raglan sleeve

In addition to that, the additional space provides great utility due to the 360-degree mobility.

What Is The Advantage Of Moisture Wicking Fabric For Custom Cricket Jerseys?

During the game of cricket, there is a very high probability that you will sweat.

To increase the level of comfort during the game, you can opt for the jersey with moisture wicking properties.

The advantages that you will get by using the moisture wicking custom cricket jerseys include:

Keep Your Body Cool

You should consider wearing custom cricket jerseys with moisture wicking properties because it absorbs sweat and leaves your body dry.

It will also aid in keeping your body cool especially during the humid and warm months of the summer.


As much as the fabric absorbs sweat out from the surface of the skin, it also allows entry of air to the skin.

It will increase the level of comfort and allow proper aeration of the body by increasing its breathability.

Easy To Maintain

It has stain release properties that will require less detergent and washing when washing and cleaning the jersey.

It helps in preserving the effectiveness of the fabric thus eliminating the need of using a fabric softener.

Why Are Sublimated Custom Cricket Jerseys?

Sublimated custom cricket jerseys are special types of cricket jerseys which you will make through sublimation printing methods.

Sublimation printing is the process of printing and decorating the custom cricket jerseys according to the unique design.

How Do You Customize A Cricket Jersey With Name And Number?

You can customize a cricket jersey with the name and number on it by using different decoration styles.

Here are some of the decoration styles that you can use on your customization process of cricket jerseys.

Sublimation Printing

You can use the sublimation printing method to print and decorate your custom cricket jersey.

This printing method involves using heat and pressure to sublime ink which will fuse into the polyester fabric.

Screen Printing

You can also use the screen-printing method which involves printing the decorations on top of the fabric.

It is a cheaper method for decorating the custom cricket jerseys in bulk while costly for fewer cricket jerseys.

Heat Transfer

You can also apply heat transfer printing method which will assist in printing the decorations on the jersey.

In this case, you will use high temperatures to transfer an image from the design template onto the jersey fabric.

Tackle Twill

Yo8 can opt for the tackle twill decoration option which involves sticking cut pieces of decorations on the jersey fabric.

It is the best decoration or printing option that you can use to create a three-dimensional type of print.

Digital Printing

You can use digital printing to print digital based images directly onto the custom cricket jersey fabric.

It is a great method for custom printing of high volumes and large formats of decorations on the jersey fabric.

What Are The Possible Decoration Locations On Custom Cricket Jerseys?

According to the printing and decoration rules of custom cricket jerseys, there are specific locations for specific prints.

Here are some of the locations where you can comfortably print different decorations on the custom cricket jersey.

  • Sleeves
  • Pockets
  • Collars
  • Side panels

What Are The Options For Creating A Unique Custom Cricket Jersey Design?

When creating a unique design, you have the opportunity of creating the design using different design options.

Here are some of the unique options that you can employ to successfully design a proper print.

Use Template

You can use a template to produce the right design for your custom cricket jersey.

There are different types of templates that you can create according to the nature of your design.

Design Builder

You can also use a design builder which is a software that will guide you through the designing process.

The design builder will have different features which will enhance the designing process of different decorations.

Start From Scratch With Adobe Illustrator

You can also use the adobe illustrator to create a unique design from scratch all the way to completion.

Just from the name, you can note that the illustrator will illustrate every step through the designing process.

What File Format Do You Prefer For Artwork In Custom Cricket Jerseys?

There are different file formats that you can use in the saving the designs for your custom cricket jerseys.

These are the acceptable designs that most designers use and your manufacturer will understand better.

Here are the main design formats that you can use to save your design.

  • PNG or Portable Network Graphics Design Format
  • SVG File Format
  • TIFF File Format
  • PSD or Photoshop Document File Format
  • EPS or Encapsulated Post Script File Format
  • AI or Adobe Illustrator File Format
  • PDF or Portable Document Format
  • INDD or the In Design Document File Format

Why Should I Use Pantone Color Matching For My Custom Cricket Jersey Design?

You should use the pantone color matching to help in identifying the right color for your custom cricket jersey.

It will also help in matching of different colors of the jerseys to enhance color coordination between the jerseys.

It employs the pantone numbering system which will identify the different colors on the custom cricket jerseys.

This system will help the printers match the different jersey colors without contacting one another.

What Are The Comfort Features Of Custom Cricket Jerseys?

You must look at the comfort of the cricket jersey as one of the most important features during selection.

Some of the comfort features that you will pay close attention to are:


You have to make sure that the custom cricket jersey fabric is properly ventilated with good ventilation pores.

Proper ventilation will allow entry of enough air to the skin thus proper aeration and also get rid of sweat.


You must also reduce the weight of the jersey as much as you can to increase the level of comfort.

Implying that, the lighter the weight of the fabric or jersey, the higher the level of comfort for the player.

What Is The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Custom Cricket Jerseys?

You have to consider the gender that will be putting on the custom cricket jersey during the selection process.

Implying that, there are particular differences between the men’s and women’s custom cricket jerseys.

Here are some of the differences between the custom cricket jerseys for both men and women.

men custommized cricket jersey

men customized cricket jersey

Color Schemes

You will note that women have a brighter and more attractive color scheme for their custom cricket jerseys.

On the other hand, men prefer having dull colors for their custom cricket jerseys which are less attractive.

Mode Of Decoration

You will also note that the men have very common and dull decorations such as block shapes on the jersey.

On the flip side, women prefer having the most attractive unique decorations on their custom cricket jerseys.

Sizing And Fitting

When sizing the women custom cricket jersey, you must have smaller shoulder allowance with bigger breast allowance.

On the other hand, you will have broader shoulders for men and flat chests since men have smaller breasts.

women cricket jersey

women cricket jersey

How Do I Choose Custom Cricket Jersey Colors?

Well, the standard color for most of the custom cricket jerseys is white.

Despite having the standard color, you can opt for a personal color for the custom cricket jersey.

In such a case, you can align your choice of color to the theme color of your team.

You can blend different colors on your custom cricket jersey to come up with the right color type.

Do Custom Cricket Jerseys Come In Unisex Designs?

Yes, you can have the custom cricket jerseys in unisex designs.

This design is capable of fitting both the men and women playing in the cricket team.

They have general features that will fit both men and women perfectly.

How Should Custom Cricket Jerseys Fit?

Well, when purchasing the custom cricket jerseys, you must make sure that it fits all team members.

Here is how your custom cricket jersey should fit on the body of the players.

Length Of Sleeve

Here, you have the long sleeve option and the short sleeve option.

Short sleeve custom cricket jerseys should be short and reach the mid-bicep area of the arm.

You should ensure that the long sleeve option is long enough to reach the wrist of the arms.

Hem Or Length Of Jersey

You should wear a custom cricket jersey that is long enough to reach the mid part of the pants zipper.

Any fitting above or below the mid zipper line will either be too long or too short for the custom cricket jersey.


You must ensure that the collar fits snug around your neck by ensuring that it is not too tight or lose.

In other words, you have to ensure that it does not expose your shoulder or collar born when you wear it.

Body Or Torso Fitting

You should also make sure that the body or torso has a snug fitting that is not too loose or tight.

Usually, you can leave an allowance of one inch from the body when fitting the custom cricket jersey.

How Do I Choose The Right Size Custom Cricket Jerseys?

There is a Size Chart that you can refer to when choosing the right size for the custom cricket jerseys.

You will refer to the Size Chart after securing proper measurements of the body parts where the jersey fits.

When sizing the custom cricket jerseys, you can either have small, medium, or large sizes.

There are situations where you can get the extra-small and the extra-large depending on the body size.

Do You Offer Custom Cricket Jerseys In Youth Sizes?

Yes, we offer custom cricket jerseys in youth sizes.

We understand the importance of nurturing the youth into the game of cricket at an early age.

It is the reason why we offer the youth with custom cricket jerseys that they can wear during their cricket games.

How Much Is Custom Cricket Jersey Price?

Custom cricket jerseys are very affordable depending on the type of jersey that you would like to have.

Implying that, you will pay different prices for the custom cricket jerseys depending on quality and size among other factors.

Generally, you will pay between 15 and 60 US dollars for the custom cricket jerseys.

For all your cricket custom jerseys, you can contact Goal Sportswear.

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