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  • Offers mesh and support for an enhanced breathability
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More Than 500 High-quality Custom Compression Pants Manufactured in Our Factory

Pro polyester breathable sublimated custom orange compression pants
Pro polyester breathable sublimated custom orange compression pants
Custom made polyester spandex sublimated compression pants
Custom made polyester spandex sublimated compression pants
Custom wholesale sublimated printed mens compression pants
Custom wholesale sublimated printed mens compression pants
Dye sublimation high qualtiy flower design mens compression pants
Dye sublimation high qualtiy flower design mens compression pants
Full sublimation polyester spandex custom design compression pants
Full sublimation polyester spandex custom design compression pants
High school sublimation custom printed mma compression pants
High school sublimation custom printed MMA compression pants
Pro quality Custom design sublimated printing spandex compression pants
Pro quality Custom design sublimated printing spandex compression pants
Quick dry sublimation printing custom youth compression pants
Quick dry sublimation printing custom youth compression pants
Wholesale polyester spandex custom made sublimation mens compression pants
Wholesale polyester spandex custom made sublimation mens compression pants
Wholesale pro spandex custom sublimated team compression pants
Wholesale pro spandex custom sublimated team compression pants

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Goal Sportswear manufacture and supply the best quality custom compression pants. These are manufactured for training-on-the-go. It is designed with low-profile and convenient pocket in the hip. It makes an excellent option for your keys and other valuables.

Goal Sportswear is a supplier of high-quality custom compression pants also made from superior grade fabrics. With our own machineries, rest assured that our custom compression pants are manufactured with a great quality. We also supply custom compression pants manufactured according to your needs.

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Perfectly Customized High-quality Compression Pants to Skyrocket your Business

Goal Sportswear is a professional manufacturer of excellent quality custom compression pants in China. We have a broad range of custom compression pants which can improve muscle recovery every workout through increasing the blood flow.

Goal Sportswear’s custom compression pants can be worn as base layer under the shorts. We also manufacture custom compression pants that are super comfortable.

These are manufactured for training-on-the-go. It is designed with low-profile and convenient pocket in the hip. It makes an excellent option for your keys and other valuables.

Our custom compression pants are also designed with reflective pattern. This gives a hint of color that are creatively unique. A key-safety feature is also designed into our custom compression pants for night session trainings.

We manufacture an excellent quality custom compression pants that are ergonomically designed to wick sweat and prevent chafing.

Aside from that, our custom compression pants are manufactured with graduated compression to improve recovery and speed. It has a targeted area to calves and quads that can prevent muscle fatigue.

As an additional, Goal Sportswear is a supplier of high-quality custom compression pants also made from superior grade fabrics such as polyester and more.

The fabrics used by our designers are lightweight ensuring extreme breathability. Thus, rest assured that it can give comfortable, dry and cool feeling.

Sizes, styles, colors, and design of custom compression pants are available and limitless at Goal Sportswear.

At Goal Sportswear, we dedicate ourselves in providing you high-quality products. We also offer the best services as possible.

With that, we can offer the fastest delivery within 11-13 days of turnaround time. To top it up, Goal Sportswear also offer custom compression pants in a factory price to support you.

Because of that, we are recognized as a trusted and reliable manufacturer in China. Moreover, we have quality control team to check your orders before shipment. Thus, you will receive your order with exact details.

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Custom Compression Pants: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s guide, you will learn everything about custom compression pants.

You will learn about classification, benefits, sublimation printing technology, sizing, color options and quality inspection, just to mention a few.

By the end of this guide, you will be an expert in the compression pants.

Let’s dive right in.

What are the Types of the Custom Compression Pants?

It is critical to note that custom compression pants are available in different types.

However, these varying specifications may depend on the variety of compression pants from various trademarks.

We can, therefore, classify the custom compression pants into the following categories:

Purpose: specialists often design custom compression pants by the functions they perform in the human body;

a) Custom Compression Pants for Muscle Support

Compression pant

Compression pant

Mostly, these compression pants enhance the support of the muscles during the workout.

These pairs of pants have a particular type of construction, which makes them ideal for several kinds of sporting activities.

Moreover, this sportswear has got high-grade fabric, which enhances its performance.

It is worth noting that these compression pants combine both form and function.

These kinds of attributes thus provide support to major muscles, including quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

b) Custom Compression Pants for Recovery

These kinds of compression pants are ideal for wearing after an exercise.

You will obtain maximum benefits when you wear them immediately after the tedious workout or soonest time possible after the training.

Now, these pants have a high degree of specialization to improve recovery; notably, they provide an enhanced level of graduated compression.

This sportswear helps with clearing out the accumulated lactic acid from your muscles, thus helping out with any soreness.

c) Styles of Custom Compression Pant

Even further, you can choose your custom compression pant depending on the design style.

First, some of them fully cover the entire foot region.

Secondly, other custom compression pants are footless, and finally, some come in a bell-bottom or flared style.

d) Type of Material for Custom Compression Pant

Since custom compression parts usually combine the form and function, they may have a blend of materials.

Some of the common materials include lycra, polyester, elastane, and spandex.

Other manufacturers also incorporate some unique fabrics to add extra beneficial features to the custom compression pants, such as protection from harsh sunlight.

e) Sizes of Custom Compression Pant

Depending on your size, you can choose your custom compression pants from the girls, boys, women’s, men’s and youth’s sizes.

Besides, you can select your sized compression pants according to the sizing chart.

Also, you can select either a full-length compression pant, ¾ length, or 7/8 length.

f) Girdle Style Custom Compression Pant

For the lovers of girdle garment, similarly custom compression pants are available with different forms of girdle extension.

Your options are not limited either, pick from the pants with either standard girdle, or extended girdle.

g) Color Code for Custom Compression Pants

Color code; you can select different varieties of compression pants by their respective colors.

There are both bright colors and dull colors. Available colors include; black, blue, gray, green.

What are the Uses of the Custom Compression Pants?

Compression pant

Compression pant

Most sportspersons always don custom compression pants to improve performance or enhance recovery.

We can only attribute those two significant uses to how the compression pants conform to the body.

The garment restricts the movement of the muscle or reduces oscillation.

That, in turn, prevents wastage of energy while also helping in the maintenance of the body alignment.

Moreover, the fitting of compression pants increases blood flow to ensure that muscles receive a steady supply of oxygen, thereby enhancing performance or recovery.

Furthermore, the following are some of the uses of custom compression pants.

  • To keep the muscles warm to avoid straining muscles.
  • To wick away sweat from the skin layer to the outer body part, thus reducing friction between the garment and skin.
  • They reduce the period of recovery from muscle-related injuries and strains.
  • Decreases exercise-related induced muscle damage or fatigue.
  • The compression pants help prevents risks of muscle strain.
  • To enhance the relief of pain associated with muscle soreness and stiffness after training sessions.
  • It is for use in stabilizing the body joints and providing adequate groin support, especially the usage of compression pants with cup pockets.

What are the Features of the Custom Compression Pants?

Some of the main features of compression garments include:

Custom compression pant

Custom compression pant

1. Varying Degree of Compression

It is critical you specify the extent of compression you need because there are varying levels of compression.

The units for measuring compression are millimeters of mercury, i.e., mmHg.

The higher the values, the greater the extent of compression.

The four extents of compression include:

  • Mild compression (8mmHg – 15 mmHg)
  • Moderate compression (15 mmHg- 20 mmHg)
  • Firm compression (20mmHg – 30 mmHg)
  • Extra firm compression (30 mmHg – 40 mmHg)

2. Lightweight

Most custom compression pants utilize light materials, thereby giving the garment an overall lightweight ideal for any kind of exercise.

3. Powerful and Durable

Again, the custom compression pants take care of vigorous kinds of exercises and sports, which involves any kind of grappling.

The fabric should be thus resistant to tear hence lasts long.

4. Waistband

Secure waistband for ideal fitting either midrise waistband or drawstring waistband.

5. Thermal Regulation

It can enhance thermal regulation, especially for the custom compression pants manufactured for cold weather climates.

6. Comfort

Very comfortable; even though custom compression pants do assert some pressure to the butt and thigh region, most users find them extra comfortable.

They are resistant to wind, produce minor chaffing, little or no friction, do not ride-up even when doing vigorous exercises.

7. Elasticity and Flexibility

Elasticity and flexibility: the custom compression pants stretch to a greater extent and degree, enabling the wear maneuver to any kind of position or turning.

8. Moisture Wicking

Moisture-wicking capabilities and SPF 50 + for prevention from sunny weather.

Is there a difference between Custom Compression Pants and Custom Compression Shorts?

Yes, there is a big difference between the two custom team wear.

However, both of them are similar because you can customize them to include your custom features such as logos, color, and other specifications.

The difference, though:

· Custom Compression Pants

Custom compression pant

Custom compression pant

They are longer garments, which extends all the way down from the hips to the ankle.

Note that; custom compression pants not necessarily have to be full length down to the ankle; there are further options for ¾ and 7/8 length.

Again, custom compression pants are ideal for any sporting kind of exercise and work out.

However, you may not wear them for participating in field sport games which do not accept such kind of sportswear.

· Custom Compression Shorts

Compression short

 Compression short

Elsewhere, custom compression shorts are undergarments that you will commonly see among many athletes.

They fit appropriately.

However, as opposed to the custom compression pants, these only cover your waist down to your mid or your lower thigh.

They are almost similar to your everyday cycling shorts.

The shorts have a cup pocket and another sewn-in pocket that holds the protective cup.

Custom Compression shorts are also ordinary among female athletes.

They are often popular among those who sport skirts during games, including field hockey and tennis.

In such situations, the athletes wear the custom compression shorts beneath the skirt such that incase the skirts ride up their underwear does not show.

Infield hockey and women’s lacrosse sports, custom compression shorts are in these cases are colloquially referred to as spandex shorts.

How do you Maintain Custom Compression Pants?

Maintaining a custom compression pant is one of the critical things that you need to take it seriously because it will directly affect the lifespan of your gear.

On top of that, proper maintenance will make your gear to give you the entire package of benefits just to the same degree as it was brand new.

Here are essential tips for maintaining your custom compression pants:

a. Wash protocol – a gentle or delicate wash in cold water is appropriate for your custom compression pants. Besides, you need to use mild detergents.

Again never use fabric softeners because they may lift logos.

Always turn the compression pants inside out or equally wash them in a wash bag to protect the logos.

b. Bleaching: you should not, in any way, possibly use a bleaching agent on your custom compression pants.

c. Tumble drying: you should use low heat or avoid tumble drying.

d. Drying: line drying is appropriate for your custom compression pants. Never use a dryer.

e. Ironing: for durability, manufacturers discourage ironing the custom compression pant.

f. Replacement: a quality and high-end custom compression pant should be capable of lasting up to several years.

So first, you need to purchase top-notch quality sportswear.

However, in case yours wear down, and you need replacement, you have to engage an original vendor and, if possible, buy direct from the manufacturer.

Other care tips;

  • Immediately launder your custom compression pants after every use.

If you are not capable of laundering, then rinse the compression pant and hang it to dry on a rust-resistant hanger.

  • Do not damp the custom compression pants in a pile since they may fade or even bleed as a result of chemical reactions from perspiration.
  • Do not leave your compression pants out in direct sunlight, or even fluorescent light. With that, you avoid potential color fading or yellowing.
  • Separate your custom compression pants in piles according to color code.

Wash whites separately from the rest. With that, you avoid color passage or bleeding.

How much do the Custom Compression Pants cost?

Custom compression pants are affordable; they do not cost highly.

However, the pricing varies accordingly due to several parameters which include:

Quality: here, it boils down to the fabric, stitching, printing, etc.  Normally, higher quality attracts higher costs.

Brand and manufacturer; some manufacturers relatively charge higher compared to others.

Note; the best way to get lower pricing is to increase your order quantity ideally.

Also, place your orders sometime earlier of your due date.

You may also consider keeping your customization to a potentially necessary minimum.

However, you need to be wary of substandard compression pants, which are cheaper.

Nevertheless, the costs of standard custom compression pants range anywhere between 50$ to 150 $ or even more.

Which are the Available Sizes of Custom Compression Pants?

Sublimated compression short

Sublimated compression short

The sizes are available in terms of gender diversity.

Also, the dimensions fall into categories according to height and weight.

Men sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL

Women sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL

Nevertheless, for the sake of accuracy of acquiring an excellent sizeable fitting custom compression pant, it is advisable to work with your manufacturer.

Mostly, manufacturers or vendors have got sizing charts in their blogs, consider using those tables.

Again, remember everyone will get proper fitting custom compression pants, so you need not worry if you are oversize.

But yet, if you are stuck in deciding between two sizes, here is what you can do – We would recommend you use the sizing guide.

If still on the borderline, then you may consider sizing down for gentler compression.

Elsewhere, the best recommendation is for you to try both the two size options to find out which fits best.

How can you choose the Color of Custom Compression Pants?

You may consider the following factors to help you decide which color is best for you:

· Personal Preference

The choice of color largely depends on your personal preferences.

There is a wide range of colors you can select from dull to bright colors.

You may opt for a blend of colors too; in that case, you should consult a designer, friend, or manufacturer.

· Custom Compression Pants for Team

For a team, you need uniformity, so you may engage your team members and decide upon your preferred color.

· Type of Workout or Game

Generally, if you will be participating in several kinds of ground/ field or outdoor exercises, then you may think of dull colors that do not get dirty or unpleasant too quickly.

Whereas for an indoor workout, you may pick bright colors.

Note; many manufacturers accept, including an unlimited range of colors in your designs.

How can you Design Custom Compression Pants?

Designing amazing custom compression pants is an easy tactic that you can do alone.

But only under some circumstances, you will need the assistance of a designer.

Nevertheless, you can follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Identify your Manufacturer

Initially, you have to individually contact one manufacturer who will do the rest of your undertaking.

The manufacturer should be trustworthy and possess tremendous experience in this sector.

Consider looking at customer reviews, quality certifications, and referrals before engaging any.

Now, once you identify a reliable manufacturer, proceed to the next procedure.

Step 2: Pick your Preferred Type of Custom Compression Pant

Choose your custom compression pants style and kind.

Most manufacturers have various styles uploaded on their websites, so you may choose from one of the preloaded forms available that best suits your needs.

If not, you can modify or specify your style and forward it to them.

Step 3: Select your Design Template

With a specific compression pant style, you will have to pick a particular model of design that your order will conform to.

Again, if you cannot find a suitable one from the uploaded ones, then you can still contact the manufacturer and present yours.

With your design ready, proceed next.

Step 4: Choose your Color

Select colors that are appropriate to your specifications from the provided color charts.

Your custom compression pants will get printed with the exact colors you chose.

Again, if you need a unique color, you can contact your manufacturer.

Step 5: Add Texts, Prints, and Logos

Here, you now specify the names, numbers, and any text you would wish displayed in your sportswear.

In case you require your logo included, have it in a specific electronic version such as .jpeg, .tif or .gif file.

Upload the logo and scale it after that as you deem appropriate.

Anyway, if you have no logo, contact the manufacturer, and they will print one for just the way you want. However, charges may apply.

But still, if you do not need any logos, texts, or numbers included, then you may consider this step null.

Step 6: Preview

Previewing your design is best for you to edit any potential errors or add any other thing to your design.

That done, you can print, share your plan with other specialists, and submit the final copy to your manufacturer.

Step 7: Quotation

Provide other delivery details to the manufacturer and send everything.

Your manufacturer would then give you a full quote.

What is the Sublimation Printing of Custom Compression Pants?

You have to print every kind of garment or sportswear. And there are different available techniques for printing.

For sublimation printing, you require a particular type of printing technique for imprinting the sublimated inks onto the custom compression pant fabric.

You will thus need a sublimation printer.

This printing transfers the design to the material using ink and application of heat.

The ink moves to the fabric in a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid stage.

It is thus distinct from the conventional printing and no inks dry to the material.

What are the Advantages of the Sublimation Printing of Custom Compression Pants?

Here are the pros;

  • You get to print an unlimited number of designs on your custom compression pants. Your freedom is endless.
  • The printed images will not crack, peel, nor wear even after numerous usages, ideal for compression pants, which you continuously use over time.
  • The visuals on the custom compression pants are durable and last as long as you require.
  • Sublimation printing is also appropriate for handling a small batch of custom compression pants.
  • The technique is very suitable for printing seam-to-seam designs.
  • You can apply the technique on custom compression pants that require several design variations.

Is there Minimum Order for the Custom Compression Pants?

Yeah, mostly, there are minimums for the orders, ten pieces at least.

But that does not necessarily mean you can’t order anything less; just be sure to consult the manufacturer prior before placing the order, though.

How can you Check the Quality of Custom Compression Pants?

Consider the following issues:

  • Material: the fabric should be highly elastic, durable, and have moisture-wicking capability.

Suitable one includes a blend of lycra, spandex, and nylon or a custom one.

  • Stitching: The flatlock stitching of the compression pants is ideal since it decreases friction on the wearer’s skin.
  • Printing method: always choose sublimation printing over others.
  • The appearance of the design features; they should be clear and impeccable, showing no signs of capable of cracking or fading.

How do you Identify Women and Men Custom Compression Pants?

Distinguishing between women and men custom compression pants is very simple.

You only look at the design and sizes.

Women custom compression pants are bright colored and have fancy patterns.

Also, they fit and have the feminine shape, curved on the hip section for comfortability.

The sizes of the women type also differ from that of men.

Men custom compression pants also have a particular type of sizing different from the women type.

Mostly, they are plain colored and have little or no patterns.

With the information in this guide, you should be able to choose suitable custom compression pants.

At Goal Sportswear, we offer high quality and reliable custom compression pants that match your unique specifications.

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