In this guide, you will find all information about custom bomber jackets.

Whether you want to learn about quality, material type, printing technology, zip options or lining material – every information you’re looking for is right here.

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How does Custom Bomber Jackets compare to Normal Custom Jackets?

Tailored bomber jackets have a shorter waist length compared to normal custom jackets.

Custom bomber jacket

Custom Bomber Jacket

 Running jacket

 Running jacket

Bomber jackets are also made from lighter material compared to normal custom jackets.

Unlike normal jackets, which are worn as formal wear, custom bomber jackets are usually casually worn.

What are the Features of Custom Bomber Jackets?

Some of the features of custom bomber jackets include:

  • Custom bomber jackets are available in nine sizes: XXS-4XL.
  • Some custom bomber jackets have a waterproof finish with a quilted lining.
  • Also, some custom bomber jackets have a satin finish with a lining made of satin.
  • Some custom bomber jackets have a softshell jersey finish with a satin lining.
  • Some bomber jackets have a marbled velvet outer.
  • Custom bomber jackets have a polished metal silver-colored zip-tooth.

What determines Custom Bomber Jacket Price?

Custom bomber jackets price is mainly determined by the quantity that you purchase.

Mostly, the lower the amount ordered, the more expensive it is.

To get the best price, you should place a big order.

Other factors that determine the custom bomber jacket prices include:

  • Features of the bomber jacket
  • Size of bomber jacket
  • Printing technique for bomber jacket
  • Material type for bomber jacket

What are the available Sizes of Custom Bomber Jackets?

The available sizes for custom bomber jackets include:

  • 3XS
  • 2XS
  • XS
  • SM
  • L
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL
  • 4XL
  • 5XL

How do you Care for Bomber Jackets?

You should handle your custom bomber jackets carefully, especially when you are washing them.

Some of the care instructions you should observe include:

  • Tailored bomber jackets should be washed at a temperature of thirty degrees Celsius.
  • It would be best if you dried flat custom bomber jackets.
  • It would help if you did not tumble dry custom bomber jackets.
  • When ironing custom bomber jackets, you should use cold iron.
  • Alternatively, you may wash your bomber jackets professionally.
  • It would be best if you did not iron over the print.

How do you check the Quality of Custom Bomber Jackets?

There is a lot to consider when determining the quality of a custom bomber jacket in terms of the style, print type, and fabric’s nature.

The fabric quality can be verified by touching, seeing, and getting a feel by wearing it over some time.

However, beyond the minor considerations, there are many more factors to be looked at, which include:

  • Stitches: good quality custom bomber jackets should have firm stitches with secure threads which are evenly sown.
  • Fabric: for custom bomber jackets, the material should be firm, soft, and dense.
  • Quality of the print and logos: the pattern and symbols on the custom bomber jackets should be of exceptional quality.

Most custom bomber jacket prints are screen printed, sublimated, or embroidered.

How do you Manufacture Custom Bomber Jackets?

The process of manufacturing custom bomber jackets includes:

a) Design and patterns: the structure and patterns of custom bomber jackets are customized and personalized according to your specifications.

b) Sorting and digitizing: after you have made your patterns and designs, the manufacturer will digitize them to make production much more straightforward and fast.

c) Lay plan: this involves using the digital patterns to measure the material’s size to make the custom bomber jackets.

d) Cutting the fabric: once the layout has been established, the custom bomber jacket material is cut according to the system’s patterns. It is achieved using computerized machines.

e)Making sets: it is whereby a cut fabric is arranged in clusters for attaching.

f) Adjusting the machinery: the manufacturer then adjusts the machine to fit the garment’s patterns and designs.

g) Sewing: the different pieces arranged in sets are sewn together.

h) Printing: the custom bomber jackets are undertaken through a comprehensive and customized printing process. It can be through the sublimation process or screen printing.

i) Finishing involves quality checks such as sizes, finishing, print designs, and overall custom bomber jackets’ overall quality.

What is the Best Material for Custom Bomber Jackets?

We have:

  • Leather bomber jackets
  • Cotton bomber jackets
  • Poly cotton custom bomber jackets
  • Polyester custom bomber jackets

Which Decoration Features can you Include in Custom Bomber Jackets?

Some of the decoration features that you may include in custom bomber jackets include:

  • Felt and embroidery badge: this adds a touch of class to the custom bomber jacket.
  • Nylon and embroidery badge: this also adds a touch of class to the custom bomber jacket.
  • Sublimated badge: this ensures the custom bomber jacket’s longevity as it will not fade or bleed when washed.
  • Vinyl: vinyl makes sure that your custom names and number finish are of high quality and stand the test of time.

What is your MOQ for Custom Bomber Jackets?

Manufacturers offer a flexible MOQ for custom bomber jackets.

You can contact the manufacturers for more clarification.

You can also take into consideration the following factors:

i. Transportation costs: consider the cost of transporting your order from the manufacturer before meeting the manufacturer’s MOQ.

a) Margins and breakeven point: you should consider your profit margins before placing a custom bomber jackets order.

ii. Determining how many deliveries will be made per hour- TURNOVER TIME.

Bomber jacket

 Custom bomber jacket

Do you help with Custom Bomber Jacket Design?

Yes, you can send your sample designs to the manufacturers, and they can add or make adjustments for you.

The best way is to develop various sample designs for the bomber jacket manufacturer to choose from.

Always keep in touch with the manufacturers and discuss any deviations in your designs to have a final product to claim ownership.

Customization involves giving a customer the chance to specify the exact product they want and how they want it.

Bomber jackets manufacturers give their clients a chance to specify the design patterns, size, shape, quality, quantity, and material to be used to produce their jackets.

Some of the more advanced customizations options manufacturers include:

  1. Selection of design: you can opt for the custom design bomber jacket by highlighting the specifications of choice on the product detail page.
  2. Provision of all necessary details: once the design selection has been made, clients enter all the required information, and the manufacturer contacts them according to the appointments.
  3. Getting custom bomber jacket recommendations: based on the style profile provided, the manufacturer’s designers then send about six to eight different designer bomber jacket patterns for the client to choose from.
  4. Selection of favorite option: upon selection, clients can choose their preferred choice.

If one has any doubts about the bomber jacket selected design, they can clarify with the manufacturer’s designers.

  1. Approval of design: The designers will then get back to the client with a final design after considering the requirements such as embroidery, embellishments, or extra frills.
  2. Quality check: based on the client’s customization, the manufacturer’s team of highly experienced and skilled tailors will begin to make the jackets according to the client’s specifications.

What is your Turn-around Time for Custom Bomber Jacket?

Different custom bomber jackets’ designs will require different durations to manufacture.

Also, the quantity of your order or customizations can prolong the production period.

Your custom bomber jackets should be delivered to you approximately eight weeks from the date you place your order.

In case you need your custom bomber jackets sooner, you may reach out to the manufacturers so that they may see how to help.

What should you Consider when Choosing Custom Bomber Jacket?

Some of the factors to consider when choosing custom bomber jackets includes:

Custom bomber jacket

Custom bomber jacket

  • Usage: if the custom bomber jackets are for training purposes or team travel.
  • Weather: the type of custom bomber jacket should correspond to the weather. Woolen custom bomber jackets are mostly worn in cold weather.
  • The material used: lighter custom bomber jackets made from more lightweight material are mainly worn in a bit warmer.
  • Design and pattern: the various designs and patterns will determine if the custom bomber jacket is for formal or informal occasions.
  • Price: buy custom bomber jackets your team or retailers can afford.
  • The sizes: size options available include small(S), medium(M), large extra-large (XL), XXL and XXXL.
  • Prints: Bomber jackets come with printed decorations on them, while others come in plain color.
  • Color: bomber jackets, in most cases, have brighter colors, while some also come in relaxed or darker colors.

Do you have Unisex Custom Bomber Jacket?

Yes, we have unisex custom bomber jackets. Your customization designs and patterns will determine the provision.

Unisex bomber jacket

Unisex bomber jacket

Why is Sublimation Printing Best for Custom Bomber Jackets?

Sublimation is best for custom bomber jackets because:

  • You can get unlimited colors for your custom bomber jackets.
  • The colors are vibrant and photogenic.
  • Sublimation Produces complex patterns for your custom bomber jackets.
  • The print infuses with the fabric and is soft to the touch.
  • The print is long-lasting and will not crack, peel, or fade.
  • The print can be made to glitter through the addition of a heat transfer such as rhinestones or hotfix glitter.
  • Sublimation printing is always trending and never goes out of fashion.

Apart from Sublimation Printing, what other Printing Technique can you use for Custom Bomber Jackets?

Some of the other printing methods available include:

  • Transfer printing: it involves using an already engraved plate and pressing it on your custom bomber jacket. The engraving is what you want to be printed on your custom bomber jacket.
  • Screen printing: this involves using a printed mesh to print on your custom bomber jacket. The mesh works by transferring ink onto your custom bomber jacket.
  • Digital textile printing: This is a bit costly, and it works by using an inkjet to print on your custom bomber jacket.

It is a bit costly compared to the other printing methods. It gives neat and clear prints, and it is highly recommended.

  • Engraved roller printing: this is used in printing large quantities of custom bomber jackets and is mainly used by the manufacturers.
  • Stencil printing: this is one of the easiest ways of printing. It involves cutting shapes, letters, or anything you wish on a piece of paper or plastic, then pouring ink and engraving the image on your custom bomber jacket.
  • Block printing. It involves stamping images on your custom bomber jacket.
  • Spray printing: mainly used in large printing industries and involves mechanized spraying of ink on fabrics.
  • Heat/ thermal transfer: involves heating prints onto the fabric.
  • Photo printing: this involves thoroughly coating an image on your custom bomber jacket.

Do Sublimated Custom Bomber Jackets Fade?

Tailored bomber jackets that have undergone through sublimation process of printing have long-lasting prints compared to those with different printing processes.

The images do not wear and fade quickly.

Are there Color Limitations for Custom Bomber Jackets?

No, there is no color limitation for custom bomber jackets as all the colors are available.

The tailored bomber jackets will be made according to your color selection.

What are the Zip Options for Custom Bomber Jackets?

Some of the available zip options for custom bomber jackets include:

  • Molded plastic zippers
  • LFC or L-type zipper
  • CFC zipper
  • Woven-in coil zipper
  • plastic molded zipper
  • Plastic extruded zippers
  • Invisible zippers
  • Coil zippers
  • Closed-end zippers
  • Open-end zippers
  • Two-way zippers
  • Two-way separating zippers
  • Two-way head to head zippers
  • Two-way tail to tail zippers

Are Custom Bomber Jackets available in Pull Over Options?

Yes, you can get custom bomber jackets in pullover options depending on your customization request.

Make sure you indicate the full customization before placing your custom bomber jackets order.

 Pullover bomber jacket

Pullover bomber jacket

How should Custom Bomber Jacket Fit?

Tailored bomber jackets should be customized according to the specification of the individual players.

The custom bomber jackets should have a slimmer and tighter fit in the sleeves and midsection and leave room for sufficient ventilation.

Why should you Import Custom Bomber Jackets from China?

If you are buying your custom bomber jackets in bulk, it is recommendable to buy directly from the manufacturer.

That’s why Goal Sportswear is here to offer competitive prices on all custom bomber jackets.

China has an excellent logistics infrastructure and can ship a bomber jackets to all corners of the world.

When buying from China, it is also easy to make payments for your goods and tracking your order shipment.

The garment industry in China is big and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.

The above factors make it easy and favorable to import custom bomber jackets from the Chinese market.

What is the Best Lining for Custom Bomber Jackets?

Some of the best linings for custom bomber jackets include:

  • Satin lining
  • Silk lining
  • Cotton lining
  • Wool lining
  • Viscose and rayon lining
  • Cupro lining
  • Acetate lining
  • Polyester lining

bomber jacket lining

Bomber jacket with lining

Are Bomber Jackets Warm?

Yes, bomber jackets are warm as they are reinforced with a lining.

Good quality bomber jackets retain warmth, and thus, it is essential to ensure quality.

You can check bomber jackets quality by:

  • Stitches: good quality bomber jackets have firm stitches with secure threads which are evenly sown.
  • Fabric: for bomber jackets, the fabric should be firm, soft, and dense. It would be best to let thick material be your only guide to selecting a good custom bomber jacket.
  • Quality of the print and logos: the pattern and symbols on the bomber jackets should be of exceptional quality. Most bomber jacket prints are screen printed, sublimated, or embroidered.

How do Custom Bomber Jackets compare to Sweatshirts?

Custom sweatshirts are mostly full-sleeved, do not have a collar, and are worn in the upper body; you can wear a sweatshirt alone or with a vest.

A custom sweatshirt is almost the same as a sweater, just that it is printed.

A bomber jacket is informal wear and comes in different designs.

Bomber jackets are usually accompanied by t-shirts and are mostly worn to keep the body warm.

Unlike sweatshirts, bomber jackets come in various collar designs.

How does Women Bomber Jackets compare to Men Bomber Jacket?

Depending on the custom bomber jacket style, you will not find many fundamental differences between men’s and women’s custom bomber jackets.

Some of the differences between men and women tailored bomber jackets include:

  • Men’s custom bomber jackets tend to be broader on the shoulders and backs to accommodate their broad chest and considerable upper body.

In contrast, women’s custom bomber jackets are cut more generously.

  • Women’s custom bomber jackets have shorter sleeves than women’s custom bomber jackets, which have long sleeves.
  • Women’s custom bomber jackets tend to have a cinched in the waist compared to men’s custom bomber jackets.

What are the Pocket Designs for Custom Bomber Jackets?

Talk about pockets in different locations (search) you will learn from pics.

Also, talk about how to close the pockets.

Which are the available Collar Designs for Custom Bomber Jackets?

Some of the collar designs for bomber jackets include:

  • Fur collar design
  • Flat collar design
  • Low-cut standing collar design
  • Standing collar design
  • Hoodie collar design.

How does Bomber Jacket with Buttons compare to Bomber Jacket with Zipper?

There’s no significant difference between bomber jackets with a zipper and that with buttons.

The difference between the two is that one has a button and the other one has a zipper.

Both jackets are used for the same purpose.

Bomber jackets with buttons

Bomber jackets with buttons

Leather bomber jacket with zipper

 Leather bomber jacket with zipper

Do you have Hooded Bomber Jacket?

Yes, we have hooded bomber jackets in our selections.

You can choose from a range of color options, designs and sizes.

Hooded bomber jacket

Hooded bomber jacket

At Goal Sportswear we design and manufacture a range of custom jackets such as:

  • Custom football jackets
  • Custom wrestling jackets
  • Custom racing jackets
  • Custom motocross jackets
  • Batting jackets
  • Custom coaches jacket
  • Custom track team jackets
  • Custom basketball jackets
  • Custom athletic jacket

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